MA CONNECTION - 8691 (SWE brute force 81) SK E/E+ SOLD

Bloody heavy Swedish blues rock with driving dual leads and gritty vocals sung in English.

eblen MACARI / JUAN VALDES - Trayectos (MEX unicornio 83) E/E 120 20%OFF

Mexican minimum ambient at its finest.

MACHINE - same (H polydor 70) sTC E-/E 200 20%OFF

Underrated organ dominated heavy psych. Hard to find a decent copy like this. Usually trashed for unknown reason.

MACKENZIE THEORY - Bon voyage (AUS mushroom 74) sSA,RW,BSP V/E 115 20%OFF

Their recorded live, second effort in highly imaginative improvisation with superb guitar leads and exceptional electric viola. Cover is rather tatty, but almost all copies look same due to fragile nature of material.

MADE IN SWEDEN - Made in Sweden (with love) (SWE sonet 68) E(+)/E(+) 150 20%OFF

Debut of Swedish psych jazz prog outfit. Beautiful laminated cover is close to Top except slight color faded on the rear along the spine.

MADRUGADA - Incastro (IT philips 77) E(+)/E(+) 150 20%OFF

Rather underrated but actually it's highly impressive Italian prog rock with some hypnotic arrangements. Missing inner.

MAGIC - same (US private 7?) sBSP V+/E+ 140 20%OFF

West Coast AOR smooth pop with soaring flute and cool male/female harmony vocals. Cover has mild H2O stain along the edge, but not too obvious.

LA MAISON DU JARDINIER - same (BEL igloo 80) E(+)/E(+) 120 20%OFF

Avant-garde toy pop oddity on legendary Belgian free jazz label.

MANASQUAR HIGH SCHOOL CHORUS - Jesus Christ superstar (US rpc 82) E+/E+:E+ 400 20%OFF

As same community as M.H.S. Rock who made crude garage psych compilation on RPC in 1981. This is very weird double album that high school kids play DIY off-the-wall rock opera. Expectedly primitive recordings, basement atmosphere, cult fanatic vibes, sacred female chorus, basically cheesy but sometimes heavy prog rock moves, organ pumping, drum breaks, musique concrete alike experimental tracks. Housed in gatefold cover with pasted slicks on the front and back only. Inside cover is blank as issued I suppose.

MARQUIS - same (US beaver 70) sBSP,sTC E-/E- 190 20%OFF

Obscure lounge pop funk boogie by 4 Canadian plus 1 American drummer who offers killer drum breaks. Female vocalist also plays spacey mellotron!

7" MARS - 3E/11,000 volts (F rebel 78) E/E(+) 80 20%OFF

Original 45's of No Wave classic.

MARSUPILAMI - Arena (UK transatlantic 71) E/E+ 180 20%OFF

Textured cover has light creases and a few minor blemish but no obvious issues. A lot better than usual ones. Record is beautiful, and hardly been played.

perry MARTIN - Right between the eyes (HONG KONG melody bank 80) E/E 80 20%OFF

Born in England, move to Hong Kong, his cool AOR Modern Soul mellowness. Gatefold cover was cheaply made, so there are some factory imperfections inside of the album pocket, but the exterior is fine.

MARU & MIKAEL - Destination nowhere (FIN hi-hat 75) BSP E-/E(+) 80 20%OFF

Finnish folk jazz grooves with cosmically sacred cover version of Japanese traditional folk song called gSakurah. Unfortunately no lyric insert for this copy.

MASTERfS APPRENTICES - Masterpiece (AUS columbia 70) E(-)/E(-) 170 20%OFF

Their second effort in less garage but more psych traditions.

7' MATCHEZ - Out to lunch (US zedikiah 82) E(+)/E+ 200 20%OFF

Ex-Nicodemus, stoned out hippie psych outsider.

7h MATTER - Out of the west (US starborn 86) E-/E(+) 150 20%OFF

Obscure 45fs hard prog single comes in a cool picture sleeve. Not listed on Discogs!

MAXIMUM SPEED LIMIT - Speed on wheels (US sunshine 79) E+/E+ 280

Pretty much obscure tax scam record housed in a strange but eye-catching cover art that contains jaw dropping fuzz ripper and organ galore!

MAXOPHONE - same (IT produttori associati 75) E+/E 380

Italian original copy housed in stunning gatefold cover, and is in close to Top except minimally faded color along the spine. Otherwise immaculate! Record has the faintest surface scuffs that do not affect playback.

MAYPOLE - same (US colossus 71) PSKb E/E+ 200 20%OFF

Rarer Promo copy. Cover has minor storage wear, but in still great nick!

shelagh McDONALD - Album (UK b&c 70) E/V+ 250 20%OFF

Superior female folk rock prog helped by Andy Roberts, Keith Tippett, Keith Christmas, etc..! 8 light ticks on the beginning of A-3, otherwise plays great.

McELROY BROS. - Can't you see me smilin (US paja's 77) E+/E+ 300 20%OFF

DIY lounge psych pop twins recorded at legendary Upstate NY Paja's Studio. Very remarkable songs with magically swingy keys/synth and great harmonious vocals. Perfect copy still in shrink comes complete with a poster

craig McLEARIE - Warp factor (UK wealden 79) E/E+ 270 20%OFF

As same label as Wyndrush ?"Let It Shine". Gently SSW pop with graceful strings backing and some electric leads adding. Housed in primitive paste-on cover.

ME - Out for the first time (US mine 74) E+/E+ 400 20%OFF

Loner prog mutation out of Mercerville, New Jersey. This seems one man project with several friends helping out him. Aka Tom Marolda who later released power pop superiority as The Toms. Created here is quite a unique prog with complex arrangements and DIY multi-track recording works in Yes, Genle Ginat or Zappa territories.

MECKI MARK MEN - Flying high (FIN kompass 79) SD,sTCb,WCb,WL E-/E+ 110 20%OFF

Their last album into jazz funk moves.

MELIMELUM - same (ARG cbs 76) E(+)/E 170 20%OFF

Very nice copy of South American dreamy prog folk rock.

MEMORY - Memorial, chisana seisyun (JAP athene 78) RW,sSD V+/E+ SOLD

Very obscure Japanese folk rock with male vox, keys, and flute. Includes foldout insert.

MERKIN - Music from merkin manor (US windi 73) E+/E+ SO

Absolutely pristine copy of blissful sunshine psych pop housed in amazing Day-Glo cover!

MERRY AIRBRAKES - same (US st. george international 73) E(-)/E(-) 750

Downer acid folk blues housed in handmade silkscreened cover.

MESSAGE - Sailing home (US mer-al 74) RW V+/E(+) 90 20%OFF

Obscure private folk rock with jungly guitars and some upbeat tunes influenced by Buffalo Springfield.

