ECLPSE - same (US private 84) E(-)/E(+) 80

Local teen private hard rock with some prog tendency, but also has a dash of elements of metal or AOR. Recommended fans for Legend and Mistreater.

EDDY ZOLTAN - Spelemannen (NOR talent 74) E-/E(+) 75

Still underrated by most yet highly acclaimed by some, Hungarian keyboardist Eddy Zoltan Kiss plays with rural Norwegian musicians to create organ dominated prog in dark mysterious sounding with pastoral melodies.

EDWARD H. DAFIS - Hen ffordd gymreig o fyw (UK sain 74) E(+)/E 90

Little known Welsh psych prog outfit with surprisingly thick fuzz riffing and boorish rhythm sections.

EILIFF - same (G philips 71) E(+)/E 500

Superb Krautrock combo with some psych and avant-garde tendency.

ELASTIC BAND - Expansions on life (UK decca nova 69) RW,TCb V+/E(+) 150

Stereo original includes blue block inner. The cover has general storage wear plus one tear from the sticker removal on the rear top right where someone blacked.

ELDERBERRY JAK - Long overdue (US electric fox 70) E-/E- 90

Local VA minor psych band whose album ranges from groovy acid rock to mellow folk rock. Light stain on the back.

ELECAMPANE - When godfs on the water (UK dame jane 75) E(+)/E 120

Primarily, itfs a kind of minstrel and medieval folk, but suddenly, the mood shifts to aggressive and throws down an unexpectedly freakbeat psych track with raw, crude drumming and massive fuzz galore. It's very weird to my ears, especially those unfit vocals on heavy but monotonous riffing. Maybe "There's A New Dawn" is reminiscent if I exaggerate.

7h ELECTRIC SENSATION - Goodbye boy/Mary (US private 68) /E+ 630

Incredible downer drugged-out folk rock garage with charming male/female vocals, monotonous drums, and buzz fuzz breaks.

ELECTROMAGNETS - same (US egm 75) E+/E 190

Superb jazz rock fusion out of Austin, Texas. Featuring mighty guitarist Eric Johnson ex-Mariani! Rarer green cover version in great shape!

ELONKORJUU - Harvest time (FIN parlophone 72) E(+)/E(+) BID

Killer Finnsih hard psych ripper comes in a delicate cover, which is easily damaged, but this copy is exceptional! The record is also super clean! Nearly a final upgrade, for sure!

7h ENALPRIA - Speed limit/Sliding (US ron sound productions 70) /E(+) 350

Obscure Florida psych outfit. This is their 3rd and the last single. Surprisingly good heavy prog effort with driving guitars, amped organ layers, Jethro Tull-ish intense flute actions and spontaneous rhythm changing with breaks. It's a shame they didn't make an album. This will hook you prog heads.

robert ENGLISH - Experiments in relativity (US blunt 83) E(+)/E+ 200

Bay Area post-punk new wave into DIY psych bizarre outsider. Very cool one up for grabs!

ERGO SUM - Mexico (F theleme 71) BSP E(+)/E 350

Favorite French heavy prog with gritty Roger Chapman-esq wild vox, housed in a gorgeous textured gatefold cover. The bottom seam middle was neatly repaired with glue; apart from that, the cover is in great condition. The record has water mark on A-1 that absolutely does not affect playback. Other than that the record shows no noticeable marks or scratches, there are just a few faint paper scuffs from the inner.

jan ERIK VOLD & JAN GARBAREK - Hav (NOR philips 71) E/E 600

Another of Jan Garbarekfs masterworks is abstract electric jazz poetry featuring Terje Rypdal on guitars and Bobo Stenson on keys. It is surely as rare as gTil Vigdish these days.

ESKATON - Fiction (F musique post atomique 83) E+/E 200

Another 80fs Zeuhl rarity along with Eider Stellair and Dun gErosh. Cover is top, record has a few paper scuffs, plays solid NM all the way throughout!

ETHOS - Ardour (US capitol 76) E/V+ 25

US prog classic. Includes inner (bottom seam middle split).

EUCLID - Heavy equipment (US amsterdam 70) E-/E+ 450

Thick gatefold cover has age related discoloration and foxing, but retain solid and tight. There is no cut-out which is a good advantage for it.

