S TO S - same (BEL overcome 78) sSL E/V+ 640

Belgian underground hard rock proto-metal with massive distortions! Been told originals were only 100 pressed at that time. Record has a fair amount of light scuffs and surface marks, but most of them are not audible. Plays loud and powerful from the start to the finish!

SACRED MUSHROOM - same (US parallax 69) DH E(+)/E(+) 470

The cover is well preserved except for a small balding top right corner. The record only has a few inaudible superficial marks, which is as good as it gets.

SAGA - same (SWE sonet 74) E(+)/E(+) 220

Post-November, prog hard rock at its best! Tiny pieces of paper flaking to left corners, but otherwise the cover is great!

SAGA - To whom it concerns (H unidentified artists productions 79) E(+)/E- 150

Dutch symphonic prog with lyrical guitars and fluid mellotron in clearly Genesis influences. Comes with inner.

SAGE AND SEER - same (US stylist 69) E(+)/E(+) 700

Must have for any serious collector of baroque soft psych. This copy is in fantastic condition, the cover is still in shrink, and comes complete with insert. Very hard to find a copy like this clean, by those who know it!

SAGITTARIUS - Present tense (US columbia 68) E-/E- 140

The cover is mostly still in shrink, but there are some rubbing and soiling where unprotected by the shrink. Slight fraying along the opening edge. Small writing on the inside of the album pocket. The record has some light marks and scuffs, but plays throughout fine with no remarkable crackles.

bridget ST. JOHN - Thank you for (UK dandelion 72) E-/E(-) 100

The gatefold cover has light general storage wear for ages but no significant issues. As well as, the record has minor marks and surface scuffs only. There are no scratches or major defects.

SALEM MASS - Witch burning (US private 71) E(+)/E(+) 900

Very nice looking cover with minimal ring impressions. No real ring wear or any similar issues. A little wear to the edge, but rather faintly. Slight discoloration on the labels probably caused by the inner sleeve.

SAMHAIN - November coming fire (US plan9 86) E(+)/E(+) 325

Master-piece of death rock horror punk. First pressing comes with insert. Has a pressing flaw which causes a skip during the first track as issued originally.

arian SAMPLE - same (US hogs on ice 2007) E+/E+ 90

Really anonymous artist who used various names including Robyn Nice, Jim Collins, Tommy Roundtree, and more! Highly sensitive acid folk with mysterious vocals, eery effects, and wailing guitars create dark desperate vibes ala Tim Buckley, Simon Finn, Jandek! No information on the cover, nothing! Totally non-commercial artifact, and very limited made.

7h SAN FRANCISCO TROLLEY CO. - Signs/Rain bow heaven (US tyro 70) /E 325

Obscure Michigan hard psych outfit sounds like a cross between MC5 and Amboy Dukes. Slightly foggy wax does not affect play.

SANDROSE - same (F polydor 72) M-/E+ BID

This is an utterly rare French original housed in a gorgeous gatefold cover, and itfs in Mint pristine like just manufactured yesterday! The record is also in beautiful condition. Closer inspection, a few faintest marks can be seen under bright light, but they do not affect playback at all.

steve SANGER - Whatever (US rocking horse 77) M-/E+ 125

Unknown tax scam power pop spacy glam psych.

SANGI - Steps (IT sun 78) sTC E-/E+ 225

Funky Italian jazz fusion with abundant Mediterranean flavor.

SAPPHIRE THINKERS - From within (US hobbit 69) EDH E(+)/E+ 160

West Coast melodic pop psych with lovely female vox, organ, and tasty fuzz. Great copy cover is still in shrink. Has tiny drill hole on the center of the cover through the label inside.

anne SAROFEEN - Love in a womanfs heart (US gwp 71) E(+)/E+ 125

First solo effort of female vocalist from Sarofeen And Smoke.

SATURN - same (US private 78) E(-)/E(+) 160

Basement funk disco boogie featuring fascinating female vocals. Cover has light sign of storage, but otherwise itfs all intact.

SAVOY BROWN - A step further (UK decca 69) E/E- 150

Unboxed Red label Mono original housed in front laminated cover comes with red lined inner.

stephen SAYLOR - I lunch with the gods (US private 80) sSA,RW E-/E+ 140

Obscure yacht rock AOR with sunny summer breeze vibes.

jim SCHMIDT - Somethinf right (US emerald 83) sTC E(+)/S 225

Wonderful Xian AOR sweetness that will move you for sure. Still unopened Sealed, but there is a very small tear on the shrink at the middle of the front cover, and slightly scratching. Not particularly noticeable, but have to be mentioned just in case.

rob SCHWEND & GARY KEWLEY - Standing on the edge of time (US private 86) E(-)/E+ 170

Rare blue eyed soul yacht rock recorded in Hawaii.

