roberto CACCIAPAGLIA - Sei note in logica (IT philips 79) E+/E(+) 350

Top copy of minimal experimental milestone.

CAKE - same (US decca 67) DH E+/E(+) 80 20%OFF

Debut of girls garage pop trio. Beautiful Stereo pressing.

CAKE - A slice of cake (US decca 68) DH S/S 100 20%OFF

Still Sealed copy of girls psych soft rock trio at the best!

CAL - same (SP cardisc 80) sTCb E-/E 230 20%OFF

Rare Spanish prog jazz rock featuring Ex-Tapiman bassist and Ex-Goma keyboarder. Includes insert (discoloration and staining).

arian CALANDRA - same (US private 80) S/S 300 20%OFF

DIY loner folk psych reminds me of Virgin Insanity in parts.

CAMP ONE - Revengeful is the mask of darkness (UK camp 81) E/V+ 470 20%OFF

Strange mix of real people outsider and post punk avant-garde. Record looks V+ with a handful of light hairlines, but none of them are audible. Plays NM throughout.

CAMPO DI MARTE - same (IT united artists 73) E-/E- 450 20%OFF

Cover is still shrink although there are some light brownish stains on the rear under shrink. Includes inner sleeve but it also has moderate discoloration, brown spots, and bottom seam split. Record got surface marks and scuffs from inners which is very typical for this album. Though it plays throughout fine with occasional minor background only.

CANAMII - Concept (SA wea international 80) sSP,WCb E-/E(+) SOLD

Pretty scarce South African prog banger. Cover has a couple of check marks in track listing on the rear and some blemishes. Includes inner (neatly repaired bottom and side seams).

CARAVAN - Waterloo lily (UK deram 72) E(+)/E+ 180 20%OFF

Large Deram brown label first pressing with both cover and record have SDL 8 numbers. Gatefold cover is super clean with small corner crease only.

CARMA - same (GREECE private 85) SKb E(+)/E+ 250 20%OFF

Along with first PLJ Band, this is pretty good Greek guitar oriented psych with stinging leads, downer vocals and obvious American Midwest vibes Just underrated.


Probably the best of all Blues Creation albums, because brilliant female singer. Thick gatefold cover has quite a few light brownish spots to the inside. Insert (has a small rip) included.

CARPENTER'S APPRENTICE - Changes (UK srs 71) sTCb E/E 180 20%OFF

Scarce Xian folk in the vein similar to Wooden Horse, Aslan, and Reality Folk. Includes a poster (has minor stain)

frankie CARR'S ALL NATURAL BAND - same (US tribute 77) E(+)/E(+) 180 20%OFF

Obscure tax scam release of Tea Company offshoot. Recorded in mid to late 60's probably before Tea Company, musically it reminds me of West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band in very early era.

matthew CASSELL - Matt the cat (US private 78) E/E(+) SOLD

West Coast blue eyed soul AOR. This is 6 tracks 45 rpm 12". As rare as his debut album called "Pieces".

CAUSE - Stories (US havran 91) M-/M- 60 20%OFF

DIY outsider out of Chicago. Noisy wasted guitar improvisation and downer experimental folk sort of Jandek meets Howard Nishioka.

CAYENNE - same (US bucksnort 75) sWCb E(+)/E+ 25 20%OFF

West Coast rural country rock.

CELEBRATION - Old green village (F le kiosque d'orph?e 76) E/E(+) 900 20%OFF

A few hundred made of rare French underground acid folk released from highly collectable cult indie label (Dandelion, Rictus, Warlus, etc..). Very atmospheric and sensitive songs with male/female vocals (in English), flute, dulcimer, autoharp, and guitars. Has dark sacred vibes reminds me of Oberon. Housed in awesome silkscreened handmade cover includes insert. Blank back cover has a few stain that probably caused by screen paints when it made, front is pretty neat. Slight haze on vinyl, but record plays flawlessly. Overall great copy for its type.

CELESTE - same (IT grog 76) BSP,CH,SAb V+/E(+) 300

Fragile cover has some blemishes and soiling, but none of them are too obvious. Still a nice example if you are not Mint fanatic. Record is clean as possibe.

fabio CELI - Follia (IT studio sette 73) E(+)/E(+) SOLD

Pretty decent original of later psych and organ dominated prog blending. Gatefold cover has moderately wrinkling in the lamination, but itfs typical for this cover.

