EARTH OPERA - same (US elektra 68) E/S 45 20%OFF

Still Sealed unopened copy of Bosstown psych semi-classic.

EAST OF EDEN - Snafu (UK deram 70) E/E 180 20%OFF

Clean Stereo first pressing comes in laminated cover with blue lined inner.

alan james EASTWOOD - Seeds (UK president 71) sTCb V+/E(+) 100 20%OFF

First solo effort of Exception fame. Must for UK folk buffs!

alain ECKERT QUARTET - same (BEL l'amanite 81) SL E/E(+) 120 20%OFF

First solo effort by the guitarist of Art Zoyd, and produced by Eric Faes who also produces Univers Zero. Very creative avant-garde jazz rock. Fans for RIO and Zeuhl.

ECLPSE - same (US private 84) E(-)/E(+) 80 20%OFF

Local teen private hard rock with some prog tendency, but also has a dash of elements of metal or AOR. Recommended fans for Legend and Mistreater.

EDENfS CHILDREN - same (US abc 68) DH E/E(-) SOLD

Debut of Bosstown fuzz psych trio. Has a visible mark on side two that does nothing at all.

EGDON HEATH - In the city (H omnibus 87) E(+)/E 25 20%OFF

Dutch neo prog influenced by IQ or Marillion. Includes insert.

EGG - The civil surface (UK caroline 74) E+/E(+) 140 20%OFF

Beautiful copy of orig first pressing with no rim on labels, 1U/1U matrix, and EJD credit on the rear cover.

ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN - What me worry? (IT cramps 76) sTC V+/E(+) SOLD

First pressing on CRSLP 2001. Cover has a small crack at the center area of top seam, but not splits. There are some creasing and rubbing, but still acceptable.

EMBRYO - Rocksession (G brain 73) E+/E SOLD

Green Brain label with Metronome logo first pressing housed in laminated gatefold cover. Cover is immaculate! Record has some superficial paper marks visible under bright light. Plays Near Mint in every way though.

EMERALD CITY - Waiting for the dawn (CA hippopotamus 76) SA,sTC E/E 190 20%OFF

Genuine original copy of hard rock power trio with Jimi Hendrix and Mahogany Rush influences. One shallow hairline does not affect play at all.

tim EMERY - Alias red garrett (US rossound 79) S/S 600 20%OFF

Terrific outlaw blues guitar psych from Kentucky, in the vein similar to Top Drawer and Corous, but more rude and vulgar in their sounds. Still Sealed!

EMTIDI - same (G thorofon 70) E-/E 1500

Holy Grail of German folk male/female duo pre-Pilz release. Super flimsy cover has some sign of light usage, but overall pretty nice example for such a fragile nature of material. Record got a few surface marks that absolutely do nothing.

END - Introspection (UK decca 69) sWCb E/E(+) 800 20%OFF

Unboxed Decca label with blue lined inner sleeve Stereo orig. Front laminated cover is tidy and crisp with small writing on the rear bottom left corner. Record looks like hardly played, and it plays NM throughout!

robert ENGLISH - Experiments in relativity (US blunt 83) E(+)/E+ 250 20%OFF

Bay Area post-punk new wave into DIY psych bizarre outsider. Very cool one up for grabs!

EPIZOOTIC - Daybreak (SWE fejl 76) E/E- 1250 20%OFF

Ultra rare Swedish underground heavy psych prog monster with real basement vibes and killer sound productions! Record has light amount of surface marks. Mostly plays great with some minor background noise during a few quiet sections.

ESCHATOS - same (US rain 74) M-/E+ 125 20%OFF

Under the radar religious funk blue eyed soul out of Southern California.

ESKATON - Fiction (F musique post atomique 83) E+/E 230 20%OFF

Another 80's Zeuhl rarity along with Eider Stellair and Dun "Eros". Cover is top, record has a few paper scuffs, plays solid NM all the way throughout!

ESTRUCTURA - same (VEN grabaciones mundiales 80) RW,TCb,WL V+/E(+) 350 20%OFF

The best symphonic prog from Central America, with soaring female vocals, thrilling interplays, and dramatic melodies.

jeff EUBANK - A street called straight (US dorothea 83) E+/E 50 20%OFF

Mellow sooting urban folk SSW. Cover is still in shrink. Record has one surface mark across A-3 and A-6 that does not affect play.

