UFO - II flying (UK beacon 71) RWb V+/E- 270

Essential, their much heavier and psych oriented second effort on lilac label first pressing comes with inner sleeve (side splits and a few small rips).

UNDERDOGS - Wasting our time (NZ pye 70) SKb E(+)/E(+) 480

Fantastic copy of Kiwi garage psych blues rock with mind blowing fuzz wah-wah here and there. Light streak marks lower right-hand, and small stamp on the inside of the album pocket, but laminated flip-back cover is tidy and glossy! Record is exceptionally clean. Hard to find a copy like this clean!

UNDERTAKERS CIRCUS - Ragnarock (NOR polydor 73) E-/V(+) 250

Another rarity from Norwegian Polydor together Min Bul, "Bleak House" by Terje Rypdal, and Saft. Jazz rock tended psych prog with heavily blowing brass unison in the vein similar to early Chicago, Burnin Red Ivanhoe, Brainchild, and Walrus. Record has a number of light marks and surface scuffs, but plays much better than it looks with minor background and occasional faint pops only. Gatefold cover is neat with a small amount of light brownish stain inside. Comes with elusive insert.

UNISON - same (US olcott beach music 84) E+/E 450

Don't be fooled by the release date, but this is terrific local private psych stoner from Upstate NY with real outstanding fuzz actions, emphasizing bass lines, and lonely desolate vocals! Record looks NM, but kinda lo-fi pressing.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - same (UK cbs 68) E-/E 65

Orange label stereo UK orig housed in front laminated cover. Slight H2O on cover, but nothing too bad.

UNIVERIA ZEKT - The unnamables (F theleme 72) E(+)/E 250

The side project of early Magma, less aggressive or fanatic than Magma, but actually pretty good heavy jazz funk rock, and must for any Zeuhl freaks. Textured gatefold cover is in great condition with very light usage only. Record has some superficial marks, but plays flawlessly!

UNIVERS ZERO - Heresie (UK atem 79) E(+)/E+ 65

Beautiful UK orig copy of dark chamber rock avant-garde housed in Matt-finished cover.

UNO - same (G pan 74) E/E(+) 120

Ex-Osanna, German orig copy housed in unique cover art by Hipgnosis.

UT - Homo (IT erre 74) OSP E/E(+) 80

Beautiful Italian soft prog with melodic songs and spacey keys. Housed in equally nice gatefold cover comes with inner (side split and three check marks on it)

V.A. - Blorp esette volume two (US l.a.f.m.s. 80) S/S 180

Still Sealed orig of cult avant-garde experimental out of Los Angeles.

V.A. - Genya (JAP soseiki 71) sTC E(+)/M-:M- 500

Double record set documentary of three days outdoor music festival contains ranging from avant-garde jazz to hard psych, from free improvisation to hippie radical folk. Artists include Masayuki Takayanagi, Mototeru Takagi, Dew, Blues Creation, Brain Police, and legendary Lost Aaraaff formed by Keiji Haino! Comes in awesome gatefold cover, and is in immaculate condition except a tiny scuff tear on the front that barely noticeable. Records are both pristine without noticeable imperfections. True artifact for long-lost gem from late 60's to early 70's Japanese underground music.

V.A. - Heads together first round (UK vertigo 71) E/E+ 85

Great Swirl sampler. Nice copy includes Swirl inner.

V.A. - Money Music (US august 67) SP,BSP,WC V(+)/V(+) 230

Awesome 60's garage punk compilation including C.A. Quintet, Bedlam Four, Calico Wall, Electras, Castaways, T.C. Atlantic, and others. All killer and essential!

V.A. - No New York (US Antilles 78) V+/E 35

Legendary no wave compilation. US orig comes with rare reversed inner

V.A. - Tinkerbell, presented by Toyooka folk village from Kannabe (JAP kojima 77) E(+)/E(+) 500

Obscure Japanese outdoor hippie rock folk rock compilation. Insert includes.

V.I.P. - Live 1973 (THAILAND thai nakorn 73) E/E(+):E+ BID

Amazing double album ever recorded in Thailand?! Overloaded Asian psych blues housed in gorgeous gatefold cover with silver engraved on the front center. Disc one is live recording hard rock jammer with English vocals. Disc two contains mostly famous cover songs with native tangue. Unbelievably clean copy!