EVERFRIEND - Tropicsphere (US jazzical 80) E(-)/E(+) 140

Obscure key trio plays classical rock, jazz rock and symphonic. Hidden gem for anyone into US private prog for sure! A couple of soft pops on B-3 due to pressing bubble, but otherwise flawless.

EYES OF BLUE - In fields of ardath (UK mercury 69) sTCb E/E+ 400

Laminated cover has a small tear at the back opening edge. There is a number written inside the album pocket, but the appearance is generally clean. Record is in lovely condition with minimal signs of use.

F.G. EXPERIMENTAL LABORATORY - Hope (CH studio scafe 80) E(+)/E(+) 180

Only a couple of hundred made of private synth electronic spacey prog in Klaus Schulze vein. Though they deeply involved religious themes, and the vibes are more sublime and secret.

FAITH BAND - Excuse me I just cut an album (US village 77) SA E/E+ 30

Local Indianapolis free sould AOR.

FALLEN ANGELS - Itfs a long way down (US roulette 68) E(+)/S BID

Unexpectedly found, still Sealed original copy of their famous second effort housed in an eye-popping unipak-style psych cover! There is a little rub wear to corners and edges, but just a minimum. All inall, itfs incredible condition past over a half century!

FANNY ADAMS - same (US kapp 71) TC E-/E+ 90

Tremendous Oceanian heavy psych. This is the US original on Red / Orange labels. There is some fraying along the opening edge and minor rubbing on the front upper left hand. Record is immaculate!

FANTASY TRAIN - same (US fantasy train productions 84) E(+)/S 280

Pretty cool teen rock meets DIY modern soul with psyched guitar-laden, weird sci-fi effects and alternate male/female vocals. There are also cheesy synthwave realms and dreamy late-night gospel overtones as well. You might consider it one of those shitty private pressing at the first spin, but soon to be realized, whatfs stellar it is. This copy is still Sealed, but some mold is under the shrink. You can probably wipe it off if you remove the shrink away.

gary FARR - Take something with you (UK marmalade 69) SP V+/V+ 280

The debut of UK folk SSW, backed by Meix Stevens and ex-members of Action, Mighty Baby. Druged-out acid folk psych with atmospheric twilight zone vibes. The textured cover is a bit tatty, with particularly heavy seam and spine wear and a bottom corner bend. However, the exterior is still presentable except for a small stain on the front top left. The record appears moderately used but has no significant damage. Plays throughout fine with occasional minor crackles only.

mick FARREN - Mona the carnivorous circus (UK transatlantic 70) E(+)/E 250

Crazy biker outlaw psych ex-Deviants.

FAT - Footloose (US dream merchant 76) sSP,sBSP E-/E+ 50

Their debut on RCA in 1970, after a while they released this rather obscure second album from their own label. More funky groovy psych jazz rock directions.

didi FAVREAU - Rebirth of wonder (US rsvp 69) SA,RW V+/E(+) 70

As the same label as Faine Jade, very excentric female vocal psych jazz freakout has a bit similar vibes to Erica on ESP.

FERGUSON BROTHERS - Here to stay (US ambient 79) E-/S 90

Local Virginia private AOR modern soul. A remarkable streak lower right-hand of the cover, but it looks like manufacture error, but not bend. Still Sealed but shrink torn a little bit.

FIELDS & SHIPLEY - same (US tiger lily 76) SP E-/E(+) 220

Lovely male/female vox soft rock with a touch of prog elements featuring tons of mellotron flashing.

FINIS AFRICAE - same (SP grabaciones accidentales 85) E+/E 200

Masterpiece of early Balearic music contains soothing new age to tribal ambient and abstract chill-out.

simon FINN - Pass the distance (UK mushroom 70) RW,sSD E-/E+ 1500

Fragile cover has a few small scratches on the front upper left corner caused when the price tag was removed, and slight ring wear on the half upper of the front. There is a small amount of abrasion on the back near the left edge, but otherwise the cover is rather neat. The spine lettering is a little fraying, but the spine and seams are solid without splits.. Not Minty as always but overall very well preserved for this gem! Record is beautiful with only a few faint scuffs. Includes insert which has a couple corner creasing.

FINNERUD TRIO - Thoughts (NOR prisma 86) sTCb E-/E(+) 150

Actually this is their 4th album recorded in 1974, but has not been released until mid 80fs.

FIRE - same (US abc 68) DH E(+)/E(+) 55

To find a clean copy like this, itfs not easy. Housed in gimmick unipak cover

FIRST INTERNATIONAL SEX OPERA BAND - Anita (H sexclusief 69) sTP,SKb E-/E 500

Infamous freakout psych avant-garde was only available at sex shops at that time. Nude Anita sticker on the front cover. There is light wear on the cover, but I have never seen a copy in Minty quality due to various reasons.

FLAMEN DIALIS - Symptome-dei (F flvm 79) E(+)/E(+) 300

Bizarre experimental prog with massively layered synth and mellotron. Rarely seen NM copy!

FLAMIN GROOVIES - Flamingo (US kama sutra 70) sCN E/E+ 80

West Coast garage rockfnfroll.

FLAMIN GROOVIES - Teenage head (US kama sutra 71) CN E(-)/E- 70

Their third and the best so far! Proto-punk semi classic. Slight haze on side two that does not affect play.

dave FLAMMING - Goodnight crew (US great orm 80) E-/E 45

Unknown Southern folk SSW with laid back moves. Includes insert.

FLASKET BRINNER - Flasket (SWE ljudspar 72) E/E-:E(+) 230

Double album contains live and studio recordings, jazz rock leaning hard edge psych prog jammer. Disc one has light scattered marks that are hardly audible. Disc two is almost unblemished.

FLEA - Topi o uomini (IT fonit 72) E+/E+ BID

Top copy of Italian hard rock brilliance, all in all, archive quality!

FLEETWOOD MAC - Peter Greenfs Fleetwood mac (UK blue horizon 68) E(+)/V+ 70

The UK MONO first pressing is housed in the front laminated cover, which is well cared for. The record has several light marks, and one of them affects short clicks, but nothing is too annoying. It's great value, accordingly.

FLIED EGG - Goog bye (JAP vertigo 72) V+/E(+) 120

The first pressing on the Swirl label is housed in a textured gatefold cover. The spine shows heavy wear, but the front and back panels look better than average. There is just a minor discoloration on the back white panel. The record looks and plays great throughout.

FLOWER TRAVELLINf BAND - Satori (JAP atlantic 71) E/E+ 330

The first pressing (YEN 2000) housed in a gatefold cover comes complete with a small insert and OBI (tiny rip, streak, and creasing). The cover has a sign of the storage, but very presentable overall. The record hardly played.

FLOWER TRAVELLINf BAND - Made in Japan (JAP atlantic 72) E(+)/E+ 270

This is the first pressing of YEN 2000, made in 1972, housed in a cardboard box cover, and comes complete with 2 inserts and a postcard. OBI is still intact, but someone overwrote 2500 to the price. Also, 2500 got overwritten on the back of the box. This is probably due to it being leftover stock from 1977. A reissue in regular cover was already pressed, and they have been selling YEN 2500 at a fixed price. So, it seems it was necessary to change the price then. Anyway, apart from those prices overwritten, it's in outstanding condition with clean, crisp, and tight on the whole.

FLOWER TRAVELLINf BAND - Make up (JAP atlantic 73) E+/E+:E+ 350

The first pressing (YEN 3000) double album is intact in its gatefold cover and outer leather bag (a little wrinkled on the belt). It also includes an insert. Unfortunately, there is no OBI, but besides that, everything is in exceptional condition. The only minor imperfection is that the labels of the disc one have light mildew stains, but there is nothing to worry about. Both records are almost pristine.

FOLQUE - Fredlos (NOR plateselskapet mai 80) E/E+ 250

Their 5th album, traditional Scandinavian folk rock with a bit of prog leanings. This copy contains super rare poster!

FOOD BRAIN - Social gathering (JAP polydor 70) M-/E(+) 600

There is no OBI, but that iconic gatefold cover is in immaculate shape! The record shows a few faint marks that do not affect play. It includes an insert.

FOOTCH KAPOOT - Good clean fun (US cornball 78) SP,BSP,SKb V+/V(+) 160

Obscure Midwest psych jazz rock hippie weirdness with very skillful plays. If Gentle Giants play Captain Beefheart songs, really outstanding doped out music! Light staining on the back cover. Minor ticks on the end of A-4, and some light crackles on the beginning of A-5 caused by a small pressing flaw.

kathy FORD - same (US the great arts & farces company 80) E(+)/E+ 140

Legendary local Michigan musician B.A. Thrower is known to have released "Drendall & Thrower" and "Thrower, Spollane & McFarland." This is a very minor female folk SSW backed by his full help.

FOWLE, FOSTER & BRIGGS - Across the horizon (US michigan nickel company 81) E+/E+ 300

Obscure Michigan prog trio who only released this, with searing guitar leads and atmospheric synth that bring expressive symphonic and hard rock blender that reminds me of the same Michigan monster called MacArthur. Was Sealed, played once. Includes printed inner which has split to one side. Housed in a cool generic sunset photo cover at the beach.

FOX - Tails of illusion (UK gto 75) E/V+ 20

Include inner (bottom seam middle split).

FRAGIL - Avenida larco (PERU pantel 81) hRW V/V+ 50

Latin rock symphonic prog at its finest. Inevitably cover wear due to its material yet it's still acceptable. As you know how hard to find clean copies from over there. Comes with a rare insert.

FRAME - Frame of mind (G bacillus 72) E(+)/E+ 350

Always a favorite of mine, Krautrock prog rarity, in great condition!

FRAMPTON AND BEEBE - Looking back at you (US rocker 85) E+/M- 250

Their second, and as rare as the first.

FREE - same (UK island 69) E(+)/E+ 350

The first pressing on the pink labels with Bell Sound etching. Non-laminated gatefold cover made by E.J. Day. There is a small white spot on the front upper which might be a printing error. Otherwise, itfs exceptionally clean!

FREE - Fire and water (UK island 70) E(+)/E 250

Pink labels UK 1st press is in great nick. There is slight re-coloring to the lower right and minor rubbing on the bottom seam, but otherwise, itfs pretty decent. The record shows light, wispy marks that do nothing. Plays amazing!

FREE - Free live (UK island 71) E(+)/E 180

Original pink rim labels housed in E.J. Day made envelope-style cover with pasted gstamph portraits on the front. The cover has almost no apparent issues. The record has some light marks but plays fine without remarkable crackles.

FREE ORBIT - Free jazz goes underground (G mps 70) PHS E/E+ 350

This is the earlies first pressing of Krautrock Jazz Funk Rock featuring Udo Lindenberg and other famous names. Laminated cover has tiny humbtack holes at the top corners, but they are nothing too noticeable.

FREEBORNE - Peak impressions (US monitor 68) PSK,sTCb E-/E- 600

Rare white label Promo, housed in promo cover with DJ sticker intact. There is some rub wear and dent to all corners, and also small rip on the rear near the bottom. The record has some light marks and minor hairlines, but it plays throughout fine with no significant issues.

FREEDOM - Thinking about you (US applause 81) E(-)/E(+) 135

Unknown Midwest private lounge rock duo with a few assistant players. Some neat late night psych grooves remind me of Justen O'Brien & Jake, but more like Beatlesq sounding.

FREEDOM NORTH - same (CA aquarius 70) DH E/E+ 350

Breezy Canadian psych soft rock with alternate male/female vocals, engineered by Peter Tessier.

FRESH MAGGOTS - same (UK rca 71) RWb E(-)/V+ 1000

The cover looks a lot better than average copies. There is minor lamination lifting and a few light creasing, but nothing too obvious. There is evidence of ring wear on the back, but rather faintly. The seams and the spine are intact and legible. The record has several pressing bubbles as usual, particularly on side 2. It plays throughout fine, with occasional minor crackles and pops. Side 1 has no issues worth mentioning. It's still not the best copy, but it could be one of the cleanest for sale right now.

7h FRINGE - Flower generation (CA quality 68) /E 250

Slight haze on vinyl, plays no problem. Comes with a company sleeve (splits, staple-holes, and small writing).

FRUTOS DEL PAIS - same (CHILE rca 72) E(+)/E- 350

Nice condition of melodic organ prog rock in the vein similar to Procol Harum.

FRUUPP - Future legends (UK dawn 73) E+/E- 180

Their debut, housed in textured gatefold cover, and having inevitable minimum seam wear, but overall clean, crisp and solid. Record plays with minor ticks for 10 times in the middle of B2, but otherwise it looks and plays Near Mint.

FRUUPP - Modern masquerades (UK dawn 75) E(+)/E- 140

Includes insert. Cover has minor evidence of the long storage, but overall in great nick! Record has shallow marks and hairlines, but plays almost flawlessly.

FUSE - same (US epic 70) E/E(+) 130

Yellow label's first pressing, pre-Cheap Trick, great hard rock with some prog leanings.

GAME OF THE CLOUDS - Jokerfs nr.10 (G private 92) M-/E(+) 60

Enigmatic lo-fi, new age hippie folk by a guitar/flute duo. Record is a little warped due to storage issues, but all remaining copies are all the same. Play flawlessly all around!

kostas GANOSSELLIS - Synthesis (GREECE ph.nakas s.a. 80) E+/E+ 90

Greek cosmic synth funk. Top copy!

charly GARCIA - Musica del alma (ARG sazam 80) E(+)/E+:E+ 280

Important figure of Argentinian rock who lead Sui Generis, Seru Giran, La Maquina De Hacer Pajaros and others. Laminated gatefold cover is clean except minor discoloration on the inside. Records are both immaculate!

bjorn GARDSBY - On the line (SWE mudist 80) WC E/E(+) 100

Scandinavian AOR free soul goodness, sung in English. Includes inner.

joey GARONE - Waves of time (US private 81) E+/E+ 350

Another cosmic country folk affair in psych outsider attitude. Top copy still in shrink.

michael GARRICK BAND - Home stretch blues (UK argo 72) E/E 900

The cover shows minor signs of storage and handling, but it has been very well cared for. The record has a light amount of wispy marks, but they are hardly audible.

mort GARSON - Didnft you hear? (US custom fidelity 70) E+/E 280

Cult movie soundtrack in sci-fi moogy psych zone. Cover is still in shrink!

GARYBALDI - Nuda (IT cgd 72) E-/E- 280

The tri-gatefold cover shows moderate age-related staining on the unlaminated inside, but the exterior is rather tidy and crisp. The record has some scuff-type marks, as usual, but it mostly plays NM. A slight warp does not affect play.

LOS GATOS - Rock de la mujer Perdida (ARG rca vik 70) SP,TC V+/V+ 170

Their last studio effort into heavy prog territory. Has an elusive insert.

GERMAN OAK - same (G bunker 7?) E/E(+) 650

Ultra rare cult German underground psych experimental. The cover is neat except for light rubbing along the bottom seam and a few corner balding.

GHOULIES - Dogged by dogma (UK lounging 82) E(+)/E 40

New Wave-esque Canterbury sounding oddity featuring Dave Stewart and Pip Pyle from Hatfield & The North.

michael GIBBS - same (UK deram 70) E(-)/V+ 40

Stereo UK original. The record has a light mark across B-2 and B-3, which creates minor ticks for a while, but nothing overwhelms. There are stain spots on the labels.

GIFT - same (G telefunken 72) E(+)/E(+) 600

Tremendous Kraut heavy blues psych. Very slight color fading along the spine, but overall fantastic condition!

john GILBERT AND MEADE RIVER - same (US private 72) sTC E-/E- BID

Super rare basement folk psych with deep, desperate vibes in DIY home recording. An exceptional album with a unique atmosphere that is hard to compare to any other private pressing, but a little reminds me of ONCE gThe Hushh LP in parts. There is a small tear at the top, yet has not split.

marcello GIOMBINI & ENZO BARBARINO - Transvitaexpress (IT pcc 74) E+/E+ 140

Epoch-making Italian avant-garde rock duo with an insane mix of noise, sampling, collage and occultic spoken words. Top archive copy!

GNIDROLOG - Lady lake (UK rca 72) E(+)/E 750

The fragile cover has minimal storage wear only, almost no ring wear, and the spine is perfectly legible! The record is clean as well. Several faint marks that are perhaps a little affect by playback, but there is nothing to worry about. Comes with a rare insert.

GOLDENROD - same (US chartmaker 69) SP E/E+ 600

They are actually the back band of Darius. Tremendous all instrumental fuzz psych.

7h GOLLIWOGS - Fight fire/Fragile child (US scorpio 66) /V+ 240

Early Creedence Clearwater Revival 45. Yellow label Promo. Has a few clicks on the middle of gFragile Childh The rest plays pretty well.

7h GOLLUM - Desert heat/Prayer of despair (US kiderian 74) /E(-) 140

One side is 45 RPM, while the other is 33 ? RPM. A tiny pressing bubble on the beginning of side B creates a few pops in the intro, but the rest plays NM.

GOMORRHA - Trauma (G basf 71) sTC E/E- 400

The laminated gatefold cover has a small scratch mark on the front left-hand where the color is a bit lost, but nothing too major. Otherwise, the cover is OK with some signs of storage. The record has a handful of surface marks and scuffs, but they are hardly audible, and it plays NM all.

jeff GOOD - Share the sky (US private 80) E/E+ 200

DIY folk outsider private pressing in the same vein of Todd hWith Love... From Me To Youh and Vyto B.

GOOD MAN BROTHERS - Sayang abang (SINGAPORE ligo 80) E/E(+) 250

South Asian heavy blues prog jammer in a great nick!

7h GOODLY RUBENSON - Inside outside (US stonehenge 68) /E 200

Michigan psych garage with neat fuzz and organ.

7h GORDON & WERTH - Savin' all my love (US lyric promotions 83)E-/E- 150

Summer breezinf lofi AOR boogie.

GOSPEL OAK - same (US kapp 70) PSKb E(+)/S 90

UK/US mixed blues psych country rock. Still Sealed copy without usual cut hole!

GRACIOUS! - same (UK vertigo 70) E(+)/E(+) 700

Very close to immaculate condition of classic Vertigo rarity. Textured gatefold cover is still white-ish as possible. Includes Swirl inner that has writing gMay 1973h on the margin.

7h GRATEFUL DEAD - Dark star (US warner bros. 68) E(+)/E(+) 400

White label Promo comes in an awesome picture sleeve. Great copy all around!

GREAT LOOSE BAND & O.K. CHORALE ? Stone crow (A tale of ore) : Live at UC Irvine 1976 (US blue bong 76) M-/E+ 350

Only 150 made of Californian hippie college units contain insane male/female vocals, fuzz outbreaks, and basement organs. Totally doped and inept. Top copy, cover is still in shrink!

7h GREEN SLIME - The green slime/Far beyond (US mgm 69) V+/V 250

Superb psych title track with theremin galore. The picture sleeve is slightly grubby and has a small cut in the top left corner. The record has one visible scratch that affects some clicks but is on the less interested B side.

GRIM REAPER - WE were all fools (G brutkasten 79) RW V+/E- 250

Obviously, it overlooked German amateurish hard rock with some unanticipated prog leanings. Recommended for fans of Gravestone and P2O5. Has a band sticker as a bonus.

7h GROOP THERAPY - Ronnie, Ronnie/Ifve got to leave this world (US lisa 68) /E(+) 350

Obscure downer psych garage with odd spooky chorus and low-key fuzz actions.

peter GRUDZIEN - The unicorn (US private 74) E/E 900

Neat original copy of legendary cult outsider grail.

GRUPO SERENATA - Camin dfamerica (CABO VERDE private 87) E/E- 250

Very rare private pressing from island country in the central Atlantic Ocean. Doped mix of Balearic and Afrobeat with flowing guitars and plenty of spooky synth.

GRYPHON - same (US private 81) M-/M- 300

Brand-new copy of unexpectedly cool private pressing from Michigan, contains vicious fuzz hard rocker at the opening, then they turned out more AOR tendency or crude rural banger.

peter GUADAGNO - Open roads life (US private 78) E(+)/E+ 180

Still relatively unknown but pretty good folk SSW with some magical moments here and there. Might appeal funs of Dialogue and Michael Angelo. Record looks like brand-new, but pressing is rather low-tech. So, there is some minor background noise, but nothing to worry about.

GURU GURU - same (G brain metronome 73) E(+)/V+ 110

Orig on Green label with Metronome logo, housed in laminated gatefold cover. Record has fair amount of surface scuffs and light marks, but plays way better than it looks.

H.P. LOVECRAFT - II (US philips 68) RW V+/E 35

Masterpiece of Westcoast acid psych. Unipak cover has general storage wear and rubbing spine.

bruce HAACK - This old man (US dimension 5 75) E(+)/E 100

Mondo electronic madness.

HACKENSACK - Up the hardway (UK polydor 74) E(+)/E 190

Not Top, but overall nice keeper condition for normal collectors. Including inner sleeve (side splits).

HAIRY CHAPTER - Canft get through (G bacillus 71) E/E(+) 650

First pressing on White Bacillus labels housed in awesome laminated gatefold cover. Slight fraying along the opening edge of the cover, but otherwise itfs in great nick. The record looks and plays NM.

chris HANSON - Street called straight (US private 82) E-/E(+) 60

Unknown xian SSW, rock oriented numbers on side one, and smooth AOR mellowness on side two, and those are damn good!

keef HARTLEY BAND - The battle of north west six (UK deram 69) sTC E/E(+) 120

UK MONO on brown labels comes with a red inner. The gatefold cover is tidy except for tape residue inside the album pocket along the opening. Again, itfs not too noticeable since itfs not exterior. The record is barely played and in beautiful condition.

HARUMI - same (US verve forecast 68) CH E/E+:E+ 280

Japanese American doped out psych double album. Stereo original vinyls in superb conditions. Thick gatefold cover has light storage wear, but a relatively clean shape without remarkable issues.

HARVEST - Flyinf high, runninf fast (FIN rca 78) WL,ML,BSP,SMb,sSDb,sSA E-/E- 180

In fact, this is the second Elonkorjuu album under the name Harvest, as translated from Finnish Elonkorjuu. They changed their musical style to a more cross-over fusion style for international success.

HARVESTER - Hemat (SWE decibel 69) SAb E(+)/E(+) 250

Pre-Trad, Gras Och Stenar, greatest Swedish hippie stoned out psych. Scattered tiny paper peeling on the bottom seam, but else the cover is neat.

HATFIELD AND THE NORTH - same (UK virgin 74) E/E(+) 180

First pressing comes in laminated gatefold cover, and has scarce A1M/B1M matrix with deep groove labels. Tiny chipping at the vinylfs edge, but nothing to worry about.

HAUULA - same (US broad 80) E/E(+) 160

Contemporary Hawaiian AOR pop rarity.

jason HAVELOCK - Pop symphony (F les disques Pierre Cardin 70) E/E 200

Scarce French original copy of conceptual instro-prog magnum opus the rank along with Jean-Claude Vannier and William Sheller.

HAWKWIND - Warrior on the edge of time (UK united artists 75) BSP E-/E(-) 70

First pressing housed in four foldout cover comes with inner (bottom and side splits).

HEAD MACHINE - Orgasm (UK major minor 70) RWb E(-)/E- 700

This album is hopelessly finding a clean cover due to the nature of the material as you know. A copy offering here is pretty decent in my eyes, the front side is rather shiny with a few minor wrinkles and lamination bubbling. Back panel has inevitable general ring wear, but a lot better than most. Record plays clean except minimal crackle at the end of A1, but otherwise Near Mint with no noticeable crackles or whatsoever.

HEAVEN & EARTH - Refuge (US ovation 73) DH E(+)/E(+) 110

Nice copy of fairy angels folk psych. Includes an inner.

HELLO PEOPLE - Lost at sea (US adc 79) E(+)/V+ 140

They stated their long career from late 60fs as a soft psych sunshine pop band, then changed to Art Rock and followed up Glam Rock. This is their final effort and the rarest album of all that contains AOR sounding. Some clicks on the end of B-5 from a small scratch. Other than that it looks and play nicer. Cover is still in shrink as well!

HELP YOURSELF - Beware the shadow (UK united artists 72) E+/E+ 180

Superb ccopy of flowing rural guitar psych.

HEMLOCK - same (UK deram 73) E(+)/E+ 250

Because minimal rubbing around the edge, so say E(+) than E+ to be on the safe side. Record is top!

judy HENSKE & JERRY YESTER - Farewell aldebaran (US straight 69) BSP,CC E-/E+ 70

Cut corner to left bottom which is rather typical for this album. Record is Top!

carolyn HESTER COALITION - Magazine (US metromedia 70) RW,sSP,PSKb V+/E+ 90

Rarer white label promo. Cover has some wear, but the record is pristine!

bruce HIBBARD - Never turninf back (US myrrh 80) E/E 230

Highly sought-after AOR smooth lite mellow. A nice keeper copy comes with inner.

HIGH FIDELITY ORCHESTRA - My girl (MEX magog 84) TC V(+)/E 75

King Crimson influenced Mexican prog, this is their second effort in 4 tracks 12h EP, with dark and decadent songs with disturbing refrains and repetitive rhythms with a hint of New Wave. There is damage to the top right corner of the cover, and the lamination is slightly lifted and torn.

HIGH SPEED AND THE AFFLICTED MAN - Get stoned ezy (UK bonk 82) E/E 175

Totally doped out drenched fuzz bonkers!

HIGHWAY - same (US private 75) E-/E(+) BID

A limited 500-pressed Minnesota hard psych trio with driving guitars and energetic rhythm sections. The cover has light water damage to the bottom right, where it is slightly discolored but not too major. Other than it's very much acceptable.

HILDE & KJELL - Shine your light (NOR new song 85) SKb E/E(+) 70

Scarce Scandinavian Xian AOR modern soul produced by George Keller. Comes with inner (side and the bottom splits).

rick HOEHN - The thundermen, & money! (US thundermen 82) V+/E+ 220

Local RockfnfRoll legend from Midwest, this is their one and only album after 20+ years when they established! Very strange mix of Rockabilly and Post Punk sounding with doped synth, drum machine backing and crude fuzz wah-wah mayhem reminds me of Jesus & The Mary Chain! Housed in a DIY looking paste-on cover that has some streaks and stapler holes bottom left corner.

7h dave HOLBROOK WITH THE VENUS FLYTRAP - California hippies (US triplehsh 68) /E+ 280

Moody spooky folk psych garage 45. Both sides are awesome, and in great condition!

HOLE IN THE WALL - same (NOR sonet 72) E/E(+) 375

Post-Oriental Sunshine, mellow dreamy folk prog rock with some West Coast hippie vibes. Includes rare insert with lyrics.

HOLLEN BROTHERS - New beginning (US tri-art 7?) V+/E+ 60

Rural Xian folk and Jesus rock brothers with a little psych overtones. This is more rock oriented, but one of them later released smooth AOR. Light H2O stain lower right-hand.

HOLY GHOST RECEPTION COMMITTEE:#9 - The torchbearers (US paulist press 69) E+/E(+) 500

Their second effort, and way better sounding in downer psych garage zone. Great condition, too!

ernest HOOD - Neighborhoods (US thistlefield 75) E(-)/E(+) 500

A legendary field recording ambient out of Portland, Oregon, featuring cosmic synth and vintage zither from European mid-century. The cover has slight discoloration but remains tight and neat.

HOST - Hardt mot hardt (NOR on 76) E+/E 800

Superb orig copy of the best Norwegian hard prog. Includes insert.

HOST - Extra! extra! (NOR on 77) sTC E/E 300

Their compilation includes the best tracks from the previous albums plus 3 new materials. If you are a Host addict, it's worth listening to those new songs.

HOT FLASH - First attack (US rockwell 77) E+/E+ 420

Immaculate condition of rare private prog from New England, housed in Roger Dean-esque cover. Massive organ pumping and practical use of flute in Zoldar & Clark realms. Include insert.

HOT POOP - Does their own stuff! (US hot poop productions 71) S/S 425

Sealed copy of doped-out bizarre psych housed in totally weird cover.

charlie HOWELL - Been gone too long (US mark 75) E/E+ 350

Obscure Xian loner folk in a gentle tranquil atmosphere with mostly his acoustic guitar pickings and fragile naively vocals. But, sometimes it incorporates electric wah-wah that gives a psych feel to the music, also making it very unique. If you are a fan of Stephen Raley or Sixth Station, you will surely like this album.

HUMAN BEINZ - Live in Japan (JAP capitol 69) E/E 590

Famous Japanese only released their rarest title on bloody red wax housed in a fisheye lens photo cover. Cover has some light blemish and usual discoloration for long storage on the inside of the gatefold, but the exterior is exceptionally clean. Red vinyl is clean with some faint marks visible under bright right. Comes complete with mega rare OBI in stunning NM condition!

don HUNTSINGER - If dreams were true (US bliss 75) E(+)/E+ 100

Underrated daydreaming psych folk SSW recorded at 700 West, and engineered by Moe Whittemore. Contains a great haunting cover version of gSummertimeh. The cover is still in shrink, but there is some minor mold under the shrink.

HURDY GURDY - same (UK cbs 72) sSKb E(+)/E(-) 750

Original UK pressing Danish hard psych monster. Record shows a few shallow hairlines that absolutely do not affect.