IBLISS - Supernova (G aamok 72) sWL E(+)/E+ 330

Related to Kraftwerk, jazz prog Krautrock venture with astonishing fast, furious percussions and intense leads on the opening track and more into ethnic fusion and spacey psych jazz moves on the rest. Laminated gatefold cover is tidy and crisp with some stamps on the inside of album pocket. Record is Top!

ICARUS - The marvel world of (UK pye international 72) E(+)/E+ 500

Outstanding condition of UK psych prog venture.

ICE - Opus 1 (G time 80) E+/E+ 400

Privately released obscure German underground hard rock with incondite sound productions but guitar leads are outstanding, and has certain passion in their music. I know some people don't dig it, but I rate it highly. Because, I like lo-fi unpolished hard rock. Also, love those English vocals with German accent

IGGINBOTTOM - Igginbottom's wrench (UK deram 69) E/E(+) 500

Stereo orig of great UK jazz prog rock featuring young Alan Holdsworth. Cover has a few creasing and small lamination lifting around corners, but besides those it's pretty neat. Record has faint scuffs caused by inner sleeve. Plays NM though. Comes with blue lined inner.

ILL WIND - Flashes (US abc 68) DH,RW E-/E+ 250

This is rarer Monarch pressing on glossy labels with no error on "High Flying Bird". Cover has light ring wear, but still tight and crisp. Record is gorgeous NM!

INCREDIBLE HOG - same (F columbia 73) E+/E 170

Near Mint French orig housed in different cover art than UK. Cover looks like brand-new! Record is also beautiful. But, there are a few pressing bubbles that create occasional minor crackles.

INFLITE - First in flite (US anchor 85) E+/E+ 120

Superb hard rock metal from Texas. Immaculate copy!

INSCIR TRANSIT EXPRESS - Missa est (F le kiosque d'orphee 78) sTC E-/E- BID

Probably the rarest and the best album on the much loved French custom label Kiosque d'Orphee. Surprisingly unique, one and only sounding from French underground at that time. If no info given, you must doubt it is American private pressing psych. Raw crude garage production with killer fuzz wah blasting, mystical blurred organ and overwhelming echoed drum breaks from the start to finish! All lyrics are in English. Reminds me of Rubber Memory or Daybreak on RPC, and also dash of Shadrack Chameleon elements. Totally great album to my ears. Housed in hand made cover with member photos primitively pasted on the rear.

IONA - Cuckoo (UK silverscales 78) E(+)/E(+) 55

Key dominated light prog pop rock in Sailor, Pilot realm.

IRAKLIS - Se allous kosmous (GREECE emi 76) sCN,SKb E(+)/M-:M- 450

Very huge and quite unique Greek prog folk rock double LP contains heavy guitar actions, mellotron/moog gogo, swirling sound effects, tons of exotic instruments, strong male vox and beautiful fem vox! Both records are hardly any signs of play!

IRON DUKE - Gammel dansk (DEN sun 77) SKb E(+)/E(+) 90

Key dominated symphonic prog with some adventurous moves in Scandinavian traditions.

IZUKAITZ - same (SP xoxoa 78) sWC E/E(+) 220

Basque folf prog housed in nice laminated gatefold cover comes with insert (has some stain spotting). Record shows a few surface marks that do nothing.

IZVIR - same (YUGOSLAVIA rtv 77) RW V+/E(+) 500

Along with OKO, one of the rarest album from Yugoslavia. Housed in sinister cover art.

JACKSON HEIGHTS - Ragamuffins fool (UK vertigo 72) E/E(+) 260

Swirl orig in relief cover comes complete with elusive poster in beautiful nick! Record is beautiful with one inaudible faint hairline on side one. Plays brilliant. Swirl inner includes.

JACKSON HEIGHTS - Bump'n'grind (UK vertigo 73) E+/E+ 120

Top archive copy! Orig spaceship label comes in laminated gatefold cover.