SECOND HAND - Death may be your santa claus (UK mushroom 72) TCb V+/E(+) 225

Rarer gFuneralh version. The lower part of the track change sticker on the back cover has been torn off, resulting in some abrasions and glue residues left there.

SECOND HAND - Death may be your santa claus (F stateside 71) SKb,sTCb E/E(-) 240

Scarce French original copy. Been told it has a slightly different mix than UK Mushroom. A little haze on the vinyl surface of side two that rarely affects playback.

SELLING OUT - We are singing (G dynasound 81) OSP,sBTP,SD,WCb V+/E+ 225

Under the radar German folk psych reminds me of mid 70fs US private, with subtle melancholic songs in all English lyrics. Cover has some imperfections, but most of them are white on white, so nothing too major at all.

SENSATIONAL ALEX HARVEY BAND - Framed (UK vertigo 72) sTC E-/E(+) 225

Rarer than you think of Swirl label original pressing housed in die-cut cover. Looks like a slight bump on the A-3 and the reverse that does not affect play. Otherwise, the record is relatively clean and plays NM all around. Sorry, but no Swirl inner includes.

SENSATIONSf FIX - Finest finger (IT polydor 76) M-/E(+) 100

Acid soaked electronic psych prog. Laminated gatefold cover is spotless!

SEQUOIAH - same (US 700 west 76) sSA,RWb E-/E(+) 70

Out of Indiana, on cult 700 West label, pretty good rural folk country rock with odd synth addition and a bit psyched prog-ish arrangements by Mo Whittemore.

SERU GIRAN - Grasa de las capitales (ARG sazam 79) SP,SAb V(+)/V+ 120

Second album by the supergroup that Charly Garcia formed after the breakup of La Maquina De Hacer Pajaros with David Lebon (ex-Color Humano and Polifemo). Cover is a bit tatty, but still OK for South American standards. Record has a handful of hairlines and minor scratches. Plays great with occasional light ticks only.

SEX PISTOLS - Never mind the bollocks herefs the (UK virgin 77) E+/E 1400

So called SPOTS edition on blue labels with matrix ending A3/B1. Shrink is gone, but has a one sided single, poster, and green sticker which was re-pasted to a modern inner sleeve for storage. Cover is pristine with nothing to mention major imperfections. LP record and single are solid EX with a few inaudible shallow scuffs only. Plays absolutely phenomenal!

SHADDOS - Umbra (US redeye 82) SK E-/E(+) 80

Very obscure private press out of Missouri, ranging from country rock to AOR soft rock.

SHADOWS OF KNIGHT - Gloria (US dunwich 66) DH S/S 250

Perfect Sealed MONO!

SHADOWS OF KNIGHT - Back door men (US dunwich 66) DH S/S 250

Perfect Sealed MONO!

SHADRACK - Chameleon (US igl 74) E(+)/E+ BID

A timeless classic of US private folk psych in basement melancholic vibes. Shrink torn lower right hand, but the cover is mostly still in shrink. The record is carefully stored over the years, and itfs exceptionally clean! Only a few hundred copies were pressed, and there was heavy demand as hell now!

SHAKEY VICK - Little woman youfre so (UK sweetpye 69) E(+)/E(+) 170

Stereo UK original, laminated flip-back cover is near pristine except tiny abrasion on the front bottom left that is actually hardly noticeable. Stereo sticker on the Mono cover as issued originally.

SHEKINAH - With all our love (US ironwood productions 82) RW E-/E+ 110

Obscure male/female vocal Xian soft rock out of Montana.

SHIVAfS HEADBAND - Take me to the mountains (US capitol 69) E-/E(+) 90

Texas country rock psych. There have not many copies around lately.

SIAMESE CONNECTION - Longest day (JAP japan musicolor 81) E+/E 350

Demo made only another unknown Japanese private. First side is a mixed bag with funk oriented to rock and blues although guitar playing is stupendously heavy. Second side is more into heavy fuzz laden hard rock with brutal vocals, amazing guitar mayhem, psychy effects floating around. Last track is outrageous! Half Japanese and half English vocals. Comes with insert. Record has a few visible surface scuffs, but none of them are audible.

