IBLISS - Supernova (G aamok 72) sWL E(+)/E+ 330 20%OFF

Related to Kraftwerk, jazz prog Krautrock venture with astonishing fast, furious percussions and intense leads on the opening track and more into ethnic fusion and spacey psych jazz moves on the rest. Laminated gatefold cover is tidy and crisp with some stamps on the inside of album pocket. Record is Top!

ICE - Saga of the ice king (UK storm 79) lAC E(+)/E(+) SOLD

Underground spacey prog comes with 8 pages booklet (has light crease). Autographed by the band on the front cover.

ICE - Opus 1 (G time 80) E+/E+ 400 20%OFF

Privately released obscure German underground hard rock with incondite sound productions but guitar leads are outstanding, and has certain passion in their music. I know some people don't dig it, but I rate it highly. Because, I like lo-fi unpolished hard rock. Also, love those English vocals with German accent

ICE SKATES WITH ARMS - Buy this record and no one gets hurt (US puck 79) S/S 110 20%OFF

Obscure folk SSW duo with rhythmic acoustic pickings, treated vocals, and whistling songs.

INBETWEENS - same (NZ key 76) SA,sSD V+/E- 500 20%OFF

Not very well know, but pretty good Kiwi funk rock boogie.

INCREDIBLE HOG - Volume1 (UK dart 73) E(+)/E SOLD

Laminated cover is slightly aging, but well preserved. Record has some superficial marks visible under bright light, but plays pristine! There are no spindle marks around the center hole on the label.

INCREDIBLE HOG - same (F columbia 73) E+/E 170 20%OFF

Near Mint French orig housed in different cover art than UK. Cover looks like brand-new! Record is also beautiful. But, there are a few pressing bubbles that create occasional minor crackles.

INGA & LASSE - Stay for a while (FIN love 76) sTC,RW V+/E(+) SOLD

Female vocal folk rock with slight prog leaning backed by Pekka Pohjola and other Finnish greats. It might appeal to you a lot, if you dig Catherine Howe, Deena Webster, Mandy More. Comes with inner (bottom seam middle split and small rip).

INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER - Sov gott rose-marie (SWE love 68) E-/E 500 20%OFF

Very rare earliest Finnish Love pressing with a big hart logo on center. Flimsy cover is nicest possible condition with light general wear and minor issues. No heavy ring or any other major defects. Record looks NM, hardly played, but you can hear some background crackles due to notorious lousy pressing. Though it plays a lot better than usual.

IRAKLIS - Se allous kosmous (GREECE emi 76) sCN,SKb E(+)/M-:M- 450 20%OFF

Very huge and quite unique Greek prog folk rock double LP contains heavy guitar actions, mellotron/moog gogo, swirling sound effects, tons of exotic instruments, strong male vox and beautiful fem vox! Both records are hardly any signs of play!

IRON DUKE - Gammel dansk (DEN sun 77) SKb E(+)/E(+) 90 20%OFF

Key dominated symphonic prog with some adventurous moves in Scandinavian traditions.

IRONHAWK - To the point (US chrome 83) E/E+ SOLD

Chicagoland underground metal hard rock stoner that only released this 4 tracks 12" EP. This is real killer record with full of blistering guitar mayhem! If you like NWOBHM along with some private US hard like Winterhawk, Amulet, Full Moon, you must grab it. Very scarce as hen's teeth!

ISAIAH - same (AUSTRIA cbs 75) SAb,sTCb E(-)/E 350 20%OFF

Scarce jazz rock prog funk in the vein not unlike Titus Groan, Galliard. As same limited releases from Austrian CBS as Klockwerk Orange and Paternoster.

ISLE OF TUNES - Farewell (G arena sound 87) WCb E(+)/E 100

Lite touch jazz funk fusion.