METROPOLIS - same (G pan 74) E(+)/E- 220 20%OFF

Way underrated but actually pretty good heavy prog in typical Kraut manor ala Subject Esq., Satin Whale, Os Mundhi. Gatefold cover comes with insert.

alain MEUNIER - Voyage aux fonds de la mer (F le kiosque d'orphee 79) V/E- 350 20%OFF

One of the hardest find from this cult French label. Cosmic electronic psych experimental with violent synth pouring and Fripp-nized intense guitars. Pasted on front, and blank back cover shown medium to heavy wear and discoloration on the back, but again it's just blank cover. Front cover is rather clean with minor blemish only. Record plays mostly clean except a few soft ticks on A-1. Comes with insert.

arturo MEZA - No vayamos a irnos sin el mar (MEX gente de mexico 84) sTC,sWC E/V+ 50 20%OFF

Organic chamber folk prog. Unique looking cover consists of 2 12h-sized pages. Comes with insert. No red cords.

MICROWAVE - The world is still revolving (UK wolsey 8?) E(+)/E(+) 200 20%OFF

Very obscure school project album made by teachers and students for special needs school, and given to their family and the participant only. Recorded in supposedly early 80's and the musically fairly unique from New Wave to Disco Funk, from instrumental popular cover to twilight original numbers. It's totally pure magic! Recommended for outsider private music buffs, and unknown disco DJs!

MIGHT OF COINCIDENCE - The birth of (CH entropia 71) V+/E SOLD

Dreamy hippie folk psych from Alps, in the vein similar to Hand gEverybodyfs Ownh, Emtidi, and Oriental Sunshine. Limited 1500 pressed, and includes an elusive booklet plus never ever seen poster! Ltd. number Stamped cover has usual lamination lifting and slight peeling, but still better example for such a fragile nature.

MIRTHRANDIR - For you the old women (US mirth music inc. 76) BSP E/E+ 330 20%OFF

One of the best American private prog with real complex arrangements and elaborate tracks. Insert is included.

MISSUS BEASTLY - Nara asst incense (G opp 70) SMb,WL E(-)/E+ 230 20%OFF

Their monster debut released from other label in different cover and track listing. Front laminated cover has a bit recoloring on parts of bottom seam, but overall nice clean. Has a stamp on inside of the album pocket.

MISTREATER - Hellfs fire (US private 81) E(+)/E+ 450

Wicked hard rock private metal out of Cleveland, Ohio, in the same league as Legend gFrom The Fjordsh and Sorcery gSinister Soldiersh, but more rapidly and relentlessly in the sound.

MITCH'N HODD - Turnabout (US sound patterns 72) sSP E(+)/E+ 170 20%OFF

Unknown Canadian lounge rock duo released DIY toytown pop album from small Michigan label. Every track is enchanted and highly memorable, must be a great addition for people who dug Jon Tabakin or Mcelroy Bros.

MITCHfN HODD - Turnabout (US sound patterns 72) SP E/V 50 20%OFF

There are fair amount of scattered marks and small scratches, but absolutely no jump or skip. Plays moderately crackle though.

kimio MIZUTANI - A path through haze (JAP polydor 71) sBSP E/E(+) 1600 20%OFF

V.I.P. of early Japanese prog rock scene, this is his first solo effort helped by those familiar dudes including Takeshi Inomata, Masahiko Satoh. Comes in front stickered flip-back cover, and is in pretty neat condition with a very small split on the bottom and lightest soiling from the long storage. Record is beautiful with minor sign of sleeve scuffs that does nothing. Includes elusive insert.

MOFOYA - Send a message (US kona gold 79) E/E 250

Another little known prog gem from Hawaii, very skilfully complex interplay, frenzy keys, and snappy drums, but they also play soft smooth ballads which are good advantage for fans of funky prog or Island mellow. Cover seems moderately yellowing, but no other noticeable imperfections.

MOGUL THRASH - same (UK rca 71) E(-)/E(+) 90 20%OFF

UK jazz rock classic featuring John Wetton. Some rubbing on the unlaminated rear lower area, but other than that the cover is tidy with glossy front lamination.

MOIRA - Crazy countdown (G schneeball 77) sSD E/E+ 300 20%OFF

Very creative and attractive fusion jazz influenced Krautrock psych jammer. Includes insert.

MONGREL - Get your teeth into this (UK polydor 73) E(+)/E 180 20%OFF

Move related melodic rock. Getting rare in these days.

7" egli MONN IVERSEN - The passionate demons line (NOR warner bros. 61) E-/E- 180 20%OFF

Rare OST jazz EP.

MONTREAL - A summer's night (US stormy forest 70) DH E+/E(+) 60 20%OFF

Cover is still in shrink. Though drill hole top right corner.

michael MOORCOCK & DEEP FIX - New worlds fair (UK united artists 75) SKb E(+)/E(+) 90 20%OFF

Sci-fi glam hard prog member including Simon House (ex-Hawkwind, High Tide) and Snowy White. Beautiful copy come with Inner.

MOOSKNUKKL GROOVBAND - same (G spiegelei 73) E/E(+) 200 20%OFF

Canadian band travelled to Germany, then released their first and the last album. Keyboard player Mike Lewis also released "Wuschel" album on Philips. This is typical mainstream-ish prog rock with some Kraut essence adding by Conny Plank who are the producer. Comes in laminated gatefold cover.

MOPS - Iijanaika (JAP liberty 71) E(+)/E(+) 450

Their heaviest album with the highest potential in the mix of prog, hard rock and psych. Original stock copy on black vinyl housed in textured gatefold cover with attached inner page (has a vertical streak on the left-hand). Does not include OBI, but, cover and record are in superb shape overall.

MORMOS - Great wall of china (F cbs 71) BOSP V+/E+ 180 20%OFF

Hippie folk psych oddity in the realm of ISB and Dr. Strangely Strange featuring James Cuomo Ex-Spoils Of War. Includes inner sleeve (split seams).

MORNINGLORY - Growing (US toya 72) E+/E+ 90 20%OFF

Very underrated but quite cool folk rock psych in Byrds and Buffalo Springfield vein. Beautiful copy!

randy MORRISS - Lifeline (US allegro 81) SK V+/E+ 110 20%OFF

Scarce local Idaho private AOR modern soul. Price tags on the front and back cover.

MOSAIK - same (SWE private 82) M-/M- 125 20%OFF

Brand-new original copy of underrated Swedish jazz prog rock Atlas "Bla Vardag" offshoot.