SIDAN - Teulu yncl sam (UK sain 75) E/E 120

Welsh dreamy folk pop featuring 5 young girls.

SILHOUETTES - Conversations with (US segue 71) PSMb E+/S 250

Cool lounge jazz funk soft rock out of Pittsburgh, with brilliant scat singing, drum breaks, and some Brazilian flavors.

SILLY BOY - same (US moot point 86) E/E(+) 570

Out of Colorado Springs, CO. Still unknown to most, DIY noise psych and lo-fi alienation with insane stinging guitar mayhem. Housed in an awesome silkscreened cover.

grace SIMON - Grace Simon f80 (INDONESIA musica 80) /V+ 150

Indonesian female vocal pop backed by lead guitarist from prog band called God Bless. No cover as limited pressed promo only vinyl, but this copy has a replica cover made by an Indonesian collector.

john SIMS GROUP - In these modern times (US pendulum productions 85) E+/E+ 40

Obscure synth pop funk boogie out of Minneapolis, MN. Includes insert.

SISYPHOS - A way to express (CH suicide production 81) E/E(+) 140

Debut of privately released Swiss underground hard twisted prog with a slice of violent punk rock attitude here. Has insert.

SKIN ALLEY - same (UK cbs 69) E-/E- 250

This is the version that comes in the front laminated cover. There are some wear and stain spots on the unlaminated back, but the front lamination is tidy and shiny. The record has scattered light marks that do not affect play.

SKIP BIFFERTY - same (UK rca 68) V+/E- 570

Original black label Stereo pressing. There is a medium rubbing to a part of the spine, but fortunately, all credits are readable. Besides the spine damage, the cover is tidy. The record has a couple of visible marks by probably a fingernail across A-1 to A-2, but itfs the only visible imperfection. It plays NM from start to finish.

SNAKEGRINDER - And the shredded field mice (US private 77) E+/E+ 200

Near Mint copy of East Coast psych guitar stoner in Dead influences.

sigmund SNOPEK III - Virginia woolf (US water street 72) sSP E/E+ 100

Debut of mystic art prog out of Milwaukee, WI. Includes insert.

SOFT MACHINE - same (US probe 68) DH,BSP E/S 270

Unbelievably, the record is still Sealed in its uncensored cover with the rotating wheel intact! There are corner knocks, slight bends, and bottom seam middle splits caused by natural long storage. The record is presumed to be unplayed.

SOLAR EAGLE - same (CA private 88) M-/E+ 230

Guaranteed original copy of Canadian power metal/speed metal with minor prog elements. 4 tracks mini LP. Was Sealed, I opened it to inspect it, and played once by me. Has an autograph by the drummer on the front top over the shrink wrap.

SOMETHING NEW - Are you looking (US century 72) E-/E 200

Unknown Xian soft rock featuring charming female vocals. Nice generic cover art. Slight H2O damage to top right corner.

SONIC YOUTH - same (US neutral 82) E+/E+ 325

Immaculate copy of a New York noise rock cult figure. This is their debut on a small independent label, Neutral Records, founded by Glenn Branca.

7h SONS OF ADAM - Feathered fish (US alamo 66) /E+ 700

Top notch garage 45 in incredible condition!

SONSET - Discoteca (PUERTO RICO hit parade 67) E+/E- 175

Scarce Puerto Rican teen garage. Side A features Latin flavored folk garage and psychedelic pop with Spanish vocals for locals, while side B is a straight-up garage rock with English vocals aimed at the U.S. market. The second half of A1 has a few small scuff type marks that may be a pressing error and a little bit of background crackle, but apart from that, there are no other issues. Cover is still in shrink, and very clean.

SOUND OF FEELING - Leonard Feather presents (US verve 66) BSP E-/E- 20

Bizarre jazz psych hipster.

SOWER - same (US grand trine 77) OTP E-/E- 150

Ethereal hippie folk psych duo with drifting guitars and flowing harmony vocals. Restored top seam middle split by glue. Comes with inner (side and bottom splits).

SOYOL ERDENE - same (MONGOLIA merodia 81) NSP,SK,TC V(+)/E(+) 350

Unusual Mongolian rock, with haunting female vocals, sick synth, and odd fuzz creates one and only sounding sort of Asian traditional pop meets trivial psych. Thin flimsy cover is a bit tatty, but still presentable. Record is way better.