EUCLID - Heavy equipment (US Amsterdam 70) sCN E-/E(+) SOLD

Great copy of post-Lazy Smoke loud slashing hard psych. Tiny saw cut on the bottom right-hand.

EUPHORIA - A gift from euphoria (US capitol 69) CH E/E+ 450

Thick gatefold cover is in great condition. Just a hint of normal shelf wear only. Very nice example indeed. Has a typical hole punch. Record is immaculate, presumed only once or twice ever played, if not unplayed.

EVERFRIEND - Tropicsphere (US jazzical 80) E(-)/E(+) 180 20%OFF

Obscure key trio plays classical rock, jazz rock and symphonic. Hidden gem for anyone into US private prog for sure! A couple of soft pops on B-3 due to pressing bubble, but otherwise flawless.

EVERPRESENT FULLNESS - same (US white whale 70) E(+)/E+ 250 20%OFF

West Coast rural country folk rock in open-air atmosphere. Beautiful copy in shrink!

EX VITAE - Mandarine (F private 78) SMb E/E+ 140 20%OFF

Scarce French jazz rock fusion in Canterbury school influences.

EXKURSIONS - same (US private 71) M-/E(+) 130 20%OFF

Known as "Lord Doctor", xian psych blues rock controlled by Mike Johnson. Cover is immaculate, still in shrink!

7h EYES - The arrival of the eyes (UK mercury 66) E(+)/E(+) 1200

Legendary cult freak beat EP comes in laminated flip-back picture sleeve. One streak on the front left-hand, other than that itfs a terrific condition! Push center labels intact.

FAINE JADE - Introspection : A Faine Jade recital (US rsvp 68) S/S SOLD

Perfect Sealed original of classic US psych grail.

FAIRCHILD - same (US flight 78) S/S 75

Stellar Sealed of local pomp prog classic! Don't underestimate, Mint covers are hard to find.

FANNY ADAMS - same (US kapp 71) DH E+/E(+) 125 20%OFF

Multicolored label original. Brilliant copy the cover is still in shrink. Mini crack on the bottom seam middle that hardly noticeable.

FARMERS UNION - Reunion (H universe productions 79) E/E+ 40 20%OFF

Dutch electric trad folk in Steeleye Span or Fairport Convention vein.

FAT - Footloose (US dream merchant 76) sSP,sBSP E-/E+ 50 20%OFF

Their debut on RCA in 1970, after a while they released this rather obscure second album from their own label. More funky groovy psych jazz rock directions.

FAXX - same (US private 77) RW V+/E+ 200 20%OFF

Limited 500 pressed rural Southern hard rock outlaw. Cover has typical storage wear, but still solid without major faults.

FEEDBACK - Someone (CH private 81) RW V+/E+ 400 20%OFF

Still unknown to many, spacy soft prog with sustained flute and synth in the realm of Alco or Chil. Side long track with full of dreamy medieval moods. Cover has light medium shelf wear, but no splits or tears. Record is beautiful and rarely played.

FENNER, LELAND AND OfBRIEN - Somewhere someday somehow (US rpc 70) E/V+ SOLD

Basement atmospheric folk rock psych at the top of the heap! Cover is still in shrink, but there are some staining and soiling can be seen under the shrink. Record is kind of low-tech pressing, sporadic light crackles can be heard during quiet sections, nothing detract the music though.

FERRON - Backed up (CA lucy 78) E/E 190 20%OFF

Canadian lesbian sorrow acid folk. Her rarer second effort. Includes lyric insert.

FIELDS - same (UK cbs 71) E(+)/E- 270 20%OFF

Including elusive poster! Unipak cover is tidy and crisp. Record plays beautiful except a few minor ticks on B-3, but otherwise it looks and play NM.

FINNERUD TRIO - Thoughts (NOR prisma 86) sTCb E-/E(+) 180 20%OFF

Actually this is their 4th album recorded in 1974, but has not been released until mid 80's.

FINNFOREST - same (FIN love 75) E/E+ 150 20%OFF

Debut of great prog jazz rock from Finland. No rim credit label first pressing in decent nick.

FIRE - same (US abc 68) DH E(+)/E(+) 55 20%OFF

To find a clean copy like this, itfs not easy. Housed in gimmick unipak cover

FIRE - Could you understand me (H killroy 73) E(+)/E+ 670 20%OFF

Stunning copy of drenched fuzz hard psych from Ex-Yugoslavia.