ITfS ALL MEAT - same (CA columbia 70) OTP,lBTP,TCb V+/E- 800 20%OFF

Actually gatefold cover is relatively cleaner than usual, but bottom seam largely split, and was repaired by scotch tape once. There are a couple of tears from a partly tape removal. Apart from those defects, cover appears fairly decent. Record plays mostly Near Mint except some crackles by pressing faults. Nothing serious though. Small glue residues on each label.

IZUKAITZ - same (SP xoxoa 78) sWC E/E(+) 220 20%OFF

Basque folf prog housed in nice laminated gatefold cover comes with insert (has some stain spotting). Record shows a few surface marks that do nothing.

IZVIR - same (YUGOSLAVIA rtv 77) RW V+/E(+) 500 20%OFF

Along with OKO, one of the rarest album from Yugoslavia. Housed in sinister cover art.

J.A. SEAZER - Den en ni shisu (JAP cbs/sony 74) E-/V+ 330 20%OFF

Medium discoloration on the back cover. Record has a couple of visible hairlines that barely affect playback. Comes with insert and rare OBI.

JACKS - Live e68f7f24 (JAP hEaEf 73) E/E+ 900

Their rarest, limited 200 made as fanclub issue housed in laminated gatefold cover comes complete with inner and poster.

JADE WARRIOR - same (UK vertigo 71) E(+)/E(+) 320 20%OFF

Large Swirl label original. Gatefold cover is in super clean except a small tape residue on the inside of the album pocket. Has Swirl inner (number and old price writing on it).

JAN DUKES DE GREY - Sorcerers (UK decca 70) E-/V+ 330 20%OFF

Rarer MONO with red lined inner. Record has one light hairline that affect some minor background, but nothing too major..

bruce JANAWAY - Puritanical odes (UK deep range music 78) RWb E-/E- 600 20%OFF

Only 200 pressed insane acid folk with full of dark desperate moods in the feel not unlike Simon Finn. Record plays with occasional light crackles due to poor pressing. Comes with inert.

JELLYBREAD - Sixty five parkway (UK blue horizon 70) RW E-/E(+) 150

Cover has general wear, but better than average. Comes with rare insert.

JENGHIZ KHAN - Well cut (F barclay 70) E(+)/E- 300 20%OFF

French orig of Belgian hard prog rarity.

JEREMY B. - This is my life (G bacillus 72) E(+)/E- 35 20%OFF

Aka Jeremy Bender, his one and only solo effort backed by Wyoming and Jeronimo members.

JERONIMO - Cosmic blues (G bellaphon 70) E/E 190 20%OFF

Debut of German heavy blues powert trio. Unboxed Bellaphon label first pressing. Not Mint, but very nice condition indeed!

JERONIMO - Time ride (G bacillus 81) E-/V+ 40 20%OFF

This is glossy gatefold cover second pressing of the original from 1972.

JESTER - same (US erika 85) M-/M- 180 20%OFF

Tremendous L.A. suburb hard rock heavy metal 5 track mini album. Was Sealed, played once. Red wax as issued.

JIGSAW - Aurora borealis (UK philips 72) M-/M- 140 20%OFF

Top archive copy of UK pop psych. Includes insert.

JOHN STREET ROCKETS - Rock and roll the hard way (US confidential 79) E/E+ 90 20%OFF

Raw live recording of dirty Southern hard rocker out of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

JOHN THE REVELATOR - Wild blues (H decca 70) OSP V+/E 200 20%OFF

Scarce Dutch blues psych legend.

al JONES - Alun Ashworth Jones (UK parlophone 69) E/E+ 350 20%OFF

Excellent folk gem on yellow/black label Stereo orig comes in laminated flip-back cover. Inevitable minor ring imprints on the front, but lamination gloss is high, and the rear is nearly pristine. Record is surprisingly clean!

gary JONES - Sweet jubilation (US shadow 79) SP,AC,RW V/E+ 40 20%OFF

Same label as Amulet, but this is not that hard rock nor psych. Unexpected very smooth AOR modern soul. Cover is rather tatty but record is exceptionally clean. Contains black & white band photo.

