A TRAIN - same (US southern star 79) ACb E/E+ 220

Funk fusion modern soul outfit from Deep South. Comes in much rarer night cover.

AC/DC - Live from the Atlantic studios (US atlantic 78) E+/E 580

Ultra rare promo only recorded live at the Atlantic Recording Studios, December 7, 1977. 100% orig copy with matrices are LASS corrected into LAAS., not counterfeit turn around. Comes complete with a letter and return postcard from Atlantic Records. Cover is pristine, record hardly played with no sign of use. Though plays a bit crackle due to the pressing.

ACADEMY - Pop lore according to (UK morgan blue town 69) V+/E+ 250

Very flimsy textured cover is much better looking than average with mild starting ring impression and minimal re-paint on the top seam that barely noticeable.

AFTER SHAVE - Skin deep (CH splendid 72) OSP E(-)/E(+) 380

Loud hard prog power trio from Alps. Laminated gatefold cover in in decent nick except 5cm split on the top seam middle. There is a small stamp on the deep inside of the album pocket. Record hardly been played, just a few minor sign of moving inside sleeve.

AFTER TEA - same (UK ace of clubs 68) RW,SK E-/E 100

Related to Tee-Set, Dutch pop psych in Idle Race and Move realms. Rare UK orig housed in front laminated cover.

AFTER TEA - same (H negram 70) sSP,sBSP E-/E- 180

Their third, the last, and the rarest in splendid heavy blues psych moves comes in unipak gatefold cover. Same album as "Jointhouse Blues" as German pressing.

AKA - Shake me (INDONESIA indra 75) E/E(+) 300

Scarce Indonesian rock in slight prog tendency with deep reverb, exotic melodies, and some hard rock directions. Amazingly nice condition from down there!

ALAN BOWN - Outward bown (UK music factory 68) E/E 125

Scarce their debut in decent Stereo orig.

ALPHA DU CENTAURE - Contact (F spirales 79) E(-)/M- 200

French underground jazz rock in Canterbury school sounding with fuzzy neuralgic guitar, booming double bass and solid drums. Cover is tidy except small amount of light discoloration on the front bottom. Record looks like brand-new!

AMBUSH - same (US private 81) sSD,SP V+/E 150

Still unknown and very small made of private AOR hardrock. Cover has light brownish spots and 3.5cm split on top seam from the opening.

AMERICAN SPRING - same (UK united artists 72) E(+)/E(+) 90

Lovely girls chorus duo charmer produced by Brian Wilson.

ANDERSEN / PLEYM - Have your own feeling, have your own way (NOR harmoni 71) lBAP,NSP,AC,TCb,Sab V/V+ BID

Probably the rarest on the list this time. First time I could come across Holy Grail of top notch Norwegian psych organ guitar duo with neat rhythm section plays Beatles-esq dreamy pop and acid leaking mellowness. Unfortunately the condition is not the best, but such a flimsy super thin cover like Fleur De Lis, seems impossible to find a better. Record has number of scuffs and light surface scratches. Also, slightly warped, but surprising plays well with occasional minor crackles only. As rare as Fleur De Lis or Univers, but I've had multiple copies for those albums. This is only one I've had/seen!

ANDROID A 21ST CENTURY BAND - In tune with tomorrow (US amp 82) E-/E(-) 200

From Los Angeles, obscure synth wave DIY electronic disco influenced by Kraftwerk or Gary Numan. Blue wax as issued comes with poster and inserts. Slight edge warp mostly does not affect play except minimal noise on the very beginning of each sides.

ANDROMEDA - same (G vogue 70) E-/E+ 380

As same label as mighty Nosferatu, this is another psych prog rarity with dominated heavy organs. Some light crease and corner knocks, but still very decent example for this. Record is pristine!

ANIMA - Monte alto (G alter pfarrhof production 77) SA E-/E 450

Cult Krautrock experimental mastermind by Paul & Limpe Fuchs. This is their rarest release on their own label housed in silkscreened cover plus insert.


Massive keys driving Canadian prog. Immaculate condition!

AOI KAZE - First & last album (JAP teichiku 74) E(+)/V+ 250

Unknown Japanese folk rock with some West Coast vibes. Comes with insert (streak on the middle).