VARON - Daybreaks (US private 81) E-/E+ 25

Unknwon local Florida soft rock AOR rural folk by Hispanic brother (sung in English).

VIRUS - Thoughts (G pilz 71) E(+)/E(+) 350

Their second effort on well known collectable label Pilz. Laminated gatefold cover and record are Near Mint with very light usage only.

VITA NOVA - same (AUSTRIA life 71) sTL E/E- BID

Top level Euro heavy prog monster rankings along with Paternoster, Sub, Analogy. Drenched organ galore, remarkably ethnic instruments, frenzied rhythm sections, and unique Latin vocals make their music special. Front laminated cover has some wear to corners and edge, but nothing too obvious. Record has numbers of faintest paper marks, but no scratches or deeper marks. They are none feelable and hardly affect playback except minimal ticks in outbreaks.

WAILERS - Catch a fire (UK island 73) Sab E/E 250

Pink rim palm tree label with A-3U, B-4U matrix housed in gimmick Zippo cover (no Basing Street address on the rear), and is in great nick with minor wear from it's age.

howard WALES - Rendezvous with the sun (US costal 76) E(+)/E 90

Grateful Dead related key player from A.B. Sky. This is his first solo effort, plays psych crossover jazz funk.

WALKENHORST BROTHERS - The last adventure (US chapie 77) E+/E(+) 320

Post-Phantasia out of Missouri, not as psychy or magically as Phantasia, but more into soft rock folk directions with still having great musical composition. Always suffering cover wear such as ring wear or seam rubbing, but this one is exceptionally clean. Slight bubbling on the label of side two due to the pressing defect.

WALKERS - Delta waves (US Gucci 77) E+/E+ 280

Very rare 3 tracks 12" killer modern soul funk boogie. Cover is in shrink, and record is pristine!

don WALLACE - Through the fire (US phm 83) WC,RW V+/E 100

White gospel modern soul mellowness produced by Russ Tuff. Inner includes.

WALLENSTEIN - Blitzkrieg (G pilz 72) E/E 50

Debut of Krautrock symphonic at its best. Not Minty but well preserved keeper copy for sure. Tiny blemish on the label.

WALNUT BAND - Go nuts (US appaloosa 76) BSP E(-)/E+ 170

Out of Boston, MA, Dead-ish rural guitar jammer with laidback songs, trippy leads, and pumping keys.

WARHORSE - Red sea (UK vertigo 72) E/E- 300

Swirl orig comes in gatefold cover. Cover is tidy with bottom seam rubbing from the storage. Record has a light hairline on side one that barely affect playback. Has Swirl inner.

WATERFALL - same (IT koala 72) sTC,RW V+/E- 225

Pressed only in Italy unique mix of folky prog and hard psych from Swiss with killer fuzz assaults in Way We Live realms. Flimsy cover has light ring wear mostly on back and very small tear on the front bottom right that barely noticeable. Record looks rather V+ with numbers of light marks, but plays EX or better. Comes with insert.

WATERFALL - The flight of the day (UK bob 77) lBONSP,WC V-/V+ 170

Super rare privately released their debut, Gentle sublime acoustic folk male duo. Unfortunately cover has large splits on all seams from each center. Writing on the front bottom right that nothing too conspicuous. Record looks like played not much, but there are some surface scuffs on the side two that create light crackles. Comes with lyric insert and promo sheet

WATERLOO - First battle (BEL disques vogue 70) E/E BID

Highly sought-after Belgian heavy prog monster closer to NM condition. Fully laminated cover has a small amount of minor stain on the front bottom right corner, light streak upper left, and faint scratches on the rear. All of them are barely noticeable. Besides those minor issues, cover is pretty neat. Record is very clean with full sheen. It looks it has not played much. There are odd marks on the last track of side two that fortunately do nothing.

WEB - Theraphosa blondi (UK deram 69) E/E 250

Their second album in quite wide variety sounding. Brown label MONO comes with red lined inner. Record has some inaudible sleeve marks, plays NM throughout!

