arian CALANDRA - same (US private 80) S/S 230

DIY loner folk psych reminds me of Virgin Insanity in parts.

CAMBRIDGE - Share a song (US green dolphin 77) RW V(+)/V+ 110

Dead-ish country rock with a touch of rural psych. Covers are always suffering ring wear due to the nature of the material.

7h CAN - Vitamin C (G united artists 72) V+/V+ 170

The other side is gI'm So Greenh.

CAN - Landed (UK virgin 75) E(+)/E 90

The UK original housed in a fully laminated cover includes a black inner. The record looks slightly foggy, which hardly affects playback.

frances CANNON AND THE EXTRATERRESTRIALS - The singing psychic (US private 87) M-/E+ 150

Totally bizarre surreal psych outsider. Like brand-new that opened seal recently!

CARMA - same (GREECE private 85) SKb E(+)/E 200

Along with the first PLJ Band, this is pretty good Greek guitar oriented psych with stinging leads, downer vocals and obvious American Midwest vibes Just underrated.

frankie CARRfS ALL NATURAL BAND - same (US tribute 77) E/E(+) 140

Obscure tax scam release of Tea Company offshoot. Recorded in mid to late 60fs probably before Tea Company, musically it reminds me of West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band in the very early era.

CARYL MACK - same (US private 84) E+/S 90

Pretty good AOR hard rock featuring a talented female vocal/keyboarder.

anthony CASTELO - Dreams of glass (US mosaic 88) E/E 120

Filipino AOR/SSW who recorded this modern soul boogie in L.A.

CATAPILLA - same (UK vertigo 71) E(+)/E 850

The Gatefold cover is pretty neat with minimal wear, particularly around the edge, but nothing too obvious. The record is clean and glossy, but there is an odd pressing defect in the groove of the end of side B that makes a little noise that is only hearable, almost the song fading out. So, itfs not a big deal at all. Comes with a Swirl inner.

CENOTAPH CORNER - Every day but wednesday (UK cottage 79) ACb E(+)/E(+) 350

Obscure male/female UK folk trio without traditional direction, but more into rural folk vein apparently those guys love Neil Young and CSN&Y that indicates nice cover songs from hSouthern Manh and hTeach Your Childrenh. Other self penned numbers are cool, too.

CERBERUS - same (US cerberus music inc. 80) E+/E+ 110

Obscure NJ hard rock proto-metal, with ripping savage guitar assaults.

CEYLEIB PEOPLE - Tanyet (US vault 68) RW V+/E(+) 120

The cover was a little restored by black felt-tips around the edge.

CHAC MOOL - Nadie en especial (MEX philips 80) RWb,lBSP,sTCb V(+)/E(+) 55

Rare Mexican tribal prog ambient. The first pressing is clear wax housed in a gatefold cover. The bottom seam is largely split, but the cover itself is still acceptable.

CHAC MOOL - Suenos de metal (MEX philips 81) lBSP,SP,RWb,TC V(-)/V+ 25

The first pressing of transparent red wax includes the inner (bottom seam split). The cover is rather tatty but not totally trashed, of course..

CHALIS - One small chance (US ellen abby 75) V+/E- 120

Underrated symphonic prog in Genesis and Yes influences. Wonderful gatefold cover has light H2O damage that is barely noticeable.

bob CHANCE - Itfs broken (US morrhythm 80) E/E+ 150

Cult cosmic DIY disco synth pop SSW. Slightly discolored on the rear cover, but still in shrink.

7h CHERRO KING - (Canft you see) The writing on the wall (US commerce 6?) /E+ 250

Obscure moody psych folk rock 45fs featuring John King, former member of The Wailers.

CHERRY FIVE - same (IT cinevox 75) SL E(+)/E+ BID

The Holy Grail of Italian prog, housed in a gorgeous laminated gatefold cover. The cover is very close to pristine except for a minimal crack in the center area on both the top and bottom seams. Fortunately, they are not yet split. The record is simply beautiful and plays near perfect. There is evidence of two stickers being removed on each label.

CHILDfS PLAY - same (US moonlight 79) RW V+/E+ 40

Under the radar local VA jazz fusion with very skilfully interplays, solid rhythm sections, and stinging guitar leads, which is in touch with some prog influences.

7h stephen f. CHILESE - Itfs my music (US eclectic ?) /E+ 200

Largely unknown singer song writer Stephen Chilese backed by Arizona prog trio Booth, Davis, & Lowe.

