SAGA - same (SWE sonet 74) DH E-/V+ 160

Post-November, brilliant hard prog with plenty of intense guitar leads and strong emotional vox.

SAINT JUST - La casa del lago (IT harvest 74) E(+)/E(+) 440

Much acclaimed their second album in cool cover art. Has inner sleeve (small splits on the side and the bottom).

SAINT STEVEN - Over the hills (US probe 69) DH,BSP E(-)/E+ 130

Really creative and memorable acid psych classic. Monster track called "Bastich 1" covered by Whalefeathers on their album on Nasco label!

teiichi SAKAI - Far east (JAP studio3 73) sTCb E/V+ 850

As same label as Olive and Ginbae, super obscure Japanese basement garage psych monster in Marble Phrogg realms. All cover songs including "Stone Free", "Nantucket Sleighride" with drenched crude fuzz-tone guitars, and desperate bad boy vocals. The rest others are all Beatles and Chuck Berry materials.

SAM APPLE PIE - same (UK decca 69) SL,sSD,RW E-/E 400

Stereo orig unboxed Decca blue label comes with blue lined inner. Cover has some wear on the front lamination, but still decent keeper copy for sure.

SAM DICE - Dutch disease (H ivory tower 78) E+/M- 350

Was sealed and open to check, unbelievable condition like New! Dutch hard rock rarity with slashing guitars and speed freak rhythm sections all over!

SAMUEL PRODY - same (G global 71) E(+)/E(-) 780

Top notch UK long haired hard rock only released in Germany. Gatefold cover is tidy with minimal lamination peeling along the opening edge. Record shows fair amount of light surface marks, but plays almost Near Mint. Virtually no spindle marks around the center hole unless you can see super faintest one.

SAMURAI - Green tea (JAP philips 71) E(+)/E- 550

Japanese orig single album housed in textured gatefold cover comes complete with insert (light crease).

SANCTUARY - same (US veritas 71) SP,RWb E-/V+ 160

Minor local prog with great use of mellotron, dreamy songs and soft arrangments.

SANDROSE - same (F polydor 72) SKb E/V+ 650

Orig French copy housed in laminated gatefold cover. Record has some surface marks and a couple of tiny needle marks. Plays mostly loud and strong apart from occasional random light crackle.

david SANTO - Silver currents (US phoenix 68) PSMb,SMb,PML E-/E+ 65

Very cool folk psych rocker cut included outstanding song called "Rising of Scorpio"!

SAPPHIRE THINKERS - From within (US hobbit 69) EDH E(+)/E+ 190

West Coast melodic pop psych with lovely female vox, organ, and tasty fuzz. Great copy cover is still in shrink. Has tiny drill hole on the center of the cover through the label inside.

zalatnay SAROLTA - Hadd mondjam el (HUNGARY pepita 73) sWCb E-/E- 130

Hungarian funky psych rare groove with powerful female vox, organ pumping and heavy breaks!

SATAN AND DECIPLES - Underground (US coldband 69) E+/E+ 250

Soul flavored lounge psych oddity with goofy talking vox, devising twisted guitars, druggy funk grooves. Superb copy, cover is still in shrink!

SATIN WHALE - Desert places (G brain 74) E+/E- 330

In demand, superb Krautrock heavy prog jammer. Laminated cover is immaculate! Record got fair amount of shallow scuffs from paper inner, but plays absolutely flawless!

SAVAGE RESURRECTION - same (US mercury 68) E/E 280

Rare white label Promo Mono, and known as the best sounding pressing!

SAVANNA SILVER BAND - Pure silver (AUS champagne 78) V+/E 140

Rare Aussie funk modern soul boogie cut include killer floor shaker "Ruby Running Faker"! Gatefold cover has lamination streaking and wrinkling as all copy do same due to poor quality of manufacturing process. But, the cover itself is tidy and clean inside.

SAVOY BROWN - Hellbound train (UK decca 72) sTCb E(-)/E- 80

Green label 1W/2W matrix UK first pressing housed in gatefold cover.

daniel SCHELL / DICK ANNEGARN - Egmont and the ff boom (F free bird 78) E+/M- 100

Daniel Schell is main man of Belgian jazz rock band called COS who made a mysterious folk prog with Dutch SSW Dick Annegarn. Top archive copy comes complete with insert!

SCORPIONS - Keep in touch with (H cnr 66) E(+)/V+ 250

British beat garage rock based in Holland. Their 3rd and the rarest album. Cover is exceptionally clean. Record has several marks and scuffs, but plays nicely all around with occasional faint ticks only.

