S TO S - same (BEL overcome 78) sSL E/V+ 750 20%OFF

Belgian underground hard rock proto-metal with massive distortions! Been told originals were only 100 pressed at that time. Record has fair amount of light scuffs and surface marks, but most of them are not audible. Plays loud and powerful from the start to the finish!

SAFT - same (NOR polydor 71) SKb E(-)/E 580 20%OFF

Top-notch organ dominated hard prog rank next to Aunt Mary and Junipher Greene! Laminated gatefold cover with red and black Polydor logo on the rear.

SAFT - Horn (NOR polydor 71) SKb E/E 270 20%OFF

Their second, more pastoral folk tended jazz rock moves.

SAGA - same (SWE sonet 74) E(+)/E(+) 270 20%OFF

Post-November, prog hard rock at its best! Tiny pieces of paper flaking to left corners, but otherwise the cover is great!

SAGA DE RAGNAR LODBROCK - same (F solaris 79) E(+)/E 225

Highly revered dark medieval folk prog featuring magical flutist Jean Cohen-Solal and Weidorje drummer. Comes complete with booklet (the binding part starts to come off, but not a big deal).

SAINT JUST - same (IT harvest 73) E(-)/E+ 300

Textured gatefold cover has mild foxing and some soiling. Otherwise the cover is tight and square. Record is pristine, and looks hardly ever played.

SAINT JUST - La casa del lago (IT harvest 74) E(+)/E(+) 440 20%OFF

Much acclaimed their second album in cool cover art. Has inner sleeve (small splits on the side and the bottom).

SAINT STEVEN - Over the hills (US probe 69) DH,BSP E(-)/E+ 130 20%OFF

Really creative and memorable acid psych classic. Monster track called "Bastich 1" covered by Whalefeathers on their album on Nasco label!

bridget ST JOHN - Songs for the gentle man (UK dandelion 71) E(+)/E(+) 230 20%OFF

Splendid female vocal folk housed in embossed gatefold cover, and is in beautiful shape. Record is also Top!

teiichi SAKAI - Far east (JAP studio3 73) sTCb E/V+ 850 20%OFF

As same label as Olive and Ginbae, super obscure Japanese basement garage psych monster in Marble Phrogg realms. All cover songs including "Stone Free", "Nantucket Sleighride" with drenched crude fuzz-tone guitars, and desperate bad boy vocals. The rest others are all Beatles and Chuck Berry materials.

SALVATION - same (US abc 68) RWb V+/E+ 140 20%OFF

Near Mint white label Promo MONO, seminal psych classic along with Morgen, Ill Wind, and Graffiti! Cover has light to medium storage wear, but overall it's still decent and surely keeper for those covers.

SAM APPLE PIE - same (UK decca 69) SL,sSD,RW E-/E 350 20%OFF

Stereo orig unboxed Decca blue label comes with blue lined inner. Cover has some wear on the front lamination, but still decent keeper copy for sure.

SAMLA MAMMAS MANNA - same (SWE silence 71) RW V+/E 90

Cult ecentric Swedish avant-garde prog. No SAM-distribution credit on the back cover bottom.

arian SAMPLE - same (US hogs on ice 2007) E+/E+ 120 20%OFF

Really anonymous artist who used various names including Robyn Nice, Jim Collins, Tommy Roundtree, and more! Highly sensitive acid folk with mysterious vocals, eery effects, and wailing guitars create dark desperate vibes ala Tim Buckley, Simon Finn, Jandek! No information on the cover, nothing! Totally non-commercial artifact, and very limited made.

SAMSON - Are you samson (UK instant 69) SK,SD E-/E 200 20%OFF

Typical late 60fs organ psych proto prog featuring Ian Kewley later joined to Strider.

SAMURAI - Kappa (JAP philips 71) SP E/V+ 400 20%OFF

Gatefold cover is tidy except 3cm clean split to top seam from the opening edge. Includes insert, but no Obi. Record is basically clean, shiny and mostly Near Mint player, but there are a couple of odd tiny scratches on A1 that affect some minor crackles, but nothing too disturbing.

SAN UL LIM - 4 (SOUTH KOREA srb 79) SKb E/E 125 20%OFF

Well known Korean garage psych with massive fuzz assaults not unlike Baumstam or 4 Levels Of Existence.

SAN UL LIM - 5 (SOUTH KOREA srb 79) NTP E-/E 125 20%OFF

Cheesy synth, raw savage fuzz, and frenzy Korean vocals!

SANCTUARY - same (US veritas 71) TP E-/E 150 20%OFF

Mellotron dominated prog out of Lawrence, Kansas. 3 soft pops on the very beginning of side one. The rest plays NM. Cover has light to medium wear for its age. Bottom seam neatly repaired from the opening. Could be more V+ side, but this cover is difficult to keep tidy. So, it's still better example than a lot of other wild copies existing.

steve SANGER - Whatever (US rocking horse 77) M-/E+ 150 20%OFF

Unknown tax scam power pop spacy glam psych.

SANGI - Steps (IT sun 78) sTC E-/E+ 225

Funky Italian jazz fusion with abundant Mediterranean flavor.

david SANTO - Silver currents (US phoenix 68) PSMb,SMb,PML E-/E+ SOLD

Very cool folk psych rocker cut included outstanding song called "Rising of Scorpio"!

