UNFOLDING - How to blow your mind & have a freak out party (US audio fidelity 67) E+/E+ 270

Totally acid mind blower! Cover is in shrink, record is close to perfect, of course insert is including!

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - same (UK cbs 68) E-/E 65

Orange label stereo UK orig housed in front laminated cover. Slight H2O on cover, but nothing too bad.

V.A. - Blorp esette volume two (US l.a.f.m.s. 80) S/S 200

Still Sealed orig of cult avant-garde experimental out of Los Angeles.

V.A. - Heads together first round (UK vertigo 71) E/E+ 85

Great Swirl sampler. Nice copy includes Swirl inner.

V.A. - Money Music (US august 67) SP,BSP,WC V(+)/V(+) 350

Awesome 60's garage punk compilation including C.A. Quintet, Bedlam Four, Calico Wall, Electras, Castaways, T.C. Atlantic, and others. All killer and essential!

V.A. - No New York (US Antilles 78) V+/E 35

Legendary no wave compilation. US orig comes with rare reversed inner

V.A. - Tinkerbell, presented by Toyooka folk village from Kannabe (JAP kojima 77) E(+)/E(+) 500

Obscure Japanese outdoor hippie rock folk rock compilation. Insert includes.

V.A. - Wind & Wave (JAP private 78) E-/E:E(+) 350

Double live compilation contains "Warning" by Bikyoran which is their early jam before their debut.

VACATION - Resurrection of (BEL majestic 71) TC E-/E- 250

Super rare Belgian raw basement heavy blues hard rock comes in very flimsy paper cover. Cover has usual wear, crease to the edge and small tear on the rear opening. Record has a couple of odd surface marks that hardly affect playback. Definitely keeper copy for everybody unless someone luckily find a better copy.

VENETIAN POWER - The arid land (IT cbs 71) E/E(-) 490

Scarce Italian dreamy psych prog with lysergic fuzz, drifting flute, angelic female background vocals, groaning Hammond. Record has a few shallow hairlines that do not affeact playback.

VINDICATION - same (US custom fidelity 73) E-/E+ BID

Only 200 pressed, organ dominated teen prog with full of complex arrangements from Indiana in YES, ELP influential.

VINEGAR - same (G wp 71) V+/E+ 500

Very rare Krautrock underground prog with dark mysterious songs, heavy roaring keys, acid leaking fuzz, typical Teutonic vibes. Cover is moderately yellowing, and there are lamination lifting/peeling around the edge. Fortunately record is pristine!

VIRUS - Revelation (G basf 71) RW E-/E- 415

Laminated cover has light storage wear and mini crease around the edge, but still decent for it's age. Record has some light hairlines, plays through fine with minimal ticks during quiet passages.

howard WALES - Rendezvous with the sun (US costal 76) E(+)/E 100

Grateful Dead related key player from A.B. Sky. This is his first solo effort, plays psych crossover jazz funk.

WALKERS - Delta waves (US Gucci 77) E+/E+ 280

Very rare 3 tracks 12" killer modern soul funk boogie. Cover is in shrink, and record is pristine!

don WALLACE - Through the fire (US phm 83) WC,RW V+/E 165

White gospel modern soul mellowness produced by Russ Tuff. Inner includes.

WARHORSE - Red sea (UK vertigo 72) E/E- 380

Swirl orig comes in gatefold cover. Cover is tidy with bottom seam rubbing from the storage. Record has a light hairline on side one that barely affect playback. Has Swirl inner.

WAVE - same (H philips 72) E-/E 150

Very minor Dutch prog psych in slight Floyd or VDGG influence with strong use of organ, mellotron, guitars, soprano sax.

WAY WE LIVE - A candle for judith (UK dandelion 71) E/E(+) 580

Killer hard fuzz ripper pre-Tractor. Gatefold cover is beautiful apart from light streak marks top right corner. There are no seam splits, tears or writing. Spine perfectly legible. Record has a few minor surface scuffs that do nothing. Really nice!

WEB - I spider (UK Polydor 70) sSP,SA E-/V+ 475

Small pieces of tape residue with yellowed stain on the front right-hand, otherwise gatefold cover has light general wear only. Record shows light surface marks, but they hardly affect playback. Actually it did not much play at all.

WERWOLF - Creation (G private 82) E/E+ 350

Fabulous German private prog with dark mysterious atmosphere, strong rhythm sections, well crafted arrangements, layered keys, ace guitars, and crystaline female vocals. If you like Carol Of Harvest, Epidaurus, Renaissance, try this one without doubt.

WEST COAST POP ART EXPERIMENTAL BAND - Part one (US reprise 67) sWCb E/E(+) 225

Tri-color label Mono first pressing in great nick!

WHALEFEATHERS - same (US nasco 71) E/E(-) 285

This is US orig issue of UK Blue Horizon album.

WHEELZ OF STEEL - Volume one (US private 83) M-/M- 330

This is another crazy damaged hard rock outsider out of Wisconsin. Ray and Rich brother and drum machine play the worst junk metal ever! Ultra raw crude sounding with never ending stale machine rhythm, intimidate vocals, ripping heavy distortion guitar mayhem! It foresees Shimmy Disc makes appearance after several years.

WHITSUNTIDE EASTER - Next time you play a wrong note (UK grapevine 77) E(+)/E(+) 230

Dutch band released one and only album on small England label. Nice blend of acoustic and electric sounding prog jazz rock with some twilight psych feel adding. Complex rhythm breaks, impressive flute licks, pathetic male/female vocals, e-piano, some fuzz outburst! Recommended if you dig Dutch group called Avalanche, or Waiting For The Sun from UK.

WHO - Who's next (UK track 71) E(+)/E(+) 150

First pressing flat label A1 B2 matrix comes with Head Hunters inner.

