U.F.O. - UFO II Flying spacerock (UK beacon 71) RWb V+/E- 225

Very hard to find the first pressing on lilac color labels, comes complete with printed inner (torn a bit, side split).

yuya UCHIDA & THE FLOWERS - Challenge! (JAP columbia 69) SP E/E+ BID

Gatefold cover with attached insert, and super rare OBI intact. Top seam split from the opening edge, but not too obvious. Center area on the bottom seam has a mini crack, but has not split yet. Overall, a nice example for this rarity. Record is beautiful with minimal signs of play. The best copy so far!

UNIVERS ZERO - Heresie (UK atem 79) E(+)/E+ 65 20%OFF

Beautiful UK orig copy of dark chamber rock avant-garde housed in Matt-finished cover.

UNO - same (IT fonit 74) E-/E- 150

Laminated gatefold cover has light general wear for its age. Slight ring impression on the back. Minor evidence of tag removal on the front. Still very much acceptable for sure.Record has some surface scuffs and small cluster marks. Though it plays better than visually.

UNO - same (G pan 74) E/E(+) 120 20%OFF

Ex-Osanna, German orig copy housed in unique cover art by Hipgnosis.

7" UNTOUCHABLES - Don't go I'm beggin/Baby let's wait (US wasp 67) sWL /V 380 20%OFF

Mega rare fuzz garage punk 45's. Not a great copy, but impossible to find one in any condition.

UTOPIA - same (US kent 71) DH,RW,TP,sSA V(+)/V+ 170 20%OFF

Bluesy heavy rock combo housed in thick gatefold cover. Moderately recolored by black felt tip around the edges.

V.A. - A little more time featuring the artists at golden west college (US gwc 79) E(+)/E 300

Pretty rare college compilation from Southern California featuring a killer jazz funk break track called gKeep Running Awayh by Clifford Nyren. Holy grail for modern soul, rare groove and yacht rock DJfs!

V.A. - An afflicted man's musica box (UK united dairies 82) E(+)/M- 100 20%OFF

Compilation album of legendary avant-garde industrial label U.D. established by Steven Stapleton. Contains Jacques Berrocal, Anima, 'Foetus In Your Bed, AMM, Nurse With Wound, and Operating Theatre. Limited 500 pressed comes complete with 2 inserts.

V.A. - Blorp esette volume two (US l.a.f.m.s. 80) S/S 180 20%OFF

Still Sealed orig of cult avant-garde experimental out of Los Angeles.

V.A. - Genya (JAP soseiki 71) sTC E(+)/M-:M- 450 20%OFF

Double record set documentary of three days outdoor music festival contains ranging from avant-garde jazz to hard psych, from free improvisation to hippie radical folk. Artists include Masayuki Takayanagi, Mototeru Takagi, Dew, Blues Creation, Brain Police, and legendary Lost Aaraaff formed by Keiji Haino! Comes in awesome gatefold cover, and is in immaculate condition except a tiny scuff tear on the front that barely noticeable. Records are both pristine without noticeable imperfections. True artifact for long-lost gem from late 60's to early 70's Japanese underground music.

V.A. - No New York (US Antilles 78) V+/E 35 20%OFF

Legendary no wave compilation. US orig comes with rare reversed inner

V.A. - Tinkerbell, presented by Toyooka folk village from Kannabe (JAP kojima 77) E(+)/E(+) 500 20%OFF

Obscure Japanese outdoor hippie rock folk rock compilation. Insert includes.

VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR - The least we can do is wave to each other (UK charisma 70) E(+)/E- 250 20%OFF

Remix edition on pink rough textured label with A+G/B+G matrix. Unfortunately poster is missing, but gatefold cover is cleaner than expected. Record has minimal ticks on the beginning of B-1, the rest plays throughout fine! Probably a good option for your cover upgrading.

VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR - Pawn hearts (UK charisma 71) E(-)/E(-) 200 20%OFF

First pressing on pink label, 1U/1U matrix housed in gatefold cover includes insert (some streaks on the center).

roberta VANDERE - The singer (US cottage 77) sSA E-/V+ SOLD

Bay area female AOR soul jazz. Has consistent light ticks on the beginning of B1, but the rest play beauty.