SAPPHIRE - Crystal clear (US milk & honey 80) E-/M- 80 20%OFF

Scarce xian modern soul AOR. Comes with inner (has streaks and splits on the bottom and sides). Cover has small crack on the top seam middle and the spine middle, but not split yet.

SAPPHIRE THINKERS - From within (US hobbit 69) EDH E(+)/E+ 190 20%OFF

West Coast melodic pop psych with lovely female vox, organ, and tasty fuzz. Great copy cover is still in shrink. Has tiny drill hole on the center of the cover through the label inside.

SATIN WHALE - Desert places (G brain 74) E+/E- 330 20%OFF

In demand, superb Krautrock heavy prog jammer. Laminated cover is immaculate! Record got fair amount of shallow scuffs from paper inner, but plays absolutely flawless!

SCAPA FLOW - Uuteen aikaan (FIN compass 80) E(-)/E+ 380 20%OFF

Finnish private prog featuring crystalline female vox and soft male vox. A few medium creasing to bottom right corner. Insert includes.

daniel SCHELL / DICK ANNEGARN - Egmont and the ff boom (F free bird 78) E+/M- 100 20%OFF

Daniel Schell is main man of Belgian jazz rock band called COS who made a mysterious folk prog with Dutch SSW Dick Annegarn. Top archive copy comes complete with insert!

klaus SCHULZE - Irrlicht (G ohr 72) E+/E(+) 170 20%OFF

Immaculate copy of Kraut electronic master piece. First pressing in laminated gatefold cover comes with insert. All in all top example!

rob SCHWEND & GARY KEWLEY - Standing on the edge of time (US private 86) E(-)/E+ 200 20%OFF

Rare blue eyed soul yacht rock recorded in Hawaii.

john SCOGGINS - Pressed for time (US tiger lily 76) E(+)/E(+) 450 20%OFF

Great mix of driving power pop and melodic folk rock with psyched guitar leads and sincere vocals.

SCORPIO BROTHERS - Iko iko (US thimble 74) CC,RW E-/E+ SOLD

Seriously doped mystic latin psych funk strikes vehemently with dense percussions and furious fuzz.

SEEDS - Future (UK vocalion 67) E(+)/E(+) SOLD

Beyond rare UK Mono original on Blue Vocalion labels housed in front laminated cover. There are 4 digit number on the inside of the album pocket, otherwise near pristine! Same on records, does have completely inaudible superficial marks by inners.

yochk'o SEFFER NEFFESH MUSIC - Ghilgoul (F garou garou 78) E+/M- 50 20%OFF

Third solo effort from Zao's main man. Another fine work for Zeuhl music. Absolutely pristine!

SELLING OUT - We are singing (G dynasound 81) OSP,sBTP,SD,WCb V+/E+ 225

Under the radar German folk psych reminds me of mid 70fs US private, with subtle melancholic songs in all English lyrics. Cover has some imperfections, but most of them are white on white, so nothing too major at all.

SEQUOIAH - same (US 700 west 76) sSA,RWb E-/E(+) 90 20%OFF

Out of Indiana, on cult 700 West label, pretty good rural folk country rock with odd synth addition and a bit psyched prog-ish arrangements by Mo Whittemore.

SHADDOS - Umbra (US redeye 82) SK E-/E(+) 80 20%OFF

Very obscure private press out of Missouri, ranging from country rock to AOR soft rock.

SHADOWS OF KNIGHT - Gloria (US dunwich 66) WL,TP,PSK,SMb,WCb V+/E 80 20%OFF

Rarer white label promo Mono!

GRUPO SHALOM - Hacia ti (CHILE cbp 74) SP,BSP,RW V(+)/V+ 330

Pretty scarce US pressing that supposedly demonstration made only. Highly doped Chilean religious psych reminds me of Azitis in parts with dreamy songs and tasty fuzz actions. Cover was moderately worn out, but still keeper without any major faults. Small writing on the inside of the album pocket. Record looks V+ with some light visible marks, but plays almost excellently without remarkable crackles.

SHAPE OF THE RAIN - Riley, riley, wood and waggett (UK neon 71) E(+)/E 300 20%OFF

Gatefold cover has usual seam wear and minor rubbing on the rear lower area, otherwise it's in great condition. Record has a few inaudible marks only, plays NM. Comes with black inner.

SHEKINAH - With all our love (US ironwood productions 82) RW E-/E+ 130 20%OFF

Obscure male/female vocal Xian soft rock out of Montana.

william SHELLER - Lux aeterna (F cbs 72) E/E- 300 20%OFF

French underground experimental sci-fi psych prog soundscape with full of symphonic attitudes. True fantastic artifact for fans of prog music in early 70's. Fully laminated cover has a few lamination bubbles, but well preserved. Record has some light marks that barely audible. Plays mostly Near Mint.

SHILOH - same (US amos 70) PSKb E(+)/E+ 120 20%OFF

Featuring Don Henry who successful by Eagles, great country rock produced by Kenny Rogers. Superb promo copy without corner cut!

SHYLOCK - Gialorgues (F gialorgues 76) E(+)/E+ 250 20%OFF

This is their privately released debut a year earlier, before they contracted with CBS. Superb copy!

SIAMESE CONNECTION - Longest day (JAP japan musicolor 81) E+/E 500 20%OFF

Demo made only another unknown Japanese private. First side is mixed bag with funk oriented to rock and blues although guitar playing is stupendously heavy. Second side is more into heavy fuzz laden hard rock with brutal vocals, amazing guitar mayhem, psychy effects floating around. Last track is outrageous! Half Japanese and half English vocals. Comes with insert. Record has a few visible surface scuffs, but none of them are audible.