SPEED LIMIT - same (F le chant du monde 74) E+/E(+) 180

French jazz rock super group featuring George Jinda, Joell Dugrenot, Jean-Louis Bucchi, and Seffer brothers. Superb copy!

alexander SPENCE - Oar (US columbia 69) PHS E(+)/S 780

Unbelievable still Sealed from the ancient age, cult acid folk classic! Some mold and soiling under the shrink, but nothing too major. Record presumed to be Mint, unplayed!

7h james SPENCER - Daddyfs little angel/Lovelight (US pic ?) /E(+) 150

Local Indiana garage rarity in great nick!

shirley SPENCER - Sweet sad singer (US bandolier 78) E(+)/V+ 40

Female AOR free soul from Arizona. Record has light heat damage, but almost no warp, so it can be played without problem. There are some light background noise mostly between the tracks, but not too noticeable when the music starts.

luis alberto SPINETTA - Almendra (ARG groove 71) sNSP,sSD V+/E+ 350

This is Spinetta's first solo album released after the breakup of Almendra. The album was titled "Almendra" due to the contract with the record company, and the cover also uses a photo of the members of Almendra, which is a bit confusing, but this is completely Spinetta's new project, with Pappo on guitar, Hector Pomo Lorenzo on drums, and Miguel Abuelo as a guest. Cover has some fading along the top and spine. Also, there is a 1971 written on the inside of the album pocket. The good news is that the record is exceptionally clean!

SPIRIT - Clear (US ode 69) E(+)/E 55

An excellent copy of doped-out psych blues featuring Randy California and Ed Cassidy.

SPIROGYRA - St. Radigunds (UK b&c 71) RW E-/E 200

Cover has light storage wear, but well cared for. Comes with inner.

SPRING - same (G neon 71) sTC E-/E- 350

German original copy housed in the same tri-gatefold type cover as UK issue. Light wrinkles and a few tiny abrasions on the front top right. Re-colored on the bottom seam and partly on the top seam. The record has some surface marks that are barely audible, but nothing to worry about.

SPOONFED - Rock-n-roll rowdies (US zanbeck sound productions 83) E(+)/E+ 250

Extremely rare private Southern hard rock with ballsy vocals, gorgeous female back chorus, and burning dual guitars.

SPRUCE - same (US out to lunch productions 7?) E-/E+ 50

Triple guitar rural folk rock out Massachusetts influenced by Allman Bros and CS&N.

7h SQUIRES - Going all the way/Go ahead (US atco 66) /V(+) 600

Promo copy of highly sought-after garage psych 45! Record has a number of light scuffs and minor marks, but no deep scratches. Plays throughout fine without any loud pops or clicks.

STACEY - The words and music of Bruce and Elaine Stacey (CA bes 79) E(-)/E 70

Canadian Xian modern soul AOR. Comes with insert.

STACEY - Windows (CA bes 82) E/E 85

Their third release, a little gem of smooth mellow AOR. There is a little wear at the bottom center of the cover, but has not split. Insert included.

STAFF CARPENBORG AND THE ELECTRIC CORONA - Fantastic party (G maritim 70) sTC E-/E- 150

An anonymous project that makes freaked-out psych funk grooves in the same realm of "Vampires of Dartmoore" and "Sexedelic".

STAMP HEAT BAND - Meine welt (G wk schallplatten 81) sWC,sWL E(+)/E(+) 230

Obscure German melodic soft rock prog that contains one extraordinary drum breaks track.

STANDELLS - Try it (US tower 67) PHS,sSP,sTC V+/E(+) 50

Cover is still in shrink although there is a few scratch marks on the front left-hand, and some rub wear caused by typical pressing defect. Not too obvious though. The rear cover is nicer, and the record is clean.

STARCROST - same (US fable 76) RW V+/E(+) 600

Holy grail of jazz funk rare groove out of Austin, Texas. Cover has usual rub wear and fair amount of mildew spots mostly on the front. Reverse is not as much as the front. Record is nice looking entirely. Only a few inaudible shallow marks visible under bright light. Plays smoothly from start to finish!

STARFORCE 1 - same (US alkon music 81) M-/E+ 70

Obscure synth ambient prog new age with spaced-out keys layer. Almost brand-new copy!

STARR - Memories Never Die (US private 81) E/E+ 45

Donft be fooled by cheap value, this is a pretty good hard prog power trio out of Pueblo, Colorado, with distinctive high-pitched vocals, stinging guitar leads, and spacy embellishments.

