frank IANNI - No moon night (US night wax 77) E/E 200

Twisted pop psych outsider weirdness with cheesy synth, down beats, melancholic melodies, and subtle sweet vocals.

IGGINBOTTOM - 'Igginbottom's wrench (UK deram 69) E/E(+) 650

Stereo UK original comes with a blue-lined inner. The cover has several small creases to the spine and minor lamination lifting near the left edge, but overall, itfs decent.

ILIAN - Love me crazy (US kitty 77) RW E-/E(+) 600

Another tax scam monster, a unique mix of dreamy folk psych and free soul rare groove. The cover is relatively clean for this album. A hint of ring wear, but nothing too remarkable. The record is pretty clean!

INBETWEENS - same (NZ key 76) SA,sSD V+/E- 420

Not very well know, but pretty good Kiwi funk rock boogie.

INDIAN SUMMER - same (UK neon 71) E-/E(-) 180

Gatefold cover has some restore spots mainly corners and edge, but else itfs in neat. Includes black inner but has a tear and splits. Record show only faint marks.

INFINITY PLUS THREE - Setting yesterday free (US spirit 72) E/E(+) 470

Beautiful Xian folk rock featuring young Mark Heard. Actually, it's his rarest release ever if not all. A great cover shot, and as same atmosphere was captured in the sound. Very gentle yet a little sorrowful and brings us mellow peaceful vibes.

7h INNER VELOICITY - Little girl/Moving on (US specktra ?) /V+ 200

Unknown hard rock proto-metal into space prog leanings, with thick wicked guitar leads throughout.

tom INTONDI - City dancer (US city dancer 76) SP V+/E 120

Private folk SSW who were engaging in Greenwich Village in NYC. This is his debut, comes in plain white jacket complete with a front slick, lyric card, and info sheet.

7h IRON KNOWLEDGE - Who put the ram? (US tammy 75) /E 170

Heavy funk rock psych with wild vocals and burning guitar leads.

ISLE OF TUNES - Farewell (G arena sound 87) WCb E(+)/E 100

Lite touch jazz funk fusion.

JA BLUEZY - At the delta lady (US apollo music company 80) S/S 180

Local Michigan heavy blues psych power trio.

JAN & LORRAINE - Gypsy people (US abc 69) DH,sTC E/E(+) 180

Hippie girls psych duo comes in a wonderful gatefold cover. Slight bend lower right corner, but otherwise itfs decent.

JAN DUKES DE GREY - Mice & rats in the loft (UK transatlantic 71) E(+)/E 700

Laminated gatefold cover with inner plastic bag attached inside. And, is in great nick except usual yellowing by glue residue on the inside. Otherwise, itfs sharp, solid and glossy! Surprisingly the record does not have typical chemical reaction on the edge. Plays smoothly from start to finish!

JANA - Just Jana (US sound machine studios 80) E-/E+ 70

Aka Jana Roberson, female SSW folk from Michigan. As same custom releases as John Drendall & B.A. Thrower.

JANUS - Gravedigger (G harvest 72) ML E(+)/E- 325

Released only in Germany, rare UK acid rock and hard rock blaster. Has a visible mark on A-1 that is inaudible nor feelable. Includes insert.

JAY AND LOWELL - Dreamchasinf (US blue wolf 88) RW V+/E- 45

Unknown power pop soft rock duo from Minnesota, housed in blue disco cover includes insert.

JENSEN SISTERS - Dancin' In The Autumn Breeze (US accent 78) sOSP E+/S 300

Released on Accent, California collector's label known to F. J. McMahon and Human Zoo. This is another folk rock rarity by three beautiful sisters that a little reminds me of Mystic Zephyrs 4, but they have more potential.

7h JESTERS OF NEWPORT - Stormy (US solo 65) /E(+) 400

Raw caveman sounding punk.

JETHRO TULL - This was (UK island 68) E/E 350

Very early MONO pressing on pink labels with orange circle logo, and no Made In England. Housed in the earliest laminated gatefold cover with wider spine than usual. Not stone Mint, but a very nice example you can expect of.

THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE - Are you experienced (UK track 67) sSP,TCb V+/V+ 145

Flat black label with silver lettering, front only laminated cover of early UK Track pressing MONO! There is a small amount of a dog bite marks on the rear lower left corner, and it seems a little piece of the tip was torn away. There is an orange stain along the inside mouse of the album pocket which is caused by somebody once taped it. But, of course it is not visible from the exterior. Not a great copy, but well maintained, and it's a steal to be honest.

THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE - Electric ladyland (UK track 68) E(+)/E-:E 1500

This is rare original Blue text inside the cover, and the condition of the gatefold cover is outrageous! The laminate has a full shine and no remarkable issues at all. To find a copy like this clean is next to impossible. Both records play NM, while light marks and scuffs can be seen. But nothing affects the playback.

JODY GRIND - One step on (UK transatlantic 69) E/E 180

The Gatefold cover has some lamination lifting and faint color faded along the spine, but overall, it is decent. The record has minor marks and scuffs. It plays nicely all around.

JOHNfS CHILDREN - Orgasm (US white whale 70) E(+)/E+ 500

The cover is still in shrink, and amazing condition! The record looks like it has not much played at all.

7h JOINT EFFORT - The children/The third eye (US private 67) /E+ 250

Top copy of California psych garage with plenty of blistering fuzz.

JOYFUL NOISE - No room in the middle (US private 76) E/E+ 220

Hardly seen Midwest Xian folk rock dreamy prog with swirling organ, flute, and some acid leaking electric leads. Very creative sounding and equally attractive cover art. Somehow it was recorded in Sweden during their European tour! Includes insert.

JUICY LUCY - Lie back and enjoy it (UK vertigo 70) sTC E(+)/E 280

6 foldout poster sleeve is tidy and solid. Minimal fraying and creasing around the edge, but there is nothing to worry about. The record shows minor signs of storage in an inner sleeve which isnft a problem at all. Plays brilliantly all the way through. Includes Swirl inner. Very tough to find a copy like this clean.

JULIANfS TREATMENT - A time before this (G young blood 70) E/E:E(+) 540

Conceptual double album housed in laminated gatefold cover. Cover is tidy with a little waviness and minor imprints from discs. Disc one shows some inaudible light marks, while disc two is much closer NM looking.

JULY - same (UK major minor 68) sSKb,sWCb E(+)/E(+) BID

Monster UK psych grail. The laminated front cover is super clean with a high sheen and only minor creasing. The unlaminated back usually has dirt, rub, and unwanted fingerprints, but a copy offering here is exceptionally tidy with minimal signs of handling. There is a small Fona sticker (for the Scandinavian market?) on the rear top left, and someone re-painted by the black felt-tip to a tiny crease rear top right. Thatfs all. The rest is nearly flawless. The record looks exceptionally well looked after. There are a few faintest marks that do not affect play at all. An outstanding example for such a vast rarity!

JUNIUS BRUTUS - Variable complexions 1984 (US private 84) RW V+/E- 220

DIY real people psych outsider with restless synth overdrive, odd horn blowing out, and sordid fuzz assaults.

JUNIUS BRUTUS - Harmless music (US private 86) E+/E+ 220

This is the fourth and last album in which the newly joined female vocalist is actively fronted. The album consciously emphasizes the soft and melodic side of their music as a whole, but still maintains their characteristic post sci-fi psych sound featuring cheesy synths that sound like early video game.

7h KAK - I've got time (US epic 69) /E- 40

Promo Mono pressing. Other side is gDisbelievinh.

7h KALISH - Stone of years (CHILE irt 73) /E(+) 70

Obscure Chilian heavy key prog released one and only single plays outstanding ELP covers! Totally mind-blowing! Credits on the labels are a little faded due to its age. Includes IRT company sleeve.

jun KAMIKUBO - Nothingness (JAP express 72) E(+)/E+ BID

Highly dope-out Japanese underground hard psych monster full of vicious fuzz, roaring organs, and insane dirty vocals. White label Promo copy in immaculate condition! Includes an insert.

7h KANAAN - Leave it/Something inside (US kana 69) /E+ 280

Stoned out hard psych jammer with heavy fuzz assaults. This is only record that they have ever released.

KAPER - Daisy (US le bru ?) E+/E- 110

Chicagoland blue eyed soul AOR moody dancer. The record shows some scuff-type marks that do not affect play. Has an inner (side and bottom seam splits).

KAPLAN BROTHERS - Nightbird (US quinton 75) E(+)/E- 450

An unexpectedly clean copy of the weird real people lounge psych grail. The cover is mostly still in shrink. Minor wear where unprotected by the shrink or the shrink breaks. The record is basically clean and glossy, but not the best pressing due to the low-tech private press. There are odd patterns and a few small marks that create minor crackles, but itfs typical for those vanity records.

KEVIN I. - New dimensions (US island boy 84) E/E+ 120

Aka Kevin Iwamoto, the second release of this Hawaian AOR boggie dancer. Includes an inner.