SCREAMING GYPSY BANDITS - In the eye (US brbq 73) E-/M- 200

Still underrated Indiana's local folk rock psych featuring lovely female vox Caroline Peyton. As good as Anonymous, Spirits & Worm, and Oasis on Crunbus.

SEBASTIAN - Rays of the sun (CA mca 70) DH E(+)/E(+) 170

Not monster but one of the best Canadian moody dreamy folk psych with rich arrangements, some fuzz outburst and terrific vocals. Definitely same league as Roger Rodier, Darius, Arthur Lee Harper, and Chris Lucey! Great copy, cover is still in shrink!

SECRET OYSTER - same (H cbs 73) SK E/E+ 170

Dutch only pressed debut album of Danish jazz prog legend. Cover has original price tag on the front and another retailer's small sticker on the rear.

bob SEGER SYSTEM - Ramblin' gamblin' man (US capitol 68) E+/E(+) 80

His debut album, rainbow rim label first pressing. Cover is still in shrink, and record is pristine!

bob SEGER SYSTEM - Mongrel (US capitol 70) DH S/S 100

Their third in amazing still Sealed!

SEQUOIAH - same (US 700 west 76) sSA,RWb E-/E(+) 125

Out of Indiana, on cult 700 West label, pretty good rural folk country rock with odd synth addition and a bit psyched prog-ish arrangements by Mo Whittemore.

SERPENT POWER - same (US vanguard 67) DH E+/S 220

Still Sealed Stereo orig.

SESSION - Unikuva (FIN odeon 74) RW,WCb V+/E(+) 750

Quite unique Finnish jazz rock tended heavy prog with buzzing bass lines, thrilling drum breaks, strong brass unison ala Haikara, swirling organ/e-piano, and plenty of stinging guitar attacks. Very flimsy thin black cover has inevitable light ring wear and light seam wear, but surely better example than usual. Writing on the rear top right, but black ballpoint on black, hence not so obvious. Record is clean and plays Near Mint.

SEVERANCE & CASSIDY - same (US private 78) sTCb E/E+ 115

Cool atmospheric groovy folk SSW.

SEX - The end of my life (CA trans canada 71) E-/V+ 150

Second album of classic Canadian guitar psych. Record has some light marks and scuffs, plays through fine with occasional minor ticks. Comes with rare insert (crease and streak).

SHADE - Lost in summer (US seatown 76) E-/E+ 115

Local jazz funk AOR with breezy songs, groovy arrangements, and nice soulful female vocals. Has insert.

SHADES OF MacMURROUGH - Carrig river (IRELAND polydor 73) E/E 330

First release of Irish folk ultra rarity.

SHADOWS OF KNIGHT - Gloria (US dunwich 66) PSK E(+)/E+ 170

Rare white label promo, clean Mono orig!

SHAGGY - Lessons for beginners (SWE loyal 75) E(+)/E 450

Swedish underground hard prog with savage fuzz and gushing organs in Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, and Mountain realms. Long time no seen original, especially copy like this clean! Comes complete with inner! Record looks rather E due to some faint paper marks caused by inner, but plays NM without any issues.

SHAW AND SOLIS - Listen to the wind (US wc knapp 69) SP E/E 330

Same label as Soft Rock from Maryland, lovely antique folk nostalgia with lite psych edge, crystal clear female vox, sensitive acoustic backing.

william SHELLER - Lux aeterna (F cbs 72) E/E 350

Decent copy of French underground experimental sci-fi psych prog soundscape with full of symphonic attitudes. True fantastic artifact for fans of prog music in early 70's.

mark SHEPARD - Songs through a window (US private 82) E+/E+ 50

Obscure loner folk from New York. Very simple acoustic backing with his bemused vocals and late night vibes. Included insert.

SHILOH - same (US amos 70) PSKb E(+)/E+ 130

Featuring Don Henry who successful by Eagles, great country rock produced by Kenny Rogers. Superb promo copy without corner cut!

kouhei SHIROIWA - Tokai no yuujinn tati (JAP fr 7?) V+/E(+) 580

Unknown DIY private folk rock outsider with full band backing and contains one monster psych track featured acid leaking electric leads and downer muddy vocals. The rest he plays lounge flavored blues rock to soft rock. Primitive looking gatefold cover got light H2O damage, hence minor discoloration on the front top left, rear top right and the inside top middle.

brian SHORT - Anything for a laugh (UK transatlantic 71) PSKb E-/E+ 120

Brilliant folk rock by Black Cat Bones lead vocalist. Housed in textured gatefold cover. Cover looks very clean bar professionally re-colored on a few area which hardly noticeable by first glance. Record is Top without any major flaw.