CERVELLO - Melos (IT ricordi 73) sTC E(-)/E(-) 690 20%OFF

Gimmick window cover is in decent nick except minor creasing on the window and small rips at lower edge of the die-cut area. Includes inner (small splits on sides). Record has a few shallow lines that hardly affect playback.

david CHALMERS - Looking for water (US river 77) S/S 100 20%OFF

His second effort, great guitar oriented psych SSW.

CHANGE OF HEART - Since we met (US private 83) OSP E-/E(+) 110 20%OFF

Xian smooth mellow AOR out of Oregon. Includes inner.

CHARLATANS - same (US philips 69) E(+)/E+ SOLD

Great copy! A few minor spots on the cover, but nothing too annoying. Record looks like played only once or twice.

CHARMER - A new beginning (US song factory 7?) sSP E-/V+ SOLD

Obscure AOR boogie mellow floater. Record looks V+ with a few visible hairlines that barely affect playback. Generic rainbow cover with blank back.

shinki CHEN & HIS FRIENDS - Shinki Chen (JAP polydor 71) E+/E BID

Monster Japanese heavy psych ex-Speed, Glue & Shinki. Awesome gatefold cover is the best shape Ifve ever seen! While record shows some superficial marks. But, they donft affect play at all. Aurally it can be graded as NM all around! Comes with insert of course.

CHENE NOIR - Orphee 2000 (F chene noir 76) E-/E+ 150 20%OFF

Cult theatrical dark experimental prog. Some lamination lifting and peeling from right-hand edge.

CHETARCA - same (AUS wea 75) RW V+/E(+) 140 20%OFF

Aussie dual key prog in the style similar to Greenslade plays epic symphonic.

CHICKEN SHACK - Unlucky boy (UK deram 73) E/E+ 45 20%OFF

Front laminated cover has usual lamination lifting along the spine, and minor ring impression, but over all it's still tidy. Clean Red/White label with beautiful record with one inaudible faintest mark.

CHOCOLATE WATCH BAND - The inner mystique (US tower 68) SP E/V+ 550

Stereo original. Cover has about 4cm split on the bottom seam from the opening edge. Otherwise itfs clean with minor shelf wear for its age. Record has visible surface scuffs and sporadic marks, but plays better than it looks with occasional faint crackles.

keith CHRISTMAS - Fable of the wings (UK b&c 70) RW V(+)/E- SOLD

Textured cover is rather tatty but still acceptable without serious defects. Record has some light marks although it plays fine throughout.

CIRCUS - same (UK transatlantic 69) E/E(+) 180 20%OFF

Laminated gatefold cover is decent with a few minor crease only. Record plays NM with inaudible faint marks caused by inner sleeves.

CIRCUS - same (CH zytglogge 76) BTP,BSP V+/V+ 80 20%OFF

The cover has repaired by clear tape on the bottom seam (about 12cm split). Record has light amount of surface marks that affect sporadic minor ticks during quiet passages . Includes insert.

CIRCUS 2000 - An escape from a box (IT rifi 72) SKb E(+)/M- BID

Their second, much prog shifted than debut, housed in wonderful gatefold cover, and is in great nick with a hint of aging on the lamination. Record virtually unplayed!

CLEAR VISION - same (US red sea 84) M-/E+ 40 20%OFF

Xain prog hard rock AOR influenced by TOTO or Journey.

CLICKER - same (US hemisphere 73) RW V(+)/E- 65 20%OFF

Local prog pop with cool mellotron. Cover wear with moderately seam rubbing, but no seam splits.

CLOUD - Common man (US mmi 85) sTC E-/E+ 90 20%OFF

6 tracks mini album urban jazz groove modern soul AOR out of Chicago, IL. Small rips on the front top right. Insert includes.

CLUSTER - II (G brain 74) M-/E(+) 300 20%OFF

Green Brain label with Metronome logo on it. Almost identical to orig 1972 pressing, but this one most likely 1974 pressing housed in same orig laminated gatefold cover, and is in Top archive quality! Record has a few minor marks that do nothing. Other than that it looks like brand-new!

CMU - Space cabaret (UK transatlantic 73) E-/E+ 150 20%OFF

Cover has light shelf wear and corner ding. Comes with insert.

david COATE GROUP - State of the heart (US turning point 85) E/E+ 125 20%OFF

Obscure white gospel smooth AOR. Includes inner (side and bottom seam splits).