MOTHER SUPERIOR - Lady Madonna (SWE sma 76) sSDb E-/E- 165 20%OFF

British girls band whose album was recorded in UK, but officially only released in Sweden at that time. Amazing female prog with very skillfully yet boisterous playing all over. Melodic self-penned tracks and sick cover version of Stephen Stills "Love The One You're With" and notorious "Lady Madonna".

MOTHER TUCKERS YELLOW DUCK - Starting a new day (CA capitol 69) E/M- 330 20%OFF

Canadian psych folk rock much rarer second effort. Cover is a lot better than usual. No drill hole, too! Record virtually unplayed!

MOTORHEAD - Overkill (UK bronze 79) E(-)/E+ 170 20%OFF

Limited green wax that was released 3 weeks later from the first pressing.

MOTOWNS - same (IT cinevox 71) RW,WL V/E- 400 20%OFF

Italy based English beat psych played mostly pleasant organ/fuzz driven psych pop, but the last track contains rather lengthy instrumental jam with drugged-out improvisation a little reminds me of Le Stelle di Mario Schifano.

MOUNTAIN BUS - Sundance (US good 71) E+/E 450 20%OFF

Cover is still in shrink, and brilliant nick! Record got a few light hairlines that hardly affect playback.

MOVING GELATINE PLATES - same (F cbs 71) V+/E- 170 20%OFF

Laminated cover has wrinkling lower left-hand, lamination breaks on the rear and light brownish stain along the rear bottom middle.

rich MOYERS - same (US misty 77) E+/V+ 120 20%OFF

AOR SSW in James Taylor influences. Somehow it contains plenty of mellotron!

MR. ALBERT SHOW - same (H philips 70) V(+)/E- SOLD

Debut of high energic Dutch heavy blues psych prog. Fragile gatefold cover has fair amount of lamination flaking and peeling as usual, but still acceptable.

MUGGLE BROTHERS - same (US private 87) M-/E(+) 50 20%OFF

Local private hard rock out of Florida. They are actually not brothers. 6 piece band included 3 guitars.

ilpo MURTOJARVI - Avaus (FIN luumu 83) WL E/E+ 170 20%OFF

Pretty good fusion jazz prog by the guitarist from Kaamos.

roberto MUSCI / GIOVANNI VENOSTA - Water messages on desert sand (UK recommended 87) E(+)/E+ 140 20%OFF

Highly acclaimed Italian ambient filed recording electronic.

MUSIC MACHINE - Turn on (US original sound 66) M-/M- 140 20%OFF

Original MONO copy of classic US garage. Top archive quality!

MUTANTES - Jardim eletrico (BRA polydor 71) E/E- 300 20%OFF

Decent original copy of their 4th album.

MY SOLID GROUND - same (G bacillus 71) E+/E SOLD

White Bacillus label original copy of top-level Krautrock heaviness. Laminated gatefold cover is incredibly still in shrink! Couldn't be better! Record has some superficial marks caused paper sleeves, but plays flawlessly!

N.R.G. - No reasons given (US private 84) E/E+ 400 20%OFF

DIY teen prog symphonic rock by Kevin Gilbert with astonishing key layers and complex interplays . Comes with inner.

NARANJA MECANICA - Revive el sentimiento (ARG polydor 77) sSA E(-)/E+ 450 20%OFF

Ex-Materia Gris, mega rare symphonic prog featuring haunting female lead vocal with fascinated arrangements and Latin elements. As good as Estructura or Enfasis. Cover has light wear and discoloration, but very good example from down@there. Record is unbelievably nice!

ken NARITA - Nemurikara samete (JAP mushroom 71) BSP E-/E+ 400 20%OFF

Wonderful Japanese hippie psych folk rock helped by Kimio Mizutani, Tetsu Yamauchi, Katsuo Ohno, and produced by Miki Curtis. Gatefold cover and rare Obi intact!

NATURAL ACOUSTIC BAND - Learning to live (UK rca 72) E+/E+ 90

Textured gatefold cover is bright white, almost Mintish! Record is Top as well!

john NAZARENKO - Naz jazz (US private 80) E+/E+ SOLD

Breezy female vocal AOR with jazz tendency.

NAZZ - III (US sgc 71) sCN E(+)/E(+) 50 20%OFF

Pink/Orange label first pressing. Nice copy!

glenn NEALE - Love & life (CA private 74) M-/E+ 270 20%OFF

Famous for DJs as sampling source. Not only one killer drum break track, but very much enjoyable album if you dig Canadian psych folk rock like Peter Tessier, Philip Lewin, and Jeff Moore & Friends! Near Mint all around!

paul NELSON - Vortex (US optiman systems inc. 81) M-/E(+) 50 20%OFF

Cosmic synth Sci-fi instrumental prog.

NEW TROLLS - UT (IT cetra 72) NSP V+/E(-) 50

Black label with silver lettering, comes in laminated gatefold cover.

NEW TROLLS - Tempi dispari (IT magma 74) OSP E(-)/E 130 20%OFF

Orig comes in gatefold cover.

tom NEWMAN - Faerie symphonie (UK decca 77) E+/M- 120 20%OFF

Fantastic instrumental prog by founder member of UK psych monster July. Record looks like played only once!

NIAGARA - Afire (G finger 73) E(+)/E 300 20%OFF

Afrobeat madness, their final and the rarest! Fully laminated cover is tidy with minor sign of long storage. Record has a few light marks that do nothing.

NICO - Chelsea girl (US verve 67) CH S/S 350

Sealed, unopened Stereo original!

NICO, GIANNI, FRANK, MAURIZIO - Canti dfinnocenza canti dfesperienza (IT cetra 73) E(+)/E+ 250

Textured gatefold cover with 4 portrait pages inside. Cover has a hint of long storage, but still in gorgeous nick. Record appears barely played.

NIGHT SUN - Mournin' (G zebra 72) E(+)/E+ SOLD

Nearly immaculate copy! Fully laminated cover has little creasing and very small rub wear at bottom right corner. But, those are too slight to be noticed. Record is absolutely top! Includes Zebra inner.

NIRVANA - Songs of love and praise (UK philips 72) E(+)/E(+) 350

This album rarely talked about, but has some good moments. I like remaking edition of their classic song gRainbow Chaserh is the true winner! Record looks clean, but has a few background probably due to the pressing.

LA NOUVELLE FRONTIERE - same (CA gamma 70) DH,ML E/E- 80 20%OFF

Pre-Seguin, flower power Quebec hippie folk psych with lovely male/female vocals.

NOVA - Atlantis (FIN love 76) E/E(+) 200 20%OFF

Scarce Finnish prog with dominated organ, melodic songs, symphonic tinged dreamy arrangements. Great copy come with inner (one side middle split).