SILHOUETTE - Dokoka toku-he (JAP athene 77) V(+)/E+ SOLD

Japanese college folk from North side, with female key player as a guest. Cover has rather obvious brownish stain on the front. Includes insert.

SILHOUETTES - Conversations with (US segue 71) M-/E(+) 250

Cool lounge jazz funk soft rock with scat singings, drum breaks, and some Brazilian flavors. Beautiful copy, still in shrink!

SILLY BOY - same (US moot point 86) E/E(+) 700 20%OFF

Out of Colorado Springs, CO. Still unknown to most, DIY noise psych and lo-fi alienation with insane stinging guitar mayhem. Housed in awesome silkscreened cover.

SILOAH - Sukram gurk (G German blues and underground 72) sTC,sWC E-/E 1000 20%OFF

Related to Amon Duul, mega rare underground psych Krautrock. Their debut is more into hippie stoned folky style, but this second album contains massive organ improv with tripped out jamming all over. Laminated cover has tiny scrape at left edge middle, small rub to bottom left corner and slight cut mark on lower left-hand. Record has light amount of surface marks, plays NM without significant noise.

SILOAM - same (US timbrel 77) E/E(+) 30 20%OFF

Dreamy xian folk with lovely male/female vocals and dusky religious vibes. Nice one for the genre.

val xalino SILVA - Dilema defimigracao (POR brandao 85) E(-)/E+ 250 20%OFF

From Cape Verde, island funk afro psych rare groove in great nick.

SILVER APPLES - Contact (US kapp 69) SP,DH E-/E+ 150 20%OFF

Cover has light storage wear especially front bottom. 3cm split on bottom seam from the opening edge.

SILVERHEAD - same (UK purple 72) E(+)/E(+) 75 20%OFF

Clean crisp first pressing on Gramophone rim label with 1U matrix housed in glossy laminated gatefold cover.

SIMIENTE - Transmutacion (EL SALVADOR pro salsa 82) hRW V(-)/E(+) 300 20%OFF

Their second album more into prog rock direction with unique mix of tribal and synth electronic. Rather heavily rub wear on the rear, but still OK. Tiny corner cut at bottom right.

grace SIMON - Grace Simon f80 (INDONESIA musica 80) /V+ 175 20%OFF

Indonesian female vocal pop backed by lead guitarist from prog band called God Bless. No cover as limited pressed promo only vinyl, but this copy replica cover made by Indonesian collector.

john SIMS GROUP - In these modern times (US pendulum productions 85) E+/E+ 40 20%OFF

Obscure synth pop funk boogie out of Minneapolis, MN. Includes insert.

SIR LORD BALTIMORE - Kingdom come (US mercury 70) PH E/E- SOLD

Debut of terrific heavy rock stoner from Baltimore. Unipak cover has light wear to corners, but overall it's decent. Record has a few inaudible light marks only.

SIR LORD BALTIMORE - same (US mercury 71) RW V+/E+ SOLD

Rarer white label promo in pristine disc! Gatefold cover has general storage wear, but no seam splits. Spine readable completely.

SISTER IRENE O'CONNOR - Fire of god's love (US alba house communications 76) E+/E 220 20%OFF

US pressing in different cover than earlier OZ pressing. Bizarre folk psych by Australian nun. Slight warp does not affect play. This could be low budget pressing that causes some background noise. Because, record looks NM.

SISYPHOS - A way to express (CH suicide production 81) E/E(+) 170 20%OFF

Debut of privately released Swiss underground hard twisted prog with a slice of violent punk rock attitude here. Has insert.

SITTING BULL - Trip away (G cbs 71) E/E- 400 20%OFF

Do not expect typical Krautrock manner for these guys. But, they are more into West Coast oriented terrific guitar psych in Dead, Byrds, and Buffalo Springfield influences. Some diehard German rock buffs hate it, but I really rate it highly. A few light tick on the beginning of B-2, but otherwise it plays NM

SKIN ALLEY - Two quid deal? (UK transatlantic 72) E(+)/E(+) 330 20%OFF

Come complete with printed inner and elusive poster! And, contains a rare photo as bonus which is never seen before. Probably only for promo purpose. All in all gorgeous nick!

SKRYVANIA - same (BEL d.m.r. 78) sOSP E(+)/E(-) BID

Legendary short-lived French underground prog grail in totally DIY sounding but pretty impressive all around, with full of unpredictable breaks and symphonic acts. Fragile cover is the best condition I've ever seen. There is a small split on the top seam middle, but barely noticeable. Record is kinda lo-fi pressing, so never been perfect. It plays strong and solid though.

SMALL FACES - In memoriam (G immediate 69) sSD E/E(+) 30 20%OFF

German only released compilation.

bob SMITH - The visit (US kent 70) E(+)/E(+):E+ 20%OFF

Poster is missing, but Near Mint copy all round!

SMYLE - same (CA columbia 70) DH E/E 80 20%OFF

Melodic Canadian psych hippie rock with breezy West Coast vibes, dreamy harmony vocals, and actively driving guitar leads. Partly taped on the shrink wrap, but not on cover itself.