WEB - I spider (UK polydor 70) sSP,SA E-/V+ 350

Small pieces of tape residue with yellowed stain on the front right-hand, otherwise gatefold cover has light general wear only. Record shows light surface marks, but they hardly affect playback. Actually it did not much play at all.

WEB - I spider (UK polydor 70) E(+)/E 800

Gatefold cover has light corner wear and seam rubbing, but otherwise cover is really beautiful! Record has a few inaudible minor marks only. Labels have a few mildew spots, but there are minimal spindle marks only. The nicest condition I've ever seen in last 10 years.

mike WESTBROOK CONCERT BAND - Marching song vol. 1 (UK deram 69) E(+)/E 125

All star lineup UK jazz session. Stereo copy comes with blue lined inner.

WESTFAUSTER - In a king's dream (US nasco 71) E(+)/V+ 250

Dreamy psych prog with soft gently vocals, flowing organs, flute licks released from famous collectable label (Felt, Morning Dew, Electric Toilet, etc..). Cover is beautiful without typical cut-out. Record is clean except one small mark on the end of A-2 that causing faint ticks for one minute. Otherwise it plays flawless!

WHALEFEATHERS - same (US nasco 71) E/E(-) 265

This is US orig issue of UK Blue Horizon album.

WHISTLER - Ho hum (UK deram 71) sTCb E(+)/E(+) 700

Nice melodic dreamy folk rock prog. Another highly collectable album from the label next to Room, Mellow Candle, Zakarrias, and Anno Domini. Besides a few barely visible scattered tiny tears, the cover is close to pristine. As well as record is NM with perfect shine!

WHITEWOOD - same (US exotic 72) -/V(-) BID

Reissued from Rockadelic Records many moons ago, only one other copy known to existence, the rarest and the crudest private album ever released in the States. Over-the-top fuzz laden psych with raw garage punk ambience takes after Bachs or Index. This is neither great looking record nor good pressing, but try to find another, it seems almost impossible. There are occasional light crackles, but plays surprisingly well. No cover as issued.

WHO - Who's next (UK track 71) E/E(+) 120

First pressing flat label A1 B2 matrix comes with Head Hunters inner.

WIGWAM - Tombstone valentine (FIN love 70) E-/V+ 150

Second album of Finnish jazz rock prog master-mind. Twin big heart logo on the label center. This is black text version. Some say blue text is first pressing, but who confirmed it? Exactly same matt finished cover and matrix numbers. Maybe differentiate for domestic use and export for other Scandinavian countries? Record looks clean except one small mark on the end of B-4 that causes some soft ticks.

WIGWAM - Nuclear nightclub (FIN love 75) BSP,sSK E-/E+ 30

Sixth album on Finnish Love orig. This is slight later pressing with rim lablel.

WILDEBEEST - Bushrock 1 (SA rap 81) E+/E(+) 900

Related to Freedom's Children, and they play two Freedom's songs as well. Very unique quirky folk rock prog with plenty of tribal flavor, African rhythm, lysergic guitars, mind flying violins, and powerful female vocals. Great copy, cover won't need upgrading, record is beautiful, too. Except a few minor ticks between A-1 and A-2 that caused by a micro pressing fault.

terry WILLIAMS - Visions & realities (US private 81) E(+)/E+ 120

Unknown second solo album ex-Kenny Rogers & The First Edition. Down-to-earth country rock folk with rural Southern vibes. Comes with printed lyric inner.

gary WILSON TRIO - Another galaxy (US g.t.w. 74) E-/V+ 650

Limited 500 pressed, debut of cult underground spiritual jazz completely different stayle than next releases. Minor clicks for 15 revolutions on B-1, the rest looks and play NM.

gary WILSON - You think you really know me (US msm 77) fSP V(+)/E(+) 550

Bizarre mix of AOR funk boogie and psych experimental, totally insane DIY cult outsider ever made from NY. Top seam fully split, but bottom seam and the spine are still intact. Record is fortunately in great condition with minimal surface scuffs only. Comes with lyric insert + photo insert + portrait, wow!

WIND - Seasons (G plus 71) E+/E 500

Their debut, heavier and louder hard prog assailant in great nick. Cover is Top! Record has a few light marks that do not affect. Plays NM all around. Includes rare promo inserts.