COCHISE - same (UK united artists 70) E/E+ 85 20%OFF

First pressing in Orange/Pink label comes in laminated gatefold cover.

barry COGGINS - One man singing (US private 79) ACb E-/E+ 90 20%OFF

Mellow acoustic AOR modern soul.

COLORED BALLS - Heavy metal kid (AUS emi 74) E/E 250 20%OFF

Their a bit infamous second effort, but having two outstanding tracks for me that showing massive mellotron flashing! Decent copy includes inner sleeve.

COME - Rampton (UK come organization 80) E/E(+) 270 20%OFF

Pre-Whitehouse, pioneering of industrial noise housed in plain cover pasted black/white art slick includes two insert (one of them has crease on it).

COMUS - First utterance (UK dawn 71) E/E+ 1300

Gatefold cover is very well-cared for. There are minor soiling and light seam wear. But, otherwise it's great example with no seam split or tears. Spine perfectly legible. Stamp on the deep inside of the album pocket where you don't see often. Insert is presented, and is in nice nick with one small wrinkle. Record looks fabulous! Plays absolutely Top!

CONDITION GREEN - '83 live (JAP disques jean jean 83) E+/M- 180 20%OFF

Wild frenzy hard rock from Okinawa, and this is their rarest live album. Top copy comes with insert.

7" CONTENTS ARE - I don't know/Direction of mind (US rok 67) /E- SOLD

Both non-LP single.

CORTE DEI MIRACOLI - same (IT grog 76) E(+)/E(+) 300 20%OFF

Refined symphonic prog. Gatefold cover has very slight waviness, but overall nice shape for it's age.

COS - Postaeolian train robbery (BEL plus 74) sTCb,sTL E/E 700

Very rare first pressing of highly skilful Belgian jazz prog in Canterbury school vein, housed in laminated gatefold cover includes ever missing 12 page booklet! Labels have some bubbling due to the pressing like typically.

COS - Viva boma (BEL best seller 76) sSAb E/E 175

Original Belgian copy comes in front laminated cover.

COSMIC EYE - Dream sequence (UK regal zonophone 72) E/E(+) BID

Hypnotic jazz psych with Eastern influences featuring Amancio DfSilva. Fragile cover has light general storage wear only. No remarkable issues. Record show a few paper marks that do nothing. Entirely great copy for its rarity.

COUNTRY JOE AND THE FISH - I feel like I'm fixin' to die (US vanguard 67) DH,sWCb E/E+ 90 20%OFF

Scarce MONO on silver label. Comes complete with unused fish game!

COVEN - Witchcraft destroys minds & reaps souls (US mercury 69) sOSP E(-)/E- 170 20%OFF

Occult hard psych housed in awesome gatefold cover with attached inner page. Small crack and a few rubbing on the spine middle, but otherwise it's decent. A few minor ticks on the beginning of A-3, the rest plays flawlessly.

peter j. COX - Running away with yourself (UK pjc enterprises 79) ACb E/E+ 900 20%OFF

This is sensational for only a handful few edgy listener during the period of Punk movement. He stated he plays Heavy & Progressive Music as one man band like the cover art suggested. Totally overdoze fuzz rampage, loud uncontrolled drumming, horrendous screaming vox everywhere by him. No commercialism or gimmicks here, but just want to do it yourself. Pistols and Damned are 10 times better in musical quality than him. Another essential outsider madness this is!

lol COXHILL, PIERRE COURBOIS, & JASPER VAN'T HOF - Toverbal sweet (UK mushroom 72) E/E+ 120 20%OFF

Another rare release from Mushroom along with Simon Finn and Second Hand, experimental electric jazz improve by Canterbury school genius with Dutch Avant-garde rock Association P.C. helping.

CRAMPS - Off the bone (UK illegal 83) E(+)/E(+) 150 20%OFF

Original first pressing housed in 3D cover comes complete with 3D glasses and hype sticker.

CRANNOG - same (UK private 76) sTCb V+/E(+) 75 20%OFF

Private electric trad folk with soaring female vox.

CRAZY MABEL - same (H pink elephant 71) sWC,sTCb E(-)/E(+) 180 20%OFF

Scarce UK blues jazz rock pressed in Netherlands and Germany only at that time. Textured gatefold cover has some creases and minor flaking.

CREATION OF SUNLIGHT - same (US windi 70) RW,sTCb,NSP V(+)/E- SOLD

Cover is still acceptable with light to medium ring wear on the front, and some light discoloration on the rear along the bottom. Moderately rubbing on the spine middle but top and bottom seams are intact. Record has a few shallow hairlines and light sporadic scuffs that are hardly audible.