STEEL MILL - Green eyed god (UK penny farthing 75) sOTP,RW E-/E BID

Utterly rare UK original monster psych and dark ritualistic prog in a surrealistic green cover. The flimsy cover is well cared for, but there is a slight ring, barely visible if it's in a plastic outer sleeve. The top seam middle is slightly split, but not too notably. The record is clean and glossy. A few mild ticks on the end of A-2 which is caused by an extremely small mark. Of course, it's not a big deal. The rest plays exceptionally!

STEVENS, SCOTT & DEE - same (US vanity 78) E(+)/E(+) 275

Old school rare groove mixes elements of Brazilian, Latin jazz, and funk jazz in a sophisticated way.

rod STEWART - Gasoline alley (UK vertigo 70) E(+)/E 120

First pressing on large Swirl labels housed in textured gatefold cover. The cover has a light amount of seam rubbing to the bottom, but other than that, itfs a natural beauty! Includes Swirl inner, but there are some rips and tears.

chris STONE - Back home (US private 73) OSP,SK E-/E- 160

NY loner introspective folk SSW by Vietnam veteran. This isnft downer or acid, but more into personal songs with pure simple vocals and minimal backing. Cool homemade-looking paste-on cover as issued.

kim STONE - Earth school (US prolific 88) S/S 45

Ex-Rippingtons, this is his solo effort blends new age, ambient, and jazz-funk.

STONE CIRCUS - same (US mainstream 69) sSA,PSMb E+/E+ 500

Minor evidence of the sticker removal on the front top left, DJ Not For Sale stamp on the rear. Though, the cover is still very close to pristine!

STONE PONEYS - Evergreen vol.2 (US capitol 67) E(+)/E- 50

Flower folk psych featuring Linda Ronstadt.

STONEFIELD TRAMP - Dreaming again (UK acorn 74) sSK E-/E(+) 900

Hippie folk psych gem with minimal backing in sorrow desolate vibes throughout. Cover has evidence of long storage with some light yellow-ish stains here and there. Record is surprisingly clean with the faintest marks caused by the inner sleeve. Plays NM with no remarkable issues despite quiet folky sounding. Comes complete with a lyric insert.

STORYTELLER - same (UK transatlantic 70) TCb V+/E 20

Lost UK folk rock small gem, with some psych prog interludes and great vocals.

STRAWBRIDGE - Just for kicks (US argyle 73) SP,RW V+/E+ 200

Local Southern long haired quintet plays covers like Allman Brothers, ZZ Top, Beatles, but there are a couple of cool original cuts in wild dirty Skynyrd vein.

STRAY - Move it (UK transatlantic 74) E/E(+) 50

Die-cut cover comes with inner. Nice copy with minimal storage wear.

LOS STREAKS - Operacion a go-go (COLOMBIA codiscos zeida 67) E/V+ 280

Legendary Colombia garage psych along with Los Flippers. This Mono pressing comes in front and back sheets wrapped in the original outer plastic. The record has a few minor scratches that affect light clicks and occasional pops but not overwhelming. It's still in lovely condition, especially a record from over there.

SUBJECT ESQ. - same (G epic 72) E(+)/E(+) 325

Pre-Sahara, superb Kraut prog banger in a great condition!

7h SUN LIGHTNING INCORPORATED - Quasar 45 (US whap 69) E/E+ 110

Freaked-out psych garage with fuzz and breaks. Has a paper sleeve in neat shape (one side unglued due to dried).

SUNBIRDS - same (G basf 71) E+/E(+) 450

Near pristine condition of Kraut jazz prog featuring Klaus Weiss and Philip Catherine.

SUNFOREST - Sound of Sunforest (UK deram 70) E(+)/E(+) 400

Stereo original comes with blue lined inner. The cover has minor ring imprints with lamination creasing, but still very presentable. The record looks like not much played, just a hint of sleeve marks visible under bright light.

SUNLIGHT - Lovers cosmic voyage (US golden flash 76) /E- 420

Aka Sunlight, Sky Saxonfs solo project with Source Family helping out. Transparent blue wax with no cover as issued originally.

7h SUPER FINE DANDELION - Ferris wheel/The other sidewalk (US rook 67) /E+ 250

NM copy of splendid psych flavored flower garage with plenty of sitar.

SUPERSISTER - Present from Nancy (H polydor 70) OSP E/E(+) 50

The first repress is from the same year as the earliest first pressing and is housed in the laminated gatefold cover of the first pressing.

SURPRISE - Assault on merryland (US carousel 77) E+/E(+) 180

Private US prog in spectacular symphonic arrangements, guitar, and organ battles all the way. A beautiful copy comes with an insert.

kurt SUTTON - Lonely road (US acme 73) E/E 350

Deep South rural folk blues real people. It does have plain inner sleeve (no lyric printed). Odd shadow on the first track of side two that does nothing.