CHILLUM - same (UK mushroom 71) SK,AC V+/V+ 300

Cover has moderate wrinkling upper area. Signature by Ken Elliott on the front. Record has kind of bag rash or sleeve patterns on the surface which does not have an obvious issue although it plays a bit crackle. Includes insert.

CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND - One step beyond (US tower 69) PSMb E-/E 300

Genuine original White label Promo. The cover has light general storage wear but no other remarkable issues. The record is clean and glossy with a few inaudible light marks only.

CHOLBON - Cursed stone (RUSSIA rgm 92) sTCb E-/E 350

A band from Yakutia, the former Soviet Union, formed in 1986, they have elements of avant-garde alternative rock reminiscent of PIL, shamanic music handed down in the Siberian region, as well as 70's hard rock and progressive rock (some called Pink Floyd on the tundra). Probably their first vinyl album that was pressed in a limited edition of 1000.

CHRIS - Chansons bizarres pour gens etranges (F philips 66) E(+)/E 150

Aka Long Chris, French hippie beatnik folk rock psych contains raving fuzz frenzy gNevralgie Particuliereh! Has a small writing on the inside of the album pocket, but generally, itfs in beautiful nick!

7h CHRIS AND CRAIG - Isha (US capitol 66) sWL /E(+) 100

Californian folk pop psych duo Chris Ducey (Aka Chris Lucy) and Craig Smith, who later released psych grails under the name Maitreya Kali.

CHROME - Half machine lip moves (US siren 79) sTL E/E+ 100

Their third and the best! This is the genuine first pressing, has the matrix number DE.333.SEC -A- S-6420. Includes a poster in lovely shape.

CIRCUS - same (CH zytglogge 76) sNTP E/E 170

The first pressing housed in a fully laminated cover includes an insert. A small amount of neatly glued area on the spine middle that is hardly noticeable.

CIRCUS - Movinf on (CH zytglogge 77) E(+)/E(+) 180

The Gatefold cover has slight yellowing along the spine, but otherwise, itfs clean and solid. Has a sticker as a bonus.

CLARK-HUTCHINSON - A=MH2 (UK decca nova 70) sTC E-/E- 100

The cover has a few abrasions and some general storage wear, but it is still better than average. The record has a medium amount of typical wispy sleeve marks caused by Decca inner, but it plays no problem.

CLOUD - Common man (US mmi 85) sTC E-/E+ 70

6 tracks mini album urban jazz groove modern soul AOR out of Chicago, IL. Small rips on the front top right. Insert includes.

COAST ROAD DRIVE - Delicious and refreshing (UK deram 74) E(+)/E(+) 170

A nice copy of US influenced country rock rural folk rock with Nicky Hopkins and Henry Lowther helping.

stevie COCHRAN - No need to worry (US private 83) RW,sTC V/E+ 200

Limited 100 made as promo purpose, old school 70fs style crunchy hard rock rarity with driving guitars and brutal vox and a little prog elements. Cover become a bit damp on the bottom.

barry COGGINS - Lady of the lake (US private 84) RWb E-/E+ 50

Sophisticated city pop AOR comes with insert and inner.

shirley and dolly COLLINS - Love, death & the lady (UK harvest 70) V+/V+ 70

This is the first pressing without EMI labels. The laminated gatefold cover is slightly wavy. The record has several small scratches that might affect minor crackles, but nothing detracts from the music's pleasure.

kenny COLMAN - I need you (US united national 7?) TC E-/E(+) 55

AOR smooth mellow. Surface line caused by utility knife on the front cover middle that is nothing too major.

COLOR HUMANO - Color humano II (ARG microfon 73) sSP,SMb E/E(+) 450

Pretty good condition of Latin hard prog power trio.

7h COMMON GROUND - Who is free (US lion 69) /V(+) 200

It looks instead V, but plays E, slight warp not affect play.

CONTENDER - same (US purified 85) E+/E+ 75

Xian AOR hard rock featuring soaring female vox. Includes inner plus promo single as a bonus.