JADE - Fly on strangewings (UK djm 70) sTC E-/E(+) 230

Dreamy folk rock featuring Marianne Segal. Gatefold cover has a few minimal tear scuffs and minor corner bend, but overall pretty neat.

JADE STONE & LUV - Mosaics pieces of stone (US jade 77) CC,TCb,NSP V(+)/E+ 350

Rather unpolished but unexpectedly skillful psych pop hipster that oddly blended underground local rock and mainstream AOR grooviness. Small corner cut at top right, but still has a hype sticker. And, this copy contains super rare poster which first time I came across. Cover is slight tatty, but record is exceptionally clean, and most important the poster is unused with light handling wear only.

JADE WARRIOR - Last autumn's dream (UK vertigo 72) E(+)/E(+) 300

Swirl label orig in very nice nick aside from a small stamp on the inside of album pocket. Sorry, but no Swirl inner.

JAIM - Prophecy fulfilled (US ethereal 69) E(+)/E 220

Nice gentle sunshine pop baroque soft psych with melodic harmony vocals in the vein reminds me of Sage & Seer and Jade in parts.

JANDEK - Your turn to fall (US corwood 83) E+/E+ 180

Texan cult outsider, his 7th solo effort, and certainly harder to find one, with strumming guitars, drum disturbance, and always manic downer vocals.

JANUS - Gravedigger (G harvest 72) SK E(+)/E- 300

Laminated cover comes complete with insert! Both cover and record are very clean except one shallow hairline on the end of side two that affect barely audible minimal ticks only.

JARNGUSTAV - Tiden laker inga sar (SWE nacksparr 78) sTC,WC V+/E(+) 300

Private hard rock with dual leads and native tongue. Very primitive sounding, but side long suite is epic! Some writing on the front cover in GU from the band name. Comes with elusive 12 page booklet.

JASON'S FLEECE - same (SWE mercury 70) E/E+ 70

Very underrated Swedish melodic psych mix of early prog and jazz rock featuring mighty Red Mitchell on double bass. Housed in gatefold cover with stapled inner pages (lower part slightly comes loose).

JENGHIZ KHAN - Well cut (F barclay 70) E(+)/E- 300

French orig of Belgian hard prog rarity.

JEREMY B. - This is my life (G bacillus 72) E(+)/E- 35

Aka Jeremy Bender, his one and only solo effort backed by Wyoming and Jeronimo members.

JERICHO - same (UK a&m 72) E(+)/E- 450

Not to be confused with counterfeit copies that often sell in markets as original. Here is 100% authentic orig copy of post-Jericho Jones top level hard rock blaster! Fragile cover is the nicest possible example you can expect! Record is also clean except one small mark on the end of B-1 that makes a little ticks, the rest looks and play NM!

JERUSALEM - same (UK deram 72) sSDb E(-)/E(+) 500

Brown label first pressing. One shallow hairline on side two that absolutely not sounding!

JODY GRIND - Far canal (UK transatlantic 70) E(-)/E(+) 180

Brit hard prog rarity. Cover is not pristine, but well preserved. Small amount of lamination lifting and a few light creases. Back cover is a lot better than average. Record is clean, and plays NM all around.

JOHN THE REVELATOR - Wild blues (H decca 70) OSP V+/E 200

Scarce Dutch blues psych legend.

JOIN IN - Kentalope island (G menga 74) E(+)/E 200

Underrated Krautrock jazz tenged prog as same label as Think "Variety". One small visible mark on the end of B-1 that does not affect playback.

al JONES - Alun Ashworth Jones (UK parlophone 69) E/E+ 350

Excellent folk gem on yellow/black label Stereo orig comes in laminated flip-back cover. Inevitable minor ring imprints on the front, but lamination gloss is high, and the rear is nearly pristine. Record is surprisingly clean!

JONESY - Keeping up (UK dawn 73) E(+)/E(+) 160

Their second and the hardest to find a clean cover indeed. Not for mint fanatic, but very nice example without obvious issues for such a flimsy matt finished gatefold cover. Transparent dark burgundy wax with purple labels. Includes insert.