JONESY - No alternative (UK dawn 72) E(+)/E- 115 20%OFF

Translucent red vinyl housed in gatefold cover. A few faint ticks on the end of the side one, but mostly plays NM.

JONESY - Keeping up (UK dawn 73) E(+)/E(+) 160 20%OFF

Their second and the hardest to find a clean cover indeed. Not for mint fanatic, but very nice example without obvious issues for such a flimsy matt finished gatefold cover. Transparent dark burgundy wax with purple labels. Includes insert.

JOY BAND - same (US private 80) TC,BSP V+/E+ 130 20%OFF

Private AOR soft rock out of Florida. Looks like upper opening edge was bitten by a doggy.

JOY BEFORE THE STORM - Silence ever after (US neptune 85) RW V+/E(-) 250 20%OFF

Very rare Midwest synth pop darkwave in OMD, Human League influences. Has a mark by finger nail on A-2 that does not affect play.

JOYFUL NOISE - No room in the middle (US private 76) E/E+ 270 20%OFF

Hardly seen Midwest Xian folk rock dreamy prog with swirling organ, flute, and some acid leaking electric leads. Very creative sounding and equally attractive cover art. Somehow it recorded in Sweden during their European tour! Includes insert.

JUAN DELA CRUZ BAND - Maskara (PHILIPPINES sunshine 74) V+/E 1200

First pressing comes in gatefold cover with gimmick window on the front. There are some minor rubbing, soiling and creasing, but overall itfs in great nick. Record is very nice with a few inaudible shallow marks only.

JUAN DELA CRUZ BAND - Live & in concert (PHILIPPINES sunshine 78) CH,sNSP E(+)/E+ 850 20%OFF

Recorded circa 1973, their wildest live album at the highest peak of their career. Was sealed, gatefold cover is still in shrink and record is immaculate.

JUDAS JUMP - Scorch (UK parlophone 70) sTCb E/E 100 20%OFF

Laminated gatefold cover is in nice shape with minor storage wear only. Record shows some faint marks from inner sleeve, but plays Near Mint throughout.

JULIANfS TREATMENT - A time before this (G young blood 70) E/E:E(+) 580

Conceptual double album housed in laminated gatefold cover. Cover is tidy with a little waviness and minor imprints from discs. Disc one shows some inaudible light marks, while disc two is much closer NM looking.

JUMBO - DNA (IT philips 72) E/E(+) SOLD

Their second, and the heaviest housed in awesome textured gatefold cover. Front panel is surprisingly clean! The rear panel has minor crease lower left-hand, but no noticeable ring wear or fingerprints. Comes with inner sleeve (mini split on the bottom). Record has a few inaudible sleeve scuffs, plays Top. Absolutely nicest copy I've had/seen lately!

JUMBO - Vietato ai minori di 18 anni? (IT philipa 73) sSDb,SAb E(-)/E 500 20%OFF

Not for Mint fanatic, but well preserved condition. Includes inner (small sticker, sides and bottom seam splits).

JUNCO PARTNERS - same (UK philips 70) RW,sWL E-/E+ SOLD

Laminated cover has slight dull on lamination and small corner creasing. 3 digit number written by black pencil on the label of side one (black on black).

JUNIUS BRUTUS - Variable complexions 1984 (US private 84) RW V+/E- 300 20%OFF

DIY real people psych outsider with restless synth overdrive, odd horn blowing out, and sordid fuzz assaults.

KALEMARIS - Staldfraes (DEN scan folk 74) E+/E(+) 220 20%OFF

Danish private pressing with smashing fuzz assaults, wild freaked out vocals, and charged rhythm sections cross between hard psych and radical punk. I really love this one along with Ravjunk!

ariel KALMA / RICHARD TINTI - Osmose (F sfp 78) SK E(+)/E:E 250 20%OFF

Legendary ambient field recording double split album. Records are slight warp do not affect play.

