Terms of Trade and Gradings


All prices are in Euros. Preferable bank transfer to my account in EU or US. Or PayPal.


always welcome, if you have something good for me. I buy your collections as well..


cost depends on the destinations. Please specify regular airmail, registered airmail, or EMS(registered express airmail). I won't take responsibility for non registered parcels getting lost or damaged


the cover first, then the record Very strict as you see I don't use M- very often unless it's true Mint. (Never used just M.) Basically my E is equal as usual M- or NM. Even E(-) or E- are still NM sometimes. So, my E(+) and E+ are perhaps better than that M- or NM, and you can imagine my M- is the best in the world. I use my V+ or V(+) for general wear used records that most seller graded as EX, so these gradings are really nice, especially records from South America, Turkey, and other countries like that they are very cleaner copies from overthere. My V and V(-) are still OK, they were considered as VG++(or VG+ in case of people don't use double plus) by most. More visible wear, played often, but nothing serious. V- has some attentions of wear or noise, but should play well. G is pretty beat, but no jumps or sticks. S is still unopened copy(sealed), so the disc is probably new, however I can grade the cover at least, so if there are some imperfections, I don't grade at S for the cover.


I graded the disc by double checking both visual and listen. If the disc looks M- but plays V+, I grade it as V+ without hesitation. Even I grade V+ if the disc looks V+ but plays M-.


CN = Notch, CC = Corner Cut, CF = Free Punch Out CH = Cut Hole, DH = Drill Hole, PH = Tiny Pin Hole(smaller than drill), EDH = Drill around the center area on the cover(through the label as well), PHS = Tiny Pin Holes(more than 2), PSK = Promo Sticker, PSM = Promo Stamp, RSK = Radio Station Timing Strip, SK = Other Sticker, SM = Other Stamp, SD = Sticker Damage, SA = Noticeable Sticker Stain, SL = Sticker on the Label, ML = Stamp on the Label, WC = Writing on the Cover, WL = Writing on the Label, AC = Autographed on the Cover, AL = Autographed on the Label, RW = Ring Wear, hRW = Heavy Ring Wear, TC = Tear on the Cover, TL = Tear on the Label, SP = Seam Split(mostly from opening), lSP = Largely(more than half) Split One Seam, fSP = Completely Split One Seam, TP = Repaired Seam(Tape or Glue), lTP = Largely Repaired One Seam, fTP = Fully Repaired One Seam, BSP = Center area on the Bottom Seam Split, OSP = Center area on the Top Seam Split, NSP = Split at Spine, BOSP = Split both Bottom & Top Seams, s = means Small or Slight, l = means Large, b = Back Cover, i = Inside of the G/F Cover (example: sCC = Small Corner Cut, lCC = Large Corner Cut, TCb = Tear on the Back)