SIR LORD BALTIMORE - same (US mercury 71) RW V+/E+ 70

Rarer white label promo in pristine disc! Gatefold cover has general storage wear, but no seam splits. Spine readable completely.

SKARA BRAE - same (IRELAND gael linn 71) E+/E+ 80

Beautiful orig copy of Irish trad folk masterpiece.

SKILL - Sorairo no sora mizuiro no mizu (JAP private 84) E-/M- 250

This is two male SSW duo with various female vocals. Very cool crytalline acoustic folk. Cover has some mildew spots. Comes with 2 inserts.

SKYLINE - Louise for one night (G private 76) E/E(+) 330

Underrated krautrock fusion prog crossover. Must for fans of Sunbirds, Scandinavian jazz rock or rare groove diggers. Includes insert.

SKYWALKER - High flyer (US private 82) E/E 150

Still unknown Midwestern private hard rock in Purple/Heep influential with thick Hammond roaring, heavy axe riffing, high pitch vocals. Definitely the best in the style!

SLADE - Slayed? (UK polydor 72) E+/E+ 100

Flat label first pressing housed in full laminated cover. All in all NM gorgeous condition!

SLY BOOTS - Notes on a journey (US faithful virtue 69) sBSP E/E 55

Fine rural psych folk rock duo housed in thick gatefold cover.

SMALL FACES - same (UK immediate 67) OSP E-/E(+) 250

First pressing lilac color label Stereo pressing housed in rarer laminated flip-back cover. Cover has 6cm top seam middle split, but otherwise it's pretty tidy with glossy front lamination and clean unlaminated back.

gordon SMITH - Long overdue (UK blue horizon 68) E(+)/V+ 125

Has a small mark on A-1 middle that affects minor ticks for a while, but the rest looks and play NM.

nevada SMITH - Looking for someone (US dna 81) lBSP,ACb V+/E(+) 160

Smooth AOR modern soul. Includes inner.

SMOKIN' WILLIE - same (US ulrich studio 72) S/S 700

Perfect Sealed copy of rare private loud hard psych beast in deep echo treated productions with gushing Hammond and monster fuzz blows!

SMYLE - same (CA columbia 70) DH E/E 80

Melodic Canadian psych hippie rock with breezy West Coast vibes, dreamy harmony vocals, and actively driving guitar leads. Partly taped on the shrink wrap, but not on cover itself.

SOFTEIS - The colours of a rainbow (G private 78) sTCb E/E 230

Obscure German hard rock in the best Bellaphon/Bacillus zone. As well as some tracks move to sublime prog venture in Nektar tradition.

SOLARIS - Misty morning (NOR Apollo 77) E-/E- 160

Featuring Ole G. Nilssen who made a nice symphonic prog album called "World Of Dreams" previous year, this is his new project more into crossover jazz rock, but has some prog tended pastoral folky tunes.

SOLIS LACUS - same (BEL b sharp 75) sTC,RWb V+/E 60

Ex-Placebo jazz funk fusion rarity.

jerry SOLOMON - Past the 20th century (US fountain 71) E+/V+ BID

Holy Grail of cult real people outsider with totally stoned out sound structure and wandering weird vocals. He sold his records on the street in L.A.. Most of them were not available for covers. Some copies have handmade cover made by Jerry after someone found him back in several years.

SONICS - The sonics boom (US etiquette 66) E(+)/V+ 330

Second of the blowout garage from the Northwest tradition. Rare Stereo orig on purple label. Cover is very clean as miracle for those vintage albums. Record has moderate minor surface marks, but they do not affect play. Plays superb all through out.

SONSHINE - Everlasting son (US private 78) SK E+/E+ 170

Sacred beautiful Catholic folk by 7 females combo. All self-penned tracks except 2 cover songs. Comes with lyric inner.

SORROWS - Take a heart (UK piccadilly 65) E(+)/E- 560

Fantastic copy of freakbeat punk classic. Laminated flip-back cover is super clean with a few lamination crease only! Records has light to medium amount of surface scuffs. None of them are feelable, but they are just superficial. Plays strong EX or better without crackles or whatsoever! Very hard to find a copy like this clean!