NOVALIS - Banished bridge (G brain 73) E/E- SOLD

Rarer than you think, orig first pressing on green label with Metronome logo housed in laminated gatefold cover. Record has usual light sleeve marks that barely audible.

NUEVO MEXICO - Grupo Nuevo Mexico vol. II (MEX orfeon 79) E(-)/V+ 150 20%OFF

Scarce first pressing housed in paste-on cover. Second effort of wild Mex hard prog with wah-wah leads and crude rhythm sections. Cover is in shrink although there are stain along the opening edge caused by once taped. Record looks OK, but kinda low tech pressing this is, so plays with moderate background noise.

I NUMI - Alpha ralpha boulevard (IT polaris 71) PML E/E+ 1350 20%OFF

As same label as Teoremi, this is follow up monster rarity in melodic heavy prog with dramatic vox, dreamy keys, and dazzling guitars from Trolls influence. Beautiful laminated cover has a small crack at the center area on the bottom seam, and minor scratches on the rear middle. Those are barely noticeable, and all in all the cover is in great nick!

NUOVA IDEA - Clowns (IT ariston 73) sBSP E/E 250 20%OFF

Their third and the most successful prog album by them with full of rhythm changing and symphonic elements. Small marks on A-2 that do not accept play.

NURSE WITH WOUND - To the quiet men from a tiny girl (UK united dairies 80) E+/M- 400 20%OFF

Limited edition of 500 hand-numbered original. Includes an insert showing an extended version of the "NWW list" plus 2 extra inserts from Come Organisation. All in all top archive condition!

NYL - same (F urus 76) E/E 125 20%OFF

Decent copy of French spacey prog featuring Jannick Top and other Magma, Ameson, Schizo related musicians. Dark heavy sounding in Amon Duul II or Bachdenkel realms.

O.P.M.C. - Product of pisces and capricorn (H pink elephant 71) V+/E(+) 150 20%OFF

Second album by English and Dutch duo, dreamy psych flower power with more accomplished pop elements. Laminated gatefold cover has nice exterior but moderately discolored on the inside due to humidity.

justen OfBRIEN & JAKE - Time will tell (US private 78) S/S SOLD

Top favorite here! Still Sealed original copy of highly sought-after psych crown jewel. Minimal bend due to tight shrink, but doesn't necessarily mention it. Record presumed Mint unplayed.

ODA - same (US loud 73) E(+)/E(+) SOLD

Cover is still in shrink with minimal shelf wear for its age. Record has light sign of bag rash that do not affect play. Other than that it looks like played only once or twice!

ODISSEA - same (IT rifi 73) E-/E- 150 20%OFF

Laminated gatefold cover has typical lamination wrinkling. Includes inner (split on all sides middle).

ODMENN - same (DEN parlophone 70) WCbi,sTCb E-/V+:V+ 600 20%OFF

Tremendous double album by heavy prog psych beast from Iceland. Orig first pressing released from Danish Parlophone. Housed in gatefold cover attached booklet to the inside. There are a@few coloring to the inside, overall cover is decent nick. Both records have some scuff type marks and light hairlines. Plays mostly Excellent with occasional minor ticks only.

haruzo OHARA - Nenasigusa (JAP nao 79) sSAb E(+)/E+ 160 20%OFF

Japanese rural folk housed in awesome psych cover art. Insert included.

OMEGA - same (UK sain 83) E-/E+ 190 20%OFF

Dramatic elaborated prog with heroic melodies, spacey key layers, wailing guitar leads and passionate vocal in Welsh tongue. Comes with insert.

OMEGA PLUS - How to kiss the sky (F pitch 69) E+/E(+) 850 20%OFF

Ultra heavy Cream influenced French blues psych trio with side long freaked out improv jam. Top copy!

ONCE - The hush (US workprint 81) E/E SOLD

Downer loner experimental acid folk psych with deep desperate vocals and wailing guitars. Has some atypical feedback guitar noise and sudden eerie effects. Record looks close to NM, but such a lo-fi pressing. So, donft expect to play Minty.

ONE - same (UK fontana 69) E/E(+) SOLD

Pretty neat UK original in gatefold cover with light usage only. Very hard to find UK copies in this clean. You will see more French press than UK.

seiji ONISHI - The works of Seiji Onishi 1966-1981, Great white light (JAP private 81) E-/E+ 1250 20%OFF

Amazing artifact of roaring wind noise performed by Seiji Onishi, Kazuo Kawasumi, Mituyoshi Shioya, and Goji Hamada. Housed in a LP-size book with 46 pages. B&W photos of the work of Seiji Onishi, text in English and Japanese. There are slight ring on the back, some soiling and light mildew spots on the book, but overall it's pretty neat.

ORANGE BICYCLE - same (UK parlophone 70) E(+)/E+ 350

Glorious copy of UK pop psych prog. Laminated flip-back cover is in the best shape Ifve seen in the last 10 years.!

ORANGE POWER - same (AUSTRIA philips 77) E/E+ 230 20%OFF

Scarce refined symphonic prog from Vienna featured vocalist Geno Pertot who released ultra rare solo effort called "Jew Nails" a year earlier. Front laminated cover has one micro pin hole upper middle, but apart from it the cover is quite decent. Comes with foldout insert. Record is Top!

ORCHESTRA NJERVUDAROV - Con le orecchie di eros (IT emi 79) OSP,RW V(+)/E- 200

Insane Avant-Garde jazz prog into RIO territory with radical complex arrangements and Zappa-esq freak-out twisted moves. Cover has moderate wear and a few blemishes, but still acceptable. Record has some light marks that hardly audible. Plays NM from the start to the finish.

ORGANISATION C - Viens tourner (CA clau-ver 78) sTC E(+)/M- 300 20%OFF

French Canadian lounge AOR disco bossa jazz, thought of Mutual Understanding meets Cortex! Small knock/rip at the opening edge that barely noticeable. Other than that the cover is beautiful, still in shrink! Record is immaculate!

ORION'S BEETHOVEN - Superangel (ARG polydor 73) sBSP,SP,sSKb V+/V+ 300 20%OFF

Dark heavy prog psych beast from Argentina. Cover has some tape residue on the inside of the album pocket but exterior retain nice. Record looks and play rather clean from South America except one visible mark on the end of side one that may create a couple of minor ticks only.

OS MUNDI - 43 minuten (G brain 72) WCi E-/E- 250 20%OFF

There is a initial written on the inside of the gatefold over, black on black, it barely visible.

OSTERDALSMUSIKK - same (NOR mai 75) OSP V+/V+ 90 20%OFF

Norwegian Jazz all star session featuring Torgrim Sollid, Lars Martin Thommassen, Jan Garbarek, Knut Riisn?s, and others.