FIREBEATS, INC. - same (NOR his master's voice 66) RW,sTC V+/V+ 900 20%OFF

One of the rarest European beat garage grail. Very flimsy cover has light ring wear, and a couple of scratches mostly on the rear, but those are not so obviously.Record got some light scuffs and minor hairlines, but plays clean and smoothly without noticeable crackles. The nicest copy available for sale now1

FIRST AID - Nostradamus (UK decca 76) E/E(+) 110 20%OFF

Gatefold cover has light general storage wear only. Record has a few inaudible faint marks only. A nice keeper copy indeed.

FITZGERALD, FLYER & BOYCE - Rivertown (US new shoes 80) ACb E/E(+) 90 20%OFF

Smooth AOR folk classy in the mood more acoustic Jeff Eubank. Has inner (side seam splits).

FLAMEN DIALIS - Symptome dei (F flvm 79) OSP,CH V/V+ 150 20%OFF

Doomy experimental prog with massively layered synth and

FLIED EGG - Good bye (JAP vertigo 72) E/E(+) 150

Textured gatefold cover is in great nick, with slight yellowing on the rear white background which is typical for this album. Actually much better than the average copies. No OBI though.

7" FLORAL - Namida Ha Hanabira / Suiheisen No Bara (JAP musicolor 68) E(+)/E(+) 250 20%OFF

Pre-Apryl Fool, soft dreamy pop psych 45's picture disc housed in company sleeve with foldout picture cover. All in all beautiful condition!

FLOYD HUNTCHBACK GROUP - same (CH sunrise 78) E+/E(+) 175

As same label as mighty Kedama, this is another fine jazz rock prog fusion, recommended to fans of Kraan and Missus Beastly. Record is basically clean, but there is one light surface line caused by needle moving that does not affect play.

FLY - Die fahrt mit dem glasernen ballon (G ballong 76) E(-)/E(+) 110 20%OFF

Little known German private prog with touch of jazz tinges and warm melodies.

FOOLS FACE - Here to observe (US bar-co 79) sTCb E-/E- 150 20%OFF

Debut of local Missouri power pop with catchy driving songs. Includes inner.

FOOTCH KAPOOT - Good clean fun (US cornball 78) SP,BSP,SKb V+/V(+) 200 20%OFF

Obscure Midwest psych jazz rock hippie weirdness with very skillfull plays. If Gentle Giants play Captain Beefheart songs, really outstanding doped out music! Light staining on the back cover. Minor ticks on the end of A-4, and some light crackles on the beginning of A-5 caused by a small pressing flaw.

FOREIGN LEGION - Indefinites (US aqua 84) sOSP E/E(+) 100 20%OFF

Obscure private pressing minimal synth new wave oddity.

FORENINGEN TIL LIVETS BESKYTTELSE - same (DEN spectator 72) sWL,SK E(-)/E 400 20%OFF

Another rarity from this collectable label (Blues Addicts, Terje Jesper, Moses), contains mysterious female vocals, violin, flute, percussion makes sorcerous and organic acid folk psych. Fans for Furekaben or Green Grass should dig out this!

4TH MOVEMENT - Totally (US triangle 82) OTP,RW,WL V+/E(+) SOLD

Detroit xian fuzz psych funk. Was radio station use, so there are four digits numbers and initials on each label.

FRAGILE - same (H private 76) E(+)/M- 400 20%OFF

Only 500 pressed on private Dutch label, dual leads heavy rock in Cargo realms, but more passion and energy in crude sound productions! They original rooted from Indonesia. Record virtually unplayed!

FRATERNITY - Livestock (AUS sweet peach 71) E-/E SOLD

Aussie prog rarity featuring Bon Scott who later joined AC/DC. Gatefold cover has a little flaking on the upper spine, and light shelf wear, but still a nice keeper copy.

FREEBORNE - Peak impressions (US monitor 68) lOSP E-/E+ 900 20%OFF

Top seam has rather lengthy split, but other than that the cover is very nice. Good news is the record appears Near Mint.

FREEDOM - Freedom is more than a word (UK vertigo 72) E+/E(-) 550 20%OFF

Swirl original copy housed in die-cut gatefold cover, and is in superb condition! Record has one small mark on A-1 middle probably caused by pressing fault that makes a few random light ticks. The rest plays NM throughout. Swirl inner is missing, but has another inner says "Plastic Bags Can Be Dangerous" instead of.

FREEDOM - Thinking about you (US applause 81) E(-)/E(+) 135 20%OFF

Unknown Midwest private lounge rock duo with a few assistant players. Some neat late night psych grooves remind me of Justen O'Brien & Jake, but more like Beatlesq sounding.

