7h UNCALLED FOR - Do like me/Get out of the way (US dollie 67) /E+ 90

Advance release Promo MONO of garage psych class act. gDo like meh side of the label has minor wear from storage, but vinyl is NM.

UNGAVA - same (CA 36 77) E+/E(+) 70

Terrific jazz fusion prog from Quebec, with impeccable ensembles and superb guitar outbreaks.

UNI SONO - same (FIN hi-hat 75) E(+)/E 170

Outstanding Finnish jazz rock prog featured famous names like Pekka Pohjola, Paroni Paakkunainen, Olli Ahvenlahti, and other geniuses.

UNIVERSE - New day (US satyagraha 84) E+/E+ 50

Lo-Fi political rock doing DIY downer soft rock.

UNIVERSE - Open season (US satyagraha 85) E+/M- 70

More focused to social message, and the musically pretty unique, their own way in folk, blues, psych, new wave, and even avant-garde. It's a kind of DIY release of the social activists, but has an outsider private pressing charm that is worth a try for any underground music buffs.

URIAH HEEP - Salisbury (UK vertigo 71) sTCi E/E- 350

Large Swirl label housed in gatefold cover, including Swirl inner. The cover has a minor sign of storage but is very well preserved despite such fragility. The spine is legible, with solid seams and a sharp opening edge. The record has several shallow hairlines and a few paper scuffs, but they are almost nothing to affect playback.

UTOPIA - same (US kent 71) DH,RW,TP,sSA V(+)/V+ 140

Bluesy heavy rock combo housed in thick gatefold cover. Moderately recolored by black felt tip around the edges.

V.A. - An afflicted manfs musica box (UK united dairies 82) E(+)/M- 75

Compilation album of legendary avant-garde industrial label U.D. established by Steven Stapleton. Contains Jacques Berrocal, Anima, 'Foetus In Your Bed, AMM, Nurse With Wound, and Operating Theatre. Limited 500 pressed comes complete with 2 inserts.

V.A. - The grand kentucky junction and other songs from the nss cave ballad competition (US private 73) S/S 350

Obscure Canadian folk SSW compilation featuring lovely female folky Barb MacLeod, who is surely on another level. Must for fans of female vocals.

V.A. - Tinkerbell, presented by Toyooka folk village from Kannabe (JAP kojima 77) E(+)/E(+) 400

Obscure Japanese outdoor hippie rock folk rock compilation. Insert includes.

VAMPIRES OF DARTMOORE - Draculafs music cabinet (G metronome 69) CH,sTCb E(-)/E(-) 200

Another rarest from this label, this is a cult horror movie soundtrack that contains tons of eerie sound effects, odd screamings, and funky, jazzy grooves that bring us totally mind-blowing.

townes VAN ZANDT - Our mother the mountain (US poppy 69) E(+)/M- 450

Super rare first press on black labels with rainbow bands, housed in the unipack-style gatefold cover, with a beginning of the ring mark on the lower back panel. But, the overall appearance is tidy and crisp. The record is Top! It hasn't been played much. Comes with a company sleeve.

7h gary del VECCHIO WITH MAX - Buzzin (US a.r.a. 70) /E+ 140

Loud blending of hard rock and dreamy psych, with exceptionally cool guitar breaks.

7h VELVET ILLUSIONS - Acid head/She was the only girl (US tell 67) /E 250

Dark downer psych 45. Both sides are deeply doped.


Mega rare West Coast Mono first pressing comes in the first state upside down Torso on the back cover. The banana sticker has some creasing at the top, but still intact. The cover itself is tidy and crisp without cut-outs. Has light general shelf wear and a little corner wear/crease. No seam split and the spine is perfectly legible. The record has several light marks and minor scratches, but most of them are inaudible. It plays clear and powerful with occasional light ticks and little background noises. Nothing overwhelming or detracts. The music is loud and vibrant.

VIRUS - Thoughts (G pilz 71) E/E- 300

The laminated gatefold cover has light general storage wear but is still tidy and crisp. The record has a cluster of small spider marks on B-3 that create a few spasmodic crackles, but they are soon to disappear. Other than that, the record plays throughout fine.

VISION - First glance (US titicaca 81) E+/E(+) 35

Post-Booth, Davis, & Lowe gPrototypeh, More synth oriented FM rock AOR hard territory. Clear wax as issued. Includes inner sleeve.

VISITORS - same (F decca 74) WC,WL E-/E- 400

The masterwork of mighty Jean-Pierre Massiera, heavy spaced-out prog epic verse. The awesome gatefold cover is in decent shape, with starting lamination peeling along the opening edge. There are names on the front top left which is nearly invisible, and inside of the gatefold, but black on black. The record has a handful of faint marks, but it plays Excellent without noticeable issues.