SNAKEGRINDER - And the shredded field mice (US private 77) E+/E+ 250 20%OFF

Near Mint copy of East Coast psych guitar stoner in Dead influences.

SONRISE - Breaking loose (US centauri 82) E(+)/S 140 20%OFF

Highly sophisticated Xian AOR blue eyed soul.

SOUTHERN CROSS - same (AUS laser 76) RW,sTC,SKb V+/E+ SOLD

Wild Aussie hard rock bruiser with crunchy riffing all over.

SOWER - same (US grand trine 77) OTP E-/E- 150

Ethereal hippie folk psych duo with drifting guitars and flowing harmony vocals. Restored top seam middle split by glue. Comes with inner (side and bottom splits).

SPECTRUM - Milesago (AUS harvest 71) E/V+:E(+) 150 20%OFF

Their second effort and this is very scarce first version comes in laminated gatefold cover instead of later textured one. Cover has some minor lamination lifts and a few small creases, but overall nice clean. There is a writing on the deep inside of the one of the album pocket that hard to recognize. Record has one thin line across track 1 and track 4 on side two that affects minor ticks between the end of track 1 and the beginning of track 2, but nothing overwhelms to the music.

chris SPEDDING - Songs without words (JAP odeon 70) SK E/E(+) 350 20%OFF

His rarer early effort on Japanese only released with Nucleus involvement. This is first Japanese pressing comes complete with foldout insert (moderate stain spots on it) and OBI (has a small rip).

SPEED LIMIT - same (F rca 75) E/E 270 20%OFF

Very scarce second effort by them featuring Magma and Zao related members includes George Jinda, Jannick Top, Jean-Louis Bucchi, and Yochk'O Seffer.

alexander SPENCE - Oar (US columbia 69) SP,RW V+/E- 380 20%OFF

Cover has some rub wear and smudges. Record has one small mark on A3 that affect a little, but not overwhelming.

SPIRIT OF JOHN MORGAN - Age machine (UK carnaby 70) sTC,TL E-/V+ 165 20%OFF

Textured gatefold cover has moderately rubbing seams and spine. There is a small tear from a sticker removal on the front top right. Record has several light hairlines and some small marks. Plays throughout fine with a few background, but nothing overwhelms or whatsoever. Small tear on the label of side one.

SPOONFED - Rock-n-roll rowdies (US zanbeck sound productions 83) E(+)/E+ 300 20%OFF

Extremely rare private Southern hard rock with ballsy vocals, gorgeous female back chorus, and burning dual guitars.

SPOT - same (F evasion 71) OTP E-/E- 800 20%OFF

One of the best hard rock from Alps on small French label. Laminated cover has neatly repaired to 7cm split by glue on top seam middle. There are some light stain spots on the inside. Record has some light marks that barely audible.

SPRIGUNS - Revel weird and wild (UK decca 76) M-/E+ 400 20%OFF

Almost brand-new looking cover with no loss on lamination gloss, just immaculate! Insert and record are absolutely NM as well. A dream copy!

SPRUCE - same (US out to lunch productions 7?) E-/E+ 50 20%OFF

Triple guitar rural folk rock out Massachusetts influenced by Allman Bros and CS&N.

SPUR - Spur of the moment (US cinema 68) E/E(+) SOLD

Nice copy except small amount of minor discoloration on the rear bottom left corner.

STACEY - The words and music of Bruce and Elaine Stacey (CA bes 79) E(-)/E 70 20%OFF

Canadian Xian modern soul AOR. Comes with insert.

STACK WADDY - Bugger off! (UK dandelion 72) E(+)/E+ 380 20%OFF

Cover is tidy and crisp with minimal shelf wear only, couldnft be better for such a flimsy cover. Record looks like played only once or twice if any.

STAFF CARPENBORG AND THE ELECTRIC CORONA - Fantastic party (G maritim 70) sTC E-/E- 150

An anonymous project that makes freaked-out psych funk grooves in the same realm of "Vampires of Dartmoore" and "Sexedelic".

STANLEY - Enemy ave. (US rectangle 81) S/S SOLD

Very seldom seen private prog psych out of Austin, Texas. Donft be fooled by the release date, these boys looks like from early 70fs, and their music reminds me of good old days with killer guitar leads, some outsider moves, and very crafty lengthy tracks. Sealed copy with a sticker reads "Imported From Texas" intact. Dedicated to John Bonham on the back cover bottom.

STARFORCE 1 - same (US alkon music 81) M-/E+ 90 20%OFF

Obscure synth ambient prog new age with spaced-out keys layer. Almost brand-new copy!

7h STEALER - In the silence (JAP music family 78) E+/E(+) 650 20%OFF

Split single of cult Japanese private prog gem. From their $$$$ album cut, but slight different version.

STEAMHAMMER - Mountains (UK b&c 70) sSKb E-/E SOLD

Gatefold cover with a sticker intact.

STEAMHAMMER - Speech (G brain 72) E+/E 140 20%OFF

Their last only released in Germany.

STEVE & NETTIE - same (US lifetime 7?) E+/E+ 100 20%OFF

Obscure soft rock basement lounge disco couple with lovely female/male vox and odd synth arrangements. Recorded at legendary Cavern Sound Studios in Independence, MO.