SOUL CARAVAN - Get it high (G cbs 67) E-/V+ 150

Pre-Xhol, German psych soul funk groove.

SOUNDS OF SALVATION - same (UK reflection 74) E/V+ 190

The most strange xian folk jesus rock from England. Open with weird effects and synth noise, then screaming voice and fuzz wah-wah assault. Also, contains angelic female vocal soft rock and downer acid folk. Totally trippy and underground vibes here. Has elusive 32 page booklet!

SOWER - same (US grand trine 77) E+/E(+) 250

Hippie rural folk psych from New Mexico with wailing violins, spacey flute, cool fuzz leads. Inner includes.

SPACE BAND - same (US private 84) M-/E(+) 40

Weird East Coast prog AOR with two outstanding mellotron tracks.

SPACE FARM - same (NZ zodiac 72) sSP E-/V+ 650

Along with Human Instinct, the best hard psych from Kiwi with vicious wah-wah leads by Harvey Mann ex-Underdogs. Laminated flip-back cover has some corner rubbing and light shelf wear. Record has surface marks and light scuffs, but plays strong EX!

SPARROW - Wings of the morning (US private 77) sSP,sWC E-/V(+) 115

Still unknown but fairly good Xian folk psych duo from Ohio, with dreamy harmony vocals, atmospheric synth, hazy electric guitar leads. Record looks OK, but plays with moderate background noise due the pressing or something?

SPEED, GLUE & SHINKI - Eve (JAP atlantic 71) E(+)/E+ BID

Mega rare orig copy of Japanese heavy prog psych beast. Top copy comes complete with all 6 inserts!

alexander SPENCE - Oar (US columbia 69) PHS E+/S BID

Unbelievably Still Sealed original! There are a few light mildew spots under the shrink due to stored in warehouse long years, but you can easy to wipe off if you get rid of the shrink. Unplayed record inside the cover!

SPINNING MOTION - Confidence in the future (G musiclab berlin 80) E+/E+ 650

Only 100 pressed pretty nice Kraut jazz crossover with folky mellow grooves. Top copy included insert!

SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS - Lies to live by (CA daffodil 74) E+/E(+) 300

The best copy I've ever seen! Cover has no drill hole! Comes complete with inert and inner.

SPIRITS & WORM - same (US a&m 69) E/E+ BID

One of the rarest major label psych all the time! Cool cover art, but it's the reason immediately withdrawn from the market at that time. Musically pretty good West Coast flavored psych with alternate male/female vocals, driving fuzz leads, organ, flute, and very attractive arrangements.

SPRIGUNS - Time will pass (UK decca 77) SK E+/S 330

This is must be one of those exported to Scandinavia when it released in UK, and sat in warehouse until recent years. So, cover is amazingly clean except typical price tag sticker at the opening edge to shut a record in cover inside. Record is probably unplayed. You can see the insert from the opening.

SPRING - same (UK rca neon 71) sTC E/E 750

Triple gatefold cover has a couple of micro tears on the lower front probably caused at pressing plant. Light seam wear on the top right. Otherwise cover is pretty neat. Record plays almost NM except a few short pops on A-2. Comes with black inner.

SPRING RAIN - same (US wet 75) E/E+ 170

Breezy folk duo out of Boston, with elastic acoustic guitars, gently harmony vocals, and smooth mellow grooves.

SRC - Milestones (US capitol 69) E/E+ 80

their second album, orig rainbow label, cover has no cut hole!

SRC - Traveler's tale (US capitol 70) CH,RWb E-/E+ 60

Their final, green target label first pressing.

S.S.T.(SOFT SOUL TRANSITION) - same (US transition 69) BSP E-/E(+) 250

Highly acclaimed sunshine pop blue eyed soul rarity.

STAGEFRIGHT - D day (US aard vark 80) S/S 280

Furious outlaw hard rock with drugged out plays and crude rhythm sections. Definitely has some sci-fi psych fringe outsider overtones.

STANDELLS - Dirty water (US tower 66) E/E+ 100

Clean Mono orig. Cover in shrink, record hardly played!

STANLEY - Enemy ave. (US rectangle 81) E+/S 250

Very seldom seen private prog psych out of Austin, Texas. Don't be fooled by the release date, these boys looks like from early 70's, and their music reminds me of good old days with killer guitar leads, some outsider moves, and very crafty lengthy tracks. Comes in inner with weird drawings on it. Dedicated to John Bonham on the back cover bottom.

STEAMHAMMER - Speech (G brain 72) E+/E 140

Their last only released in Germany.