OTHER HALF - same (US acta 68) E(+)/E+ 250 20%OFF

Raw garage fuzz hard psych featured guitarist Randy Holden soon to be joined Blue Cheer. Cover is tight and solid, quite nice example except minor discoloration from ages on the front lower. Record is Top!

OUT OF FOCUS - same (G kuckuck 71) E-/E- 330 20%OFF

Laminated cover has wrinkling upper left-hand, some small creasing, lamination lifting, and corner rubbing, but still keeper for most. Record has fair amount of light marks and surface scuffs, but those are barely affect playback. Plays Excellent for sure.

OUTLAWS - Cominf down the valley (NOR cloudberry 75) E/E+ 250 20%OFF

Norwegian driving prog featuring strong female vox with stinging guitars and swirling keys in the realm of Savage Ross or Earth & Fire.

OVERFLOW - same (MEX orfeon 85) V+/E(+) 150

Rather obscure, but pretty cool Mexican symphonic prog with real beautiful arrangements presented in. Odd glue residue on the upper front cover probably caused by manufacturing error. Otherwise the cover is neat. Record looks clean but kinda lo-fi pressing.

roberts OWEN - Immature oocytes (US private 82) sTCb E/E+ 100 20%OFF

Solo effort of the main guy from legendary US prog Maelstrom. Plays free jazz, improve, RIO, avant-garde, electronic. Quite academic and esoteric.

OXFORDS - Flying up through the sky (US union jac 70) S/S 380

Perfect Sealed original of soft psych into acid leaking folk psych with esthetic female vocals.

paroni PAAKKUNAINEN - Plastic maailma (FIN scandia 71) E/E 1150 20%OFF

One of the rarest and off-the-beaten Finnish underground session featuring brutal vocal by Apollo/Kalevala guy and amazing drum performance by Edward Vesala. Very strange mix of psych, blues, prog, jazz, and folk, even trippy Eastern moves with Tull-ish Paroni's aggressive flute licks, wild fuzz outburst, doomy swirling organs, sitar, angelic female vox, etc... is there anything else you need? Great copy!

PACIFIC DRIFT - Feelin' free (UK deram nova 70) E/E- 250 20%OFF

Underrated organ prog in Life After Death, Quicksand, Big Sleep vein. Rarer MONO comes with red lined inner.

PACIFIC SNOW BAND - Volume number one (US brother studios 76) TCb E-/E- 120 20%OFF

West Coast breezy folk soft rock with lovely male/female vocals, electric guitars, flute, synth and subtle psych tended arrangements here and there.

stephen PADGETT - The boy canft help himself (US red 82) ACb V+/E+ 80

Still ungoogled AOR citi pop SSW out of Burbank, CA.

IL PAESE DEI BALOCCHI - same (IT cgd 72) E+/E 225

Very nice copy of refined Italian prog gem housed in a beautiful gatefold cover comes complete with inner. Record shows some surface marks caused by inner, but none of them are audible nor feelable.

PAISLEYS - Cosmic mind at play (US peace 70) M-/M- 1000 20%OFF

Totally spotless copy of classic Minnesota acid rock mind blower. Rarer blue label.

PALADIN - same (UK bronze 71) E+/E+ SOLD

Textured gatefold cover is amazingly clean! Couldn't be better!

tony PALKOVIC - Born with a desire (US deepwater 85) E+/E+ 200 20%OFF

Cult synth funk jazz fusion with highly doped digital drumming. Rarer promo copy!

PAN - same (DEN sonet 70) SAb E-/E- 750 20%OFF

Pretty much decent copy for such a fragile cover. There are light to medium seam rubbing, but no splits. Otherwise intact. Record has some faint marks, plays flawlessly though.

PANTA REI - same (SWE harvest 73) E(+)/E(+) 550 20%OFF

Violence dual guitar driven hard prog with jamming psych tendency ala Kebnekaise and Trettioariga Kriget. Nice copy!

vangelis PAPATHANASSIOU - Sex power (F philips 70) E/E- 270 20%OFF

Master-mind of Aphrodite's Child, cult French movie sound track of his first solo effort. French original black label housed in laminated gatefold cover.

sam PARRY - If sadness could sing (UK argo 72) E(+)/E+ SOLD

Unexpectedly found, NM original of loner introspective UK folk rarity in Nick Drake, Roy Harper realms. Record appears hardly played with full of luster!

PATAPHONIE - Le matin blanc (F feeri music 78) E(+)/E+ 350 20%OFF

Some hate this type of music, but some (including me) love it badly. One of the most intelligent French jazz rock inspired by RIO or Canterbury school than Zeuhl I presume. Totally dark ominous ambience in sounds with omnipresent avant-garde factors. This copy has a large poster that seldom seen before.

PATRIARCH - First hand (US t.e.d. 83) E(+)/M- 350 20%OFF

Very rare 4 tracks 12" EP epic prog hard rock out of Lawrence, Kansas. Superb dual leads, dramatic vocals, keys pumping and unusual violin threw in make this fantastic! Highly recommended if you like melodic hard or private AOR.

sandi PATTY - For my friends (US burlap sound inc. 78) AC E/E- 330 20%OFF

Limited pressed Xian female jazz modern soul. A few mild pops between B2 and B3, but mostly plays great.

flavio PAULIN - same (IT rca 79) E/E+ 180 20%OFF

Great song writer and a former member of I Cugini Di Campagna, his first solo effort of brilliant new wave synth pop in Eno and Kraftwerk influences. Very much similar style to Ultravox in "Systems Of Romance" era.

joe PEACE - Finding peace of mind (US private 72) lSP V+/E(+) SOLD

Hippie fuzz psych folk rocker from Ohio. Top seam split about 20cm from the right-hand edge. Other than that it's decent.

mark PENDLETON - U.S. highway (US mpc 82) E(+)/E- 30 20%OFF

Obscure folk SSW from Virginia with full band backing including electric guitar and organs. A bit psych outsider elements, but not so obviously.

PENTWATER - same (US beef 77) E(+)/E(+) 230 20%OFF

Great private prog out of Chicago inspired from YES, ELP, Gentle Giant. Nice copy come with insert.

PERCEPTION - same (F futura 71) E(+)/M- 220 20%OFF

French free jazz featuring Jeff Seffer, Didier Levallet, Jean-My Truong, Siegfried Kessler. Record virtually unplayed!

PERCEPTION & FRIENDS - same (F a.d.m.i. 73) E/E(+) 330 20%OFF

French free jazz avant-garde featuring Yochk'O Seffer who later formed ZAO. Limited handmade cover with silkscreened on the front and paste-on the back. The best copy I've seen last 20 years!