APHRODITE'S CHILD - 666 (UK vertigo 72) E-/E-:E 850

Swirl orig double album, one of the best conceptual prog from the label! Not for Mint freak, but overall great example for this beauty! Has Swirl inners.

APOLLO - same (FIN blue master 70) E(+)/E 1000

To my ears, they are the most impressive early 70's Finnish heavy rock unique mix of jazz, blues, prog and psych! Brutal vocals by Kalevala singer and amazing drumming by legendary Edward Vesala! Housed in awesome gatefold cover, and is in the best possible condition I would say! Record has a small mark on A-3 that hardly affect playback. Otherwise it looks and play Near Mint!

APPLETREE THEATRE - Playback (US verve 68) E-/E- 55

Decent orig of trippy psych pop rarity.

ARC - Maquette (F game 80) E-/E 250

Limited 500 pressed French underground prog in Ange or Mona Lisa vein.

ARCADIUM - Breathe awhile (UK middle earth 69) E/E- 1500

Underground doomy proto prog psych beast. Cover is quite decent with a few lamination crease and lifting. No seam split. Spine fully legible. Record looks nice with some pressing bubbles due to poor Middle Earth quality, plays through fine although a bit crackly in quite sections. But, almost all copies play never Mint as known by collectors and dealers.

ARCHIE WHITEWATER - same (US cadet concept 70) sTCb,EDH E/E(+) 250

Highly sought-after jazz funk psych in laid-back moods.

ARDO DOMBEC - same (G pilz 71) E(+)/E(+) 450

Underrated heavy prog@Krautrock with twisted jazz tendency in the vein a bit reminds me of VDGG and Raw Material. Infamous cover art, but rarely seen such a nice nick!

ARMAGEDDON - same (UK a&m 75) SK E+/E+ 100

Top copy of this classic UK hard rock. Comes complete with NM inner!

ART ZOYD 3 - Symphonie pour le jour ou bruleront les cites (F az 76) E/M- 200

Debut of French avant-garde RIO dark prog. Laminated front cover is just flawless, although unlaminated back cover has light wear from it's age. Record looks like brand-new!

ASIA - Armed to the teeth (US private 80) sTC E/V+ 150

More prog moves than the debut with great guitar leads and plenty of mellotron. Record has fair amount of light marks that barely affect playback except some quieter passage or between tracks.

ed ASKEW - same (US esp 68) RWb E-/E+ 170

Edgy real people acid folk on collectable NYC label. Minor stain on the front bottom right.

ASOKA - same (SWE sonet 71) SL,WL,SKb,SAb,WCb, E-/E(-) 700

Swedish hard prog with full of hamond and fuzz battles ala Fuzzy Duck. Cover has some minor issues, but it's not that obvious. Actually better than average used copies. Record has some minor marks, but not played much, and it plays clear and loud!

ASOKA - same (SWE sonnet 71) E+/E(+) BID

Nearly Top copy! Cover has minimal wear to corners that nothing major at all! Record has a little crackle on the very beginning of side two, other than that it's pristine!

ASTERIX - same (G decca 70) SWCb, PSL E/E+ 350

Pre-Lucifer's Friend, killer hard prog with massive organ galore. Cover has always lamination problems, but the copy offering here is in great nick, and lamination almost intact with a few lamination lifting on the rear along the opening edge. Small initials writing on the rear bottom left that barely noticeable.

ATILA - Intencion (SP basf 76) BSP E(-)/E(-) 300

Second release of great Spanish prog with full of killer interplays! Not for mint fanatic, but very nice keeper copy for most of us.

AUNT MARY - Janus (NOR vertigo 73) SKb,sSDb E(+)/E(+) 850

Their third, and by far the best prog effort on Spaceship label. There are a couple of tiny scrapes from the sticker removal on the back cover upper left that nothing too major. Otherwise gatefold cover is in great nick! Record is beautiful with a few paper marks that do nothing.

AUNT SALLY - same (JAP vanity 79) E(-)/E(-) 400

Highly acclaimed Japanese post-punk avant-garde rock released from cult indie label Vanity. Comes with insert.