CREEPY JOHN THOMAS - same (UK rca 69) E/E- 350 20%OFF

Getting impossible to find a decent copy. This isn't Top, but well cared for. Keeper copy for most.

CROCKETT / NEWSOM BAND - Crockett (US wild horse 83) E+/S 90 20%OFF

Obscure country rock blues folk out of Michigan. Crazy Horse alike guitars and skillful harmony vocals.

CROMAGNON - same (US esp 69) V+/E(+) 270 20%OFF

Freakout psych experimental housed in black and white cover that indicate first pressing. Slight yellowing and some staining on cover, but no splits.

CROME SYRCUS - Love cycle (US command 68) E(+)/E+ 65 20%OFF

Gatefold cover has a few lamination peelings along the opening edge, but otherwise pretty neat.

CROSS BAND - His return (US private ?) E(+)/E+ 110 20%OFF

Virtually unknown Xian folk psych with some crispy fuzz leads.

CROSSROADS - Southern strutter (US private 79) E+/E+ 400 20%OFF

A little known local Arkansas Southern rock in Marshall Tucker Band, Grinderswitch realms. Top copy, cover is still in shrink!

CRUCIFERIUS - A nice way of life (F egg 70) sTCb,SP V+/E(+) 200 20%OFF

Proto-Zeuhl, unique mix of psych, jazz, funk prog featuring Bernard Paganotti who later joined Magma. Housed in special shaped cover. Right side seam split, but overall still acceptable condition for such an irregular cover shape.

CUBY & BLIZZARDS - Desolation (H philips 66) SKb E+/V(+) 90 20%OFF

Pioneering Dutch heavy blues rock. Their debut, and the cover is in stunning condition! Record fairly used with numbers of light marks, but no ugly marks or deep scratches.

CUBY & BLIZZARDS - Trippin' thru' a midnight blues (H philips 68) SKbi E(+)/V+ 160 20%OFF

First pressing housed in gatefold cover with attached 8 page booklet to the inside, and is in stunning condition! Record is strong VG+, and much better looking than average as always trashed when appears in market.

CUERO - Tiempo despues (ARG music hall 73) E-/V(+) 400 20%OFF

Loud heavy psych fuzz splatter trio. Record plays some light crackles, but no jump or sticks. Pretty much average condition for its South American quality.

CWT - Hundredweight (G kuckuck 73) E(+)/E(+) 450

Nice copy, laminated cover mini crack on the center area of the top seam, but no split. Slight faded color along the spine as typical for this album. Overall well preserved without any hole punch.

CYBOTRON - same (AUS clear light of Jupiter 76) M-/M- 120 20%OFF

Aussie electronic spaced-out prog in the best Krautrock realms. Gatefold cover and record are flawless, archive quality! Tiny mark on the label of side one probably caused by pressing defect.

CYCLE - same (CA tamarac 70) E-/E(+) 200 20%OFF

Underratd Canadain psych pop garage contains 6 minutes long heavy acid paych journey on the last track.

CZAR - same (UK fontana 70) E(+)/E(+) SOLD

Nearly immaculate condition of monster UK underground prog.

DA KINGFISH BAND - Tennessee feelinf (US jj sound 75) S/S SOLD

Wild long haired Southern heavy rocker with cooking guitar shredding, tight powerful drumming and keys swirling.

DAISY CHAIN - Straight or lame (US united international 67) E-/E 400 20%OFF

Awesome girls psych pop garage. Cover has light storage wear with beginning of ring impressions but no seam splits. Duophonic pressing.

DALTON - Argitari (IT iaf 75) E/E+ SOLD

Triple gatefold cover is clean with some light brownish stain inside due to the long storage. Record appears only ever played once or twice at the maximum.

DANA - Images in the night (US southwind 81) OSP,RW V+/E 170 20%OFF

Aka Dana Marie Howard, smooth mellow female vocal Xian AOR.

DANDELION - L'amour et la haine (F le kiosque d'orph?e ?81) BONSP,sTCb V+/E+ 400 20%OFF

Their second, more into basement DIY vein with a bit of post-punk elements. Again limited 550 made housed in handmade cover.

DANDO SHAFT - same (UK neon 71) RWb,sTC E/E+ 400 20%OFF

Textured gatefold cover is in strong EX condition with a tiny dot tear on the front bottom probably caused at the pressing plant and light ring wear on the rear, but there are no obvious issue. Corners are tight, square and seams are solid without color faded on the spine. Overall much better than usual secondhand copies appears on market. Record is really Top. Comes with black inner.