SWAMP RATS - Disco sucks (US keystone 80) M-/E 50

Post-Fantastic Dee-Jays, scarce compilation of legendary punk garage out of Pittsburgh. Red vinyl, cover is still in shrink.

SWEET OKAY SUPERSISTER - Spiral staircase (H polydor 74) SKb E(+)/M- 100

The fifth and final, the most Canterbury style of all the works. There is a previous owner's name and address written on the both inner and foldout insert, but the cover and record are beautiful.

SWEET POWER - Got satan on the run (US the barn 81) E/E+ 220

Unknown Xian AOR folk with synth, flute, electric leads, male/female vocals, some prog elements, and well crafted songs.

7h SWEETARTS - A picture of me (US sonobeat 67) /E(+) 75

Underrated Texas garage rock with cool Farfisa actions. The picture sleeve is not included in this copy, but only a few exist.

SYSTEM - Logic (F romantic 83) WL E(+)/E(+) 250

Synth New Wave and Lo-Fi Dream Pop with some AOR City Pop vibes by ex-Idle Race members. Released in only France, itfs rare now. The labels have white painted-out words. There is a stamp on the inside of the album pocket. It comes with an inner.

T.I.M.E. - same (US liberty 68) E+/M- 60

Gimmick cover is still in shrink. Comes with insert.

7h TALISMEN - Ifll take a walk/I know a girl (US julian 65) /E 180

Legendary Pacific Northwest garage Mod 45.

TARBABY - February (US newsouth recordings 73) SP V+/V+ 150

Southern Blues Rock outlaws from Florida! Comes in plain white cover without any info, but in fact, the band's logo and info sheet pasted on the shrink, not the cover itself. Shrink wrap is torn in places and comes loose, but the logo sheets are still intact (has folded lines).

TAUNNIE - Boy shoppinf (US thunderbolt 84) AC E(+)/E+ 250

Top-notch synth pop created by a 12 years old blind girl using a music computer for the visually impaired.

royce TAYLOR - Dream maker (US private 86) M-/E+ 60

Seattle smooth AOR contemporary. Was Sealed, played once.

john TAYLOR TRIO - Decipher (G mps 73) E+/E+ 200

Gatefold cover and record are both astonishing closer Mint-ish conditions all around!

7h TEDDY AND HIS PATCHES - Suzy creamcheese/From day to day (US chance 67) /E(+) 450

Killer freaked-out psych mind blower! Solid, excellent condition all around!

TELEVISION - Adventure (US elektra 78) PSK E(+)/E+ 300

Gorgeous combination NM white label promo and an elusive promo kit with some amazing photos. Promo sticker on the cover, and comes with inner (side splits).

peter TESSIER - By turning a knob (CA columbia 73) S/S BID

Known as Freedom Northfs engineer, his superior solo effort of magically acidy psych parallel world with deep emotional vocals and smashing fuzz leads from the Maple Woods. It's as good and rare as Itfs All Meat and Souls Of Inspyration and a must for your Canadian psych collection. This is a perfect Sealed original from the day it was released.

7h THEE YOUNG GENERATION - Movinf/Paperback minds (US captain 70) /E(+) 120

Full-throttle organ and fuzz psych 45.

THEM - Them in reality (US happy tiger 70) M-/M- 375

Their final US release, and the heaviest fuzz galore of all. The cover and the record are spotless!

THESE TRAILS - same (US sinergia 73) E(+)/E+ 850

Top notch Hawaiian folk psych with haunting male/female vocals, subtle electronic effects, and mystic hippie vibes. Includes inner (some creasing and wrinkling).

THIRD EAR BAND - Alchemy (UK harvest 69) E(+)/E 140

Rarer than you think of real first pressing on no EMI label with 4 lines Sold In U.K. Subject, housed in laminated gatefold cover.

THIRD ESTATE - Years before the wine (US the third estate 76) E/E BID

The paste-on cover is not in shrink or Minty, but it is still relatively clean and very much collectible. The record has one light mark on the side one does nothing. There are some light crackles between track one and two of the side two due to probably the original pressing, as I can not see any visual flaw there. A tiny scratch on the side two, third track middle is barely audible unless you do a closer listen to it while paying attention. Overall, it gives a delightful listening experience. Includes an insert in the beautiful nick.