PERCEPTION - Mestari (F le chant du monde 74) E(+)/E(+) 80 20%OFF

Beautiful orig copy of their 3rd and the last effort.

chuck and mary PERRIN - The Chuck and Mary Perrin album (US websterfs last word 68) E/V+ 700

Legendary Midwest male/female folk rock psych housed in thick gatefold cover. Record looks fine with light sporadic marks and a few minor scratches. Plays throughout great with occasional faint crackles that are not disturbing.

chuck and mary PERRIN - The next of kin (US websterfs last word 70) E+/E 500

Their second, and rather soft rock moves than pure folk with more relax and comfort in vibes. Cover is still in shrink, record has a few inaudible marks only.

frank PERRY AND THE BIG ACTION SOUND - Super songs by Tom Letchworth (US chromastar 73) TC E/E- 125

Unknown spaced-out lounge pop oddball with laying spooky keys and mellotron-like orchestration. There is a small abrasion on the front bottom right where someone neatly restored it.

park PETERS - Anonymously yours (US private 82) SA,sWC E-/V+ 90 20%OFF

Private blue eyed soul mellow folk with some jazz elements. Occasional light ticks caused by a handful of small marks, but nothing too disturbing.

dan PETERSON - Voices of the trees (US radix 79) WCb V+/E 180 20%OFF

Unknown Midwest private folk. Been told only 100 pressed as promo purpose. Mostly guitar instrumental ala Fahey or Basho, but a few tracks contain vocal, piano, and flute. Cover has light to medium brownish spots on the rear upper right-hand.

PETRUS CASTRUS - Ascencao e queda (POR decca 78) SA E-/M- 220 20%OFF

They released monster debut "Mestre" in 1973, this is their second effort, less psych but more sophisticated symphonic zone in the realm of Genesis, Camel, and Renaissance. Sticker stain on the front top left, otherwise cover is tidy. Record virtually unplayed! Comes complete with elusive insert!

PHOLAS DACTYLUS - Concerto delle menti (IT magma 73) RWb,SKb,sTCb E-/E- 500 20%OFF

Fragile gatefold cover has some storage wear, but relatively mild for its age. Peterfs import sticker on the rear. There is a 16cm long cut mark on the rear right-hand that barely visible since the previous owner neatly blacked it. Inner is included, and is in great nick. Record has a few inaudible light marks, plays surprisingly well.

PICCHIO DAL POZZO - same (IT grog 76) E-/E- SOLD

Pretty unique Italian jazz rock prog heavily influenced by Canterbury school. Gatefold cover has some rub wear and staining, but no obvious issues. Record has a handful of light marks that hardly affect playback.

PICCHIO DAL POZZO - Abbiamo tuttii suoi problem (IT l'orchestra 80) E(+)/E+ 300 20%OFF

More avant-garde in RIO style jazz prog in Henry Cow, Muffins, Aksak Maboul vein. Comes complete with insert and 7" flexi disc (flexi looks like it got some chemical reaction on the surface due to long storage, but plays no problem).

PING PONG - About time (IT emiliana 71) E-/E(+) 250

Superb Italian jazz tended prog rock with English vocals, flowing flutes, and solid guitar actions. Flimsy cover has light general wear and creasing, but no splits.

PIRANA - same (AUS harvest 71) RWb E-/V+ SOLD

Laminated gatefold cover has light general wear and a few minor flaking along the spine. Record has a few light hairlines and surface scuffs, plays throughout fine with occasional mild ticks.

PIRANHAS - Somethin' fishy (US custom fidelity 65) WL,WCb E-/E 230 20%OFF

Underground surf garage oddity on the same label as Mary Butterworth.

dave PLAEHN - Smokin (US pilot 80) S/S 70

Brilliant yacht rock blue eyed soul. Still Sealed, unopened!

PLUS - No pisar el infinito (ARG t.k. 76) fBOTP,TCb V+/E- 250 0%OFF

Terrific South American hard psych blues rock in real crude, brutal sounding all over! Gatefold cover has moderate wear, but still acceptable. Record is way better looking than usual.

pekka POHJOLA - Pihkasilma kaarnakorva (FIN love 72) SKb,RWb E-/M- 100 20%OFF

His first solo effort of Wigwam fame. No rim label first pressing. Cover has light wear from its age. Although the front is beautiful. Record virtually unplayed!

john POLCE - The call (US brotherly love productions 76) E+/S 180 20%OFF

Dark melancholic xian folk psych in the vein similar to Charlie Earnst, Dave Bixby, Dennis Ryder.

POLESTAR 1 - Flying thru the universe (US rascal 80) RW E-/E+ 150

Sci-fi prog hard rock with dazzling guitar leads.@

PONCE PILATE - Les enfants du cimetiere (F private 85) E(+)/E+ 230 20%OFF

Very obscure cult French hard rock with underground metal elements and enigmatic prog vibes.

POP WORKSHOP - Song of the pterodactyl (SWE grammofonverket 74) SL E(+)/E 200 20%OFF

Quite good fusion jazz cosmopolitan unit featuring Janne Schaffer, Tony Williams, Mads Vinding (Ex-Burnin Red Ivanhoe), Wlodek Gulgowski.

POPOL ACE - Stolen from time (G polydor 76) E(+)/M- 140 20%OFF

Post-Popol Vuh from Norway, this is their first release after changed name. A year earlier German orig (Norwegian copies were made from 1977) comes complete with elusive poster! Laminated cover has a small bump to bottom right corner, but otherwise great. Record is immaculate, played probably once or twice ever.

POPOL VUH - same (NOR polydor 72) E/E(-) 250 20%OFF

Pre-Popol Ace, rare Norwegian prog influenced by Crimson, Tull, Genesis with superb interplays. Comes in smooth gatefold cover.

POPOL VUH - Seligpreisung (G kosmische music 73) E/E- 110 20%OFF

Laminated gatefold cover has light discoloration for its age, other than that itfs tidy and crisp. Record looks close to NM, but somehow a bit crackly.

POPOL VUH - Letzte tage letzte nachte (G united artists 76) E+/E+ 215 20%OFF

Rarely seen beautiful archive copy of their most fascinating album in prog rock tendency.

POWER OF ZEUS - The gospel according to zeus (US rare earth 70) CC E+/E(+) 200 20%OFF

Stunning NM copy, the cover is still in shrink. 1cm x 1.5cm cut at top right corner.