STEEL MILL - Green eyed god (UK penny farthing 75) E/E(+) BID

Bloody rare UK orig in flimsy green cover, and is in nicest possible condition I've seen! There are slightest imprint after the disc, but no ring wear. Seams are solid with minimal wear on the bottom. Spine fully legible. Impossible to find a better! Record looks like played only a couple of times. A few inaudible faint marks only, plays brilliant all the way through!

STENCIL FOREST - Opening act (US realtime 83) E+/E+ 220

Known to some serious prog buffs, but still obscure US private pressing in Styx, Kansas, Starcastle realms with elaborate songs, layered keys, heavy guitar riffing, and a few mellotron adding.

STILL LIFE - same (UK vertigo 71) E(+)/E- 900

Highly collectible Swirl title. Awesome gatefold cover has light storage wear and minor crease to corners, but one of the nicest copy I've seen lately. Record looks and play pretty good except one faint mark on the beginning of A-1 that affects minimal ticks, but nothing very noticeable. Swirl inner includes.

ted STILLES - Bhang (US telewbar 80) E(-)/E(+) 90

Exorbitant noisy fuzz guitar hard psych ala Terry Brooks and Vulcan! Cover is mostly in shrink, but a little wrinkled corner top right.

STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK - Incense and peppermints (US uni 67) DH,BSP E/E+ 150

Rarer Mono in immaculate condition! Cover is still in shrink, record is close to perfect!

STUD - same (US deram 71) E/E- 175

Front laminated cover has some small creases along the spine and light shelf wear on the back, but overall still decent example without major fault. Record has some shallow hairlines and light surface wear, but no ugly marks or scratches. Plays throughout fine without noticeable crackles.

michael STYERS - Bearing a gentle message (US private 80) sSKb E-/E 110

Limited 500 pressed fascinated folk rock psych from North Carolina with very creative songs and charming female back up vocals. Somehow underrated, but reminds me of Richard Soutar albums. Comes with insert.

SUBWAY - same (F epic 71) E+/E BID

English and American duo released this fascinating folk psych album released in France only. Small mark on B-1 that barely audible. Also, pressing is not hi-fi for French records at that time. Anyway it plays superb with minimal hissing that nothing detract the music pleasure. Housed in nice laminated cover, and in stunning NM shape!

SUMA NO ARASHI - same (JAP alfa 70) TCi,OSP V+/E+ 250

Privately released first album by traditional Japanese instrumental trio. Awesome mix of ancient Japanese music and free jazz experimental.

SUMA NO ARASHI & TOSHIRO MAYUZUMI - Johakyu (JAP toshiba 70) SP,TP V+/E 250

Their second produced by Toshiro Mayuzumi. One and only Avant-Garde music featuring traditional Japanese instrumental like Koto, flute, percussion. White label Promo Red wax. Light stain on labels.

SUNBIRDS - Zagara (G finger 72) E+/E(+) 400

Highly in demand rarer second effort of jazz fusion crossover featuring top drumming by Klaus Weiss with e-piano, organ, dual flute. Superb condition!

SUNDAY - same (G bellaphon 71) E+/E(+) 550

Obscure band called Sunday is the band from UK, but they released their album only in Germany. Great Hammond oriented heavy prog with some bluesy burn out guitar leads. A pleasant album from the start to finish, and rarely seen in these days. Laminated cover is stunning condition, can't be bettered! Record shows extremely light marks on the surface. Plays absolutely Top without crackles!

SUNFOREST - Sound of sunforest (UK deram nova 69) E(+)/E(+) 330

Quite decent Stereo orig with blue lined inner. Cover is clean with minor wear on the rear from ages. Record has typical light sleeve scuffs as most of Deram/Decca release do same, but plays Near Mint all around!

SUPERSISTER - Present from Nancy (H polydor 70) E(+)/E- 80

Top notch Dutch jazz rock prog. Their debut housed in laminated gatefold cover.

SUPERSISTER - To the highest bidder (H polydor 71) E/E+ 100

Dutch orig copy housed in gatefold cover with album pocket on the front panel.

SUPER SISTER - Pudding en gisteren (H polydor 72) E/E+ 180

Their third album housed in notorious die-cut gatefold cover. The inside of the first cover panel has been printed. To reach the credits hidden there, so everybody did slice the panel open to reveal its contents. And, now most copies have deformed to triple gatefold or seriously broken. However the copy offering here never tried to slice, so everything intact and undamaged. Very nice cover with light yellowing from it's age. Try to find unopened cover, it's as rare as CQ, Cargo or Cosmic Dealer!