JOSEFUS - Dead man (US hookah 70) sTC E(+)/E+ BID

Amazingly cover is still in shrink, terrific hard psych monster from Texas.

JOY - Thunderfoot (US paula 72) RW,sSK V+/E(+) 50

Bombastic organ hard psych recommended to fans for Hammer, Good Thunder, Boomerang.

7" JOY DIVISION - An ideal for living (UK enigma 78) E(+)/E(+) BID

Guaranteed orig copy of bloody rare 7" EP in amazingly nice condition! 4 foldout poster sleeve is tidy and bright with very minor blemish on the rear. Minimal creases on folds, but no tears or rips. Record has a few paper scuff type superficial marks only. No scratches! Only one or two faint spindle marks on each labels. Really in fantastic condition for its rarity. You'll never seen another in this beautiful nick!

JUDAS JUMP - Scorch (UK parlophone 70) sTCb E/E 100

Laminated gatefold cover is in nice shape with minor storage wear only. Record shows some faint marks from inner sleeve, but plays Near Mint throughout.

JUSTIN HEATHCLIFF - same (JAP atlantic 71) sTCb E-/E+ BID

In fact one of the hardest find record from Japan, Beatles-esq magical psych pop with all English vocals. Textured black cover with name printed in gold comes with lyric insert. Slight dog-earing top right corner, and small amount of peeled paper on the rear bottom right. Slightly rubbing on the spine, but narrowly readable words on it. All in all, still highly acceptable condition for such a mega rarity. Record has rarer promo blue label, and looks and play Top!

KALEIDOSCOPE - A beacon from mars (US epic 68) M-/E(+) 200

Second effort of American Kaleidoscope, and their rarest for sure. Trippy Oriental moved psych folk rock. Beautiful Stereo orig. Cover is still in shrink. Record has one shallow mark across track two and three on side two that absolutely does not affect play!

KALEMARIS - Staldfraes (DEN scan folk 74) E+/E(+) 220

Danish private pressing with smashing fuzz assaults, wild freaked out vocals, and charged rhythm sections cross between hard psych and radical punk. I really love this one along with Ravjunk!

KALLABASH CORP. - same (US uncle bill 70) BSP E-/E 70

Hippie rural psych with mix of blues, jazz and country rock flavors.

tomoaki KAMIJO KK BAND - Dear my friend (JAP kk corporation 79) E(+)/E+ BID

Hopelessly rare, and still only a few copies known to exist in collector's circle. This is actually third Martha album whose first one is one of the rarest and highly sought-after Japanese private pressing psych. All English vocals (quite well), elaborate songs, atmospheric keys, some outstanding fuzz outburst. Great album for fans of Martha or Justin Heathcliff! Housed in gorgeous gatefold cover includes two inserts that were xeroxed his hand written lyrics. Incredible condition for such a hard to find record!

KATHARSIS - Drivin too fast (US private 83) E+/E+ 130

Unknown local xian rock from Virginia with thick blistering fuzz assaults and some funky AOR moves like cross between 4th Movement and Random Element. 6 tracks short album, and 4 are with fuzz. Slight warp does not affect play.

KATTEGATT - Alla barnen gar en svang (SWE selma 81) TL E/E+ 250

Very obscure Swedish private pressing that could be inspired by Zappa or Samla Mammas Manna. First side is something unexpected easygoing tropical pop funk with Calypso flavor, but suddenly shift changes to skillful jazz fusion that I've never heard before such a strange hybridizing! Second side is more fascinating with start to melodic symphonic prog in typical Scandinavian manner, but again they ride to the speedway crossover with high energy drinks, then move to lengthy prog tended jazz rock in very complex arrangements with massive rhythm patterns and driving guitars and keys. This is totally dope to my ears. And, the album cover is awesome, too!

takashi KAZAMAKI / CHIE MUKAI - Kaze o aruku : Live at the strange fruit (JAP fool 83) E+/E+ 120