7h CONTENTS ARE: - Future days/New Mexico (US rok 69) /E- 200

Fantastic non LP single with lots of fuzz breaks!

alice COOPER - Love it to death (US straight 71) PSK,RW V(+)/E+ 300

White label Promo first pressing comes with gThumbh cover and DJ timing sticker in the front. Cover has usual shelf wear like moderately rubbing on the black, but no splits,tears, or writings. Record is simply beautiful!

alice COOPER - Billion dollar babies (US warner bros. 73) E/E+ 550

White label Promo first pressing comes complete with inner sleeve, cut-outs and dollar bill, promo sticker on the front, includes a super rare PRESS KIT (contains a couple of cool photos) in a custom printed folder which is one of a kind! Cover has light rubbing along the spine, but overall well preserved. Record slight warp does not affect play.

CORONARIAS DANS - Breathe (DEN parlophone 70) E(+)/E(+) 150

Great Danish outfit who are acting as a bridge between psych prog rock and straightforward jazz or free jazz. This is rarely seen in nice condition.

COSMOS FACTORY - same (JAP columbia 73) E/V+ 250

The debut of tremendous Japanese heavy symphonic prog is housed in an awesome gatefold cover that comes with an insert (stain spots) and rare OBI. The record looks nice with a few inaudible light hairlines, but there is a small mark on the middle of side 2 that creates faint ticking in the quiet section. The rest plays superbly.

COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH - I feel like Ifm fixinf to die (US vanguard 67) E+/E(+) 100

Stereo first pressing includes the fish game! Cover is still in shrink.

COVEN - Witchcraft destroys minds & reaps souls (US mercury 69) RW V+/E(+) 150

Sinister occult psych is housed in an outstanding gatefold cover with an attached inner page. There are some light brownish spots on the inside, but the exterior is relatively clean with minor storage wear only. The record is nice!

CRANNOG - same (UK private 76) sTCb V+/E(+) 75

Private electric trad folk with soaring female vox.

CREME SODA - Tricky zingers (US trinity 75) E+/E+ BID

A stunning closer, Minty original of magical Midwest psych is a cross between West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band and Pink Floyd with sprinkled a dash of basement American local lo-fi flavors.

CRESSIDA - Asylum (UK vertigo 71) sTC E(+)/E(+) 1200

The Gatefold cover is tidy and crisp, with minimal wear for its ages. The only notable flaw is a small tear of hexagonal sticker removal on the front bottom left, but itfs not too remarkable. Included Swirl inner.

CROCKETT / NEWSOM BAND - Crockett (US wild horse 83) E+/S 90

Obscure country rock blues folk out of Michigan. Crazy Horse alike guitars and skillful harmony vocals.

CROME SYRCUS - Love cycle (US command 68) E(+)/E+ 65

Gatefold cover has a few lamination peelings along the opening edge, but otherwise pretty neat.

CROSS BAND - His return (US private ?) E(+)/E+ 90

Virtually unknown Xian folk psych with some crispy fuzz leads.

CROSSWIND - same (US loose wig 82) M-/E+ 130

Jazz bossa rare groove AOR out of Cincinnati, Ohio.

7h CULPEPERfS ORCHARD - Skafalting ga ud over mig (DEN polydor 71) sWC E-/E- 20

Odd collaboration single with Swarbrick family. Only for die-hard Culpeperfs Orchard buffs?

CURVED AIR - Air cut (UK warner bros. 73) sSA,BSP E(-)/V+ 20

First pressing on green labels housed in gatefold cover. The record has a light amount of small marks and minor scuffs that create occasional light crackles, but nothing too annoying.

DANA - Images in the night (US southwind 81) OSP,RW V+/E 170

Aka Dana Marie Howard, smooth mellow female vocal Xian AOR.

DANDELION - Lfamour et la haine (F le kiosque d'orphee ?81) BONSP,sTCb V+/E+ 325

Their second, more into basement DIY vein with a bit of post-punk elements. Again limited 550 made housed in handmade cover.

DANGER - same (H cow 73) sSP E(-)/E 200

Danger means an unlistenable piece of crap or a brilliant music experience? I think itfs the latter. Quite uneven Dutch experimental prog from 1973, which people either love or hate.

DARIUS - same (US chartmaker 69) E(+)/E+ BID

It's an amazing copy that the cover is still in shrink, although there are a few, barely noticeable little touches of recoloring to the corners. The shrink shows ring imprints, but the cover itself has no ring at all. The record is Top!

DAVID - Another day, another lifetime (US vmc 67) sSP E(+)/E 230

Nice copy, cover is till in shrink. Record has a few inaudible light marks, played throughout NM!

spencer DAVIS GROUP - Their first lp (UK fontana 65) E(+)/E 130

Original MONO pressing in lovely condition. Record looks not Mintish, but real nice player.

spencer DAVIS GROUP - The second album (UK fontana 66) E-/V+ 70

Original MONO pressing housed in a front laminated cover.