FRUMPY - By the way (G vertigo 72) E+/E(+) 350 20%OFF

Swirl label housed in laminated gatefold cover includes rare giant poster which usually missing. Top copy!

FRUUPP - Future legends (UK dawn 73) M-/E+ SOLD

Their debut album in textured gatefold cover, and Top archive condition!

FRUUPP - The prince of heaven's eyes (UK dawn 74) E(+)/E(+) 200 20%OFF

Probably their rarest comes complete with elusive booklet! All in all pretty neat nick!

FRUUPP - Modern masquerades (UK dawn 75) sTL E/E(+) 150 20%OFF

Last effort of such a brilliant UK prog. Minor label wear, but record itself is very clean and audibly NM all round! Comes with insert.

FULL MOON - same (US montagne 80) V+/E(+) SOLD

Superb local hard rock with dual guitar axesBCover is neat with light ring wear and medium seam rubbing. No other remarkable defects or such. Comes with inner (some wrinkles, bottom and side splits).

FUMIO & OSAMU - Shin Chugoku (JAP atlantic 72) SP E-/V+ 400 20%OFF

Japanese hippie long haired rural folk psych related to Justin Heathcliff, Far Out, Far East Family Band. Thick gatefold cover has some light rubbing around the edge and 2cm split on top seam from the opening. Record has some visible scuffs and scattered marks, but they hardly affect playback. Sorry, but missing insert.

FUZZY DUCK - same (UK mam 71) TCb E(-)/E(+) SOLD

Front laminated cover is clean with minor crease and small lamination lifting. There are a couple of small tears on the rear left-hand, but nothing too obvious since they are white on white background. Record has a few inaudible marks caused from inners. Plays brilliant! Only a few faint spindle marks on labels.

GALIE - same (MEX private 81) V+/E SOLD

Refined very artistic Mexican prog outfits displayed beautiful symphonic rock tunes with skillful plays and classical music elements. Definitely the best Mexican prog album of all, and easy to comparable to Italian prog legends. Housed in gorgeous hardcover book style album jacket with embossed logo on the front and 16 pages booklet contains portraits/informations stapled to the inside. However the booklet has come off due to long storage.

GALLERY - Each day through (UK look 78) RW V+/E 180 20%OFF

Their first on Midas label is known as one of the rarest UK folk. This is their second and in more folky traditional style, but the last two tracks are really outstanding. Acid leaking mysterious psych folk in Oberon and Shide & Acon vein. Worth to listen if you are into this genre.

GANDALF - same (US capitol 69) BTP,sSP E-/E(+) 900

Cover is not for those Mint fanatic, but well cared for. Bottom seam split about 9cm from the opening edge, that restored from the inside of the album pocket very professionally. Some foxing and rubbing on seams, but otherwise itfs solid and clean. Record is shiny with a couple of inaudible superficial marks only. Plays NM all the way through!

kostas GANOSSELLIS - Synthesis (GREECE ph.nakas s.a. 80) E+/E+ 90 20%OFF

Greek cosmic synth funk. Top copy!

elmer GANTRY'S VELVET OPERA - same (UK direction 68) sWCb E/E+ 180 20%OFF

UK orig with stereo sticker on the rear cover. There are some small checking marks next to track listing on the rear. Record is stunning NM condition!

michael GARRICK SEPTET - Black marigolds (UK argo 66) RWb E-/E \350 20%OFF

Purple label Stereo original housed in front only laminated Mono cover.

GARYBALDI - Astrolabio (IT fonit 73) SMi E+/E+ 500

Absolutely top condition of Italian prog rarity. Name stamp on the inside of the gatefold at the bottom center and the inside of the album pocket. But, thatfs it. Virtually it was stored in a safe box for many years.

LOS GATOS - Rock de la mujer Perdida (ARG rca vik 70) SP,TC V+/V+ 200 20%OFF

Their last studio effort into heavy prog territory. Has elusive insert.

GENESIS - From Genesis to revelation (UK decca 69) RW V+/E BID

Unboxed red label MONO first pressing housed in front laminated cover with indicator hole on the rear. Comes complete with red inner and lyric insert. Cover has usual ring impression due to flimsy black cover, but still tidy and decent. Record has some scuff type marks on side two visible under bright light, but they do not affect play. Clean label with a few spindle marks only. Plays brilliant all the way through.