VANESSA - City lips (NOR on 75) SAB,SKb,RW V+/E(+) 300 20%OFF

Scarce jazz rock funk similar vibes to Splash, Saluki, and Moose Loose. Sticker residue on the rear lower left, but white on white

VICE - same (US riel 84) S/S 250 20%OFF

Super rare SoCal private hair metal.

richard VIMAL - Transparences (F polydor 77) E-/E(+) 25 20%OFF

Minimal synth prog. Embossing stamp on the front top left.

VINEGAR - same (G wp 71) E(+)/E(+) SOLD

Splendid copy of awesome German underground psych prog rarity.

VIOLA CRAYOLA - Music : breathing of statues (US fautna 74) E+/E+ SOLD

Freaked-out psych jazz fusion mix of Mahavishnu Orchestra and Frank Zappa, with blazing fuzz frenzy all over the place! Top copy cover is still in shrink!

VIRUS - Thoughts (G pilz 71) E(+)/E(+) SOLD

Their second effort on well known collectable label Pilz. Laminated gatefold cover and record are Near Mint with very light usage only.

VISION - First glance (US titicaca 81) E+/E(+) 45 20%OFF

Post-Booth, Davis, & Lowe "Prototype", More synth oriented FM rock AOR hard territory. Clear wax as issued. Includes inner sleeve.

VSOP - same (JAP london 73) E/E(+) 200

Not much known by collectors, but well capable Japanese hard rock, with rough rude Japanese vocals, solid riffs, tight rhythm sections, and edgy stinging leads. Includes insert (has several mildew spots). No OBI though.

WALKERS - Delta waves (US Gucci 77) E+/E+ 280 20%OFF

Very rare 3 tracks 12" killer modern soul funk boogie. Cover is in shrink, and record is pristine!

don WALLACE - Through the fire (US phm 83) WC,RW V+/E 100 20%OFF

White gospel modern soul mellowness produced by Russ Tuff. Inner includes.

WALNUT BAND - Go nuts (US appaloosa 76) BSP E(-)/E+ 170 20%OFF

Out of Boston, MA, Dead-ish rural guitar jammer with laidback songs, trippy leads, and pumping keys.

WANTED - Wanted in town (BEL md 80) sTC,sSA E-/E 350 20%OFF

Scarce Belgian raw energic hard rock with heavy roaring organs and wicked guitar leads.

WATERFALL - same (IT koala 72) sTC,RW V+/E- 225 20%OFF

Pressed only in Italy unique mix of folky prog and hard psych from Swiss with killer fuzz assaults in Way We Live realms. Flimsy cover has light ring wear mostly on back and very small tear on the front bottom right that barely noticeable. Record looks rather V+ with numbers of light marks, but plays EX or better. Comes with insert.

WEB - I spider (UK polydor 70) sSP,SA E-/V+ 350 20%OFF

Small pieces of tape residue with yellowed stain on the front right-hand, otherwise gatefold cover has light general wear only. Record shows light surface marks, but they hardly affect playback. Actually it did not play much at all.

phil WEBB - Presents a collection for the future (US private 77) /E(+) 650 20%OFF

Amazing lost psych demo pressing contains excellent folk rock numbers and a couple of outstanding songs with enchanting acidy leads and haunting vocals.

WENDY & BONNIE - Genesis (US skye 69) PSK E(+)/E 200

Neat cover with promo sticker on the front bottom right. Record basically NM, but a few soft ticks on the end of A-4 can be felt by listening attentively, the rest plays flawlessly.

WENDY & BONNIE - Genesis (US skye 69) TC,PSK,sSP V+/V(-) 50 20%OFF

Record look rough, but plays throughout OK with light sporadic crackles and a few hissing, but mostly plays a lot better than it looks. Cover has a small piece of paper falling off the top middle and lamination peeling, but still acceptable. Lastly this is a Promo copy.

WEST COAST POP ART EXPERIMENTAL BAND - Part one (US reprise 67) E/E+ 300 20%OFF

First pressing on tri-color label, rarer MONO in pristine disc.

mike WESTBROOK ORCHESTRA - Metropolis (UK rca neon 71) PSL E(+)/E(+) 230

Gatefold cover is tidy and crisp with minimal shelf wear for its age. This is a copy exported to Germany when released, so promo sticker in German on the label of side two. Slight ink stain on the label of side one. Includes black inner, but inner plastic is gone.