DAVIS/PEDIGO - Messengers (US passage 83) E+/E- 110

Xian AOR soft rock. The record hardly played, but there is a tiny pressing defect on the end of the B-3 that makes a few ticks.

DAY IS OVER - same (FIN scandia 75) sTCb E(-)/E 750

Impossible to find, all star lineup Scandinavian jazz featuring Niels-Henning Orsted Petersen and Eero Koivistoinen. Minor sign of handling, but well cared for.

jay DAYS - Between the swells (US private 78) E(+)/S 280

Californian AOR blue-eyed soul yacht rock. Small rub wear to the top left corner where the shrink comes loose a little.

DAYSPRING - Captured captivity (US private 78) E(+)/E(+) 650

Still a relatively unknown male/female Xian folk couple from New Mexico. All their self-penned tracks have minimal acoustic backing and lovely pure vocals that sound innocent and dreamy. The cover is plain white and still in shrink with an unpasted yellow title/tracklist sticker intact.

DEBRISf - same (US static 76) E+/E+ 300

Bizarre proto-punk mutant with a bit similar vibes to Chrome or Pere Ubu, but more lo-fi outsider tendency with some eccentric DIY psych elements. The cover is still in shrink, the record has a minimal warp that do nothing.

7h DECADES - Ifm gonna dance/On sunset (US lady luck 67) /E+ 300

This 45's contains full of insane sound effects and fuzz screaming.

DEEP FEELING - same (UK djm 71) SP V+/E- 110

Very flimsy unipak cover has some restoration spots with a black felt-tip, but not too remarkable. The upper spine and lower have fraying and tearing, but overall it still looks OK despite the fragile nature of material. The record has some light marks that barely affect playback. Plays throughout mostly fine without noticeable crackles.

DEERFIELD - Nil desperandum (US flat rock 71) M-/M- 150

Pristine copy comes complete with a letter envelope.

DELIRIUM - Dolce acqua (IT fonit 71) BOSP,sTCi E/E(+) 250

Gorgeous looking tri-fold cover has typical splits on the both bottom and top seam, although they barely noticeable. Other than that, the cover is clean and glossy.

DENNIS THE FOX - Mother trucker (US musart 72) E-/E(+) BID

Highly acclaimed real people psych outsider, in the rank with Arcesia and Kaplan Brothers, a totally bizarre mix of stoned-out psych and funky rock featuring killer drum break track called hPiledriverh. The cover has light discoloration, but overall it's neat. The record is unusually thin vinyl but well cared for.

DEPARTMENTSTORE SANTAS - At the medieval castle nineteen 100 year lifetimes since (US top shelf 84) M-/M- 380

Experimental pop psych lo-fi home recording affair, perfect copy in shrink with hype sticker and printed inner.

DEVIANTS - Ptooff! (UK underground impresarios 68) E(+)/E 900

This is the first pressing independent label release housed in a giant poster sleeve with blue ink inner poster and in superb condition with inevitable light creasing around the fold. The record is nice, too, and it looks like not much played. Though itfs not the best pressing due to the budget made.

DEVIANTS - Disposable (UK stable 68) sSP E(-)/E 300

Flmisy unipak cover has some lamination lifting on the front near the spine and a partly lamination break on the rear, but otherwise the cover is relatively clean at its fragility.

DEVON - same (US house of kings 82) RW V+/E 140

Overlooked xian AOR SSW comes in prog-esque SF cover. Though itfs unanticipatedly smooth mellow grooves. A few minor ticks on the beginning of A-2 caused by a tiny pressing fault, the rest plays flawlessly.

DIALOGUE - same (US private 72) sSAb,SP V+/E(+) 300

First pressing, no name label (not Coldstudio) housed in a silkscreened cover comes with a lyric insert. DIY bedroom baroque psych pop SSW. Top seam 14cm split from the opening edge. Otherwise, the cover is well cared for.

tod DOCKSTADER - Quatermass (US owl 66) E(+)/E+ 120

Well known electronic musique concrete, in great condition both cover and record.

DOCMEC - Objet non identifie (CH javeline 76) E+/E(+) 230

Refinded Swiss symphonic prog in Genesis influences.