GENESIS - Live (UK charisma 73) sTC,SKb E/V+ 80 20%OFF

Very early pressing on large Madd Hutter label housed in none laminated cover with credited "This album is dedicated to Richard Macphail who left us April, 1973." on the rear. Cover is not Top, but well cared for. Record has some minor ticks, but mostly plays nice.

GENESIS - Wind and wuthering (UK charisma 76) E+/M- 170 20%OFF

First pressing on Mad Hatter label housed in textured cover. Minimal seam wear, otherwise close to brand-new! Record played once or twice at maximum, if not unplayed.

GENESIS - In Concert 313 (UK bbc transcription services 83) V+/E(+) 250 20%OFF

Recorded live at Empire Pool, Wembley, London, UK 1975-April-15. Has three photo copied cue-sheets.

GENTLE GIANT - Acquiring the taste (UK vertigo 71) E-/E+ 250 20%OFF

Swirl original of their most sought-after album housed in gatefold cover made by Howards Printers. A few scattered small tears on the inside of the gatefold caused by typical printing defects, and number written on the album pocket inside. Record is pristine. Swirl inner included.

GENTLE GIANT - Three friends (UK vertigo 72) E(+)/E(+) 300 20%OFF

Very Near Mint first pressing on Swirl label without gMade in Englandh credit. Swirl inner is included.

GENTLE GIANT - Octopus (UK vertigo 72) sSD E-/E(+) 230

Swirl original First UK edition with the label credit to Alucard Music under SIDE A & SIDE B credits. Gatefold cover has typical rub wear, but not that much. Other than that, itfs crisp and solid with the spine perfectly legible. Includes Swirl inner.

GENTLE GIANT - In a glass house (UK wwa 73) E/E+ 100 20%OFF

Black label with silver lettering first pressing housed in textured cover with silkscreened window. Cover is light use only with minimal wear to corners. Record is simply beautiful. Comes complete with card insert and printed inner sleeve!

GENTLE GIANT - The power and the glory (UK wwa 74) E(-)/E(+) 50 20%OFF

Orig silver lettering label housed in two corner rounded cover with two corner rounded insert.

GOBLIN - Suspiria (IT cinevox 77) RW E-/E 140 20%OFF

First pressing comes in single cover with pop-up foldout inner. Cover has some shelf wear, but still acceptable for its age. Foldout Inner is immaculate!

lotti GOLDEN - Moter cycle (US atlantic 69) sCN E(+)/E+ 40 20%OFF

Female soul funk psych.

GOLDEN CUPS - Super live session (JAP capitol 69) SP,sTCb E/E 150

Their most successful and the heaviest live album, contains full of raw garage blues psych featuring Shinki Chen as a guest on the last track! Red transparent vinyl housed in thick gatefold cover attached inside the page.

GOLDEN EARRING - Together (H polydor 72) E(+)/E 80 20%OFF

Their heavy prog era, housed in laminated gatefold cover.

GOMORRHA - Trauma (G basf 71) E/E- 450

Gatefold cover has light general storage wear only. Record has a light amount of visible but inaudible marks. Plays pretty well without noticeable crackles.

wally GONZALEZ - Tunog pinoy (PHILIPPINES blackgold 77) CH,sBSP R(-)/E- 600 20%OFF

Pinoy rock guitar hero ex-Juan De La Cruz, this is his second solo effort as heavy as his debut gWally On The Roadh. A decent copy from the Philippines for sure!

GOSPEL OAK - same (US kapp 70) PSKb E(+)/S 90 20%OFF

UK/US mixed blues psych country rock. Still Sealed copy without usual cut hole!

manuel GOTTSCHING - E2-E4 (G inteam gmbh 84) E(+)/M- 350 20%OFF

Limited 1000 pressed orig copy comes in embossed cover. Cover is tidy and crisp with slight rubbing on the top seam from long storage. Record is absolutely pristine! Played once or twice at maximum!

GRACIOUS - This is (UK philips 71) E(+)/E+ SOLD

First pressing on black label with silver lettering housed in fully laminated cover with ads on the back. Tiny rub wear on the top seam, other than that cover is superb condition. Record is pristine, hardly played.

GRAIL - same (G metronome 71) CH E(+)/E- 330

Black & white cover German original of top level UK heavy psych. Record got a few small scratches that do not affect play.