SUPERSISTER - Iskander (H polydor 73) sSD,RW,TCb V(+)/E+ 35

4th release of a leading Dutch prog. Cover is moderately used, but record is unexpectedly beautiful!

SVANFRIDUR - What's hidden there? (ICE private 72) E/E BID

One of the best Icelandic heavy prog housed in mind blowing embossed gatefold cover. Seams have some storage wear, but all panels are clean and nice. Record has a handful of light marks that do not affect play.

SWEET PAIN - same (UK mercury 69) E/E- 150

Related John Dummer Blues Band, Aynsley Dunbar, Savoy Brown, super blues session album housed in eye catching psych cover art.

SWORDEDGE - same (UK private 80) E-/E(+) 800

Superb UK private folk with brilliant female lead vocals in Sandy Denny, Mandy Morton, Vashti Bunyan realms!

SYN - Cast the first stone (US cheap plastic 80) S/S 100

Still Sealed orig of dreamy prog from East Coast, with high soaring female vocals and dramatic arrangements ala Renaissance!

SYNOPSIS - Minuit ville (F src 79) E/E(+) 100

Debut of privately released French prog. Pretty rare in these days.

T.2. - It'll all work out in boomland (UK decca 70) E/E 470

First pressing without T2 credit on labels housed in front laminated cover.

T KAIL - Somewhere, sometime (US jade 80) E+/S 270

Sealed copy of terrific West Coast flavored psych rock with some jazz funk elements added in with groovy male/female vox and lysergic fuzz.

TABULA RASA - Ekkedien tanssi (FIN love 76) E(+)/E(+) 220

Their second effort, fairy tallish Scandinavian prog with rich warm sounding. Superb copy!

TAMBURLAINE - Rebirth (NZ tartar 73) sTC,sWCb E-/E 330

Kiwi folk rock psych goodness with pastral dreamy melodies and CSN-ish harmony vocals. Cover has light general storage wear, but nothing too obvious. Better example for this fragile nature of material. Record is clean as well with one inaudible light mark on A-1. Comes with insert.

TANGERINE ZOO - same (US mainstream 68) E(+)/E(+) 190

Well known rarity from the label, great organ fuzz drenched psych in nice clean condition.

TASAVALLAN PRESIDENTTI - Milky way moses (UK sonet 74) sTC E/E+ 55

Their 4th album, UK orig comes with insert.

TASTE - same (UK polydor 69) E/E+ 180

Flat label with A1/B1 matrix first pressing comes in fully laminated cover.

TASTE - Live at the isle of Wight (UK polydor 71) E(+)/E+ 80

Flat label orig first presiing, 1/1 matrix, immaculate copy!

TASTE OF BLUES - Schizofrenia (SWE ssr 69) E-/V+ 850

Pre-Asoka, underground acid leaking heavy blues psych with eccentric freakout moves. Very flimsy cover is better than average with light storage wear, but no seam splits. Record has moderate amount of surface scuffs and faint marks, but they are nothing deep or feelable. So, plays much better than it looks.

TEAR GAS - Piggy go getter (UK famous 70) E/E 300

Actually it's harder to find than their heavier second album, but still not that pricy. However musically it's quite nice blues hard rock with some exceptional guitar leads here! Housed in textured gatefold cover, and all in all strong EX for both cover and record. Try to find a decent copy like this. It's pretty tough!

TEARS - same (DEN spectator 70) E/E+ 400

Vocalist from Rainbow Band/Midnight Sun, great jazz rock with strong ensemble and interplays. This is earliest version NCB stamp on label comes in foldout cover. Record looks flawless, but not dead Mint due to notorious low-tech Spectator pressing.

robert TENNISON TROUPE - Don't forget you cared (CA united artists 70) sOSP E(+)/E+ 100

Canadian sunshine pop soft rock with dreamy male and female vocals.

TERJE, JESPER & JOACHIM - same (DEN spectator 70) E/E BID

The rarest from the label, wild freaked out psych hard rock power trio with full of searing fuzz assaults, gritty vocal actions, and unrelenting heavy rhythm section. Nice cover with mild bend bottom left and some minor mildew spots from long storage. Though still pretty clean for such a flimsy cover! Record has some light paper scuffs that do not affect play. Tiny light stain on the label of side B. The finest copy I've seen lately!

lars TETENS - Getting sicker (US normal 8?) E/E+ 220

Outsider disco no wave funk from New York with narcissistic extraordinary vocals and massive electric groove!