7" KANAAN - Leave it/Something inside (US kana 69) /E+ 330 20%OFF

Stoned out hard psych jammer with heavy fuzz assaults. This is only record that they have ever released.

KATHARSIS - Drivin too fast (US private 83) E+/E+ 130 20%OFF

Unknown local xian rock from Virginia with thick blistering fuzz assaults and some funky AOR moves like cross between 4th Movement and Random Element. 6 tracks short album, and 4 are with fuzz. Slight warp does not affect play.

KATTEGATT - Alla barnen gar en svang (SWE selma 81) TL E/E+ 170 20%OFF

Very obscure Swedish private pressing that could be inspired by Zappa or Samla Mammas Manna. First side is something unexpected easygoing tropical pop funk with Calypso flavor, but suddenly shift changes to skillful jazz fusion that I've never heard before such a strange hybridizing! Second side is more fascinating with start to melodic symphonic prog in typical Scandinavian manner, but again they ride to the speedway crossover with high energy drinks, then move to lengthy prog tended jazz rock in very complex arrangements with massive rhythm patterns and driving guitars and keys. This is totally dope to my ears. And, the album cover is awesome, too!

kuni KAWACHI & FRIENDS - Kirikyogen (JAP london 70) V+/E 400

Personal favorite of mine. One of the best Japanese psych prog add a dash of mysterious orientalism with wicked fuzz and dazzling keys. Features wild lead vocalist from Flower Travellinf Band as well. First pressing housed in textured cover. Appears bottom seam middle cracked, but not totally split yet. Wear along the opening edge, light to medium discoloration due to long storage. Record is clean with a few faint marks, but no significant issues.

takashi KAZAMAKI / CHIE MUKAI - Kaze o aruku : Live at the strange fruit (JAP fool 83) E+/E+ 120 20%OFF

Immaculate copy of Japanese underground free improvisation.

KENNY AND THE KASUALS - Teen dreams (US mark ltd. 78) E/E+ 700

Great copy of legendary Texas garage punk into acid soaked psych. Limited 200 pressed on red vinyl, comes in paste-on cover with hand stamped on the rear.

KHA-YM - 10"gmt (F flvm 79) sTC E(-)/E 300 20%OFF

Underground French DIY synth bedroom prog obscurity. Very amateurish, but has kinda outsider vibes and mysterious charm

victor j. KIMMEL - Suspended in motion (US victor productions 86) M-/E(+) 60 20%OFF

DIY one-man electronic disco funk with synth and drum machine insanity.

KIN PING MEH - No.2 (G zebra 72) E(-)/E+ 175

Fully laminated cover is glossy and neat, but it has slight waviness on upper area, and H2O stain on the rear top right. Record is beautiful, it looks hardly been played. Comes with Zebra inner (side slight split, and has a few dirt spot).

KING CRIMSON - Starless and bible black (UK island 74) E/E(+) 110 20%OFF

First pressing on pink rim label housed in embossed gatefold cover includes inner.

KNICKERBOCKERS - Lies (US challenge 66) E+/E(+) 125 20%OFF

Great garage beat in rarer Stereo orig in beautiful nick!

KOPPERFIELD -Tales untold (US kopperdisc 74) sSA,sSD E-/E SOLD

Organ dominated Michigan hard psych. Cover has a small but odd tear from a sticker removal on the front top right. A little balding to the top left corner. Otherwise itfs in decent nick. Includes insert.

mike KOSKINEN - Sunwebs (FIN love 76) RW E-/E(+) SOLD

Highly sought-after Finnish jazz featured trumpet maestro Mike Koskinen who previously joined Soulset, Eero Koivistoinen "For Children", Paroni Paakkunainen "Plastic Maailma" and Tuohi Klang! There is a small hazing area on side two that does not affect playback.

don KRISS - Here's to you (US carrot 83) E+/E+ 70 20%OFF

Local Ohio obscure powerpop with nice driving guitar riffs, warm sweet vocals, and strong melodies. Really good one for the fans for this genre.