Immaculate copy of Japanese underground free improvisation.

bert KEELY - Take me home (US manhole music 79) E/V+ 180

Edgy lost folk psych SSW from Bay Area with echo treated electric leads and dark emotional vocals at the highest loneliness. Some minor ticks, but mostly plays NM.

dave KELLY - Keeps it in the family (UK mercury 69) E+/M- 400

First solo effort of Ex-John Dummer Blues Band fame. Cover is tight, square, crisp with minimal lamination lifting only. Record looks like brand-new, plays absolutely flawless!

jo-ann KELLY - same (UK cbs 69) E+/E+ 350

Top archive copy of female blues rock master-piece!

tony KELLY - Bring me back (UK polydor 72) E/E+ 150

Great swamp rock folk SSW in the similar vein to Ernie Graham, Roger Morris, Tennent & Morrison. Scarce English orig housed in flimsy textured cover.

KEN - Fake (JAP kojima recordings 80) E/E+ BID

Recorded in 1979, Japanese answer of Randy Holden, opening track contains fuzz mayhem, then Leaf Hound-ish muscular axe riffs, totally heavy guitar ripper with a bit of AOR tendency. Housed in Mystic Siva alike psych cover that feeds you exotic minds? Sung in half Japanese and half English. Still unknown Japanese private hard psych gem, and it's damn good!

KEY HOLDER - Nice friends (JAP alfred music 78) E/E+ 500

Unknown Japanese psych monster with plenty of crude fuzz outburst, atmospheric organs, some dreamy lost folk elements, and all English vox. As good as Martha or Pilgrims "Spooky Time".

KHA-YM - 10"gmt (F flvm 79) sTC E(-)/E 300

Underground French DIY synth bedroom prog obscurity. Very amateurish, but has kinda outsider vibes and mysterious charm

KILLING FLOOR - Out of Uranus (SA penny farthing 70) E-/E(+) 250

Odd enough, South African orig housed in textured gatefold cover.

KIN PING MEH - same (G polydor 72) E-/V(+) 200

Their rarest debut album. According the cheaper price, record does not look great, but plays better than it looks.

KINGDOM - same (US speciality 70) CH E(+)/M- 150

Ridiculously heavy 4 piece psych hard rock with gushing organs and highly charged drumming. Tiny spindle wear probably caused by pressing? Anyway record itself is very close to perfect!

KINGDOM COME - Galactic zoo dossier (UK polydor 71) E/E+ 180

Nice orig comes complete with poster!

taylor KITCHINGS - Clean break (US union 70) M-/M- 200

Loner acid folk dreamer from New England area. First side is Dylan-esq folk SSW while flip side is distinctive prog psych moves with odd synth throw in. Could be nice surprise for fans of Tom Nehls and Ryan Trevor.

KLUSTER - Zwei osterie (G schwann ams studio 71) E(+)/E+ BID

Pre-Cluster, pioneering of German electronic experimental music. This is their second effort housed in pink relief plastic cover comes complete with poster! Due to nature of the material used cover is prone to suffer damages easily, but there are a few minor imperfections only, totally stunning condition you can think of! Record hardly been played. Looks and play amazingly Top! You will never seen a better!

KNICKERBOCKERS - Lies (US challenge 66) E+/E(+) 125

Great garage beat in rarer Stereo orig in beautiful nick!

curtis KNIGHT ZEUS - The second coming (UK dawn 74) SKb E(-)/S 90

Heavy psych funk hard rock, guitarist Eddie Clarke later joined to Motorhead. This copy exported to USA, and still Sealed since then!

franz KOGLMANN / BILL DIXON - Opium for Franz (AUSTRIA 77) E/E+ 450

Spaced-out free jazz experimental featuring Alan Silva, Steve Lacy, Aldo Romano, and others. Housed in hand painting DIY cover with autographed on the back, includes booklet.