KHAN - Space shanty (UK deram 72) E(+)/E+ 220

The gatefold cover is close to pristine, just a hint of the long storage if not Mint. The record is hardly played, and is full of luster!

victor j. KIMMEL - Suspended in motion (US victor productions 86) M-/E(+) 60

DIY one-man electronic disco funk with synth and drum machine insanity.

denny KING - Evil wind is blowing (US specialty 72) CH E/E 180

Acid-drenched dirty, filthy blues rock that involves 2 members of ex-Captain Beefheart Magic Band.

reg KING - same (UK united artists 71) sOSP,SKb E/E(+) 280

Swampy funky psych folk rock helped by ex-Mighty Baby members. There is a tiny crack at the center of the top seam that is barely noticeable.

KLEPTOMANIA - Elephants lost (H flame 79) V+/E 570

Legendary Belgian hard prog with loads of Hammond and guitar battles ala Jenghiz Khan or Irish Coffee. Usually, this one comes in a plain white cover with the name sticker, but the copy offering here has a special cover that silk-screened elephants and band members.

KNIGHTfS PAST - Nights passed (US kp 83) E+/E- 220

Very obscure-looking private press jazz rock with a touch of symphonic flavor. The cover is still in shrink. The record has a small mark on the end of side two that affects a little ticks at the end. Slight warp does not affect play.

KOINONIA - Koninonia (US koinonia music 78) E/E(+) 200

Unexpectedly good Xian folk rock rare groove contains drum breaks and lysergic fuzz actions!

KOPPERFIELD - Tales untold (US kopperdisc 74) E+/E(+) 500

Highly acclimated Michigan heavy psych hammer! The cover is pristine, still in shrink. The record has a light mark on A-1 that absolutely does nothing. Includes an insert.

KRAFTWERK - same (UK vertigo 72) RW E-/E:E 300

UK only released double album of their early works on Swirl labels. This copy does not have Swirl inners.

KRAFTWERK - Trans Europa express (G kling klang 77) E(+)/E(-) 220

Original pressing sang in Germany, comes complete with inner (side and bottom splits) and a poster (thumbtack holes to each corner, but not too noticeable). Record has paper marks caused by the inner, but it plays flawlessly.

don KRISS - Here's to you (US carrot 83) E+/E+ 70

Local Ohio obscure powerpop with nice driving guitar riffs, warm sweet vocals, and strong melodies. Really good one for the fans for this genre.

KROKODIL - Getting up for the morning (G bacillus 72) E(+)/E(+) 250

The first release after changing the label. As good as previous releases, perhaps prominently heavier prog blues in the style. A great copy!

KROZIER & THE GENERATOR - Tranceformer (AUS fission chips 82) sTC E/E+:E+ 150

A genuine cult artifact from Down Under. Spooky spoken word with a tad psychedelic and freaked-out electronic experimental sound. Limited hand-numbered original copy in great shape!

7h LADY LUCK - Fly away (US normandy sound 7?) /E(+) 375

Unknown Massachusetts hippie long haired psych groover. Includes a small poster (insert?).

max LEAKE - Buns in the sun (US visionary 84) E+/E+ 130

Smooth jazz funk fusion AOR.

dr. timothy LEARY - Turn on, tune in, drop out (US mercury 67) DH E/E(+) 90

His most tripped-out psych spoken words album, which is also the most accessible somehow.

steve LEDESMA - Nothing to lose, all to gain (US a.p 80) E+/S 120

Very talented young Xian folk SSW with skillful playing and fantastic compositions.

ray LEFEVRA -Little brother (US holy kiss 78) sTC,sWC E-/E+ 80

Obscure Xian teen AOR SSW.

7h LEFT END - Sunshine girl/Someday (US peppermint productions 72) sTC,sWL E-/E+ 350

This is a pre-album release of Ohiofs hard rock psych with raw, savage guitar riffing and cooking leads. It is housed in a folder cover with an attached booklet inside. This is a real winner! The cover is mildly bent on the lower left and has a couple of tiny rips, but it is still presentable well.

7h LEGACY - Who do you think youfre talkinf to/Lost in time (US legacy 74) sTL E(+) 300

Damn cool heavy psych banger and some prog moves, with howling vox and cooking guitar outburst.

franco LEPRINO - Integrati disintegrati (IT eleven 77) sOSP E-/E(+) 230

Cool electroacoustic ambient prog soud scapes.

7h LES GOTHS - Le jour etait gris/Out of the sun (F odeon 68) V+/E 300

Insane fuzz garage punk single! Cover got some issues, but still a keeper as it's not the one easy to locate. Record is pretty good both visually and aurally.

philip john LEWIN - Diamond love and other realities (CA gargoyle 76) S/S 120

Canadian chilling free soul AOR acoustic groove.

7h david LEWIS - Lonely night (US tarzana 84) /E+ 55

He is the guy who released gJust Mollie And Meh on Tiger Lily. This EP contains 4 tracks AOR numbers.

roger LEWIS & WADE VESEY - Breaking camouflage (US private 80) E/E+ 150

Gentle drifting folk rock SSW in Jackdaw and John Villemonte vein. Has an insert.

bengt LIEDMAN - same (SWE chicken 89) E+/E+ 40

Obscure Scandinavian blue eyed soul AOR. Slight warp does not affect play.

LITFIBA - Eneide di krypton (IT suono 83) E-/E 200

Debut of Italo new wave post punk cult classic.

LfJ IV - An Elizabethan songbook (UK cbs 69) E(+)/E(+) 325

Aka London Jazz Four, great UK jazz combo.

carol LLOYD - Love Carol (UK philly world 83) E(+)/E+ 180

Killer female funk disco boogie. Great copy!

kit & jimmy LLOYD - In the twinkling of an eye (CA new born 78) M-/E+ 75

Canadian AOR soft rock with gentle breezy vocals.

LOCOMOTIVE - We are everything you see (UK parlophone 70) E(+)/E 950

The laminated flip-back cover has slight corner rubbing and some lamination creasing on the lower flip-back, but otherwise, itfs well preserved. The record has a full luster with a few inaudible superficial marks only. The labels are clean with minimal spindle marks only. This is a very nice copy of a highly sought-after UK prog classic!

LODESTONE - Main street (US lra 74) M-/E(+) 140

Local Midwest private pressing contains dual leads, bass, drums, and key (including mellotron), plays basement guitar psych rock ala JC & The B's or first Shoes gOne In Versaillesh. Cover is immaculate, and still in shrink. Record is clean with a few inaudible small marks.

LOLLIPOP SHOPPE - Just colour (US uni 68) DH E(+)/E 500

Here, rarely see a nice copy nowadays. The cover is mostly in shrink. Hence, there is no usual ring wear on it. The record has a few faint marks, possibly fingernails, but fortunately, they are just visual imperfections. It plays throughout NM without any crackles.


2cm small split from the opening edge, other than that the gatefold cover is tidy and much better than copies around. Rarer Promo labels with a Promo sticker on the back cover.

7h LOOKING GLASS - Kathyfs dream/Migada bus (US media 67) /E 325

Real tripped-out psych into acid rock. Minor wear on labels.

LOOSELY TIGHT - Fightinf society (US star struck 81) S/S 230

Really good hard rock metal from Arizona in AC/DC and NWOBHM influences with killer dual actions, tight rhythm sections, and powerful vox.

LOVE - Da capo (US elektra 66) E(+)/E- 160

Monarch pressing gold labels Stereo original. Cover is mostly in shrink, although the shrink partly missing.

LOVE - Forever changes (US elektra 67) E(+)/E 700

Original Mono issued the cover and record (Allentown pressing) in both lovely conditions. Cover is pretty neat except for a couple of minor corner dings. Record has some superficial marks that do not affect play at all. Original Elektra company sleeve is included. Real tough one to grab these days.

LOVE - Four sail (US elektra 69) E/E 70

Solid red Elektra labels with the large white 'E' logo above the spindle hole. This is the earliest possible no band name on labels.

LOVE LIVE LIFE + ONE - Love will make a better you (JAP king 71) sTCi E/E+ 400

No OBI, but totally, itfs in astonishing condition. The Gatefold cover has the usual light staining and discoloration but nothing too much. It's still clean and whiteish. Insert included.@

linda LOWE - Gamblin with the wind (US rollinf 82) WCb E/E+ 110

Private female folk SSW with crystalline vocals and rich band ensemble. Includes printed inner and also promo kit.

leon LOWMAN - Syntheseas (US part I of II 80) E-/V 70

Highly sought-after cosmic synth funk ambient. Side one has fair amount of small marks and scratches, so it plays with background ticks and clicks across the board.

linda and bette LOWNES - I will follow (US private 7?) E-/E(+) 220

Sublime folk psych by beautiful sisters. Record looks clean, but has a pressing bubble on the beginning of side 2 that affect a little bit.

henry LOWTHER BAND - Child song (UK deram 70) CH E(+)/E 350

Small cut hole top right, but otherwise itfs pretty neat. Record has usual sleeve marks that do not affect play.

LUCAS & TORRENCE - same (US private 83) E+/E+ 90

Single sided only 4 tracks EP, local Washington AOR soft rock dancer with synth, guitars and neat drum machine.

mark & kenny LUNA - One wish (US marken 84) E/E+ 30

Mellow acoustic folk grooves out of Austin, Texas.