WESTFAUSTER - In a king's dream (US nasco 71) E(+)/V+ SOLD

Dreamy psych prog with soft gently vocals, flowing organs, flute licks released from famous collectable label (Felt, Morning Dew, Electric Toilet, etc..). Cover is beautiful without typical cut-out. Record is clean except one small mark on the end of A-2 that causing faint ticks for one minute. Otherwise it plays flawless!

bob WHEELER - same (CA uca 87) E+/M- 200 20%OFF

Very obscure private hard rock AOR. Top copy cover is still in shrink!

WHIPLASH - Getting to know us (US private 80) E(+)/E(+) 150 20%OFF

Obscure private jazz fusion prog in Zappa and Dixie Dregs influences with side long suite. Cover is still shrink!

WHISTLER - Ho hum (UK deram 71) sTCb E(+)/E(+) SOLD

Nice melodic dreamy folk rock prog. Another highly collectable album from the label next to Room, Mellow Candle, Zakarrias, and Anno Domini. Besides a few barely visible scattered tiny tears, the cover is close to pristine. As well as record is NM with perfect shine!

WHITE LIGHT - same (US century 70) M-/E+ 700

11 tracks original first version on Dimension 70 on labels. Top archive copy!

WILDEBEEST - Bushrock 1 (SA rap 81) E+/E 700 20%OFF

Related to Freedom's Children, and they play two Freedom's songs as well. Very unique quirky folk rock prog with plenty of tribal flavor, African rhythm, lysergic guitars, mind flying violins, and powerful female vocals. Great copy, cover won't need upgrading, record is beautiful, too. Except a few minor ticks between A-1 and A-2 that caused by a micro pressing fault.

roy WILLIAMS TRINITY - Good news in town (UK hillside 78) E/E+ 200 20%OFF

Incredible strange outsider lounge rock ranging from sleazy synth overloaded smooth late night AOR to nasty fuzz psych funk, and odd sci-fi disco boogie with treated alien voices thrown in it! Clear vinyl as issued. Small staining on the rear cover.

ian WILLSON - Straight from the heart (US private 85) E+/E+ 140

West Coast modern soul AOR boogie.

john WILSON - In the land of brick and mortar (UK sharing 80) sSP,Sab,RW V+/E 350 20%OFF

More personal, and insecure acid folk than Nick Drake or Syd Barrett with whispering vocals, synth, flute, some electric and female backup vocals.

WILSON McKINLEY - Spirit of elijah (US the voice of Elijah 71) E/E- 300

Cover is clean without the usual ring wear. Just a hint of long storage. Record has several light marks and paper scuffs, plays great with occasional minor background.

WILSON McKINLEY - Heaven's gonna be a blast (US the voice of Elijah 72) E-/V(+) 250 20%OFF

West Coast Xian hippie psych. Their third housed in a little oversized silkscreened cover. Record has light surface marks and scuffs here and there. Plays throughout fine with occasional light crackles but no loud scratches or jump.

gary WILSON TRIO - Another galaxy (US g.t.w. 74) E-/V+ SOLD

Limited 500 pressed, debut of cult underground spiritual jazz completely different stayle than next releases. Minor clicks for 15 revolutions on B-1, the rest looks and play NM.

WINDING RIVER - Carry me home... (US burnt chimney 73) E+/E+ 380 20%OFF

This is a compilation album for obscure local musicians from North Carolina featuring beautiful female vocal Meggi, loner folk SSW Rod Abernathy, and awesome brothers Calvin & Alvin. Every track is outstanding, and highest echelon in genre along with "The Peoria Folk Anthology - Volume Three". Top copy in shrink!

WINGS OF LIFE - My gift to you is song (US private 80) E(+)/E+ 280 20%OFF

Xian female folk trio backed by full band. All their self-penned tracks and pretty good overall.

norma WINSTONE - Edge of time (UK argo 72) E(+)/E 400 20%OFF

Fragile cover has minor storage wear, but overall nice clean. Record has typical sleeve scuffs that have hardly been affected.