AUTOSALVAGE - same (US rca 68) DH E/E(+) 90

Always favorite psych classic along with Aorta, Fever Tree, and Clear Light. Rare MONO in very close to Near Mint disc. Cover is still in shrink, too!

kevin AYERS & THE WHOLE WORLD - Shooting at the moon (UK harvest 70) E(-)/E(+) 250

No EMI label first pressing housed in laminated flip-back cover. Cover is tidy with light shelf wear only. Record shows a few inaudible paper scuffs only. Labels have no spindle marks!

BABA YAGA - Collage (G cycle 74) M-/M- 500

Completely different sounding than their first effort. This is more into experimental moves with psych oriental elements and lots of cold electronic in the feel not unlike 2nd Agitation Free or Peter Michael Hamel to my ears. Top archive copy!

BACKSTREET BOOGIE BAND - Southbound freight (US plat & knum 81) E+/E(+) 90

Unknown private blues rock out of Tucson, AZ. Tough dirty boogie sounding with great cooking electric leads ala Ja Bluezy and Strawbridge. Cover is still in shrink!

BAKERLOO - same (UK harvest 69) E/E 480

No EMI label, A2/B2 matrix first pressing housed in laminated gatefold cover. Small writing on the inside of album pocket where you don't see often.

LA BANDA TRAPERA DEL RIO - same (SP belter 79) sTC E/E(+) 350

Pioneering of Spanish underground punk hard rock with full of killer distorted leads, violent vox and speed freak rhythm sections ala Rockcelona and Ramoncin Y W.C. Cover is decent nick with a small sticker on the inside of the album pocket. Record has minor edge warp that does not affect play.

BANDOLERO - same (US eclipse 70) sSP E(+)/E+ 250

Orig US copy of rare Puerto Rican psych with loud fuzz and gushing organ all over. Shrink largely torn, but the cover itself is very clean.

BAROQUES - same (US chess 67) sCN E(+)/E+ 280

Moody garage psych outfit form Chicago. Rarer Stereo pressing in beautiful nick.

robbie BASHO - The falconer's arm II (US Takoma 67) BTP,sSA E-/E- 80

Eastern tended mind blowing raga trip psych. Some light issues on the cover, but still acceptable.

BEAU - Creation (UK dandelion 71) SK E-/E+ 90

His second, and close to same direction as debut album mostly into folk rock and pastoral folk in very English style. But, you will be stunned for the final track that contains ferocious fuzz mayhem by Way We Live guys after the silence. Cover has minor storage wear, but overall nice example. Record is pristine!

david BENOIT - Heavier than yesterday (US avi 77) E(+)/E+ 30

Smooth jazz funk AOR with touch of Brazilian fusion.

don BERKOSKI - My kind of music (US d.e.b. 73) E-/V+ 150

Never seen offered before, weird lounge pop out of Indiana. Pretty cool find for local private pressing buffs.

BETTY - Handful (US thin man 71) AC,sSP E/E(+) BID

Mega rare West Coast hard psych with drenched distortion leads and gritty vox. Cover is in shrink, although has autographed by guitarist under the shrink top right. There are right soiling and creasing along the opening edge. Overall great cover. Record is Near Mint with a few inaudible sleeve marks only.

(GRUPPE) BETWEEN - Einstieg (G wergo 71) E/E(+) 40

Debut of experimental jazz fusion controlled by Peter Michael Hamel.

BETWEEN - Dharana (G vertigo 74) E(+)/E+ 75

Their third album housed in laminated gatefold cover. Spaceship label orig.

BIG STAR - Radio city (US ardent 74) sCN,PSK E(+)/E 500

Very rare promo copy of their wonderful second album. Comes in Ardent custom gatefold folder with 4 stapled bio and 3 inserts for reviews. Those promo kits are all in great nick. Record is clean except minor dent/warp on the beginning that does not affect play.

BIRTH CONTROL - same (G metronome 70) SA,SP E/M- 550

Original debut album housed in pillbox circular gatefold cover. Cover has a few faint glue residue from taped cover as usual. Also, split on right hand edge that barely noticeable. But, cover itself is in great nick, and overall nice example as it's so fragile. Record is pristine, looks like played only once or twice! Without doubt this is the best copy I've ever had!

BLACK SPIRIT - same (G brutkasten 78) E/E(+) 1000

Great copy of Italian hard prog outfit living in Germany. Full of vicious fuzz tilts, massive organ galore and strong English vox, and those presume they are heavily into Black Sabbath zone. Laminated gatefold cover has light wear from ages, but no obvious issues, and overall nice and tidy! Record has a few scuffs on the edge of side one that do not affect play at all!