WIGWAM - Live music from the twilight zone (FIN love 75) E-/M-:M- 165

Rare first pressing without words on rim, and both records look like brand-new!

WILDEBEEST - Bushrock 1 (SA rap 81) E+/E(+) BID

Related to Freedom's Children, and they play two Freedom's songs as well. Very unique quirky folk rock prog with plenty of tribal flavor, African rhythm, lysergic guitars, mind flying violins, and powerful female vocals. Great copy, cover won't need upgrading, record is beautiful, too. Except a few minor ticks between A-1 and A-2 that caused by a micro pressing fault.

WILDERNESS AMERICA - A celebration of the land (US private 7?) E+/E+ 130

Spiritual folk jazz AOR free soul from California with breezy resort atmosphere. Has inner with lyrics.

WIND IN THE WILLOWS - same (US capitol 68) CF E(+)/S 360

Wow! Still Sealed orig of psych pop outfit included Deborah Harry who later went to Blondie. Slight crack on center area of top and bottom seams, but hasn't split yet. This copy contains never seen before gorgeous promo only special folder which encloses fully illustrated 9 inserts inspired from their songs!

WINDFLOWER - same (US private 74) E+/E+ 90

Dreamy twilight folk psych from Alaska with alternate male/female vocals, delicate guitars, spacey mellotron. Sorry but no lyric insert.

WINTERHAWK - Revival (US lambda 82) E+/M- 300

Top level of private hard rock that bring perfect factor of gritty vocals, sledgehammered riffs, enthusiastic leads! Immaculate condition!

WOODEN O - A handeful of pleasant delites (UK middle earth 69) E/E- 115

Medieval folk oddball with ancient instrumentals. Released from cult collectible label. Record looks Near Mint, but infamous Middle Earth pressing as you probably all know.

WOODS BAND - same (UK greenwich gramophone company 71) E(+)/E(+) 250

Engaging folk rock featuring Gay & Terry Woods who just left from Steeleye Span. Seldom seen Near Mint copy!

rick WOOLEY - Salt water highway (US private 80) TC E-/E+ 150

Deep backwoods private folk with rural Southern vibes out of Louisiana. Cover is still in shrink, but somehow there is a small tear on the front left middle under the shrink.

WORKSHOP - same (US private 72) E/E+ 180

As same recording studio as D. R. Hooker "Truth", and released from same private label in same year, this is pretty much unknown underground hippie combo included 16 members! Very amateurish home recording with crude psych jazz outsider to primitive female folk, and some heavily doped songs ala Tool Shed. Not for everybody, but great addition for those who loves lo-fi vanity custom pressing and bizarre outsider music.

XIT - Entrance (US canyon 74) M-/E 270

One of the best native American fuzz psych. Textured cover is in shrink, and immaculate! Record has a few inaudible faint marks, plays Near Mint! Comes with inner.

michinori YAMAMOTO - Bishou (JAP Polydor 74) V+/E(+) 570

Outstanding Japanese outsider folk prog backed by Kimio Mizutani group. Cover has stain spotting from humidity. Comes with poster (crease and stain) and Photo copied OBI.

YARDBIRDS - Featuring performances by Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page (US epic 70) DH E(+)/E(+):E+ 80

US only double compilation album housed in thick gatefold cover. Yellow label orig, matrix all 1C!

YATHA SIDHRA - A meditation mass (G brain 74) E+/E+ 700

Stone cold immaculate, archive quality of Krautrock underground tripper. Gimmick die-cut gatefold cover and record are both hardly been used!

michael YONKERS - Grimwood (US my 74) ACb E+/E+ 160

His legendary debut comes in awesome silver acid leaking cover art. One of the most stoned out DIY acid folk album I've ever heard!

LOS Z-66 - same (SP regal 69) E(+)/E+ 300

Amazing Near Mint orig of rare Spanish swinging garage psych with plenty of fuzz and farfisa. Contains one of the uniquest cover version of GUN's "Race With The Devil".

ZABU - My coffin's ready (F theleme 72) E(+)/E(+) 120

Great copy of Magma related blues jazz rock backed by all star line up Christian Vander, Francis Moze, Teddy Lasry, Jeff Seffer, Laurent Thibault and others.

frank ZAPPA - Hot rats (US bizarre 69) E+/E+ 100

Stunning Near Mint first pressing blue/green label housed in gatefold cover.

ZEN - Hair (H philips 69) E+/E(+) 130

Rarely seen Near Mint orig of Dutch flower psych pop garage housed in laminated flip-back cover.

ZINGALE - Peace (ISRAEL krypton 77) SA E-/E 340

Terrific refined prog in lyrical high soaring playing and very complex arrangements from Middle East. If Churchill's is the best psych from Israel, this one must be the best prog from down there!

ZIOR - same (UK nepentha 71) sSD,sWCb E(-)/E- 600

Tremendous wild heavy blues psych prog housed in awesome gatefold cover. Small sticker removal tear on the front near the Nepentha logo, and minor evidence of writing (it seems once laid under writing paper) on the rear. Both issues are rather nitpicky. Some people never notice them. Record has light sleeve scuffs and a few surface marks that barely affect playback. Plays almost Near Mint without any noticeable crackles.

ZIPPER - same (US whizeagle 75) E(+)/E 280

North West hard rock featuring snotty vocalist Fred Cole ex-Lollipop Shoppe. This is super rare version the front and the back covers have not taped together yet!

ZONE TIME - Chihohji (JAP la maison des temps lmdt 76) SP V+/E+ 150

Japanese pop prog synth boogie. Cover has light discoloration mostly on the back. Has booklet.

ZOO - I shall be free (G bacillus 71) E-/E+ 100

Underrated French jazz prog psych. Rarer German white Bacillus issue.