DOCTOR DOWN TRIP - same (H cbs 73) E/E(+) 650

Belgian hard rock crew intruded wild, muddy Southern Boogie raving. A personal fav here! The fragile, unlaminated cover is neat except for a light streak on the lower right hand, but itfs solid and sharp otherwise! It includes a mega rare sticker, which has gone away mostly nowadays.

DOG THAT BIT PEOPLE - same (UK parlophone 71) TC,PSL E-/E- 1000

Not a solid NM copy, but it's a very acceptable condition for normal people who know what secondhand records are. The textured flip-back cover has light yellowing and an odd sign of sticker removal on the front bottom right that is not too remarkable since itfs white on white. The record has a handful of light marks and minor scuffs. It plays throughout fine, with a bit of background and occasional faint pops. "Factory Sample Not For Sale" sticker on the label of side 1.

ray DOLAN - Restless night (IRELAND emi 75) E(+)/S 50

A gentle and fine Irish folk SSW produced by Leo OfKelly ex-Tir Na Nog. There is a mild bend on the bottom right hand, but it is still a Sealed, untouched record.

7h DON, JOE & ELDON - Take it (US enterprise & co. 77) /E+ 140

Featuring Donnie & Joe Emerson.

philippe DORAY, LES ASOCIAUX ASSOCIES - Ramasse miettes nucleaire (F gratte-ciel 77) E+/E 180

Bizarre French avant-garde. Most covers suffered from discoloration, such as yellowing, due to the materials, but this copy retains whitish.

DOUGLAS FIR - Hard heartsinginf (US quad 70) sTCb,PSKb,sOSP E-/E(+) 90

Underrated heavy blues psych with gushing organs, fuzz outbursts, and dark, desperate vocals reminds me a bit of Fraction. Scarce white label Promo!

bob DOWNES OPEN MUSIC - Electric city (UK vertigo 70) sTC E-/E(+) 200

Large Swirl label orig. Gatefold cover is clean except small tear on the front top light and light seam wear on the bottom. Swirl inner includes. Splendid

DR. FEELGOOD - Malpractice (UK united artists 75) E+/E(+) 100

Unblemished copy comes in fully laminated cover. A-1U/B-1U matrix with 1G/1GR stamper.

DR. FISH - Vi har provd og fortalt det i alle ar (NOR s-forlaget 83) E(+)/E 60

Jazz funk prog with some AOR and Wave mixes. Not edgy, but pretty enjoyable to listen.

DR. STRANGELY STRANGE - Kip of the serenes (UK island 69) E/E(+) 400

First pressing pink label with orange circle logo. Solid condition of great UK hippie folk psych. Flimsy cover has slight sign of long storage, but well preserved. Seams are intact, and spine readable. NM record with a few spindle marks on labels.

DR. STRANGELY STRANGE - Heavy petting (UK vertigo 70) E+/V+ 900

One of the most complicated gimmick covers ever released from Swirl Vertigo. This copy is immaculate without tears, rips, or creases. Exceptionally well taken care of. There are some inevitable rub marks around the edge, but I mean very minimal. No signs of re-painting. The record looks like not much played. But there are two minor fingernail marks on the beginning of side B that affect light ticks for a few revolutions. Other than that it looks and plays NM. Includes a Swirl inner.

DRIVER - You better take it (UK rods 80) E/E(+) 40

Only 300 pressed private Xian new wave prog. It's not pomp or new prog, but it has a pretty unique sound of its own. It has 2 singles as a bonus.

DROITWICH HIGH SCHOOL BLUES BAND - What is there to say (UK hollick & taylor 77) E-/E+ 220

Another UK high school project in crude lo-fi recording contains psych, blues, jazz, acid, and easy-listening, bringing obscure basement vibes. Insert includes.

DRUID - Toward the sun (UK emi 75) E+/E 30

A little gem of pastoral folk prog. The delicate textured cover is in beautiful nick. Includes a lyric inner which has some minor brownish

DRUID - Fluid druid (UK emi 76) E(+)/E(+) 30

Great copy comes with inner.

DUFFY - Scruffy duffy (UK chapter 1 73) E(+)/E(+) 400

The cover is tidy, with minor signs of the storage. The record looks and plays close to pristine, just a few inaudible scuffs caused by inner sleeves.

DUTY CYCLE - Nero (H mirasound 76) E(+)/E 100

Under the radar Dutch soft prog jazz rock similar to Marakesh.