BLACKBIRDS - Touch of music (G opp 71) E/E 120

Decent orig of organ dominated Krautrock prog minor collectable item.

j.d. BLACKFOOT - The ultimate prophecy (US mercury 70) DH,PHS E(+)/E(+) 140

Drivin' guitar psych out of Ohio. Cover is in shrink, and record is clean, too! Insert includes.

BLACKWATER PARK - Dirt box (G basf 71) E/E 350

Laminated gatefold cover is Near Mint apart from slightly color faded along the opening edge. Record is great with a few inaudible faint hairlines. Plays Near Mint without noticeable crackles!

BLODWYN PIG - Getting to this (UK chrysalis 70) E/E 75

First pressing in green labels with "i"logo on the top. Gatefold cover has minor waviness but the front and the back are clean.

BLONDE ON BLONDE - Rebirth (UK ember 70) E-/E+ 140

Their second and more into acidy psych moves.

BLONDE ON BLONDE - Reflections on a life (UK ember 71) E+/E(-) 200

Their conceptual last album. Has barely noticeable minimal ticks on A-3, otherwise looks & play NM!

BLOSSOM TOES - We are ever so clean (UK marmalade 67) E(+)/V+ 400

Much rarer Mono orig of UK posike silk. Cover is clean, and record too except one tiny mark on B-4 that affects some light ticks, otherwise very nice!

BLUE EYED SOUL - You ain't no weight (US truth 80) TC V+/E(+) 380

Not exactly blue eyed soul music you expected, but more into basement gospel psych with ennui female vox, loungy organs, and minimal rhythm sections. From Brooklyn, NY, quite interesting musically I've heard so far. Some storage damage on the cover along the top seam. Slightly waviness on the label of side one.

BLUE MOTION - same (CH amos 80) E-/E(+) 290

Post-Circus, highly accomplished prog with multi-layered keys and complex rhythm sections. Limited 500 pressed orig with hand numbering on the inside of the gatefold cover. Comes complete with 2 inserts which not pasted on the inside yet. Some mildew stain and light discoloration on the cover, but the cover itself is crisp and sharp.

BLUES SECTION - same (FIN love 67) E-/E- 550

Pioneering of Finnish underground psych blues rock, and members are later involved in Wigwam and Tasavallan Presidentti. Orig big heart mark logo on the labels housed in laminated cover. Cover has some lamination bubbling and small crease to edge, but still decent example for such a flimsy material. Record shows minor sleeve pattern that do nothing.

BODY - The body album (UK recession 81) sWC,sTC E(-)/E(+) 160

Underground spacy prog in the same league as Protos and Third Qaudrant. Comes complete with booklet and fanclub sheet. Most copies have some scratches on the vinyl surface due to staples of booklet, but this copy was well avoided.

billy BOND Y LA PESADA DEL ROCK AND ROLL - Vol. 2 (ARG music hall 72) PSK,SK,WC,sTC,SMb V+/E 400

All star line-up with Pappo, Alejandro Medina, Claudio Gabis, David Lebon, Jorge Pinchevsky, Kubero D?az, Luis Alberto Spinetta, etcc Wild heavy psych blues rock jammer in maximum energy! Most likely this is radio station sample copy, so there are several stickers, stamps, and number writing, but cover itself is in decent nick. Surprisingly record is clean and well preserved.

graham BOND - Holy magick (UK vertigo 70) E/E(+) 220

Decent copy of large Swirl label orig comes with inner (has writing).

BONDERZ - To the bone (US sleeping giant 84) E+/V+ 140

Magnificent synth boogie and outsider Disco pop. Record hardly played, but there are a few tiny small scuffs probably caused at pressing plant create some light ticks. The rest plays Near Mint.

emmanuel BOOZ - Dans quel etat jerre (F polydor 79) E+/E+ 100

Immaculate copy of legendary French underground cult singer's last effort with full line up of prog expert including Didier Lockwood (ex-Magma and Zao) who's violin play is so violent!

eduardo BORT - same (SP mpvieplay 75) sSL,SKb E/E+ 680

Top notch Spanish heavy prog with intense guitar leads, howling vox and flooded mellotron! First pressing housed in laminated gatefold cover.