WINTER HAWK - Dog soldier (US mother earth 80) SP,RW V+/E+ 300 20%OFF

Native American hard psych has its moments. Comes with insert.

7' WIRE - Mannequin (UK harvest 77) RW V+/E- 120 20%OFF

Their debut 7" single.

WIZARD - same (US future track 79) OSP E/E+ 150

Under the radar Southern California private hard rock contains full of ripping guitar assaults. The last song named "Castle Of Night" is actually ahead of its time.

phil WOODS AND HIS EUROPEAN RHYTHM MACHINE - Alive and well in Paris (F pathe 68) E(-)/E+ 100 20%OFF

French first pressing in dark red label with silver lettering housed in laminated flip-back cover. Small crack on top seam middle, light to medium discoloration on the rear. Record is pristine!

WOODS BAND - same (UK Greenwich gramophone company 71) E(+)/E 220 20%OFF

Number writing on the inside of the album pocket. Record has typical sleeve marks caused by Decca inner, but plays Near Mint all round.

WOODY KERN - The awful disclosures of Maria Monk (UK pye 69) E(-)/E(+) 215 20%OFF

Laminated flip-back cover has a few creasing and lamination lift, but overall it's neat. Record is clean, and hardly any spindle marks on labels.

WORKSHOP - same (US private 72) E/E+ 150 20%OFF

As same recording studio as D. R. Hooker "Truth", and released from same private label in same year, this is pretty much unknown underground hippie combo included 16 members! Very amateurish home recording with crude psych jazz outsider to primitive female folk, and some heavily doped songs ala Tool Shed. Not for everybody, but great addition for those who loves lo-fi vanity custom pressing and bizarre outsider music.

WRITING ON THE WALL - The power of the picts (UK middle earth 69) sTC,SKb E(-)/V+ SOLD

Fragile textured cover has bottom seam moderately rubbing but not split. There is a small area repaired by a gray sticker on the rear to right under the Middle Earth logo. Stamp on the inside of the album pocket where you don't see often. Otherwise the cover is really good enough for most of us. No ring on the front, and very slight starting ring on the rear. Opening edge and top seams are neat, and the spine legible. Record has a small mark across the end of B-1 to the beginning of B-2 that affects intermittent ticks, but nothing too obvious.@@

XHOL CARAVAN - Electrip (G hansa 69) E/E- SOLD

This is the version of the cover housed in fully laminated cover.

XIT - Entrance (US canyon 74) M-/E SOLD

One of the best native American fuzz psych. Textured cover is in shrink, and immaculate! Record has a few inaudible faint marks, plays Near Mint! Comes with inner.

YANKEE DOLLAR - same (US dot 68) DH,sTCb E(-)/M- 100 20%OFF

Semi-classic West Coast psych with uplifting melodies and Jefferson Airplane influences. Cover has minor shelf wear, but still a solid condition for its age. Record virtually unplayed!

YES - Fragile (UK Atlantic 71) sSDb E/E+ 200 20%OFF

Red/plum label original housed in gatefold cover attached booklet to the inside. Small sticker removal mark on the rear top right that neatly re-colored. Other than that the cover is great nick. Record appears Near Mint.

ZARATHUSTRA - same (G metronome 72) E(+)/E+ SOLD

Ultimately charged driving German heavy prog pounder housed in splendid laminated gatefold cover. Cover is glossy and very close to Top with just a light streak mark on the rear right-hand. Record is NM with full of luster!

ZARATHUSTRA - Also spielt (G private 82) E+/M- 100

Another German group same name on Metromedia, this is basement symphonic prog in Indigo and Sirius vein with lots of rhythm changing and keys layers. Actually way heavier and thicker sounds than you think.

javier ZAVALA - Voces del Espacio (MEX gamma 79) E+/E+ 120 20%OFF

Lovely copy of rare Mexican synth boogie lounge funk. Cover is still in shrink, record hardly been played!

ZIPPER - same (US whizeagle 75) E(+)/E 250 20%OFF

North West hard rock featuring snotty vocalist Fred Cole ex-Lollipop Shoppe. This is super rare version the front and the back covers have not taped together yet!