STIG & STEEN - Forchromede dage (DEN sonet 73) RW V+/E 250 20%OFF

Song based Danish folk prog duo with plenty of mellotron overlaying. Cover is notoriously silver foiled cover that gets dirty easily. So, it has some issues but nothing serious. Probably still a lot better than usual. Comes with lyric inner.

ted STILLES - Bhang (US telewbar 80) E(-)/E(+) 90 20%OFF

Exorbitant noisy fuzz guitar hard psych ala Terry Brooks and Vulcan! Cover is mostly in shrink, but a little wrinkled corner top right.

STONE HARBOUR - Emerges (US private 74) E(+)/E+ BID

One of the best acid leaking private psych with burned out fuzz, echo treated basement sounding, spacey synth, and out-there vocals. Real great copy all around. Original copies have completely vanished lately!

STONEHOUSE - Stonehouse creek (UK rca 71) E-/E+ 400 20%OFF

Pre-Asgard, rugged crunchy hard rock with standout blues riffing and power to the force vox. The cover has a few lamination lifts on the front and very slight starting ring on the rear, but otherwise it's much decent than most of others. Record is stunning NM!

STOOGES - Fun house (US elektra 70) PSK,BTP,RWb,sWC V+/E(+) 700

Very rare white label promo comes in gatefold cover with a promo sticker intact. Cover has light general wear, neatly re-glued to the bottom seam middle, and small 50 written on the center area on the front. Those are nothing too major, and still a lot better than usual trashed copies. Record is NM with a few inaudible paper scuffs only.

STOOGES - Raw power (US columbia 73) E/E+ SOLD

Original first pressing on KC32111. Cover has minimal shelf wear only, really in nice nick! Record hardly played. Includes original inner.

michael STOSIC - same (US Kristofer 82) E/E(+) 300 20%OFF

Supposedly only 100 pressed smooth AOR/CCM modern soul out of Nevada. May appeal fans of Bruce Hibbard, or Jim Schmidt.

STRAWBERRY PATH - When the raven has come to the earth (JAP philips 71) E+/E(+) 400

Top copy of Japanese hard prog psych classic. Gatefold cover is immaculate! Record has a few superficial marks only, and plays brilliantly all the way through!

STRAWBRIDGE - Just for kicks (US argyle 73) SP,RW V+/E+ 230 20%OFF

Local Southern long haired quintet plays covers like Allman Brothers, ZZ Top, Beatles, but there are a couple of cool original cuts in wild dirty Skynyrd vein.

keith STREID - It wasn't meant to be (US bonny 74) E/E+ 250 20%OFF

Obscure private pressing guitar instrumental album inspired by John Fahey, and Robbie Basho. There are one vocal track on each sides that rank among highly spiritual acid folk along with Perry Leopold, and William C. Beeley.

SUBVERSION - same (F pole 76) SKb E-/E+ 230 20%OFF

Rarest from legendary Pole label, very nice mix of typical French symphonic and atmospheric folk with some jazz overtones. Recommended to fans for Carpe Diem, Iris, and Total Issue.

SUBWAY - same (F epic 71) E/E- 700

Magically ethereal acid folk psych contains monster prog folk cuts on B-1 that feature swirling mellotron! Cover has some wear to corners, small crease along the spine, and slight foxing on the rear. Record has a small scratch on A-2, but does not much affect play except minimal soft pops.

SUICIDE - same (US red star 77) E+/E+ 350 20%OFF

Immaculate condition of cult new wave duo. Hard to find original copies in this clean!

SUICIDE COMMANDOS - The commandos commit suicide dance concert (US twin/tone 79) M-/E 120 20%OFF

Limited 1000 pressed live recording. Cover is still shrink with stamped number on the front lower right. One tiny pressing fault on side two that causes a few pops fortunately only between tracks.

SUKELLUSVENE - Vesi ja lintumusiikkia (FIN love 79) E/E(+) 450 20%OFF

Short-lived Finnish jazz rock fusion housed in wonderful cover art equally great music and awesome interplays. One of the best in the genre along with Finnforest and Jupu Group!

SUMA NO ARASHI - same (JAP alfa 70) TCi,OSP V+/E+ 250 20%OFF

Privately released first album by traditional Japanese instrumental trio. Awesome mix of ancient Japanese music and free jazz experimental.

SUN - same (G private 80) TCb,SK E-/E+ 250 20%OFF

Private jazz rock prog with outstanding heavy guitar leads all over. As same lavel as Missing Link or Pinguin. Tear on back cover but nothing too major.

SUN RA - Hidden fire I (US saturn research 88) E/E+ SOLD

Comes in a die-cut cover with handwritten labels. Matrix numbers on runout grooves can be read: SUN-RA 1-31-88 III on side A, and SUN-RA 1-29-88 II on side B.

SUNDAY - same (G bellaphon 71) E+/E(+) 550 20%OFF

Obscure band called Sunday is the band from UK, but they released their album only in Germany. Great Hammond oriented heavy prog with some bluesy burn out guitar leads. A pleasant album from the start to finish, and rarely seen in these days. Laminated cover is stunning condition, can't be bettered! Record shows extremely light marks on the surface. Plays absolutely Top without crackles!

SUNDAY PAINTERS - Something to do (AUS terminal 82) E/M- 350 20%OFF

Outstanding Aussie post-punk lo-fi psych. Limited 500 pressed with stamped number on the back cover comes with elusive booklet. Cover has minor sign of long storage, but still tidy and crisp. Record appeared unplayed until I did.

kurt SUTTON - Lonely road (US acme 73) E/E 450 20%OFF

Deep South rural folk blues real people. It does have plain inner sleeve (no lyric printed). Odd shadow on the first track of side two that does nothing.