WINDFLOWER - same (US private 74) M-/E+ 70

Dreamy folk psych from Alaska, with alternate male/female vox, beautiful guitars, and great use of mellotron. Sorry, but insert is missing.

WINDOW - same (US new life 74) E/E+ 200

Very rare Xian folk psych out of Texas, with haunting female vocals and acid leaking guitar leads. Includes foldout insert.

WINDOW - The empyreal ballet (US cottage 78) E(+)/E+ 300

Very scarce Bay Area complex prog jazz rock inspired from Zappa, Magma, Return To Forever, and Gentle Giant with fuzzy guitar leads, flute licks and sax blowing. Clean copy comes with printed inner (bottom seam split).

WINDWORDS - Shootin' the breeze (US private 79) E/E+ 225

Melodic rural folk psych duo with spacy leads, fluttering 6-string, and rhythmic percussions.

norma WINSTONE - Edge of time (UK argo 72) E(+)/E(+) 480

Wonderful female vocal jazz platter in very close to Top condition!

WINTERHAWK - Revival (US lambda 82) E+/M- 270

Top level of private hard rock that bring perfect factor of gritty vocals, sledgehammered riffs, enthusiastic leads! Immaculate condition!

WIPERS - Youth of america (US park avenue 81) BSP,sSP E-/E- 250

Legendary Pacific Coast punk formed by Greg Sage who also involved pro-wrestler psych Beauregarde as a guitarist in 1971. This true outstanding post-punk album! Cover is still in shrink, but bottom seam middle split, and small rubbing top seam from the opening. Record has light amount of faint scuffs and a few minor hairlines. Plays throughout fine with occasional minor crackles that nothing overwhelms to the music.

WITS END - Rock and by god roll (US snowdrop 79) E(+)/E(+) 200

Privately released local Texas hard rock with extremely solid dual leads and speed freak rhythm sections. Cover is still in shrink. Comes with insert.

WIZARDS FROM KANSAS - same (US mercury 70) sSP E/E+ 160

Acid guitar psych classic. Nice white label promo!

phil WOODS AND HIS EUROPEAN RHYTHM MACHINE - Alive and well in Paris (F pathe 68) E(-)/E+ 100

French first pressing in dark red label with silver lettering housed in laminated flip-back cover. Small crack on top seam middle, light to medium discoloration on the rear. Record is pristine!

WORKSHOP - same (US private 72) E/E+ 150

As same recording studio as D. R. Hooker "Truth", and released from same private label in same year, this is pretty much unknown underground hippie combo included 16 members! Very amateurish home recording with crude psych jazz outsider to primitive female folk, and some heavily doped songs ala Tool Shed. Not for everybody, but great addition for those who loves lo-fi vanity custom pressing and bizarre outsider music.

7" WRENCH - You'll understand (US dore 69) /E+ 350

Rare garage psych 45's.

XIT - Entrance (US canyon 74) M-/E 250

One of the best native American fuzz psych. Textured cover is in shrink, and immaculate! Record has a few inaudible faint marks, plays Near Mint! Comes with inner.

michinori YAMAMOTO - Hohoemi (JAP Polydor 74) V+/E(+) 450

Outstanding Japanese outsider folk prog backed by Kimio Mizutani group. Cover has stain spotting from humidity. Comes with poster (crease and stain) and Photo copied OBI.

YAMASH'TA & THE HORIZON - Sunrise from west sea live (JAP london 71) E+/M- 750

Adventurous avant-garde experimental master-piece performers including Hideakira Sakurai, Masahiko Satoh, Stomu Yamash'ta, Takehisa Kosugi. Thick gatefold cover is E+, clean and crisp. Very nice indeed! Record is M-, virtually unplayed! No noticeable marks, scuff or whatsoever! Comes complete with insert and OBI which doesn't have wrinkling or ripping, but there are some discoloration on the rear.

tetsu YAMAUCHI - Tetsu (JAP propeller 72) E(+)/E+ 450

Legendary Japanese bassist who previously played in Samurai, Faces, Free, and Kossoff/Kirke/Tetsu/Rabbit. Musically very much similar to Free albums! Lead female vocal by Eleanor Barooshian who participated in The Cake albums on Decca. Great copy comes with insert!

hiro YANAGIDA - same (JAP atlantic 71) E+/E+ BID

Incredible find, top archive copy of Japanese heavy complex prog grail by a keyboard illusionist whose first solo effort called "Milk Time". No OBI, but gatefold cover and record are immaculate. Includes rare insert!