IL VOLO - Essere o non essere? (IT numero uno 75) E/E+ 180

The laminated gatefold cover is neat, with slightly pushed corners to the top right and left. A bit dull on the lamination sheen on the rear, but itfs typical for those covers. The record is pristine with beautiful deep groove labels.

VON ZAMLA - Zamlaranamma (SWE urspar 82) E+/E+ 45

Another cult Scandinavian RIO avant-garde formed by Lars Hollmer who also led Samla Mammas Manna and Zamla Mammaz Manna. Top copy!

VXN - same (CA osmosis 85) CH E/E+ 170

Canadian melodic hard rock AOR with powerful female lead vox, omnipresent key actions, and ripping guitar leads. Include an inner (has a cut hole and side seam split).

VYTO B - Tricentennial 2076 (US clay pigeon productions 76) E(+)/S 500

Aka Vyto Beleska who produced First Chips in 1972, Sci-Fi weird psych outsider.

igor WAKHEVITCH - Docteur faust (F pathe 71) sCN E+/E 425

Ultimate electronic psych avant-garde in a great condition. Has a small triangular cut on the rear cover only.

gary WALKER & THE RAIN - Album No.1 (JAP philips 68) sBSP E/E(-) BID

The rarest UK psych crown jewel that was only released in Japan at that time. Housed in foldout textured hard cardboard cover with inner page intact! The cover has a minimal split to the center area on the bottom seam. Slight yellowing inside of the gatefold. A few rubbing to the bottom seam and corners. But, overall itfs a definitely keeper copy without significant issues. The record has some light, visible marks, but none of them are audible. It entirely plays NM without noticeable crackles.

WALKERS - Delta waves (US Gucci 77) E+/E+ 220

Very rare 3 tracks 12h killer modern soul funk boogie. Cover is in shrink, and the record is pristine!

WALNUT BAND - Go nuts (US appaloosa 76) BSP E(-)/E+ 140

Out of Boston, MA, Dead-ish rural guitar jammer with laidback songs, trippy leads, and pumping keys.

WALRUS - same (UK deram 70) WCb E/E(+) 450

The cover has what looks like someonefs phone number on the rear upper left, next to the Walrus logo. Other than that, it is in stunning condition.

b.j. WARD - Vocal ease (H catfish 70) E(-)/E(+) 450

The first solo effort by the beautiful female vocalist of Inner Dialogue, which is known as a masterpiece of 60's soft rock. This is a pretty good free soul and rare groove with a dash of jazz elements. Very hard to find since it was only available in the Netherlands at that time! The laminated cover has light evidence of the storage, but itf 's definitely better nick than most others.

WARHORSE - same (UK vertigo 70) E/E(+) 400

The large Swirl label first pressing. The gatefold cover has minor sign of the storage like slight corner wear and a little foxing on the inside, but overall very presentable. Comes with Swirl inner.

WARHORSE - Red sea (UK vertigo 72) E+/E+ 520

The Swirl label's first pressing comes in a gatefold cover. The cover is incredibly clean except for a small, barely noticeable crack on the bottom middle. Anyway, it does not split yet, so it's no major deal at all. Besides that, the cover is fresh, like it was just pressed yesterday. The record was played but no more than a handful of times. The surface is very clean and full of luster! The Swirl inner has a stamp but is intact.

WARPIG - same (CA london 73) RW V+/E 450

The Canadian answer to Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, with omnipresent crazy guitar riffing and pumping organ outbreaks. This year-later pressing contains different mixes on both opening tracks, and they were totally brushed up in every aspect. Highly recommended to heavy rock buffs!

jean-claude WATRIN - Hotel (BEL francfamour 85) E(+)/E(+) 110

Belgian AOR mellow boogie dancer. Minimal crack on the top seam middle but has not split yet. Includes insert.

7h WE WHO ARE - Last trip/Remember when (US love 67) /E(+) 375

Superb copy of tremendous fuzz garage punk psych 45.

7h WEADS - Today (BERMUDA duane 65) /E(+) 220

Pretty cool, atmospheric drifting folk rock garage out of Long Island, NY.

dennis WEISE - Valhalla (US private 79) sSP,BSP,RW V+/E+ 350

No, no itfs not a typical Yacht rocker nor beach walkerfs dream pop, but totally outrageous rainstorm of electronic noise!

mike WELCH - Renovations (US welchy grape 81) E/M 100

Smooth, mellow folk soft rock and acoustic groove remind me of Eric Relph's hPretty Darlin'h or Merrell Fankhauser's hThe Maui Album.h

7h WEST COAST NATURAL GAS - Go run and play/A favor (US san francisco sound 67) /E 220

They recorded four fantastic numbers for the famous Fifth Pipe Dream compilation, and later they formed Indian & Puddin' & Pipe after the breakup. This is their one and only 45's, songs are not on Fifth Pipe Dream.