SWAMP RATS - Disco sucks (US keystone 80) M-/E 60 20%OFF

Post-Fantastic Dee-Jays, scarce compilation of legendary punk garage out of Pittsburgh. Red vinyl, cover is still in shrink.

SWEET PANTS - Fat Peter presents (US private 72) E(+)/E+ 330 20%OFF

Doped-out psych garage with omnipresent cheesy fuzz and organ.

SWEET POWER - Got satan on the run (US the barn 81) E/E+ 250 20%OFF

Unknown Xian AOR folk with synth, flute, electric leads, male/female vocals, some prog elements, and well crafted songs.

SWEET SLAG - Tracking with close-ups (UK president 71) E(+)/E+ 300

Hyper British hard prog jazz rock housed in textured cover. There are minor bent to bottom right corner and tiny abrasion on the spine. Other than that, the cover appears rarely handled. Record is closer to the top!

T.I.M.E. - same (US liberty 68) E+/M- 75 20%OFF

Gimmick cover is still in shrink. Comes with insert.

T.S. TRUCK - same (US smokey soul 72) E+/E(+) SOLD

Rural guitar jammer with tasty leads and smashing organs in Allman Brothers influences.

TABLETOM - Mezclalina (SP rca 80) E/E+ 450 20%OFF

Highly skilled Spanish prog fusion equivalent to NHU and Eduardo Boat. Near Mint white label promo disc comes with lyric insert and promo only insert.

TABULA RASA - same (FIN love 75) E/E(+) 200 20%OFF

Embossed cover is mild storage wear only. Inner has bottom seam split.

masayuki TAKAYANAGI NEW DIRECTION UNIT - Axis/Another revolable thing (JAP offbeat 75) E+/E+ 400 20%OFF

Free jazz improvisation mastermind. Top copy comes with OBI!

masayuki TAKAYANAGI NEW DIRECTION UNIT - Axis/Another revolable thing Part 2 (JAP offbeat 75) E/E+ 400 20%OFF

Cover is tidy and crisp with light general wear for its age. OBI intact!

kenji TANAKA & THE PART TIME - Cyoushi pazure (JAP oscar 7?) E-/E SOLD

Another unknown college folk from Hiroshima housed in silkscreened cover come with insert (quite a few mildew spots on it).

TANGERINE ZOO - same (US mainstream 68) sTC E(-)/E(+) 200 20%OFF

Quite decent copy of fuzz psych mind-bender.

TANGERINE ZOO - Outside looking in (US mainstream 68) DH E(-)/E(+) 250 20%OFF

Their much acclaimed second effort adding kaleidoscopic organ.

TASAVALLAN PRESIDENTTI - Milky way moses (UK sonet 74) sTC E/E+ 55 20%OFF

Their 4th album, UK orig comes with insert.

TEA & SYMPHONY - An asylum for the musically insane (UK harvest 69) CH,TCb E-/E- 300 20%OFF

Laminated gatefold cover is a little crinkly lower left-hand. Discreet cut hole on the front top right. Record has fair amount of sleeve scuffs and minor marks, play throughout fine with light background on a few quiet sections.

TELEVISION - Marquee moon (US elektra 77) CH E-/E+ 135 20%OFF

Orig debut album of cult NYC punk. Cover looks like slightly used with mild seam wear, but no obvious issues. Has inner (splits on bottom and sides). Record is beautiful, it seems have not played much.

TELEVISION - Marquee moon (US Elektra 77) E/E(+) 170 20%OFF

Nice cover without cut holes. Has inner (side split).

TELLAH - Continente perdido (BRA studio cruzeiro do sul 80) E(+)/E- 280 20%OFF

Rare Brazilian symphonic prog. First pressing comes with elusive insert. Record has a few surface marks that hardly audible.

TERJE, JESPER & JOACHIM - same (DEN spectator 70) E(+)/E BID

Glorious copy of killer Scandinavian heavy guitar psych. Flimsy cover is the best condition Ifve ever seen! Only minimal sign of shelf wear on the rear. Notorious lousy pressing, but this copy plays throughout very well, too!

THEM - same (US happy tiger 69) RW V+/E+ 40 20%OFF

Third US release of Post-Van Morrison Them, full of fuzz laden garage psych. Cover has light to moderate discoloration on the back. Record is Near Mint!

THINK - Variety (G menga 73) E/E 850 20%OFF

Totally disappeared underground German psych prog. Has one visible but none feelable mark on side two that absolutely does not affect playback. Looks and play NM for side one.

carl THINMAN - Carl sings (US guinness 77) sTC E-/E+ 200 20%OFF

Another wonderful album of infamous tax scam releases. Dreamy singer song writer with a bit of power pop elements and sophisticate AOR bliss. You will love it if you dig into Jon Tabakin, Twilight Nuages or such.

THIRD EAR BAND - Music from Macbeth (UK harvest 72) E(+)/E 65 20%OFF

Their 3rd album housed in textured cover. First pressing gramophone credit on the rim.

THIRD ESTATE - Years before the wine (US private 76) sTCb V(+)/E- SOLD

Real spectacular private folk psych housed in obscure looking paste-on cover, it includes an elusive insert as well. Cover has a fair amount of yellowing and staining. It looks like a bit wild as a thrift store finds, but no seam splits or writings. Still acceptable for sure. Record has some faint marks and wispy sleeve scuffs, but they are barely audible. Mostly play clear and vibrant.