GRANNY'S INTENTIONS - Honest injun (UK deram 70) E/E+ 300 20%OFF

Much rarer Mono issue of Irish psych blues rock. Comes with red lined inner. Record hardly been played!

GREAT LOOSE BAND & O.K. CHORALE - Stone crow (A tale of ore) : Live at UC Irvine 1976 (US blue bong 76) M-/E+ 450 20%OFF

Only 150 made of Californian hippie college unit contains insane male/female vocals, fuzz outbreaks, and basement organs. Totally doped and inept. Top copy, cover is still in shrink!

GREEN - same (US atco 69) SP,sCN E-/E+ 65 20%OFF

Underrated garage psych pop.

GREER - Between two worlds (US sugarbush 73) E+/E(+) 850 20%OFF

Real pro-sounding terrific guitar rock with lengthy tracks, gushing organs and strong vox. Produced by Don Dixon who later successful in Indie Rock movement.

max GREGER JR. / MILAN PILAR / CHARLY ANTOLINI - Catch up vol.I (G calig 75) sOTP E+/E+ SOLD

Top copy of German electric jazz funk groove. It seems slightly re-glued top seam middle, but hardly noticeable! Record virtually unplayed!

carol GRIMES AND DELIVERY - Fools meeting (UK b&c 70) E/E(+) 220 20%OFF

Not for picky collectors, but the fragile cover is well preserved with minor rub wear to the spine. Record has a faint hairline that does nothing.

GROUNDHOGS - Thank christ for the bomb (UK liberty 70) E/E- 150 20%OFF

Blue Liberty label first pressing housed in textured gatefold cover in tidy crisp condition except slight color faded along the spine and top seam. Record has a small heat mark on the edge that does not affect play.

peter GRUDZIEN - The unicorn (US private 74) E/E BID

Neat original copy of legendary cult outsider grail.

GRUPO N.H.U. - same (SP novola 78) E/E(+) 380 20%OFF

Refined prog with keys layers including mellotron, spaced out guitar leads and complex arrangements.

GRUPO SERENATA - Camin dfamerica (CABO VERDE private 87) E/E- 250 20%OFF

Very rare private pressing from island country in the central Atlantic Ocean. Doped mix of Balearic and Afrobeat with flowing guitars and plenty of spooky synth.

julien GRYCAN - Post atom (F le kiosque d'orphee 80) ACb E/E 750 20%OFF

Eerily eccentric loner acid folk with Bobb Trimble-esq androgynous singing and excessively echo treated sounding. Limited 200 pressed on cult French custom label, housed in black and white weird cover art with elusive insert. Recommended to fans for Tyrannosaurus Rex, Syd Barrett, Comus, and Simon Finn.

GTO'S - Permanent damage (US straight 69) RWb E-/E+ 230 20%OFF

Sunset Strip groupies play strange experimental psych. Gatefold cover has general light ring wear, but overall nice clean. Comes with elusive booklet!

bruce HAACK - This old man (US dimension 5 75) E(+)/E 120 20%OFF

Mondo electronic madness.

HABIBIYYA - If man but knew (UK island 72) SK E/E 130 20%OFF

Ex-Mighty Baby, eastern flavored raga psych with spiritual edge. Original GBP 1.35 price tag intact. Comes with green inner.

HAIKARA - Geafar (FIN rca 73) PSK,PSL,WCb E(+)/E+ 2000 20%OFF

Monsterous Finnish prog with fast relentless drumming and stupendous buzzling bass lines make this special! Has promo stickers on the cover and the label. Very light corner dents and minor yellowing on the white. Record is amazingly clean!

peter michael HAMEL - The voice of silence (G vertigo 73) sWC E/E+ 250 20%OFF

Ethnic minimal experimental. Swirl label first pressing.

peter HAMMILL - Fool's mate (UK charisma 71) E(+)/E+ 250 20%OFF

Pink scroll label first pressing A-2U, B-1U matrix ending housed in textured gatefold cover. Record hardly been played!

peter HAMMILL - Chameleon in the shadow of the night (UK charisma 73) E(+)/V+ 25 20%OFF

Large Mad Hatter label housed in textured gatefold cover.

HAN DAE SOO - Go moo shin (KOREA four season 75) NTP,sSP E-/E- 350 20%OFF

Never offered before Korean acid folk rarity which featured in Pokora 2001 as 4 stars.

doug HANKS - Walking in the fatherfs love (US the doolittle hanks co 82) RW V+/E 40 20%OFF

Xian AOR smooth mellowness. Has insert.