Tri-color label Stereo original. Cover is speckless, still in shrink! Record is slight hazy looking, but plays without any issues.

dana WESTOVER - Memorial to fear (US private 72) E/E+ BID

Must be top 3 US private lorner acid folk album along with Perry Leopold and Bob Desper, pressed in an edition of 100 in Quebec. Now it has completely vanished from the market. So, itfs a good opportunity to get an NM vinyl.

WHALEFEATHERS - Declare (US nasco 69) E(+)/E+ 500

Top-notch Ohiofs heavy psych blues rock with outrageously Hammond growls and searing fuzz roars. The cover is beautiful, still in shrink, bar some light corner wears. The record has almost no imperfections!

WHIPLASH - Getting to know us (US private 80) E(+)/E(+) 125

Obscure private jazz fusion prog in Zappa and Dixie Dregs influences with side long suite. Cover is still shrink!

WHISTLER - Ho-hum (UK deram 71) sWCb E/E(+) 650

Next to Room, Mellow Candle, and Zakarrias, another highly sought-after piece of UK pastoral folk prog psych. There is an old price written on the rear bottom right; other than that, itfs pretty clean with minimal handling only. The record looks hardly played as well. Just a few faintest marks from the inner sleeve only.

7h WHITE ROCK - Another chance (US genoa 72) /E+ 370

Obscure hard psych into proto metal with omnipresent buzzing fuzz outburst. Slightly rubbing labels.

WHITE SUMMER - same (US private 76) E/E+ 900

Basement hard rock psych with savage fuzz leads and howling vocals. The cover has minimal foxing and corner dents, but overall, itfs great despite the white based cover.

WHITEHOUSE - Right to kill (UK come organisation 83) E/E(+) 570

Another masterpiece of noise power electronic. Limited 300 is made on white labels and comes in a paste-on cover with a foldout insert.

jaki WHITREN - Raw but tender (UK epic 73) E(-)/E(-) 35

Female folk rock SSW by 19 years old girl. Includes an insert.

WHO - My generation (UK brunswick 65) sWCb E(-)/E 425

UK Mono original 1B/1B matrix. The cover has age-related discoloration and a small amount of staining on the rear, but still very pleasant. The front is relatively clean, and the spine is legible. The record is excellent, with one faint hairline on the side 1 middle that does nothing. Besides that, it looks pretty good overall and is smooth to play.

roy WILLIAMS TRINITY - Good news in town (UK hillside 78) E/E+ 170

Incredible strange outsider lounge rock ranging from sleazy synth overloaded smooth late night AOR to nasty fuzz psych funk, and odd sci-fi disco boogie with treated alien voices thrown in it! Clear vinyl as issued. Small staining on the rear cover.

WILSON McKINLEY - Spirit of elijah (US the voice of Elijah 71) E/E- 300

Cover is clean without the usual ring wear. Just a hint of long storage. Record has several light marks and paper scuffs, plays great with occasional minor background.

WILSON McKINLEY - Heavenfs gonna be a blast (US the voice of Elijah 72) E-/V(+) 220

West Coast Xian hippie psych. Their third housed in a little oversized silkscreened cover. Record has light surface marks and scuffs here and there. Plays throughout fine with occasional light crackles but no loud scratches or jump.

gary WILSON TRIO - Another galaxy (US gtw 74) E/E+ 700

A legendary NYC cult outsider who released a shocking gYou Think You Really Know Meh later. This is limited 500 made his debut in spiritual jazz or free jazz territory. Here, it is a rarely-seen NM copy. The cover is slightly yellowing due to its age, but very much acceptable.

WINGS OF LIFE - My gift to you is song (US private 80) E(+)/E+ 300

Three beautiful young girls with their backing band make this phenomenal folk album, which features self-penned tracks, crystalline vocals, and subtle melancholic psych vibes that resemble female yoga psych Lila from 1978.

WINTERHAWK - Revival (US lambda 82) sOSP E/E+ 280

Top level of private hard rock that bring perfect factor of gritty vocals, sledgehammered riffs, enthusiastic leads!

WINTERKAT - same (US private 83) S/S 90

Texas AOR hard rock 5 tracks mini album. Great songs with a few prog elements.