POWERGLIDE - Glide on (US eko 82) E(+)/E(+) 200 20%OFF

Very rare Midwest AOR hard rock with pomp prog tendency. Pretty good one in this genre.

john PRICE - Beginner's luck (US private 84) AC E+/E- 120 20%OFF

Certainly unknown private folk SSW with organic pastoral atmosphere, subtle psych flavor, and some smooth AOR act. Record has a tiny amount of heat mark on the edge that affect minor woosh before the music starts. Then, it disappears. Insert includes.

nancy PRIDDY - Youfve come this way before (US dot 68) PSK,BOSP E-/E(+) 160

Rarer promo MONO original with a sticker on the front top left. Gatefold cover has some light general wear and clean bottom seam split.

PRINCIPAL EDWARDS - Round one (UK deram 74) SK E(-)/E(+) 60 20%OFF

Their third and the last produced by Nick Mason ex-Pink Floyd.

PRISONER - same (US big k 79) E-/E 80 20%OFF

Ex-JPT Scare Band, local AOR hard rock out of Kansas City. Some fantastic guitar leads especially cuts like hItfs A Jungleh and hBurn In Hellh.

PROCOL HARUM - A salty dog (UK regal zonophone 69) E/E(+) 200 20%OFF

Orig comes in fully laminated cover. No spindle marks on labels!

PROF. WOLFFF - same (G metronome 72) E-/E- 750 20%OFF

Ultra rare German dark heavy prog. Infamous gatefold cover has lamination peeling off completely as usual. But, it doesn't have typical cut hole. Besides lamination peeling, the cover is rather decent compared with most of others. Record has some small marks. Plays almost great with a few light crackles on quiet sections.

PROFIL - For you (G brutkasten 82) E-/E+ 380 20%OFF

Highly efficient jazz rock prog fusion in Moira, Exil, Gebarvaterli vein. Black cover has light to medium shelf wear due to the fragile nature of material, but itfs better than average for sure.

PROTOS - One day a new horizon (UK airship 82) E-/E 450 20%OFF

Refined instrumental symphonic prog in Camel, Genesis vein with lyrical guitars and splendid keys layers.

PUMPKIN - same (H bubble 75) E(+)/E(+) 275

Havenft seen for ages. Killer Dutch jazz funk at its finest!


Obscure school project plays a little weird psych pop with dreamy chorus and primitive self productions.

Q65 - Revival (H decca 69) BSP V+/V 180 20%OFF

Another Dutch garage psych wild boy, their wildest and the most sought-after one. Record looks rather rough due to party use as always for this title, but plays surprisingly well with barely audible crackles.

steven QUARELLA - Book of love (US rpc 77) E/E- 130 20%OFF

Obscure xian folk psych SSW backed by a band without drums. All original songs.

QUATERMASS - same (UK harvest 70) E/E- 215 20%OFF

No EMI labels housed in laminated gatefold cover. Faint mark caused by a finger nail on side one that does nothing.

QUIET SUN - Mainstream (UK island 75) E/E 40 20%OFF

UK original comes with inner. 4 digit number written inside the album pocket.

QUILL - same (US cotillion 70) CN E(+)/E+ 125 20%OFF

Art psych proto-prog in Touch, Stark Naked, Bull Angus vein. 2cm saw cut from lower left edge.

RACCOMANDATA RICEVUTA RITORNO - Per...un mondodi cristallo (IT cetra 72) E(+)/E 580 20%OFF

Laminated gatefold cover is pretty tidy. Record looks NM, and hardly played. But, somehow it plays a little crackly due to the pressing.

RADIOMOBEL - Gudang garam (SWE chockskivor 78) E+/E 300 20%OFF

Crude prog psych outfit from Swedish underground. Rahther unpolished but very interesting mix of jazz rock and spaced-out symphonic with a dash of drug leakiness.

RAGNAROK - same (NZ revolution 75) TCb,sWCb,SL V+/V+ 130 20%OFF

Debut of Kiwi melodic prog featuring beautiful female vocal who are not participate next release. Some minor issues on the back, but front cover is clean.

RAINBOW THEATRE - The armada (AUS clear light of Jupiter 75) E-/E 130 20%OFF

First release of Aussie prog rarity housed in nice psych drawing gatefold cover. Some streak marks on the lamination.

RANDOM - Nothin' tricky (US private 77) S/S 50 20%OFF

Inspired by Henry Cow, Midwest 3 male + 2 female jazz rock RIO avant-garde.

RANDOM ELEMENT - Afternoon in Milan (US rocking horse 77) S/S 180 20%OFF

Still Sealed original of still obscure guitar psych hard rock with cutting fuzz showcase and waving synth.

7" RAVELLES - Psychedelic movement/She's forever on my mind (US mobie 68) /E(+) 250 20%OFF

Highly doped psych mind blower.

RAVJUNK - Uppsala stadshotell brinner (SWE private 77) E/E 500 20%OFF

Always favorite Swedish private hard psych with punk attitude on side one, and long hypnotic instrumental journey on side two. Quite unique album from the start to the finish in their own way. Flimsy cover has starting ring on upper and lower area, but that's all. Much better example compared with most of others turned up for sell lately.

tony RAY - 4 DB hot (CA arca publications ltd. 77) S/S 90 20%OFF

Canadian rural folk rock psych with cool driving guitar leads in Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young influences. Originally released from Polaris in 1975, this is 2 years later repress in different cover.

REALM - Time tales (US system 83) E(+)/E(+) 25 20%OFF

US synth prog. Address blacked out to the rim text on labels.

RED BUD THUNDER - American rock & roll (US feldergarb 80) E(+)/E+ 65 20%OFF

Midwest local hard rock with full of stinging dual leads.

RED CRAYOLA - The parable of arable land (US international artists 67) E+/S 300 20%OFF

Amazing Sealed original copy of rarer MONO pressing.

7' RED WHITE & BLUES - Last train to Georgia/Far far away (SWE green light 71) PSL E/E+ 180 20%OFF

Obscure Swedish hard fuzz psych. They only released this single. Orange marble wax with a picture sleeve.

don REDA - Dusty dreams and memories (US private 79) RW,sSP V+/E 350 20%OFF

Pretty much unknown DIY folk rock housed in same generic cover as Birmingham Sunday. The first side reminds me of Justen O'Brien & Jake or Doc Holiday with late night dreamy psych vibes. Although other side is more into lofi boogie AOR zone, but still enjoyable for its obscurity.

luellen REESE - same (US musician's co-op international 81) sSD,RWb,sTL E-/E+ 200 20%OFF

Californian private female outsider album ranging from West Coast folk rock SSW to smooth funk mellowness. Some small tears from a tag removal on the label of side one.

REIGN GHOST - same (CA allied 68) DH E+/E+ 1000

Amazingly clean original copy of wonderful Canadian psych.

REIGN GHOST - Featuring Lynda Squires (CA paragon 70) E/E- SOLD

Much rarer second effort with more magnificent mind melting guitar leads thrown in. Front cover is tidy with zero ring, while the back has moderate discoloration. Record has a few visible hairlines that barely affect playback.