KRISTYL - same (US private 75) E+/E+ BID

Another favorite of mine, killer acid soaked guitar psych at its finest. Pristine copy, the cover is still in shrink, record hardly played. Very slight warp does not affect play.

karin KROG - We could be flying (NOR polydor 75) SKb E(+)/V+ 300 20%OFF

Record looks V+ with visible light marks, but it play NM all round without any noticeable tick, clicks, or whatsoever!

KROKODIL - Swamp (G liberty 70) SK E(+)/E 300 20%OFF

Super fragile textured gatefold cover has minimal wear to corners, but very tidy and crisp overall. Has a "Electric Rock" sticker on it. Record has inaudible faint scuffs only, plays NM every ways!

KROKUS - same (CH schnoutz 76) SK E(-)/E+ 580 20%OFF

Ultra rare unsuccessful debut of legendary Swiss hard rock metal plays more into heavy prog or symphonic hard directions like cross between Scorpions and YES. Housed in equally fantastic cover art! Minor water stain on the rear bottom that barely noticeable. Front cover is beautiful though. Record is Top!

KROZIER & THE GENERATOR - Tranceformer (AUS fission chips 82) E/E+:E(+) SOLD

Magically highly doped Aussie underground psych monumentally double album housed in awesome tripped-out collage photo gatefold cover.

KULTIVATOR - Barndomens stigar (SWE bauta 81) E(+)/E+ 400 20%OFF

Highly acclaimed Swedish avant-garde prog in Canterbury or Zeuhl school sounding. Cover has minimal crack on the top seam middle and slightly pushed to corners, but great condition overall. Record is Top!

LA MONTE YOUNG / MARIAN ZAZEELA - Dream house 18'17" (F shandar 74) E+/E+ 250 20%OFF

Orig first pressing, cult minimal drone experimental. Top archive copy!

LACEWING - same (US mainstream 71) sSP,DH E(-)/E(+) 120

Semi classic US psych on collectable label. Cover is still in shrink, but all corners have some light imperfections.

7h LADDS - I found the girl/Survival (US universal audio recording 68) sTC E-/E 450

Killer garage single with bloody rare picture sleeve which is a little oversized, so very hard to keep clean.

dave LAMB with GYE WHIZ - Ifll be alright (US syma 71) S/S BID

Extremely rare psych folk rock, a little Buffalo Springfield influences, but rather basement atmosphere with some driving lysergic leads. Still Sealed original. Cover has slightly bent bottom right corner, and signature on the rear over shrink wrap.

LANDSLIDE - Two sided fantasy (US capitol 72) RW V+/E(+) 110 20%OFF

Overlooked heavy rock rarity along with the label mates such as Head Over Heels, Plum Nelly, and Bang. Red target label original.

manu LANNHUEL - same (F iris 77) E-/E(+) 175 20%OFF

French acid folk with moody emotional vox and beautiful arrangements not unlike John St Field LP.

david LASLEY - Demos (US almo irving music 81) sSP,sTCE-/E:E- 60 20%OFF

Known for the song writing of Boz Scaggs "JoJo", this is his demo only double album pre-public debut. Cover has some rubbing to corners. Very small scratch on the disc two that affects 3 light ticks, otherwise records are fine condition. Includes two inners.

LAST NEXT - A brand new category of music (US lucky disc 72) E/E+ 300 20%OFF

Odd lo-fi garage folk rock with deeply depressed downer moves on the last track.

dominique LAURENT & PINOK ET MATHO - Fantasmusics (F private 83) E+/M- 140 20%OFF

French music concrete sci-fi psych with tapes, collage, strange effects thrown in. Top copy!