THEE MUGWUMPS - Record no.1 (US raunchy 75) sBSP V+/V+ 500

Still unknown DIY psych outsider one sided only 4 tracks LP, limited small number pressed for demo purpose comes in plain die cut cover. Ridiculously messy and far out music in the vein mix of Zappa, Beefheart and Fugs!

THEM - The angry young them (UK decca 65) E(+)/E(+) 420

Unboxed Decca red deep groove label Mono orig, 4A/4A matrix. Front laminated cover is tidy and crisp except light yellowing on the rear top. Record is really clean, and labels are beautiful with a few amount of spindle marks only.

THEM - Now and them (US tower 68) E(+)/E 300

First effort of American Them without Van Morrison. Killer garage psych with full of lysergic fuzz leads. Cover is still in shrink. Record has one faint hairline on side two that absolutely does nothing. Plays NM all the way through!

THESE TRAILS - same (US sinergia 73) TCb,sSP V+/E(+) 400

Hawaiian acid soaking psych folk rock with alternate male/female vocals and mysterious soundscape. Cover has 3x2 cm tear on the rear lower area. Comes with lyric inner (some light wrinkles). Labels have a few mildew spots. Record is beautiful though.

THIN LIZZY - same (UK decca 71) E(-)/E 300

Ultra rare very early pressing only front laminated cover!

THIRD EAR BAND - Music from Macbeth (UK harvest 72) E(+)/E 65

Their 3rd album housed in textured cover. First pressing gramophone credit on the rim.

THIRD POWER - Believe (US vanguard 70) OSP,sSP E/E+ 280

Cover is still in shrink, and beautiful nick except 4 cm clean split on the top seam middle and small rubbing to corners. Record virtually unplayed!

mayo THOMPSON - Corky's debt to his father (US texas revolution 70) E(+)/E 650

Very hard to find copies now days, first solo effort of main guy of Red Crayola. Cover is tidy with minor corner knock. Record has a few small marks that do not affect play. Overall quite nice example for this rarity!

rob THOMSETT - Yaraandoo (AUS kubernete 75) E/M- BID

Limited 100 pressed the rarest Aussie cosmic jazz fusion prog with mindblowing flute, spacey mellotron, lysergic guitar leads, lots of effects and percussions. Very imaginative and creative in sounds. Housed in super fragile cover which well preserved! Record is close to perfect! Virtually impossible to find again another copy!

jeff THORNLEY - Locked inside (US unique 83) M-/M- 40

Been hyped as psych by old school psych dealers long year back, but what the hell I can now agree it. Maybe the production is too modern for those who expect psych, but this is pretty good hard rock, powerpop and slight prog tendency SSW with plenty of searing acid fuzz leads and thick synth galore. I found it's a lot better than other private rabbishes.

THORS HAMMER - same (DEN metronome 71) E(+)/E- BID

Danish monster rarity in terrific heavy prog to energetic jazz rock as same league as Burnin' Red Ivanhoe and Blast Furnace. Laminated flip-back cover is in fantastic condition! Record has some surface marks and faint sleeve scuffs, but they hardly affect playback. Plays really great all the way through!

THUNDER AND ROSES - King of the black sunrise (US united artists 69) OSP,PSMb E-/M- 80

Highly rated heavy psych power trio. This title always suffered cut corner on the cover, but one offering here has no cut!

TICKET - Awake (AUS atlantic 72) E/E- 700

Next to Spacefarm, another big item from New Zealand in hard fuzz psych territory. This is rarer and better Australian orig housed in gorgeous laminated gatefold cover. New Zealand copy seems slightly later pressing or at least budget issue due to it looks a bit cheap and comes in normal single cover.

keith TIPPETT GROUP - Dedicated to you, but you wheren't listening (UK vertigo 71) sWCb E(-)/E+ 250

In demand, Swirl orig housed in gatefold cover. Cover is decent with small initial on the back top left that hardly noticeable since black on black. Light to moderate seam wear, but no splits. Front and back panels are clean without usual ring wear. Inside is beautiful of course. Doesn't fit for Mint fanatic, but this cover is good enough for most collectors I believe. Record is NM with a couple of inaudible faint marks only. Haven't played much. Swirl inner includes.

TITRA - Puisi rama 2 (MALAYSIA titra 82) sWC E/E(+) 400

Very obscure Southeast Asian prog with real spectacular synth, heavy guitar leads, mystic male/female vocals and exotic dazzling melodies.