THIRD RAIL - Id music (CA epic 67) sTCb E(+)/V(+) 25 20%OFF

Canadian original copy of psych bubblegum. Mark across from the end of B3 to the beginning of B4 affect consistent tick for a while.

13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS - Bull of the woods (US international artists 69) E(+)/E- 400 20%OFF

10 soft ticks on the beginning of side two caused by a tiny mark, apart from that record looks and play Near Mint.

13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS - Live (US international artists 68) E/E 130 20%OFF

Cover is still in shrink, but ding on the top seam middle. Record has pressing dimples that do not affect play.

jacques THOLLOT - Quand le son deviant aigu, jeter la giraffe a la mer. (F futura 71) E(+)/V+ 300 20%OFF

Laminated cover is clean with a hint of long storage. Record has a few scuff type marks that create sporadic light crackle.

chris THOMPSON - same (UK village thing 73) E/E 580 20%OFF

This is his first solo, and the rarest album ever made. Great introspective folk psych cross between Nick Drake and Mark Fry with some hypnotic sounding. Laminated cover has some ring impressions, but other than that itfs quite neat.

james THORNBURY - North and south (US generation 81) E(+)/M- 200 20%OFF

Ex-Tree People, laid-back folk rock from Oregon, with nice use of electric leads and violins. Includes insert. Stamped date to the inside of the album pocket.

THORS HAMMER - same (DEN metronome 71) E/V+ SOLD

Masterpiece of Danish heavy prog rarity along with Burnin' Red Ivanhoe, and Blast Furnace! Housed in laminated flip-back cover with original correction sticker on the rear. There is a visible scuff type mark across B-2 and B-3 does not affect play. Visually not great, but aurally Excellent overall.

peter THORUP WITH FRIENDS - Wake up your mind (G philips 70) sSKb E/E+ 275 20%OFF

First solo effort of Beefeaters fame backed by all star lineup from Maxwells, Young Flowers, Burning Red Ivanhoe. Laminated gatefold cover is tidy and crisp with slight color faded along the spine. The best underground blues prog at its finest!

THRICE MICE - same (G philips 71) E-/E- SOLD

Doped psych blended solid jazz rock in similar direction as Eiliff or Out Of Focus. Gatefold cover has some minor lamination lifting and light yellowing along the spine. Record has some faint marks and sleeve scuffs that hardly affect playback.

THROBBING GRISTLE - 20 jazz funk greats (UK industrial 79) E-/E(+) 160 20%OFF

One of the most important post-punk industrial album. It contains elusive poster in NM shape!

THROBBING GRISTLE - 20 jazz funk greats (UK industrial 79) E(+)/E+ SOLD

Beautiful copy comes with poster!

gert THRUE - Sound painted pictures of cosmic love (DEN stuk 77) M-/E(+) 120

Cult Danish underground synth prog oddity brings surreal moog, organ, keys layer.

TICKAWINDA - Rosemary lane (UK pennine 79) E+/V+ 850 20%OFF

Holy Grail of traditional UK folk. Very flimsy cover is outstanding NM shape! Record is also beautiful except tiny mark on B-4 that affect 9 or 10 soft ticks.

TICKET - Awake (AUS atlantic 72) E/E(+) 900

Full-blown Kiwi hard psych prog housed in laminated gatefold cover with weird collage art on the inside. New Zealand's copy omits the art since it's a single cover instead. This is far better Australian original, and is in great nick!

TIME - same (UK buk 75) E(+)/E(+) 120

Laminated front cover has full of luster and unlaminated back is also cleaner than usual, too.

TIMEBOX - The original moose on the loose (US peters 76) E+/E(+) 90 20%OFF

Only released in US, rare single compilation of legendary UK beat psych featuring Mike Patto and Ollie Halsall.

TIMEBRIDGE - Brainwaves (CH unit art 86) sTC,lACb E-/E 250 20%OFF

Very obscure hard rock from Alps ranging from epic metal with axe riffs and brutal vox to prog tended AOR displayed chunky keys. Autographed by 5 members on the rear cover. Comes with inner.

TIMES - Dance music (US grid 83) V+/E+ 300 20%OFF

DIY powerpop new wave trio, 4 tracks 12" EP. Cover is still in shrink although slight moisturizing mark on the bottom under the shrink.

TITRA - Puisi rama 2 (MALAYSIA titra 82) sWC E/E(+) 400 20%OFF

Very obscure Southeast Asian prog with real spectacular synth, heavy guitar leads, mystic male/female vocals and exotic dazzling melodies.

TOAD - Tomorrow blue (CH hallelujah 72) E/E SOLD

Swiss original copy of their second comes in gatefold cover with insert. Somehow very difficult to find cleaner copies. This one is not Mint-ish, but well cared for.

TOE FAT - same (UK parlophone 70) sWL E(+)/E 330 20%OFF

Laminated flip-back cover is NM with minimal crease only. Record has a few inaudible marks, plays NM. Name on the label of side one (black pencil on the black).