HANUMAN - same (G kuckuck 71) E(+)/E 250 20%OFF

Underrated Krautrock cross between jazz rock and heavy prog sounding with deeply roaring Hammond, Tull-ish flute, and angry German vocals!

HAPPENINGS FOUR + 1 - The long trip (JAP capitol 71) BSP E(-)/V+ 200 20%OFF

Pretty good but underrated Japanese prog with enigmatic Japanese vocals, guitar outburst, heavy dual organs. This is only album from their Prog period. Featuring Kuni Kawachi who are known as a founder of Kuni Kawachi & Flower Travellin' Band. Comes in thick gatefold cover. Record has visible surface scuffs, but they hardly affect playback. Plays surprisingly well.

HARD STUFF - Bulletproof (UK purple 72) E(+)/E+ 150

First pressing housed in laminated gatefold cover with Gramophone rim text on labels instead of EMI. Cover has light yellowing along the spine, but overall tidy and crisp. Record is Top!

HARSH REALITY - Heaven & hell (UK philips 69) TCi V+/V+ 450 20%OFF

This one always hard to get in decent condition somehow. Laminated gatefold cover has two small tears on the inside panels. There are light to medium rubbing along the bottom seam and corners. Tiny piece of paper loss on the lower spine. Although those imperfections are rather minor, and no obvious issue appears. Record plays throughout fine with a few light ticks, but mostly in Excellent playback.

chris HARWOOD - Nice to meet Miss Christine (UK birth 70) RW V+/E+ 300

Pretty good female vocal prog and jazz rock helped by Ian McDonald, Peter Banks, Roger Sutton, Pete York, and others. Textured cover has light to moderate shelf wear and soiling due to the nature of material, but still acceptable. Record is beautiful, hasn't played much.

jukka HAURU - Episode iFIN love 75jWCb,RW E-/E+ SOLD

Second effort of Finnish fusion guitar master featuring Jukka Linkola, Esa Kotilainen, Heikki Virtanen, Pekka Pohjola, and others. Rather large name and date on the rear upper, but not too disturbing somehow.

jason HAVELOCK - Pop symphony (F les disques Pierre Cardin 70) E/E 250 20%OFF

Scarce French original copy of conceptual instro-prog magnum opus the rank along with Jean-Claude Vannier and William Sheller.

HEAVEN - Brass rock 1 (UK cbs 71) E+/E:E+ 200 20%OFF

Underrated horn rock jazz prog double album housed in 6 foldout cross cover. This is the best cover I've ever seen! Minimal shelf wear around the edge, but I mean just minimal. Records are both clean, but disc one has slight heat mark that does not affect play.

randy HEBERT - Canft get enough (US r.h.m. 86) AC,RW,sTCb E-/E(+) 110 20%OFF

Private AOR blue eyed soul funk. Includes inner (sides and bottom seam splits)

HEMLOCK - same (UK deram 73) E/E(+) 230 20%OFF

Solid blues rock featuring Miller Anderson. Cover has general storage wear, but well preserved.

j. michael HENDERSON - Nite people (US jmh 80) E-/E(+) SOLD

Recorded at legendary 700 West, mildly smooth AOR modern soul ala Ned Doheny. Has inner.

carolyn HESTER COALITION - Magazine (US metromedia 70) RW,sSP,PSKb V+/E+ 90 20%OFF

Rarer white label promo. Cover has some wear, but the record is pristine!

paul HIBBETS - Childhood dream (US private 74) S/S SOLD

Mellow drifting Xian folk rock psych with swinging keys, lysergic fuzz and lyrical vocals.

HIGH TIDE - Sea shanties (UK liberty 69) OSP E-/E- 350 20%OFF

First pressing on blue Liberty label housed in matt gatefold cover. General wear, slight discoloration, and some smudges on white cover, but it's typical for this type of material. There is 3cm split on the top seam middle. Record has light amount of faint marks and paper scuffs, but plays NM all the way through.