RELAY - Now appearing (US eidolon 86) S/S 90 20%OFF

Rare 5 tracks mini-album of private hard rock AOR from San Diego.

REMAINS - same (US epic 66) RW,sSP,WCb,PSL E-/V+ 330 20%OFF

Stereo original. Cover has some wear but still a keeper. Record has certain amount of faint marks, but plays smoothly.

RESIDENTS - Meet the Residents (US ralph 74) S/S SOLD

Incredible find, still Sealed original copy of cult experimental outfit from bay area!

jupiter REY BAND WITH LILLY ROSE - Dance with me (US stunt 78) E(+)/E- 30 20%OFF

Female vocal modern soul AOR boogie from Colorado.

jorge REYES / ANTONIO ZEPEDA - A la lzquierda del Colibri (MEX philips 86) E-/E- 125 20%OFF

The best Mexican ambient prog new age unique blending of spiritual, tribal atmospheric sounds and sci-fi electronic walls. Cover is in shrink, comes with insert.

RHYTHM PRAISE BAND - Cruisin (CA new born 80) WC E-/E+ 250

Scarce Canadian funk AOR modern soul. Supposedly the name written on the front cover bottom left that previous owner tried to paint out.

RICH BEGGARS - Here comes (JAP teichiku 71) E(+)/E+ 850 20%OFF

Exceptionally clean copy of outstanding Japanese garage rock clearly influenced by Mersey Beat and 60's British Mod. All their original and all sung in English. Pretty much ambition for international success. Though sales were bad. Housed in laminated flip-back cover includes insert.

dean RICHARD - Almost alone (US t&r 79) E-/E 150 20%OFF

Oddly overcooked private modern soul funk AOR with spacey moog/synth, some trippy effects, and sweet vocals.

RICKENSTEIN - same (US raw 80) E/E- 65 20%OFF

Private smooth mellow jazz funk boogie.

RIFF RAFF - same (UK rca victor 73) E-/E- 65 20%OFF

Medium crease upper right-hand, other than that cover is decent with light general storage wear. Record has faint scuffs and a few superficial hairlines, plays great without noticeable crackles.

EL RITUAL - same (MEX raff 71) SP,RW V(+)/E- SOLD

Mexican hard psych at its finest. First pressing comes in a thick gatefold cover. Cover has moderately seam rubbing and normal rub wear on the front and back. Record is much better than usual. It shows not much scratching or obvious scuffing. Has just evidence of some surface marks that barely affect playback.

ROBIN - Don't give up the ship (US century 77) sTC E-/E 130 20%OFF

Dreamy prog folk new age with beautiful female vocals and plenty of organic instruments. Comes with foldout insert.

chris ROBISON - Manchild (US gypsy frog 74) sSP,sOSP E/E(+) 90 20%OFF

His second effort in glam psych funk with homosexual theme.

ROCK ISLAND - same (US project3 70) S/S 250 20%OFF

Brand-new unopened original copy of loud blazing hard psych with organ and fuzz battles.

ROCK PILOT - Last departure (JAP private 72) E/E- 450 20%OFF

Their unknown second album comes in homemade cover. As rare as Jacks "Live".

claude RODAP FREGATE ORCHESTRA - Syn ka (F fregate studio 82) E+/E(+) 350 20%OFF

Cosmic electronic reggae fusion with massive synth layers and percussive rhythm & grooves by French Caribbean musicians. Beautiful copy!

ROJAYS - Jerusalem (US private 7?) E/E+ 85 20%OFF

Strange blue eyed soul lounge disco boogie by husband and wife with many local backup musicians. Cover is still in shrink although rubbing on the spine.

ROLLER BROS. BAND - same (US private 79) E-/E(+) 150 20%OFF

Brothers ex-member of Morly Grey play funk rock boogie with some prog-ish keys. Includes inner.

bonny ROLLIES - same (INDONESIA abc 7?) /E(-) 400 20%OFF

Ex-Rollies, his first solo effort contains dreamy prog, beautiful ballads, and terrific funk AOR disc breaks. Promo only disc without proper cover, but this copy has a bonus photo copied DIY cover made by Indonesian collector.

RONTHEO - same (G breitkopf 76) E/E+ 200 20%OFF

Very atmospheric melancholic folk psych brilliance for Canadian and German duo in Subway and Langsyne realms.

eric lou ROOT - Don't worry (H wortel production 87) M-/E+ 150 20%OFF

Acid leaking Dutch electric reggae with totally mind blowing long trip dub.

stephen c. ROSE / BILL HORWITZ & FRIENDS - A stranger named peace (US persephone music 78) SK E-/E+ 30 20%OFF

Obscure private xian folk singer song writier with violin, organ, and some psych overtones. Some light brownish stain on the rear and the spine.

7" RPS - Do It Yourself / Unconscious Living (US mission 81) E(+)/E(+) 350 20%OFF

This is very rare non-album 45's with picture sleeve that released after they added new vocalist, and their sound became more prog rock oriented.

RUBINHO E MAURO ASSUMPCAO - Perfeitamente justamente quando cheguei (BRA tapecar 72) ML,sTC V+/V+ SOLD

Very rare Brazilian folk rock tropicalia with psych elements. Flimsy laminated cover has a large crease on the back cover, but strangely there are none appeared on the front. Record has a moderate amount of marks and scuffs, but plays smoothly with some faint background.

RUFUS ZUPHALL - Weib der Teufel (G good will 70) RW,TC V+/E 850 20%OFF

Very flimsy cover has some wear and damages, but still a lot better than average. Usually more trashed. Record is nice, too!

RUMPLE STILTZKEN COMUNE - Wrong from the beginning (CH artus 78) E/E 300 20%OFF

Hardly ever offered before, Swiss private prog with theatrical playing in clearly Genesis and VDGG influential.

RUPA - Disco jazz (INDIA megaphone 82) lSP,TCb V-/V+ 1250 20%OFF

This is incredible! Indian female disco boogie grail. Flimsy cover has lengthy splits both top and bottom seams, moderately soiling and discoloring on the rear, but definitely a keeper from India. Couldn't be better! Record looks VG+ with a fair amount of surface marks, but no deeper scratches or ugly marks. Plays really well from beginning to end. No annoying crackles or such. Excellent player indeed.

becky RYAN - same (US blossom 77) E+/S 330 20%OFF

SF hippie female cosmic folk psych produced by David Blossom ex- Fifty Foot Hose! Nice mix of acoustic and electric with atmospheric echony productions. Small crack at top seam middle, but it's still Sealed, unopened!