LAZY SMOKE - Corridor of faces (US onyx 68) V/V+ SOLD

Bloody rare original disc with 2 covers. One has original pasted slicks on the front and back, but about 1/4 of original front slick has suffered a big tear, and it was partly repaired to photo copied slick done by the original member. Second cover pasted both photo copied slicks on the original white cardboard jacket. Been told it was done by the original member also. Record got some surface marks and light scuffs, plays nicely with occasional minor crackles, but mostly excellent player. Not a perfect copy, but a great deal for someone who desires to own an original.

john t. LEACH BAND - Good life (US fyf studio inc. 76) AC,RW,SP V/E(+) 100

Surprisingly cool rural Southern rocker with some prog tendency, out of Athens, Georgia.

LEAVES - Hey Joe (US mira/surrey 66) E+/S 160 20%OFF

Debut of garage psych classic. Still Sealed stereo original copy (no clue which pressing is inside).

ray LEFEVRA -Little brother (US holy kiss 78) sTC,sWC E-/E+ 80 20%OFF

Obscure Xian teen AOR SSW.

LEGEND - In there own time (US private 79) E+/E SOLD

Another Legend, another generic eagle cover from Ohio that bring us crude hard rock psych with terrific fuzz outburst and wild frenzy rhythm sections.

LEVEN - Holy ghost power (H glory sound 75) E(+)/V+ 220 20%OFF

Little known Dutch underground Xian psych with alternate male/female vox, spooky organs, acidy fuzz, and drum breaks ala Our Generation.

philip LEWIN - Am I really here all alone? (CA gargoyle 75) M-/E+ 350 20%OFF

Limited 300 pressed Canadian folk psych housed in nice paste-on cover.

roger LEWIS & WADE VASEY - Breaking camouflage (US private 80) E(+)/M- SOLD

Obscure private folk SSW duo in Jackdaw and John Villemonte realms. Insert includes.

jeffery LIBERMAN - same (US librah 75) CH,SP E-/E SOLD

Debut of guitar wizard ranging from burning fuzz psych mind blower to downer acid folk.

jeffery LIBERMAN - Synergy (US librah 78) E+/S SOLD

Still Sealed orig of his final effort.

LIBERTY BROS. - No time lasts forever (US Astro 77) RW V(+)/E(+) 200 20%OFF

Flowing melodic prog pop from Texas, with complex rhythm breaks and plenty use of mellotron.

bengt LIEDMAN - same (SWE chicken 89) E+/E+ 40 20%OFF

Obscure Scandinavian blue eyed soul AOR. Slight warp does not affect play.

LIFE - same (SWE columbia 70) sSKb M-/E- 900 20%OFF

Mega rare Swedish heavy prog monster. This is native tongue version housed in glossy laminated gatefold cover, and is in amazing immaculate condition! Record is known for notoriously sensitive material, so impossible to find copies better than EX grade. This one got some superficial surface marks, but plays mostly flawless. Very small sticker on the rear top right corner that can be removal.

LIGHT - The story of Moses (G brain 72) RWb,SK E-/V+ 90 20%OFF

Dutch dreamy epic prog on German green Brain label with Metronome logo. Laminated gatefold cover has some wears to corners. Record has some visible surface marks but plays EX with barely audible minor background only.

LIGHTSHINE - Feeling (G trefiton 76) E-/E(+) 1000

Fragile lamination peeling and flaking here and there, but itfs still better than average in my opinion. Record is great with a few inaudible faint marks only.

LISKER - same (SP xoxoa 79) E+/E+ 350 20%OFF

Top archive copy of rare Basque hard prog ripper with full of intense guitar leads and soaring flute. Definitely heaviest sounding on this cult label. Comes complete with insert.

LITFIBA - Eneide di krypton (IT suono 83) E-/E 250 20%OFF

Debut of Italo new wave post punk cult classic.

LITTER - $100 fine (US hexagon 68) E(+)/E- 850 20%OFF

Cover is still in shrink although there are slight discoloration on the rear along the opening edge where unprotected by shrink wrap. Record is clean except one small mark on side two that create mild ticks for a few rotations on the beginning of second track.