HIGH TIDE - Sea shanties (UK liberty 69) sSD E/E+ SOLD

First pressing on blue Liberty label housed in matt gatefold cover. Hint of tiny sticker removal tear on the front top right, but nothing disturbing. Overall pretty neat example, and much better than average. Record is stunning NM!

steve HILLAGE - Green (UK virgin 78) E/S 80 20%OFF

Amazing Sealed copy of green vinyl first press. hThe Cosmic Gypsyh hype sticker still intact on the shrink, and has elusive poster! Corner bend to top right, but otherwise very nice.

rick HOEHN - The thundermen, & money! (US thundermen 82) V+/E+ 250 20%OFF

Local Rock'n'Roll legend from Midwest, this is their one and only album after 20+ years when they established! Very strange mix of Rockabilly and Post Punk sounding with doped synth, drum machine backing and crude fuzz wah-wah mayhem reminds me of Jesus & The Mary Chain! Housed in DIY looking paste-on cover that has some streaks and stapler holes bottom left corner.

HOLLIES - Evolution (UK parlophone 67) SK,sSA,SMb,SL E/V+ 50 20%OFF

Black & yellow label Stereo first pressing housed in laminated flip-back cover.

HOLY GHOST RECEPTION COMMITTEE:#9 - The torchbearers (US paulist press 69) E+/E(+) 580 20%OFF

Their second effort, and way better sounding in downer psych garage zone. Great condition, too!

HONEYMOON KILLERS - Special Manubre! (BEL kamikaze 77) E/E 275 20%OFF

Aka "Les Tueurs De La Lune De Miel", debut of cult Belgian experimental prog produced by Marc Moulin, came out from legendary indie label that also released Aksak Maboul. Very hard to find a copy like this clean!

HORRIFIC CHILD - Lfetrange Mr Whinster (F eurodisc 76) E-/E 250 20%OFF

Cult French underground prog experimental controlled by Jean Pierre Massiera. Nice copy except a couple of rubbing areas on the rear.

HOST - Hardt mot hardt (NOR on 76) E+/E 800 20%OFF

Superb orig copy of the best Norwegian hard prog. Includes insert.

mike HOUNSHELL - Sometime somewhere (US middle earth productions 81) E/E+ SOLD

Lovely yacht rock AOR sweetness.

linda HOYLE - Pieces of me (UK vertigo 71) sTCb E(+)/E(+) BID

Nearly impeccable condition of the famous rarity with a few minor blemish thatfs typical for this type cover. Seams are tight and solid with minima wear only. Spine legible with slightly color faded. Really top example! Record seldom played, and full of luster! Has Swirl inner.

john HULBURT - Opus III (US clarence 72) E(+)/E(+) 330 20%OFF

Solo folk guitar instrumentals influenced by John Fahey with fantastic finger picking. A few vocal tracks add to extra moments. Primitive paste-on cover.

HUMAN BEINZ - Live in Japan (JAP capitol 69) E/E 750 20%OFF

Famous Japanese only released their rarest title on bloody red wax housed in fisheye lens photo cover. Cover has some light blemish and usual discoloration for long storage on the inside of the gatefold, but exterior is exceptionally clean. Red vinyl is clean with some faint marks visible under bright right. Comes complete with mega rare OBI in stunning NM condition!

HUMAN EGG - same (F lizard 78) E(+)/E SOLD

French cosmic funk prog boogie deeply involved Jean-Pierre Massiera. Has a minor crazing on the top middle seam that hardly noticeable.

HUMAN INSTINCT - Burning up years (NZ marble arch 69) WCi V+/V+ 500

Debut of Kiwi heavy fuzz psych behemoth. Laminated gatefold cover has odd staining on the rear and the inside, but they aren't too conspicuous. Record has a medium amount of light surface scuffs and marks that don't overwhelm during heavy parts. Some minor crackles can be heard on mostly between tracks, and a few quiet sections.

HUMAN INSTINCT - Pins in it (NZ pye 71) sSP,RW V+/E(-) SOLD

Their third album, and the rarest of them except notorious gSnatmin Cuthinh. Textured gatefold cover has moderate rub wear , but still better than most as normally trashed. Record has surface scuff type marks visible under light, but plays pretty strong without remarkable issues.

K.C. HUMPHREY - For a smile (US private 75) E(+)/E- SOLD

Very nice DIY folk rock with introspective songs, some psych elements, and loner vibes. Housed in homemade style textured cover with top opening. Record has a few light hairlines. Plays throughout fine with barely audible minor crackles on a few spots.

per HUSBY SEPTETT - Peacemaker (NOR studentersamfundet I trondhjem 77) E(+)/E SOLD

Scandinavian hard bop mordal jazz rarity.

HYBRIDE - Ca nfa pas dfimportance (F f.l.v.m. 80) E(+)/E+ 110 20%OFF

This record is so damn underrated, but it kicks many overpriced private hard rock ass.