BOTH WORLDS - Don'tcha hide it (US tpi 77) E+/E+ 280

Salt & pepper rare groove jazz funk boogie from Baltimore. Cover is still in shrink!

BOUDEWIJN DE GROOT - Nacht en ontij (H decca 68) SK E(+)/E 125

First pressing housed in stickered laminated gatefold cover contains 8 page booklet attached to the inside, and comes complete with 45s single! All in all this is amazing set for Dutch flower power psych.

patrick BOWLER - Bits of wit (US private 80) E+/E+ 220

Local private folk SSW from Midwest with full band backing in the vein similar to Eric Relph and Michael Styers in parts.

BOXER - Bloodletting (UK virgin 76) E/E(+) 150

Withdrawn second album. Light discoloration along the opening edge, but still clean for this type cover.

BRACKEN - Prince of the northlands (UK look 79) E(+)/E(+) 240

super rare UK trade folk w/insert

don BRADSHAW LEATHER - Distance between us (UK distance 72) RW V+/V+:V+ 650

Very weird mellotron avant-garde psych outsider with dark disquieting piano and ritualistic occult percussions. Double LP housed in unlaminated gatefold cover. Known as notorious bad pressing, so there are some background noise here and there, even brandnew copies play like this.

BRAINTICKET - Psychonaut (G bellaphon 72) E(+)/E 160

German orig first pressing housed in fully laminated cover and BLPS number on the cover and label.

marc BRANDT - Back to better days (US private 73) AC E(-)/E(+) 350

Unknown teen outsider out of Dallas, Texas who wrote all compositions and they are so good! Ranging from drugged-out psych blues rock to dreamy folk rock with wailing acid guitars, downer male vox and some angelic female vocal parts. A few stain and light spine wear on the cover, but still nice overall.

steve maxwell von BRAUND - Monster planet (AUS clear light of jupiter 75) E/E 160

First solo effort from Cybotron, drenched violence synth electronic reminds me of Kluster, Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Tempel, Conrad Schnitzler!

BRAVE NEW WORLD - Impressions on reading Aldous Huxley (G vertigo 72) E(+)/E(+) 700

Highly acclaimed Krautrock prog weirdness. Swirl vertigo label housed in laminated gatefold cover, and is in lovely nick with minor lamination lifting along the top edge as usual.

BREAD, LOVE & DREAMS - The strange tale of captain Shannon` (UK decca 70) E-/V(+) 200

Seldom seen red label Mono issue. Sorry but red lined inner is missing.

BREGENT - Poussiere des regrets (CA rca 73) E+/E+ 140

Scarce debut of legendary French Canadian prog weirdness. Top copy, cover is in shrink!

paul BRETT - same (UK bradleys 73) E/E+ 60

With Mike Piggott, his first solo effort housed in gimmix cover with inner.

anne BRIGGS - same (UK topic 71) E+/E+ 450

Impeccable copy of legendary female folk beauty!

BRONIN HOGMAN BAND - same (US gamut 75) E/S 80

Much underrated local hard prog by 8 piece combo. There are light mildew stain on the rear bottom under the shrink, but it's still Sealed! Those mildew might be possible to wipe off if you open it and remove the shrink.

BROSELMASCHINE - same (G pilz 71) sSKb E(+)/E(+) 370

Nice orig copy of German folk psych prog. Laminated gatefold cover and record are Near Mint!

BROTH - same (UK mercury 70) E(+)/E+ 160

Rare UK orig underrated psych funk rock.

BROTHERHOOD - Stavia (US private 72) E-/E+ 580

Local Ohio hippie psych blues rock with mind flying flute, acidy organs and Santana-esq heavy grooves. Cover has light to medium discoloration mostly upper area. But, no splits, tears, or writings. Record is quite nice!

pete BROWN AND HIS BATTERED ORNAMENTS - A meal you can shake hands with in the dark (UK harvest 69) E(+)/E(+) 400

The earliest pressing no EMI label with Sold In U.K. Subject mentioned on the top. Laminated gatefold cover and record are both clean and stunning!

BROWNSMITH - same (CA private 75) E(+)/E(-) 60

Northern Westcoast AOR breezy folk rock by Don Brown and Garret Smith. Cover is still in shrink. