EARLY MORNERS - Naaman (US private 7?) RWb,SK V+/E- 300

Utterly unknown private weird folk with male/female vocals, guitars, banjo, bass, piano, flutes, tambourine, percussions, and handclaps. Hard to explain what's it like? Similar to xian folk, but a bit esoteric and more eerie vibes here. Housed in strange DIY cover with papercut art and hand writings. Includes two inserts.

EARTH AND FIRE - Song of the marching children (H polydor 71) V+/E 50

Second album housed in laminated gatefold cover with relief symbol on the front. Some lamination lifting and peelings.

EARTH AND FIRE - Atlantis (H polydor 73) E+/E+ 65

Their 3rd and the best effort housed in wonderful laminated gatefold cover comes with insert. All in all immaculate condition!

EAST OF EDEN - Snafu (UK deram 70) E/E 180

Clean Stereo first pressing comes in laminated cover with blue lined inner.

EAST OF THE ALTAR - same (US private 77) E+/E+ 150

Private pressing xian jazz groove sunshine pop with nice electric leads.

EASYBEATS - Easy (AUS parlophone 65) E/E 150

Black & yellow label second Mono pressing housed in beautiful laminated flip-back cover.

EASYBEATS - Friends (UK polydor 70) sSMb E(+)/E+ 80

Flat label orig A1 B1 matrix housed in front laminated cover.

ECHOES - same (JAP voxee 7?) E(+)/E(+) BID

Unknown to the max, demo like released DIY prog with synth, guitar, and rhythm box plays King Crimson and Pink Floyd covers.

EDEN ROSE - On the way to eden (F katema 70) E-/M- 360

Pre-Sandrose, fantastic instro prog with swingin' organ galore and terrific guitar playing by Jean-Pierre Alarcen! Cover has light use only, still tidy and crisp with removable tag intact. Record is immaculate!

EDITION SPECIALE - Allee des tilleuls (F united artists 76) E(+)/E(+) 140

Debut of French jazz prog Euro funk groove with cool female vox ala COS.

EGG - The polite force (UK deram 70) E+/E 160

Second effort of Canterbury school legend. Cover is pristine with high gloss on lamination and wear-free on the rear! Record shows superficial sleeve lines as usual caused by inners, but plays Near Mint without any problems!

EILIFF - same (G philips 71) E/E 400

Unique mix of jazz and psych Krautrock amalgam.

EL SHALOM - Frost (G attacca 76) TC,SA V+/E+ 500

Private German underground prog with mix of symphonic moves and basement Teutonic heavy sounding. Cover is decent apart from sticker stain and removal tear around the upper spine, but not so obvious. Record is close to perfect! Comes with insert. 

ELASTIC BAND - Expansions on life (UK decca nova 69) E(+)/E(+) 300

Top archive copy of Stereo orig. Fragile cover can't be upgraded. Record played only once or twice! Just a hint of sleeve marks from the original blue lined inner, plays absolutely flawless!

ELISABETH MALTA ORCHESTRA - First concert (JAP prince music 84) E(+)/M-:M-:M- 500

Triple LP box set totally unknown Japanese minimal cosmic synth with cheesy drum machine and discorded weird timpani. Really strange, way out music. Not for everybody, but definitely something special for who are abnormal. Comes with foldout insert. Never seen offered publically before even here in Japan, super cult artifact!

ELONKORJUU - Harvest time (FIN parlophone 72) E-/E BID

Finnish underground hard prog with killer dazzling leads all over! Cover has light storage wear, but still decent for such a flimsy sleeve. Record is glossy and beautiful looking with scattered minimal marks only.

ELOY - same (G philips 71) E+/E(+) BID

Gimmick cover is stunning NM shape with minimal crease on a pull tab only, otherwise nearly spotless. Record hardly played, clean surface with inaudible minor scuffs from inners.

EMERALD CITY - Pieces (US private 81) E(+)/E+ 360

Featuring Tomas Gye, obscure local prog influenced by ELP or YES with dominated heavy keys and dreamy arrangements. Small stain at bottom right corner that hardly noticeable. Comes with foldout insert.

EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER - same (UK island 70) E(+)/E- 225

Pink label orig, 2U/2U matrix. Fragile cover is clean as possible. Record looks NM, but play with some light surdace noise.

EMTIDI - Saat (G pilz 72) E(+)/E+ 350

Splendid German folk prog. Cover is tidy with minimal shelf wear only. Record is amazingly clean!

ENBOR - same (SP xoxoa 79) E+/M- 270

Nice folky prog meets lyrically jazz rock from Basque. Laminated gatefold cover is in gorgeous nick except top middle seam minimally crack that hardly noticeable. Record virtually unplayed! Comes with elusive insert.

ENGLAND - same (UK deroy 75) E-/E- BID

Mega rare supposedly 99 pressed only, underground hard prog power trio. Front laminated cover has some light crease on the front, and a few minor smudges on the back. No splits or tears. Record shows light amount of paper scuffs and some shallow marks, but they do not affect playback. Aurally gets Near Mint grade. Clean labels with barely visible spindle marks.

EQUILIBRIO VITAL - Kazmor el prisionero (VENEZUELA color 84) TC E(+)/E(+) 190

Superb copy of high energy hard prog from Central America with strong female vox and intense guitars.

ERTER, KJOTT OG FLESK - Husmannskost (NOR experience 73) E(+)/E- 900

This is virtually still unknown big rarity from this Norwegian label which releases including Univers and Crossbreeze. More folky guitar oriented rural psych sounding in American West Coast elements with pastoral melancholic songs, uplifting rhythm breaks, lightning fuzz assaults!

ERTLIF - same (CH tell 72) sSD E/E(+) 950

Heavy Hammond and mellotron dominated Swiss prog in the vein similar to Procol Harum and Pacific Sound. Gatefold cover has a few lamination peeling on the rear opening edge, but overall nice clean. Record looks like foggy as always, but plays no problem at all.

EYES - New gods aardvark thru zymurgy (US world theatre 77) E(+)/E- 650

Psycho glam sci-fi heavy stoner acid rock controlled by Todd Clark with druggy vocals, scattered weird effects, psych influences fuzz leads! Cover is great with minimal blemish under the shrink from it's age. Record looks clean except edge warp that create slight woosh before music starts. Anyway this record is rather low-tech pressing, so always have some issues. Very rare photo insert includes.

F.G. EXPERIMENTAL LABORATORY - Journey into a dream (CH private 75) E-/E- 330

Only a couple of hundred made of private synth electronic spacey prog in Klaus Schulze vein. Though they deeply involved religious theme and vibes are more sublime and secret.

("7) F.G. EXPERIMENTAL LABORATORY - Synthetic music for church (CH private 76) E/E 100

Both non LP single comes in nice picture sleeve.

F.G. EXPERIMENTAL LABORATORY - Hope (CH studio scafe 80) E-/M- 230

The last effort of DIY electronic experimental from Swiss.

FAIRPORT CONVENTION - same (UK polydor 68) E-/E 250

Decent Stereo orig of their debut. Flat label + matrix 1 first pressing.

FAIRPORT CONVENTION - Unhalfbricking (UK island 69) sTC E/M- 250

Pink label with black block logo first pressing. There is a small amount of rubbing/scuffing spot on the center area of the front cover bottom. Otherwise cover is pretty crisp with solid seams. Spine perfectly legible. Record is Top, and looks like unplayed!

marianne FAITHFULL - North country maid (UK decca 66) sSMb E/E+ 200

Unboxed red with deep groove label Mono pressing, 2A/1A matrix. Some lamination lifting on the front cover. Record hardly played, and pristine!

FANTASY - same (US liberty 70) PSKb E/E+ 60

Female vocal fronted heavy organ psych prog. Clean promo copy comes with inner.

FAR OUT - same (DEN spiren 81) E+/E+ 140

Danish underground hard rock power trio in raw wasted 70's sounding.

FARAWAY FOLK - Seasonal man (UK ra 75) lAC E(+)/E(+) 470

Their last and the most prog effort beautiful folk rock. Has autograph on the front cover by whole members.

mark & suzann FARMER - We've been there (US msj 78) sTC E/E+ 450

Recorded in their living room, homemade folk rock SSW with basement echoing vibes, wailing guitars, spacy synth and haunting female vox. Included outstanding cover version of Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" which is real winner in my opinion.

FAUN - same (US gregar 70) E/E+ 160

Former members of legendary SF psych garage Frumious Bandersnatch, superb acid psych pop with magical vibes. White label promo!

FERRON - same (CA lucy 77) E/E 80

Limited 1000 pressed introspective Canadian female vocal folk.

FIELDS - same (US uni 69) sPSKb E(+)/E(+) 80

US power trio with strong fuzz blast all over. Copy selling here is pretty neat. Mostly turned up as trashed.

mike FIEMS - I would dream (US vermillion 74) sSP E-/E+ 350

Drifting rural folk rock with acid leaking psych guitars, relaxed vocals, lovely peaceful songs in the middle of nowhere vibes. Produced by mighty Vernon Wray and released on his own independent label in Arizona. Insert includes.

50/50 - Heart like a rock (US rockduster 87) E(-)/E(-) 35

North Carolina private hard rock AOR.

FINJARN / JENSEN - same (NOR columbia 70) SK E/E BID

This is one of the earliest British psych influenced Norwegian underground rock with solid guitar playing and English vocals by Svein Finjarn and fantastic drumming by Leif Jensen. Also, featuring fabulous freakout guitar leads by mighty Freddy Lindquist! Musically reminds me of The Who, Pretty Things, Blossom Toes. Full of driving psych wildness. Very rare in decent condition like this, especially a copy comes with ever missing insert!

svein FINNERUD TRIO - Plastic sun (NOR sonet 70) PMS,sTC E(-)/V+ 630

This is Min Bul offshoot free jazz combo without Terje Rypdal (guitar) but adding Svein Finnerud as a piano trio. Earliest pressing Red Sonet label housed in terrific laminated gatefold cover. 10 light ticks on B-1, but otherwise plays great!

svein FINNERUD TRIO, TROND BOTNEN, CALLE NEUMANN - Multimal (NOR polydor 72) BSP E-/E 540

Abstract electric jazz poetry.

FINNERUD TRIO - Thoughts (NOR prisma 86) sTCb E-/E(+) 250

Actually this is their 4th album recorded in 1974, but has not been released until mid 80's.

g.f. FITZGERALD - Mouseproof (UK uni 70) E-/E(+) 230

UK outsider acid psych cult oddity that a little popular among die-hard psych heads. Gatefold cover is rather weak E-, but you know how hard to find clean copies for this one. There are light rubbing around edge, and slight yellowing from long storage. Record is very nice. Comes with elusive insert which occasionally missing.

FLEETWOOD MAC - The pious bird of good omen (UK blue horizon 69) E(+)/E+ 130

Clean UK orig A1/B1 matirx.

FLOWER TRAVELLIN' BAND - Anywhere (JAP philips 70) E/E 850

Their legendary debut housed in foldout naked biker cover comes complete with insert. Gatefold cover is tight and solid, very nice condition indeed apart from light amount of minor mildew spots. Record has a few inaudible marks, plays Near Mint throughout.

FLUTE & VOICE - Imaginations of light (G pilz 71) E(+)/E 630

Tripped-out psych folk in mystic Orientalism. Comes with rare promo kit as a bonus.

FLYING TEACUP - same (JAP private 81) E/M- 1900

Only 100 made of Japanese DIY prog mega rarity. Cover has light amount of stain spotting, but otherwise tidy and crisp. Record looks like brand-new! Comes with elusive booklet.

FOLKLORDS - Release the sunshine (CA allied 68) DH E(+)/E- 450

Canadian dreamy folk psych rarity.

FORMULA 3 - Sognando e risognando (IT numero uno 72) E/M- 160

First pressing comes in top opening gatefold cover, and is in great nick with minimal crease to corners. Record virtually unplayed!

FORMULA 3 - La grande casa (IT numero uno 73) E/E(+) 160

Great copy of their fourth and the last housed in gatefold cover..

FORT MUDGE MEMORIAL DUMP - same (US mercury 69) 2DH,sTC E/E+ 80

Bosstown wild fuzz female heavy psych.

FRAGILE - same (H private 76) E(+)/M- 400

Only 500 pressed on private Dutch label, dual leads heavy rock in Cargo realms, but more passion and energy in crude sound productions! They original rooted from Indonesia. Record virtually unplayed!

FRAN'S BAND - If tomorrow never comes (US tribute 77) TP V+/E+ 300

Along with All Natural Band and Spare Change Band, these albums were related to The Tea Company who made an album on Smash Records 1968. All of them released in 1977 from Tribute Records known as notorious tax scam. Though materials were taken from unreleased demo recordings between mid 60's to late 60's. Fran's Band contains pretty cool folk rock psych with slight acid leaking. Though last two tracks suddenly moods shift to crude lo-fi garage psych with loads of heavy fuzz ala Negative Space. Light H2O damage on the bottom right-hand where also small taped seam.

FREAK SCENE - Psychedelic psoul (US columbia 67) DH,PHS E(+)/E+ 230

Near Mint Stereo orig. Cover is still in shrink!

FREE - same (UK island 69) V+/E(-) 150

Pink label orig in gatefold cover made by E.J. Day. 1A/1B matrix with "Bell Sound sf" etching. Gatefold cover has minor stain along the spine.

FREE WAVE SYSTEM - Nonostante tutto (IT drums edizioni musicali 81) E+/E+ 180

Mediterranean jazz rock fusion crossover influenced by Perigeo, but more refined and smooth.

FREEDOM - Through the years (UK vertigo 71) E(+)/V+ 215

Swirl UK orig. Gatefold cover is clean and crisp. Record has some scuff lines that make a few light ticks but the music is loud and strong, so those ticks do not overpowered to the music. Sorry, no Swirl inner.

FROGGIE BEAVER - From the pond (US private 73) E+/E(+) 150

Dreamy prog psych reminds me of After All or Felt with massive swirling organs and great vocals. Cover is in shrink! Record hardly played except one tiny pressing fault on end of A-1 which causing 3 faint pops.

FROLK HAVEN - At the apex of high (US private 73) E(+)/E(+) 380

Odd Zappa, Beefheart-esq psych avant-garde craziness with druged-out trippy effects throw in. Featuring young Stewart Copeland as a drummer who later succeed in Police.

FUCHSIA - same (UK pegasus 71) RW E-/E 550

Textured cover has light wear, but better than average. Record is clean except minimal ticks on B-1, otherwise Top!

GALACTUS - Cosmic force field (US air ship 76) E+/S 70

Featuring Bob Hocko from Fantastic Dee-Jays and Swamp Rats, melodic local hard rock with great cover of "Live With Me" by Rolling Stones.

GALLERY - Each day through (UK look 78) RW V+/E 180

Their first on Midas label is known as one of the rarest UK folk. This is their second and in more folky traditional style, but the last two tracks are really outstanding. Acid leaking mysterious psych folk in Oberon and Shide & Acon vein. Worth to listen if you are into this genre.

GALLIARD - Strange pleasure (UK deram nova 69) E+/E(+) 450

Great jazz rock psych prog recommended for fans of Skin Alley, Walrus, Brainchild, Titus Groan. Stereo pressing comes with blue lined inner. Pristine cover!

GANDALF - same (US capitol 69) SP,BSP V+/E+ 550

Cover has no usual cutout and looks nice, but bottom seam right-hand split about 9cm from the opening and 3cm split on the middle. Record is pristine, and only played once or twice.

GANDHARVA - The money box (US sadhu 78) E+/E(-) 115

Obscure second release of Cosmic Sounds Of Gandharva plays trippy outer space long jammer. Comes in stamped cover includes info sheet under the shrink.

elmer GANTRY'S VELVET OPERA - same (UK direction 68) sWCb E/E+ 200

UK orig with stereo sticker on the rear cover. There are some small checking marks next to track listing on the rear. Record is stunning NM condition!

GARDEN - same (BEL raccoon 78) E+/E(+) 180

Fantastic Belgian electric folk rock in Ro Ro, Tennent & Morrison realms. Beautiful copy comes with insert!

GARY & STU - Harlan fare (UK carnaby 71) E/E+ 350

Ex-Koobas, very English style magical psych pop rarity.

GARYBALDI - Astrolabio (IT fonit 73) E-/M- 550

Stunning copy, front and back cover are Near Mint without ring wear or imprints on the lamination! While there are light to medium mildew stain on the inside of gatefold due to long storage. Anyway all seams are intact, spine legible and sharp opening edge. Record looks like brand-new!

GENESIS - From Genesis to revelation (UK decca 69) WL E/E(+) 665

Unboxed Decca label Stereo first pressing with blue lined inner. Front laminated single cover is nice with light use only. Insert has a small streak, but otherwise fine. Labels have blacked under Junio Music that nothing major. Overall great example for the greatest band's debut album.

GENESIS - Nursery cryme (UK charisma 71) E/E(-) 250

Pink scroll label orig in textured gatefold cover. Cover is tidy with slightly color faded on the spine. Otherwise NM with sold seams and sharp opening edge. Record does have some minor scuffs that do nothing. Plays almost NM without crackles.

GENESIS - Yakta mama (COLOMBIA famoso 75) E+/E(+) 225

Amazingly clean copy of peaceful hippie psych folk from Latin America.

GENTLE GIANT - Acquiring the taste (UK vertigo 71) E/E+ 450

Maybe their rarest? Swirl orig in gatefold cover that is famous for easy to spoil. This copy is tidy and crisp with light general storage wear only. Record is Top! Comes with Swirl inner.

GENTLE GIANT - Three friends (UK vertigo 72) E(+)/E+ 400

Fantastic copy of their last Swirl title. First pressing without "Made in England" text on the B side label. Has Swirl inner.

GENTLE GIANT - Octopus (UK vertigo 72) E(-)/E+ 320

Swirl orig. Cover has light storage wear but well preserved from other major flaws. Pretty nice for it's age. Record hardly played, and plays flawlessly! This copy does not include Swirl inner.

GENTLE GIANT - In a glass house (UK wwa 73) E/E+ 120

Black label with silver lettering first pressing housed in textured cover with silkscreened window. Cover is light use only with minimal wear to corners. Record is simply beautiful. Comes complete with card insert and printed inner sleeve!

GENTLE GIANT - The power and the glory (UK wwa 74) E(-)/E(+) 60

Orig silver lettering label housed in two corner rounded cover with two corner rounded insert.

GENTLE GIANT - Giant steps (the first five years) 1970-1975 (UK vertigo 75) E+/E+:E+ 40

Double album of their early compilation, Orig space ship label, all in Top!

sidney GEORGE - same (US sg 76) E/V(+) 60

Unknown DIY spacy funk rock outsider out of Louisiana.

GEYSIR - Hljomsveitin (ICE sg 74) RWb E-/E(+) 380

Members are from North American and made album in only Iceland, pleasant folk rock with psych and prog overtones. Some says it's mediocre, but I discovered it's better, and some tracks are pretty remarkable. Believe or not, if you have listened more than 100 small private folk psych, you understand how it worked to me.

GIFT - Blue apple (G nova 74) E/E(+) 220

Well known hard prog with drenched roaring organ. Rare white label promo!

john GIGNOUX - The broadway boys (US museum lake productions 80) ACb E-/E- 150

Another DIY outsider one man band who plays everything. Strange loner synth power pop cross between Todd Rundglen and Ryan Trevor. Cover is in shrink, but light discoloration under the shrink.

GINBAE - same (JAP studio 3 76) E(+)/E+ 1000

Stupendously rare Japanese hard rock with wild beastly vox and sleazy fuzz laden all over! B-1 has stoned-out downer psych overtones, and B-3 is so called prog hard proto metal with terrific axe mayhem and showcase guitar leads! The best copy I've ever seen in last 20 years!

sergius GOLOWIN - Lord Krishna von goloka (G kosmischen kuriere 73) E(+)/E 235

Top notch trippy Krautrock venture. Laminated gatefold cover is beautiful with light wear to corners. Record has superficial sleeve scuffs only. Great copy!

alain GORAGUER - La planete sauvage (F pathe 73) E/E 165

Doped experimental psych funk for cult sci-fi animation comes in awesome gatefold cover.

GOSPEL OAK - same (US kapp 70) PSKb E(+)/S 90

UK/US mixed blues psych country rock. Still Sealed copy without usual cut hole!

GOTHIC HORIZON - Tomorrow's another day (UK argo 72) sSA E-/E+ 300

Their rarer second album in nice pastoral twilight folk, folk rock. Cover has light sign of long storage, but better than average. Record is pristine, hardly played!

GRACIOUS - same (UK vertigo 70) E-/E(+) 500

Large Swirl label orig housed in embossed gatefold cover. There are light soiling and yellowing, but typical for this cover. Inside cover is clean, and overall still nice example without major flaws. Record has a few inaudible paper scuffs, plays Near Mint! Has Swirl inner.

GRACIOUS - This is (UK philips 71) SK E(+)/E+ 650

Black label with silver lettering housed in fully laminated cover with ads on the back cover. Rarely seen original Phonogram sticker on the front top right. Record is absolutely pristine, virtually unplayed!

davy GRAHAM - The holly kaleidoscope (UK decca 70) E-/E 400

Probably his rarest and the most fascinated duo folk effort with his wife Holly. Cover is laminated on the front and pasted a sticker on the back with track listing. Sticker removed from the cover due to dried glue, but easily re-glued if you wish. Record has some surface marks and sleeve scuffs, but plays Near Mint without problem.

GRAIL - same (F barclay 70) sTC,WCb,CH E-/E(+) 500

Highly sought-after French orig of dark psych beast from England. Cut hole appears on the rear cover only.

karle GRANLUND - While there's time (CA private 7?) M-/M- 300

Another new discovery from Canada, out of Alberta private xian psych folk rock weirdness. Some dreamy moments here, but songs are mostly hard edge with plenty of electric leads, caveman drums, downer vocals create eccentric vibes here and there. Like recent discovery Glenn Dixon LP, "While There's Time" will be future price increase shortly I guess.

GRATEFUL DEAD - Anthem of the sun (US warner bros. 68) E+/E+ 150

Orig green label with W7 logo. Cover is in immaculate condition, record is Top bar one very small pressing fault that absolutely does not affect play!

GRATEFUL DEAD - Live dead (UK warner bros. 69) E/E(+):E(+) 165

Orange label UK orig double live. E.J. Day cover!

GRAVY TRAIN - (A ballad of) A peaceful man (UK vertigo 71) E(+)/E(+) BID

Splendid Swirl Vertigo monster in highly collectible condition! A little color faded on the spine, other than that laminated gatefold cover is close to Top. Record shows superficial sleeve scuffs only visible under bright light. Plays almost flawless! Comes with Swirl inner (both side middle slightly splits).

kathe GREEN - Run the length of your wildness (UK deram 69) E(+)/E+ 250

Beautiful copy of female folk pop recommended fans of Marianne Faithfull or Dana Gillespie. Stereo orig comes with blue lined inner.

GREEN BULLFROG - same (UK mca 71) E-/E(+) 330

Anonymous band featuring Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Paice, Matthew Fisher, Albert Lee, Big Jim Sullivan. Cover is prone to suffer damages due to unlaminated black. The one offering here has mild storage wear on the front and back, moderate seam rubbing on the bottom. Though still acceptable for most since this cover never turned up Mint or NM. Record is really clean and clean black blue hexagon label with a few spindle marks.

GRODECK WHIPPERJENNY - same (US people 70) E+/E(+) 350

Drenched fuzz organ hard psych meets heavy funk rock. Cover is still in shrink, and no cut hole at all!

GROUP 1850 - Paradise now (H discofoon 69) TC E-/V+ 180

Classic Dutch acid psych tripper.

GROUP 1850 - Live (H orange75) OSP V+/V+ 35

Limited 200 pressed live album.

GYPSY RAMS - Live (JAP private 78) V/E(+) 700

Privately released female university student project with 18 girls chorus plus full band backing play folk rock and blues rock with some fanatic basement vibes. Primitive paste-on front & back cover has moderate staining from ages. Labels have light brownish spots as well. Comes with insert.

HABIBIYYA - If man but knew (UK island 72) SK E/E 150

Ex-Mighty Baby, eastern flavored raga psych with spiritual edge. Original GBP 1.35 price tag intact. Comes with green inner.

HAIRY CHAPTER - Can't get through (G bacillus 71) E(+)/E+ 700

White label first pressing in great nick!

HAMMER - same (US san francisco 70) PSK E/M- 45

Funky hard psych. White label Mint promo!

HAN DAE SOO - Go moo shin (KOREA four season 75) NTP,sSP E-/E- 570

Never offered before Korean acid folk rarity which featured in Pokora 2001 as 4 stars.

HAND - Everybody's own (F evasion 72) E/E- 500

Same label mate as Spot, another folk rock psych rarity from Swiss with dreamy West Coast sounding, rich arrangements and haunting melodies. Very good one if you are into American influenced Euro folk like Hole In The Wall or second Culpeper's Orchard.

HANUMAN - same (G kuckuck 71) E(+)/E 250

Underrated Krautrock cross between jazz rock and heavy prog sounding with deeply roaring Hammond, Tull-ish flute, and angry German vocals!

HAPPENINGS FOUR + 1 - The long trip (JAP capitol 71) BSP E(-)/V+ 200

Pretty good but underrated Japanese prog with enigmatic Japanese vocals, guitar outburst, heavy dual organs. This is only album from their Prog period. Featuring Kuni Kawachi who are known as a founder of Kuni Kawachi & Flower Travellin' Band. Comes in thick gatefold cover. Record has visible surface scuffs, but they hardly affect playback. Plays surprisingly well.

HAPSHASH & THE COLOURED COAT - Featuring the human host and the heavy metal kids (US mint 67) sWC E(-)/E 270

First pressing Red wax Stereo pressing comes with elusive insert. Unfortunately insert has been displayed on a wall several times, so there are thumbtack holes, tape scar and some removal surface tears in the four corners.

sadao HARIU - Yukigekaze (JAP studio 3 7?) E+/M- 650

Unknown folk rock backed by plenty of spacy synth. Same label as Olive and Ginbae, so not easy to find even here in Japan.

emmy lou HARRIS - Gliding bird (US jubilee 70) sTC,sSP E/E(+) 140

Orig in textured cover comes with insert (has small tear).

alex HARVEY - Roman wall blues (UK fontana 69) E(+)/E+ 700

His rarest album in pristine condition! Fully laminated cover has small rub on the edge and corners, but overall brilliant nick! Record hardly been played. Labels have zero spindle marks!

kees HAZEVOET - Pleasure one (H peace 71) sTC,RWb,SAb V+/E 300

Only 250 made of Dutch privately released free improve jazz trio housed in silkscreened cover. Sticker removal stain on the center area of the blank back cover.

HEARTS & FLOWERS - Of horses, kids & forgotten women (US capitol 68) CH S/S 135

Perfect Sealed except usual cut hole on top right.

HEATH BROTHERS - Marchin' on (US strata east 76) PSM,ML E/E+ 250

Featuring Stanley Cowell, in demand spiritual jazz. Promo Not For Sale stamp on the cover and labels.

HELDON - Heldon.6. Interface (F cobra 77) S/S 100

Wow! Still Sealed orig of well known avant-garde prog gem!

j. michael HENDERSON - Nite people (US jmh 80) E-/E(+) 60

Recorded at legendary 700 West, mildly smooth AOR modern soul ala Ned Doheny. Has inner.

jimi HENDRIX EXPERIENCE - Axis: Bold as love (UK track 67) E/E(+) 800

First pressing Mono orig comes in laminated gatefold cover complete with insert! Records are exceptionally clean for this title!

jimi HENDRIX EXPERIENCE - Are you experienced (UK track 67) E/E BID

Highly sought-after fully laminated front/back cover Mono orig in great nick! Light streaks on the rear top right and bottom left, but otherwise cover is in gorgeous with minimal crease only. No bubbling or rippling! Seams are intact and spine perfectly legible! Record has been played a little, and the labels are still clean with a few amount of spindle marks. There are a few minor surface marks on vinyl that nothing to do affect play. Exceptional copy!

HERD - Paradise lost (UK fontana 68) sWCb E-/M- 100

Brit pop psych featuring Peter Frampton. Black/Silver label Stereo orig. Record is stone Mint without spindle marks!

HERON - Twicw as nice & half the price (UK dawn 71) sCN, ML E/E+:V+ 420

Their second, double album comes complete with postcard and original price sticker (removed from the cover). Both records were hardly played and looks pristine except there is a small mark on the first track of disk two that create a few light ticks and one audible noise. Otherwise it plays Near Mint.

HET PANDORRA ENSEMBLE - III (H private 78) E/E 200

Dutch underground prog in totally very dark serious moods with amazing Fripp-esq guitars. Writing on the inside of album pocket.

HIFIS - Snakes and Hifis (G star club 67) BOTP,sTCb V+/E 115

Released in only Germany at legendary Star Club, swinging London beat rarity. Both top and bottom seams were split from the opening, but previous owner glued neatly. Record is nice.

HIGH STREET - Down to the brown (US jsr 81) E+/E+ 160

Nice independent label JSR based in New Jersey, this is another fine release for obscure local band plays cross between melodic bar rock and lite prog tended hard rock with a bit of dirty Southern vibes.

HOLDERLIN - Holderlin's traum (G pilz 72) sTCb,sWCb,WL E-/E 250

Mysterious female folk prog Krautrock.

jake HOLMES - The above ground sound of (US tower 67) E(+)/E+ 150

Awesome acid folk psych song writer. Rarer Mono pressing. Cover mostly in shrink, record is absolutely pristine!

HOMESTEAD & WOLFE - Our times (US topo 75) E/E(+) 440

West Coast folk rock psych with dual crystal clear feme vox, Cipollina-esq guitar leads, celeste, organ, flute, and well crated songs in the realms of Yankee Dollar , Ill Wind, Wendy & Bonnie! Includes insert.

HORDE CATALYTIQUE POUR LA FIN - same (F futura 71) sSD E-/E- 300

Known to be listed on legendary NWW (Nurse With Wound) List. Underground dark tribal French avant-garde experimental. As rare as Chene Noir, Red Noise, and Fille Qui Mousse!

HOSANNA - In the morning (US diversified media 74) S/S 400

Still Sealed, immaculate copy of CSN&Y influenced xian rural guitar psych ala Wilson McKinley. Some outstanding guitar leads and beautiful songs here!

HOST - Pa sterke vinger (NOR on 74) SKb E+/E(-) 700

Their first, more guitar oriented hard prog in Cargo, Wishbone Ash realms. Textured cover is immaculate! Record has some light marks do not affect play. Plays brilliant!

HOST - Hardt mot hardt (NOR on 76) SK E(-)/E- 700

Adding strong organ to evolve heavy prog sounding as Norway's best. Comes with insert.

HUMAN BEAST - Volume one (UK decca 70) E(+)/E(+) BID

Splendid copy! Laminated cover is totally tidy with sharp corners, straight opening edge, and tight spine. Record is minimal sign of use. Can't be bettered over 47 years old record!

sam HUNT/MAMMAL - Beware the man (NZ red rat 72) E-/E- 250

Very rare New Zealand prog psych blues rock featuring cool poetry Sam Hunt and the backband called Mammal. Very interesting style reminds me of Pete Brown & His Battered Ornaments. Includes insert.

tom HUNTINGTON, MIKE BAUMANN - Get a grip (US a tom mik 81) OTP V+/E(+) 330

Obscure crossover jazz and jazz rock mix of AOR blue eyed soul and instrumental fusion with a bit of prog tendency. Produced by Mike Hounshell who also released rad smooth mellowness privately. Top seam split neatly re-glued by previous owner.

per HUSBY SEPTETT - Peacemaker (NOR studentersamfundet I trondhjem 77) E(+)/E 360

Scandinavian hard bop mordal jazz rarity.