TOE FAT - Toe fat two (UK regal zonophone 70) E(+)/E 350 20%OFF

Very nice orig of classic UK hard blues prog. Laminated flip-back cover is tidy and glossy with minor crease to edge and minimal rub on the back flip. Record has light amount of surface marks and sleeve scuffs, but they are entirely inaudible. Plays Near Mint throughout!

jukka TOLONEN - The hook (FIN love 74) SKb E(+)/E+ 75 20%OFF

Third solo album by ex-Tasavallan Presidentti guitar. Tiny crack at top seam middle, otherwise the cover is immaculate.

TOMORROW'S GIFT - same (G plus 70) E/E:E 800 20%OFF

Tremendous double album of Kraut heavy prog monster. Laminated gatefold cover is neat except small crack on bottom seams middle, but not yet splits.

TONGUE - Keep on truckin' with (US hemisphere 70) E(-)/E 75 20%OFF

Midwest local hard rock mix of psych blues and rural country-ish rock.

TOO MUCH - same (JAP atlantic 71) sBSP V+/E(-) SOLD

Thick gatefold cover has numerous small mold spots mostly on the inside middle, but no other major defects except slight starting split to the center area on bottom seam. Record has a couple of visible hairlines, but plays Near Mint without issues. Insert is included.

TOUCH - same (US coliseum 69) E(+)/E(+) 250 20%OFF

Late 60fs art rock proto-prog housed in center foldout cover comes complete with poster and orange strip which is rarely seen.

joel TRACY - Shove that dream (US broken 83) E(+)/E(+) 230 20%OFF

Real people AOR disco wave 4 tracks 12h out of Hollywood.

TRAD GRAS O STENAR - Rock for Kropp och sjal (SWE silence 72) E(-)/E(-) 250 20%OFF

Their final effort. First pressing comes with inner.

TRAMLINE - Somewhere down the line (UK island 68) RW E-/E+ 125 20%OFF

Rough textured Pink label with orange circle logo first pressing. Fully laminated cover has some lamination lifting along the spine as usual. Record has full sheen, played only once or twice.

virginia TREE - Fresh out (UK minstrel 75) ACb E/E(+) 180

Lovely female vocal folk rock featuring lead vocalist from Ghost aka Shirley Kent.

TRETTIOARIGA KRIGET - same (SWE epic 74) sNSP E(+)/E(+) 125 20%OFF

Great hard prog in King Crimson vein with stinging guitars, powerful vocals, and mellotron. Yellow label first pressing comes with inner (side split).

TRIO - same (UK dawn 70) E-/E(+):E+ 330 20%OFF

First pressing on orange labels, hype sticker intact, and mega rare poster is included!

TRIP - Atlantide (IT rca 72) TC,SAb,RWb V(+)/V+ 150

Gimmick foldout cover has pin holes at both bottom corners and light discoloration on the front bottom left-hand. Though no obvious issues. Still a keeper for sure. Comes with a 7h single but a picture sleeve has duration written on it. Also all 4 corners were cut-out.

TRIPSICHORD - same (US janus 71) E+/E(+) 500

Brown Janus Promo labels with San Francisco Sound printed on the bottom. Stunning NM copy all around!

TROYKA - same (US cotillion 70) RWb V+/E(+) SOLD

Tremendous Canadian hard rock trio.

TRUBROT - same (UK parlophone 69) RWb V+/E 450 20%OFF

Post-Hljomar, pioneering of Icelandic psych rock featuring American female vocalist Shady Owens. This debut is not heavy as their subsequent releases, but having dreamy Brit psych flavor in full bloom of Swinging London period. Slightly staining on the lower inside panel of the gatefold cover. Stamp on the deep inside of the album pocket. Record is relatively clean!

TRUBROT - Undir ahrifum (DEN parlophone 70) E(+)/E+ 450 20%OFF

Original Danish pressed Icelandic heavy blues prog with killer organ and guitar interplays. Minor crease on the rear top left, but great cover overall. Record is Top!

TRUST - Le mutant (F philips 70) E(+)/E(+) 250 20%OFF

Superb copy of proto-prog hard rock psych related to Dynastie Crisis and Alain Markusfeld.

TUCKY BUZZARD - Buzzard (UK purple 73) sTCb E/E 70 20%OFF

First pressing on Gramophone rim label housed in gatefold cover, and is in pretty neat except small tear at the rear opening edge. Other than that cover is beautiful and retain whitish. Record has some faint marks that do not affect play.

TURNING POINT - Life is going on (AUSTRIA atom 72) E+/E+ 230 20%OFF

Austrian pastoral folk rock psych clearly influences West Coast sounding. Reminds me of UK Anno Domini with nice use of acoustic, electric fuzz, organ, piano, harp, and flute. Housed in laminated gatefold cover. Both cover and record are pristine, archive quality!

charlie TWEDDLE - Fantastic greatest hits (US private 74) E/E(+) 380 20%OFF

Only 500 pressed real people madness housed in thick textured gatefold cover. Doped strange acid folk on side one, and field recording alike far out musical journey on side two. Cover is close to Near Mint at the first glance, but there is light stain from a beer can on the rear middle that barely visible. Record looks clean Near Mint, but you can hear a few minor ticks on quiet sections, though nothing too obvious. Overall great keeper copy for the most!

TWILIGHT RITUAL - Rituals (SP auxillio 86) E/E 230 20%OFF

Cult Belgian minimal synth cold wave only released in Spain. This is guaranteed original copy. Beware bootlegs are floating around. Small writing on the inside of the album pocket. Insert includes.