DANDO SHAFT - Lantaloon (UK rca 72) sTC,WL E/E(+) 350 20%OFF

Their third and the rarest especially one with poster! Cover is really better than average with hardly noticeable tiny tear and minor shelf wear. Poster is in great nick with one small crease only!

DARA PUSPITA - Tabah dan cobalah (INDONESIA indra 72) V/V(+) 300 20%OFF

Indonesian girl psych garage. Cover is a bit crinkled and discolored due to humidity. Record has fair amount of light scuffs and odd small marks, but no significant marks or deep scratches. Believe it or not, this is much better than average for sure.

russ DAUGHTRY - Foretaste (US russong 82) E-/E+ SOLD

Soft gently Xian folky AOR out of Illinois.

DAVID - Another day, another lifetime (US vmc 67) sSP E(+)/E 230

Nice copy, cover is till in shrink. Record has a few inaudible light marks, played throughout NM!

barrington DAVIS - Tracks of mind (UK montagu 72) E-/V+ 230 20%OFF

English loner folk psych rocker with Darius alike emotional vox and bluesy guitar leads. Labels have some mildew spots. Comes with lyric printed inner (side seam splits).

gary DAVIS - Numbered days (US ministry 83) E+/S 120

Soft heavenly Xian smooth AOR mellowness. Pretty much ideal for fans of this genre!

DAWSON - Can you feel it (US bridges 75) E(-)/V(+) 130 20%OFF

Obscure tax scam release of cool mix of powerpop, rural prog and FM rock. Cover is nice apart from some seam rubbing. Record has scattered marks that affect some light but a little periodical ticks.

DAY OF PHOENIX - Wide open n-way (UK greenwich 71) E(+)/E(+) 250 20%OFF

Scarce UK original copy of Danish prog psych. Not easy to find a clean copy like this! Gatefold cover has price tags on the rear top right which seems easy to remove if you wish.

DAY'S CLIMAX - Breakfast (JAP private 70) E-/E 250 20%OFF

Unknown Japanese private folk/folk rock with typical harmony folk on side one and some dreamy psych moments on side two. Has a insert.

DECAYES - Accidental music (US imgrat 79) E(+)/E(+) SOLD

Limited 300 pressed spray-painted cover + insert.

DEALER - same (US transworld 82) S/S 170 20%OFF

Obscure local Virginia private AOR with alternate male and female vocals in Ilian or Spanky Lee, Jonny Lee similarities.

DEEP FEELING - same (UK djm 71) E/E(+) SOLD

Great melodic prog. Textured unipak covers have always problems due to fragile nature of material. This is a quite better example with minimal creasing around the edge. There are no sign of re-paint as some copies have. Record looks a little foggy, but no marks or scratches. Plays NM throughout!

DEERFIELD - Nil desperandum (US flat rock 71) M-/M- 150 20%OFF

Pristine copy comes complete with a letter envelope.

DEJA VU - Cosmic zack (G private 77) SA,RW V+/E+ 100 20%OFF

Scarce Krautrock fusion prog symphonic in Novalis vein.

DELIRIUM - III (IT cetra 74) RWb E(-)/E 250

Laminated gatefold cover has typical ring impressions on the rear and overall light general wear. Nothing too serious though.

DEMON FUZZ - Roots and offshoots (US paco records inc. 76) RWb,WCb E-/E SOLD

Impossible to find their second, released from unknown US private label.

bob DESPER - New sounds (US rose city sound 74) E+/V+ 900 20%OFF

Edgy desperately loner acid folk. Cover is nice, still in shrink, except minor staining on the rear left-hand. Record has a few scuffs and marks on the first track of side one that affect consistent background crackle from the start to middle, but the rest plays great without any issues.

DESTINY - same (US bluesky co. 8?) M-/M- 80 20%OFF

Private AOR hard rock mini album produced by Dennis Dragon.

DHARMA QUINTET - End starting (F sfp 71) E-/E(+) 200 20%OFF

Killer French electric free jazz housed in laminated gatefold cover.

DOCMEC - Objet non identifie (CH javeline 76) sTC E/E(+) 200 20%OFF

Swiss private symphonic prog strongly inspired from Genesis in "Selling England By The Pound" era.