13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS - The psychedelic sounds of the (US international artists 67) E-/E BID

The earliest original Stereo copy has an authentic US cover with three panels on the rear, while 90% of Stereo copies practically have four panels instead. It's really tough to find this variant, particularly Stereo pressing.

13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS - Easter everywhere (US international artists 67) TC V+/V+ 800

The first Stereo pressing comes in the earliest cover with misspelled as hPosturosh on the back. The cover has light to medium wear, but itfs typical for this record and slightly better than average, in my opinion. Some scratches on the front middle are barely noticeable. The back cover is much better. It includes a lyric inner, which is largely split on the bottom and sides. The record shows scattered light marks but no ugly marks. It plays quite nicely despite being known as poor pressing.

peter THORUP WITH FRIENDS - Wake up your mind (G philips 70) sSKb E/E+ 230

First solo effort of Beefeaters fame backed by an all star lineup from Maxwells, Young Flowers, Burnin Red Ivanhoe. Laminated gatefold cover is tidy and crisp with slight color faded along the spine. The best underground blues prog at its finest!

3PM - Better late than never (US ostinato 81) sSP,RWb E-/E+ 90

Killer fusion with intense interplays and some prog angle ventures.

THRICE MICE - same (G philips 71) sTC E(+)/E(+) 350

Underground Krautrock jazz prog banger, in the similar vein to Eiliff. Small tear at the right-hand edge that is hardly noticeable. Rarely seen a great condition to be honest. No cut holes!

TICKAWINDA - Rosemary lane (UK pennine 79) E+/V+ 700

Holy Grail of traditional UK folk. Very flimsy cover is outstanding NM shape! Record is also beautiful except tiny mark on B-4 that affect 9 or 10 soft ticks.

TIMES - Dance music (US grid 83) V+/E+ 230

DIY powerpop new wave trio, 4 tracks 12h EP. Cover is still in shrink although a slight moisturizing mark on the bottom under the shrink.

TITRA - Puisi rama 2 (MALAYSIA titra 82) sWC E/E(+) 325

Very obscure Southeast Asian prog with real spectacular synth, heavy guitar leads, mystic male/female vocals and exotic dazzling melodies.

TJENS COUTER - Who cares (BEL dwarf 75) SKb E-/E+ 225

Rare Belgian acid blues rock band formed after short lived Freckleface. The band later developed into the new wave band TC Matic in the 80's.

TOMMY AND RANDY - His way (US mark 74) E(+)/E+ 175

Scarce Xian folk rock on Mark customs with jangly acoustic guitar strumming and gently mild vocals. Cover still in shrink, and the record is hardly any marks or scratches.

TOMORROW - same (UK parlophone 68) sTCb,PSL E/E 1000

Black and yellow label UK MONO first pressing. There is a slight bend on the top right, minor fraying on the rear top left, and small writing on the inside of the album pocket, which was normally unnoticeable. All in all, it's a very nice example of a highly sought-after record. The record has a light amount of surface marks but no remarkable hairlines or deep scratches. Plays loud and strong all around!

TORMENTORS - Hanging round (US royal 67) E-/E+ 500

Extremely rare garage band from Los Angeles ranging from jangly folk rock ala Byrds and Blue Things to typical garage tunes with a little fuzz throwing in, and even some nice early psych vibes here and there. Great cover artwork brings sunny California sunshine. Cover has some edge wear and corner bend from long storage, but no obvious issues. Record is astonishingly clean for over half a century.

joe TOSSINI AND FRIENDS - Lady of mine (US iea 89) E+/M- 300

Odd lo-fi lounge AOR outsider real people. The cover is still in shrink, and the record appears Minty if not brand-new!

TRACE - Birds (H philips 75) sTCb E(-)/E+ 35

Dutch original copy housed in die-cut cover comes with an insert. Slight discoloration on the front bottom right and a tiny rip at the rear opening.

TRACTOR - same (UK dandelion 72) E-/E(+) 425

Solid cover except for a thin cut mark across diagonally on the front, which is not too remarkable.

joel TRACY - Shove that dream (US broken 83) E(+)/E(+) 200

Real people AOR disco wave 4 tracks 12h out of Hollywood.

TRAFFIC - same (UK island 68) E/E+ 200

First Pink label with orange circle logo, housed in thick gatefold cover with booklet attached inside. The spine is slightly color-faded, but otherwise, the cover is exceptional. The record is pristine, hardly played..

TRAVELLING - Voici la nuit tombee (F futura 73) E(+)/E(+) 450

Personal favorite of mine, French answer of Canterbury school jazz prog. Both cover and record are in gorgeous condition with a little sign of usage.