TOAD - same (CH hallelujah 71) E/E(+) 500

Swiss orig copy housed in flimsy gatefold cover. Sorry for the higher price than usual, but try to find a copy like this clean, you have to wait so long. One of the nicest copy I've ever seen in last 20 years.

TOE FAT - Toe fat two (UK regal zonophone 70) E(+)/E 350

Very nice orig of classic UK hard blues prog. Laminated flip-back cover is tidy and glossy with minor crease to edge and minimal rub on the back flip. Record has light amount of surface marks and sleeve scuffs, but they are entirely inaudible. Plays Near Mint throughout!

TOMORROW'S GIFT - Goodbye future (G spiegelel aamok 73) E(+)/E(+) 190

Their second effort more into creative prog jazz rock territory housed in die-cut cover. Great copy!

TONIC - This way (G peak 80) E/E(+) 165

Rare private pressing refined symphonic prog in the vein not unlike Grobschnitt or Triumvirat.

TOOL SHED - Skyscape music (US rpc 71) sSP V+/E- 600

Stoned out hippie college folk rock psych on highly collectable label RPC.

TOUCHSTONE - Runes (US jericho music 78) E-/E- 330

Dreamy folk psych with lovely male/female vocals and flowing soft melodies. Includes insert.

TRACTOR - same (UK dandelion 72) E(+)/E 480

Cover has minor corner ding and slight shelf wear on the rear. Overall tidy and crisp. Record has some shallow surface scuffs from inners. Plays Near Mint all round!

TRAD GRAS OCH STENAR - same (SWE decibel 70) E+/E(+) 350

Post-Harester, Swedish stoned hippie psych cult rarity in superb nick! Comes with inner (side middle split).

TRAD GRAS OCH STENAR - Djungelns lag (SWE tall 71) ONSP V+/E(+) 330

Their second released from their own label as limited 1000 pressing. Stoned out psych improve weirdness.

TRAD GRAS O STENAR - Rock for kropp och sjal (SWE silence 72) E/E(+) 200

Their final effort. Yellow sun cover and heavy vinyl orig. Writing on the inside cover of album pocket. Comes with inner (side seam splits).

TRAFFIC SOUND - A bailar go go (PERU mag 69) sWL,sTC E/V+ 850

Mega rare, super hard to find first album of Inca fuzz garage psych legend! Very flimsy foldout cover with ring attached. This cover easy to suffer any damages, but the copy offering here could be the best possible copy existence. Very light feathering along the right-hand edge, but well looked after. No obvious issues! Record has surface scuffs and a few visible but light marks. Plays strong and almost no major crackles or whatsoever! Definitely nice keeper copy until lucky to find Near Mint copy if it's exist.

TREND -The trend is in (US garden 82) M-/M- 150

Ultra rare obscure powerpop out of Missouri. Every tracks have certain charm with crude lo-fi sounding and magically vivid melodies. Immaculate copy!

TRETTIOARIGA KRIGET - same (SWE epic 74) sNSP E(+)/E(+) 125

Great hard prog in King Crimson vein with stinging guitars, powerful vocals, and mellotron. Yellow label first pressing comes with inner (side split).

vic TRIGGER BAND - Electronic wizard (US sanctuary 77) RW V+/E+ 130

West Coast private hard rock power trio cuts including "Get High and Space Out", "Goodtime Charlie", Streetwalker", "Deadline" and more!

TROLL - Animated music (US smash 68) E(+)/E(+) 170

Rare yellow label Promo with hype sticker still intact.

TRUTH AND JANEY - No rest for the wicked (US montross 76) S/S 750

Perfect Sealed orig of fabulous guitar hard rock master-piece!

TUOHI KLANG - Pennselmann hits vol. 2765 (FIN ufo 72) E/E+ 580

Released from cult small label UFO, the rarest from the label, bizarre tribal jazz avant-garde by Edward Vesala, Paroni Paakkunainen, and others. Very nice copy indeed!

charlie TWEDDLE - Fantastic greatest hits (US private 74) E/E(+) 500

Only 500 pressed real people madness housed in thick textured gatefold cover. Doped strange acid folk on side one, and field recording alike far out musical journey on side two. Cover is close to Near Mint at the first glance, but there is light stain from a beer can on the rear middle that barely visible. Record looks clean Near Mint, but you can hear a few minor ticks on quiet sections, though nothing too obvious. Overall great keeper copy for the most!