LIVIN' BLUES - Rocking at the tweed mill (H philips 73) E(+)/E+ 140 20%OFF

4th album produced by Mike Vernon, and recorded in England. Laminated gatefold cover is nearly pristine with minimal use only. Record is superb NM!

LIVING MUSIC - To Allen Ginsberg (IT rca 73) E(+)/E(-) 700 20%OFF

Downer trippy acid folk psych by hippie cult outfit dedicated to Allen Ginsberg. Rarer while label promo comes complete with booklet.

LIVING SACRIFICE BAND - A call to brokeness (US shekinah 80) E(+)/M- 230

Post-Last Call of Shiloh, dreamy folk rock with prog tendency. Some heavy distortion leads and frenzied changing rhythm on lengthy tracks. Cover is still in shrink!

kit & jimmy LLOYD - In the twinkling of an eye (CA new born 78) M-/E+ 75 20%OFF

Canadian AOR soft rock with gentle breezy vocals.

gerry LOCKRAN - Wun (UK polydor 72) E-/E+ 280

Blue folk SSW with some psych overtones. Minty vinyl in decent cover comes with a rare promo kit + portrait as bonus.

LODESTONE - Main street (US lra 74) M-/E(+) 180 20%OFF

Local Midwest private pressing contains dual leads, bass, drums, and key (including mellotron), plays basement guitar psych rock ala JC & The B's or first Shoes "One In Versailles". Cover is immaculate, and still in shrink. Record is clean with a few inaudible small marks.

barbara LONDON - Northern portrait (US wild aster productions 83) E(+)/E 65 20%OFF

New England female jazz with cool scat singing and soaring flute licking.

LOOSELY TIGHT - Fightin' society (US star struck 81) S/S 300 20%OFF

Really good hard rock metal from Arizona in AC/DC and NWOBHM influences with killer dual actions, tight rhythm sections, and powerful vox.

LOST AND FOUND - Everybody's here (US international artists 68) E+/E(+) 115 20%OFF

Another Texas psych favorite of mine. Cover is in shrink, record slight warp does not affect play.

LOTHAR AND THE HAND PEOPLE - Presenting (US capitol 68) E(+)/E- 80 20%OFF

Pioneering of electric psych pop with lots of moog and theremin. Rainbow rim label orig, cover is still in shrink! Somehow record has surface scuffs, but it looks like hardly been played.

lobby LOYDE - Obsecration (AUS rainbird 76) sOAP E/E(+) SOLD

Incredible guitar hero from Coloured Balls, this is his second solo effort next to famous "Plays With George Guitar"! Astonishing killer guitar actions alive and well! Embossed gatefold cover comes complete with inner.

LUCIFER'S FRIEND - Where the groupies killed the blues (G vertigo 72) E/E- 250 20%OFF

Gatefold cover is in pretty neat shape. There are minor rub wear on seams, but perfectly intact. No re-colored by black felt. Spine legible. One minimal sign of thumbtack at the front top right. Exterior is really clean, glossy and vibrant. Comes with elusive poster in great nick except a couple of signs of thumbtack. Record looks clean, but plays a bit crackly on quiet sections.

LUTHA - same (NZ hmv 72) E/V+ 550 20%OFF

Really good melodic prog with pastoral folky vibes from New Zealand. Great songs with swinging organ, very impressive guitar leads, and awesome vocals reminds me of Parlour Band or Northwind. Record has light amount of shallow marks but no scratches or deep marks. Plays throughout fine with some background on quiet sections. Comes with rare insert that often missing.

LUTHA - Earth (NZ hmv 73) E(+)/E+ 300 20%OFF

Very nice condition with inner (name writing and light stain).

LUV MACHINE - same (UK polydor 71) sSP E-/E(+) SOLD

One of the hardest to locate cleaner copies as you know. This one is clearly a better example. There are some light soiling and minimal staining, but no seam splits, sticker removal tears, or ugly writings. Just a normal secular change only. Record has a few light inaudible marks, plays brilliantly all the way!