TREES - On the shore (UK cbs 70) E+/E+ 800

Absolutely a top copy of indispensable UK folk psych. Very minor wear to the spine, but I mean minimal. The front and the rear are spotless! The record is played once or twice at the maximum.

TREES - The christ tree (US pomegranate 75) BSP E/E 250

Absolutely unconnected to UK Trees, this is a communal hippie religious outfit out of New York, with deep spiritual acid folk resembling Search Party, and Eastern tended droning psych ala Princess Flower & The Moon Rays. Includes insert.

carlos maria TRINDADE/NUNO CANAVARRO - Mr. Wollogallu (POR uniao lisboa 91) E(+)/M- 175

Scarce original copy of organic and exotic ambient music created by two Portuguese artists. Tiny dent at the top edge, but otherwise itfs pristine. Comes with insert.

TRIODE - On nfa pas fini dfavoir tout vu (F futura 71) SKb,SL,WL E(-)/E+ 700

Monster French jazz-rock with Tull-ish flute blows and sturdy interplays. The cover has minor paper flaking on the front left near the top. The record is top, although the label has writing and a small sticker.

TRIP - Caronte (IT rca 71) E(+)/E 700

Their most creative prog album is also their most sought-after album. Due to its fragility, it's very hard to find a copy that is in decent shape. This is a rare opportunity to get a great copy. The record shows evidence of long storage in an inner sleeve, but playback is Excellent for sure!

TROLL - Animated music (US smash 68) E+/M- 175

Cover is still in shrink. Record has no noticeable imperfections! Comes with inner (there are creases, splits, and tears, but still presentable).

7h TRUBROT - Eg se pao/Eg veit pu kemur (ICELAND parlophone 70) E/E(+) 230

Fabulous non album single of Icelandic early prog hipster. Cool picture sleeve has minor creasing, other than that itfs tidy!

7h TRUTH AND JANEY - Under my thumb/Midnight horsemen (US sound communications 72) /V+ 200

Early non-album single. Killer Rolling Stones cover version with wicked fuzz riffing. A small crack (1/2") at the edge barely affects once the music starts.

TRUTH AND JANEY - No rest for the wicked (US montross 76) S/S BID

Perfect Sealed copy of private hard rock magnum opus!

toshiyuki TSUCHITORI/RYUICHI SAKAMOTO - Disappointment Hateruma (JAP alm 76) E+/M- 500

Limited 500 pressed free improvised experimental. One of the rarest Sakamoto/YMO related album ever made. No OBI, but otherwise unspoiled copy!

velvert TURNER GROUP - same (US family productions 72) E/E+ 220

This is the so-called Rock Mix version of heavy funk psych power trio.

7h TURNING WHEELS - Lost is lost (CH basilisk 79) E+/E(+):V+ 55

Not many people know this obscure prog double single from Switzerland, but Mellotron lovers take note it contains two rich Mellotron tracks. Glossy foldout picture sleeve is great nick.

TWENTY SIXTY SIX AND THEN - Reflections on the future (G united artists 72) E+/E(+) BID

All-time favorite German heavy prog monster. Laminated gatefold cover is immaculate, zero mentioning for imperfections. RecThe recordord is beautiful, too! Except for a hint of paper scuffs caused by the inner sleeve, itfs hardly played with pristine, unmarked labels.

TWILIGHT RITUAL - Rituals (SP auxillio 86) E/E 180

Cult Belgian minimal synth cold wave only released in Spain. This is a guaranteed original copy. Beware bootlegs are floating around. Small writing on the inside of the album pocket. Insert includes.

TWILIGHTS - Once upon a twilight (AUS columbia 68) E-/V+ 600

Super rare Aussie dreamy baroque psych, MONO first pressing on black and blue labels, housed in wonderful pop-up cover. There are some stains and blemishes on the cover, but the pop-up is perfectly intact. The record has several small scratches and light scuff-type marks. Plays mostly nice with occasional light crackles only. Never had/seen a Mint-ish vinyls for unknown reasons.

TYRANNOSAURUS REX - A beard of stars (UK regal zoznphone 70) E(+)/E(+) 120

Very nice looking UK original. Insert included.

TYRANNOSAURUS REX - My people were fair and had sky in their hair (UK regal zonophone 68) OSP,sTL E-/E(+) 140

Stereo UK original comes in flip-back cover includes an insert. Light age related foxing on the back cover, but overall itfs decent.