DOG THAT BIT PEOPLE - same (UK parlophone 71) E/E+ 1800

Outstanding condition of UK prog monster. Textured cover is tidy with very faint starting ring impression. Small corner ding and minor feathering along the opening edge, but those are minimum, and overall well cared for. Record is awesome! It plays NM all the way throughout!

john DONOVAN - Without love (US dusk 79) ACb E/E- 90 20%OFF

West Coast yacht rock AOR/SSW. Autographed with personal message by him on the back cover. Included inner.

DOORS - Morrison hotel (US Elektra 70) sTC E(+)/E 80 20%OFF

Nice copy of red label with large E logo first pressing.

bob DOWNES OPEN MUSIC - Electric city (UK vertigo 70) sTC E-/E(+) 250 20%OFF

Large Swirl label orig. Gatefold cover is clean except small tear on the front top light and light seam wear on the bottom. Swirl inner includes.

DR. STRANGELY STRANGE - Kip of the serenes (UK island 69) E/E(+) 430

First pressing pink label with orange circle logo. Solid condition of great UK hippie folk psych. Flimsy cover has slight sign of long storage, but well preserved. Seams are intact, and spine readable. NM record with a few spindle marks on labels.

DRAGONFLY - same (US megaphone 68) RWb E-/E 400 20%OFF

Unipak cover has some light stains on the inside.

DREAMIES - Auralgraphic entertainment (US stone theatre 73) RW V+/E- SOLD

Cover has moderate storage wear, but no serious defects. Record has surface marks and a few visible scuffs, but plays mostly flawless. Includes a rare booklet.

john DRENDALL / B.A. THROWER AND FRIENDS - Papa never let me sing the blues (US deacon productions 72) S/S 1000

Michigan's local outdoorsy psych folk rock blues with rural backwoods vibes and acid soaking downer songs. Incredible find, perfectly flat never opened Sealed copy still existing here!

DROSSELBART - same (G polydor 71) RWb E/V+ 200 20%OFF

Laminated gatefold cover is clean with usual ring impression on the rear. Record looks NM, but rather crackle on A2 and A3 by unknown reason. Maybe pressing? Anyway the rest plays NM.

DRUGI NACIN - same (YUGOSLAVIA rtb 75) TCb E-/E- 200 20%OFF

Uraih Heep and Deep Purple influenced heavy prog. Red label first pressing.

dwight DRUICK - Tanger (CA bobinason 80) V+/E 125 20%OFF

Highly acclaimed French Canadian smooth mellow AOR. Fantastic cover version of "Georgy Porgy" in mild French vocals!

DUFFY - Just in case youfre interested (G mabel 71) SK E/E 250

Debut of British hard rock combo which was never released in the UK at that time. Nice condition overall with a hype sticker intact.

E DUIE PATRIZIE - Scuprendu l'alba corsa (F ricordu 78) E(+)/E+ SOLD

Organic lovely female folk duo from Corsica. Beautiful copy comes with insert.

jan DUINDAM - Thoughts (H munich 78) E+/M- 280 20%OFF

Absolutely pristine orig of Dutch psych folk beauty with melancholic vocals, dark desperate songs and fragile female back vocals.

john DUMMER BAND - same (UK mercury 69) E(-)/E 300 20%OFF

Next to "Blue", their second rarest release of Brit blues rock giant. Cover is tidy with light lamination lifting along the spine. Record plays Near Mint with one inaudible superficial hairline on side one.

john DUMMER BAND - John Dummer's famous music band (UK fontana 70) E(+)/M- 250 20%OFF

Gatefold cover has one very thin mark on the front middle that barely noticeable. Otherwise the cover is in archive quality! Record played once or twice at maximum!

john DUMMER'S OOBLEEDOOBLEE BAND - Oobleedooblee jubilee (UK vertigo 73) E+/E+ 400 20%OFF

Swirl label orig in Top archive condition! Swirl inner includes.

john DUMMER'S OOBLEEDOOBLEE BAND - Oobleedooblee jubilee (UK vertigo 73) E(+)/E(+) 250 20%OFF

Swirl label orig in pretty decent nick, but inner sleeve is missing.

DUN - Eros (F private 81) E+/E(+) 300 20%OFF

Splendid copy of private Zeuhl rarity. Record has odd faint marks on A-1 that do nothing at all.

DUNDURS - Reiz agra rita izgajam (G latvian music 73) E(+)/E+ 90 20%OFF

Pretty cool psych garage including angelic female folk tracks from Latvia with mysterious exotic vibes.