KOOBAS - same (UK columbia 69) sBOSP V(+)/E(-) 1250

Holy Grail of Brit psych housed in laminated flip-back cover. There are light rubbing and small splits on the center area of both top/bottom seams, lamination wrinkling lower left, and minor staining on the rear lower right-hand. But, still acceptable condition if you don't want to spend double. Record has a few amount of light hairlines and paper scuffs, but those are hardly audible. Plays very well without noticeable crackles.

george KOOYMANS - Jojo (H polydor 72) E/E 120

First solo album of guitarist/vocalist from Golden Earring, dreamy atmospheric folk psych in warm and euphoric moods.

mike KOSKINEN - Sunwebs (FIN love 76) RW E-/E(+) 350

Highly sought-after Finnish jazz featured trumpet maestro Mike Koskinen who previously joined Soulset, Eero Koivistoinen "For Children", Paroni Paakkunainen "Plastic Maailma" and Tuohi Klang! There is a small hazing area on side two that does not affect playback.

KRAVETZ - same (G vertigo 72) E/E+ 280

Ex-Frumpy's keyboarder, his first solo effort featuring massive organ galore and fine guitar leads. Pretty good Krautrock heavy prog! Cover has small crack on the center area of top seam, but not split yet. Otherwise the cover is decent with minor shelf wear only. Surely better than average! Record is pristine!

don KRISS - Here's to you (US carrot 83) E+/E+ 70

Local Ohio obscure powerpop with nice driving guitar riffs, warm sweet vocals, and strong melodies. Really good one for the fans for this genre.

KROKODIL - same (G liberty 69) OSP E-/E 400

Debut of terrific psych blues rock from Switzerland. Laminated gatefold cover has about 4.5 cm split on top seam middle, but other than that it is pretty neat.

KROKODIL - Swamp (G liberty 70) SK E(+)/E 300

Super fragile textured gatefold cover has minimal wear to corners, but very tidy and crisp overall. Has a "Electric Rock" sticker on it. Record has inaudible faint scuffs only, plays NM every ways!

KROKUS - same (CH schnoutz 76) SK E(-)/E+ 650

Ultra rare unsuccessful debut of legendary Swiss hard rock metal plays more into heavy prog or symphonic hard directions like cross between Scorpions and YES. Housed in equally fantastic cover art! Minor water stain on the rear bottom that barely noticeable. Front cover is beautiful though. Record is Top!

KUHN BROTHERS & THE MAD ROCKERS - same (G metronome 69) SKb E(+)/E+ 180

Insane highly doped-out jazz rock weirdness controlled by Rolf Kuhn and Joachim Kuhn. Reminds me of more jazz tended Xhol, or Kraut version of Soft Machine.

KVARTETTEN SOM SPRANGDE - Kattvals (SWE gump 73) E-/E- 200

Fantastic Swedish rarity from cult label, great mix of massive organ drenched instrumental prog and skillful jazz rock. Cover has some lamination/paper scrapping or loss on corners and seams. But, still presentable for many of us. Record has some light marks that hardly audible except minor statics on quiet sections.

LA MONTE YOUNG / MARIAN ZAZEELA - Dream house 18'17" (F shandar 74) E+/E+ 250

Orig first pressing, cult minimal drone experimental. Top archive copy!

steve LACY / YUJI TAKAHASHI / TAKEHISA KOSUGI - Distant voices (JAP Columbia 76) E/E+ 500

One of the rarest Lacy and Kosugi collaboration. Nice cover with minor sign of storage. Record is pristine. Comes with insert. No OBI though.

LAGGER BLUES MACHINE - same (BEL cbs 72) WL E/E- 600

Belgian freaked-out instrumental prog with outta controlled organ work reminds me of Mike Ratledge. Someone wrote a large circular mark on the label of side one.

LANDRESS / HART GROUP - Dancing moments (US shadowlight 81) RW,CH V+/E+ 140

Scarce fusion jazz funk from L.A. with spaced-out keys and massive grooves. Wonderful female scat vocals on A-3 titled "Dancing Moments" at its highest!

manu LANNHUEL - same (F iris 77) E-/E(+) 175

French acid folk with moody emotional vox and beautiful arrangements not unlike John St Field LP.

dominique LAURENT & PINOK ET MATHO - Fantasmusics (F private 83) E+/M- 140

French music concrete sci-fi psych with tapes, collage, strange effects thrown in. Top copy!

george LAW - same (US bongwater 77) BSP E-/E+ 50

Local private folk rock with laid back Southern vibes and some rural psych elements. Has inner.

juliet LAWSON - Boo (UK sovereign 72) E/E+ 130

Lovely UK female folk housed in embossed gatefold cover, and it seems much better nick than average.

LEAF HOUND - same (G telefunken 70) RW V+/E(+) 480

German orig come complete with genuine poster in unused shape!

LEGEND - Moonshine (UK vertigo 71) E+/E+ 700

Real archive condition of all time Swirl top rarity! Typical tiny marks on the inside of gatefold cover that caused from stacking at the pressing factory when it made. Includes Swirl inner.

LEGEND - From the fjords (US empire 79) sOTP V(+)/E(+) BID

Limited 500 made, and completely vanished from markets, the rarest and the best ever US private hard rock in my humble opinion! Tremendous guitar actions, thundering drumming mayhem, growling bass lines, and epic sublime melodies! One of the best in genre. Housed in equally fantastic cover art comes complete with insert. There are light to moderate storage wear on the cover, but no splits or tears. Record has a few inaudible faintest marks only, plays brilliant!

LETHE - same (H m.m.p. 81) M-/E+ 120

Post-Mirror'Daybreak', minor Dutch jazz rock prog. Pristine copy!

LEWIS - L'amour (US r.a.w. 83) sSA,SKb E(+)/E+ 900

Highly acclaimed lately, real gem of Canadian DIY outsider odd mix of lo-fi folk psych and ambient synth wave with subtle downer vocals and backward instrumentals.

jeffery LIBERMAN - Synergy (US librah 78) E+/S 330

Still Sealed orig of his final effort.

LIFE - Life after death (UK polydor 74) E(+)/E+ 130

UK mid rarity stay under the radar but quite good organ dominated prog psych to my ears. Great copy!

LIGHT - The story of Moses (G brain 72) RWb,SK E-/V+ 90

Dutch dreamy epic prog on German green Brain label with Metronome logo. Laminated gatefold cover has some wears to corners. Record has some visible surface marks but plays EX with barely audible minor background only.

LIGHT OF DARKNESS - same (G philips 71) E(+)/E(+) 400

Scottish and German mixed hard psych with dirty vocals and cruel fuzz blasting.

LIGHTSHINE - Feeling (G trefiton 76) E-/V+ 900

Underground Krautrock dark psych prog with lysergic fuzz, spaced-out keys and gloomy vocals. Cover lamination peeled over half, but better than nothing I think. Record plays throughout fine. Though side two looks V+ with some inaudible scuff marks. Side one is clean.

LIMBUS 3 - Cosmic music experience (G cpm 69) TC,sSP V+/E 650

Cult underground German experimental psych housed in extremely flimsy cover. Impossible to find a Mint copy except counterfeit. This is genuine orig, and is in well keeper copy except tiny 1cm rip on the front top that barely noticeable and small tear (white on white) on the rear top. Record is clean with slight warp does not affect play.

LISKER - same (SP xoxoa 79) E+/E+ 350

Top archive copy of rare Basque hard prog ripper with full of intense guitar leads and soaring flute. Definitely heaviest sounding on this cult label. Comes complete with insert.

LISTENING - same (US vanguard 68) sSP,sBSP V+/E(+) 180

Well known Boss town acid psych. Cover has light typical wear due to its age, but still acceptable by many. Record is very nice!

LITTLE VILLAGE - same (US quiet cannon 77) E(+)/E(+) 40

Local Connecticut hard rock with a bit funky moves housed in cool cover. Insert includes.

LIVIN' BLUES - Rocking at the tweed mill (H philips 73) E(+)/E+ 140

4th album produced by Mike Vernon, and recorded in England. Laminated gatefold cover is nearly pristine with minimal use only. Record is superb NM!

7" LOAD CONTROL - Why those tears? / It would be so good (BEL new sound 74) E/E+ 160

Underground Belgian hard psych with omnipresent blistering guitar leads ala Irish Coffee. They released two 7" singles only. Both are great addition for hard rock buffs.

LOCOMOTIVE - We are everything you see (UK parlophone 70) E(+)/E(+) 1250

Not archive quality, but very nice condition of UK prog major rarity. Laminated flip-back cover has some small wrinkles to the spine, but overall clean and decent. Record has a few inaudible faint marks only, plays Near Mint. Minimal spindle marks on labels. Now days tough to find a copy like this clean. Great example indeed!

LODESTONE - Main street (US lra 74) M-/E(+) 180

Local Midwest private pressing contains dual leads, bass, drums, and key (including mellotron), plays basement guitar psych rock ala JC & The B's or first Shoes "One In Versailles". Cover is immaculate, and still in shrink. Record is clean with a few inaudible small marks.

danny LONG - She's here at last (US hark 71) E(-)/E- 300

Mellow lounge jazz rare groove from Chicago. Slight crack on the top seam middle, but not split yet.

LONG JOHN BALDRY & THE HOOCHIE COOCHIE MEN - Long John's blues (UK united artists 65) sWCb E/E 200

Black label with silver lettering Mono orig in laminated flip-back cover. Two small check marks on the rear song listing, but otherwise cover is tidy and certainly better than average. Not tatty as usual.

LOST AND FOUND - Forever lasting plastic words (US international artists 68) S/S 120

13th Floor Elevators inspired excellent Texas psych. Still Sealed!

LOTHAR AND THE HAND PEOPLE - Presenting (US capitol 68) E(+)/E- 80

Pioneering of electric psych pop with lots of moog and theremin. Rainbow rim label orig, cover is still in shrink! Somehow record has surface scuffs, but it looks like hardly been played.

LOUDEST WHISPER - same (IRELAND polydor 81) E-/E 350

Next release from the legendary debut "Chidren Of Lir" in 1974, still same Irish sounding as the first album, but more rockin and adding a little psychy elements here and there.

LOVE SCULPTURE - Blues helping (UK parlophone 68) E/E+ 100

Yellow/black label Stereo orig housed in flipback cover.

henry LOWTHER BAND - Child song (UK deram 70) SAb E/E(+) 350

Superb UK jazz and jazz rock, and his one and only solo effort. Cover has 3cm circular stain from a sticker removal, but otherwise it's great.

lobby LOYDE - Obsecration (AUS rainbird 76) sOAP E/E(+) 200

Incredible guitar hero from Coloured Balls, this is his second solo effort next to famous "Plays With George Guitar"! Astonishing killer guitar actions alive and well! Embossed gatefold cover comes complete with inner.

LUNA SEA - same (US luna tunes 76) sOSP,sTC E(-)/E 250

Very obscure private prog out of Nebraska. Album contains half ordinary west coast rock, and half amazing symphonic prog zone with keys, flute, and guitars.

LUTHA - same (NZ hmv 72) E/V+ 550

Really good melodic prog with pastoral folky vibes from New Zealand. Great songs with swinging organ, very impressive guitar leads, and awesome vocals reminds me of Parlour Band or Northwind. Record has light amount of shallow marks but no scratches or deep marks. Plays throughout fine with some background on quiet sections. Comes with rare insert that often missing.

LUTHA - Earth (NZ hmv 73) sBSP E-/E 600

Their second and the last, really beautiful prog leaning folk rock with some outdoorsy rural vibes. Comes with printed inner (side splits, stain spots, and autographed by all 5 members)