WIZARD - same (US future track 79) OSP E/E+ 150

Under the radar Southern California private hard rock contains full of ripping guitar assaults. The last song named "Castle Of Night" is actually ahead of its time.

denis WIZE - Consciousness program (US om 80) E+/S 350

Aka Dennis Weise, who released gValhallah a year before. Even more chaotic than the previous work, it's like a kaleidoscope of electronics and a synthwave catharsis that will blow your mind away!

phil WOODS AND HIS EUROPEAN RHYTHM MACHINE - Alive and well in Paris (F pathe 68) E(-)/E+ 80

French first pressing in dark red label with silver lettering housed in laminated flip-back cover. Small crack on top seam middle, light to medium discoloration on the rear. Record is pristine!

steve WOOD & WOODWORK - Titusoverture (US qca new day 78) E/S 230

Donft be fooled by a Southern Rock-looking back cover, but this is a pretty cool AOR jazz funk modern soul. Light age-related stain spots on the rear, but itfs Still Sealed.

f.b. WORSTER - God donft make junk (US mpi 74) sSP E/E(+) 90

Aka Linda Worster, East Coast private pressing female folk SSW with acoustic guitar, the flexible vocal work, and the simple yet profoundly beautiful music. The cover is mostly in shrink, but there are some repairs on the special instruction sheet attached to the shrink on the back. Includes a score insert, too.

robert WOTHERSPOON - Music to massage your mate by (US laff 76) DH E/E+ 160

Moody easy listening jazz contains a booklet with plenty of uncensored photos and guidance. Copy with booklet is barely offered, so don't miss this opportunity.

robert WYATT - Rock bottom (UK virgin 74) E-/E(+) 90

The first pressing on the color labels with red dragon without rim text, housed in single cover with pinched spine. Small stain on the front top left, but itfs white on white, so barely noticeable.

robert WYATT - Ruth is stranger than Richard (UK virgin 75) sSD E(+)/E(+) 90

First pressing with twin logo over a red dragon on the labels. Comes with a black inner with the Virgin logo.

yosuke YAMASHITA TRIO - Dancing kojiki (JAP maro 69) E(+)/E+ 220

Legendary Japanese free jazz giant released on the small independent label. Comes complete with 2 inserts and a handmade OBI!

YANKEE DOLLAR - same (US dot 68) DH,sTCb E(-)/M- 80

Semi-classic West Coast psych with uplifting melodies and Jefferson Airplane influences. Cover has minor shelf wear, but still a solid condition for its age. Record virtually unplayed!

7h YESTERDAYfS CHILDREN - To be or not (US parrot 67) WL /E(-) 100

Fantastic garage psych non-album single. Includes Parrot company sleeve, but a bit tatty.

YOUNG IDEAS - same (US young ideas 70) M-/M- 250

Obscure teen garage horn rock with cool drum breaks and some psych overtones. Was Sealed, played a couple of times ever then.

YOUNG RASCALS - Groovin' (US atlantic 67) TCb E/E+ 35

Stereo original. The cover is still in shrink. A couple of small tears at the opening edge are nothing too noticeable. Includes a poster.

(YOUNG) RASCALS - Once upon a dream (US atlantic 68) SAi,sTCi E/E+ 35

Stereo original. Laminated thick gatefold cover with a 12-page booklet attached to the inside.

YOUNG STALNECKERS - Feelinf good feelinf free (US rainbow 79) E/E(+) 150

Male/female Christian youth trio plays rather ordinally soft rock on side one while astonishing psych tendency on side two especially the last cut contains dazzling wah-wah, burned out fuzz, and ridiculous effects blow you away that comparable to the opening of Help "Second Coming" or Dirty Filthy Mud. There's even a drum break on this track.

7h YOUNG TYRANTS - She donft got the right (US in 67) /E(+) 500

Great garage punk with insane screams!

ZARATHUSTRA - same (G metronome 72) E/V+ 900

Matt gatefold cover is tidy and crisp with minor foxing and blemish but well preserved. Some writing on the inside of the album pocket. The record has a light to medium amount of surface marks and scuffs, mostly only visible under bright light. It plays throughout strong and clear, with rarely appearing faint crackles. This copy contains a rare promo kit.

ZARTONG - same (F dom 79) E(+)/E(+) 330

Quite original, one-of-a-kind spacey prog rock meets Byzantine traditional folk with fusion jazz elements.

javier ZAVALA - Voces del Espacio (MEX gamma 79) E+/E+ 100

Lovely copy of rare Mexican synth boogie lounge funk. Cover is still in shrink, record hardly been played!

7h ZELJIANS - Run and hide (US mark VII 67) /E(+) 650

Hopelessly rare Texas garage with innocent vocals, Farfisa and big breaks!

brian ZIEGLER - same (US private 7?) E(+)/M- 60

Unknown SSW mix of soft rock, modern soul and funky groove and AOR boogie.