YANKEE DOLLAR - same (US dot 68) DH,sTCb E(-)/M- 100

Semi-classic West Coast psych with uplifting melodies and Jefferson Airplane influences. Cover has minor shelf wear, but still a solid condition for its age. Record virtually unplayed!

YARDBIRDS - Featuring performances by Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page (US epic 70) DH E(+)/E(+):E+ 80

US only double compilation album housed in thick gatefold cover. Yellow label orig, matrix all 1C!

YELLOW - Keltakuume (FIN finnievy 75) sWC E-/E 270

Finnish hard prog featured guitarist Melvin McRae, with loud blistering leads and spped freak rhythm sections. As same label as Kalevala!

michael YONKERS - Grimwood (US my 74) ACb E+/E+ 90

His legendary debut comes in awesome silver acid leaking cover art. One of the most stoned out DIY acid folk album I've ever heard!

YOUNG FLOWERS - Blomsterpistolen (DEN sonet 68) SP,sWC E-/E- 700

Danish heavy blue psych with obvious under the influence of drugs. Mega rare Red label first pressing housed in flimsy laminated flip-back cover. Writing on the cover is actually only slight tracing marks on the front lamination, so hardly noticeable. Record has fair amount of light surface marks that are not feelable or audible.

frank ZAPPA - Hot rats (US bizarre 69) E+/E+ 90

Stunning Near Mint first pressing blue/green label housed in gatefold cover.

ZARATHUSTRA - same (G metronome 72) E(+)/E+ BID

Ultimately charged driving German heavy prog pounder housed in splendid laminated gatefold cover. Cover is glossy and very close to Top with just a light streak mark on the rear right-hand. Record is NM with full of luster!

javier ZAVALA - Voces del Espacio (MEX gamma 79) E+/E+ 120

Lovely copy of rare Mexican synth boogie lounge funk. Cover is still in shrink, record hardly been played!

ZENITH EFFLUVEUM - Almost made in the USA (US separate 78) S/S 70

Lo-fi psych punk with stoned-out teen vocals, noisy guitars, bizarre synth, and ruined rhythm ala Debris in parts. Sealed copy contains two insert that not enclosed in a cover.

ZERFAS - same (US 700 west 73) ML E-/E- BID

The rarest from this tiny Indiana independent label, and certainly the best of all. Even in whole the States, this is the most creative and attractive psych and prog mixture for offbeat recordings. As you know bloody impossible to find orig copies in any conditions. This one is decent. Beginning of mild ring wear on the front and the back, yet not completely ringed. There is a tiny punch hole only on the back cover top left. Seams and spine are fully intact. No tears, rip, bend or any other noticeable faults. Record has some light surface marks that barely audible. May have occasional minor ticks, but nothing overwhelm to the music. Stamp on the label of side two says "Adolescent Psychiatry". I think that's so sick!

ZIOR - same (UK nepentha 71) sSD,sWCb E(-)/E- 550

Tremendous wild heavy blues psych prog housed in awesome gatefold cover. Small sticker removal tear on the front near the Nepentha logo, and minor evidence of writing (it seems once laid under writing paper) on the rear. Both issues are rather nitpicky. Some people never notice them. Record has light sleeve scuffs and a few surface marks that barely affect playback. Plays almost Near Mint without any noticeable crackles.

ZIPPER - same (US whizeagle 75) E(+)/E 250

North West hard rock featuring snotty vocalist Fred Cole ex-Lollipop Shoppe. This is super rare version the front and the back covers have not taped together yet!

ZOLAR X - Timeless (US pyramid 82) /E 150

Doped-out spacey hard rock with heavy fuzz assaults, complex arrangements, howling vox, wild drum breaks. This is a legendary proto punk glam rock outfit from Los Angeles underground. Limited pressed on clear vinyl. Some copies were housed in plastic sleeve, but this one comes in handmade cover that someone customized.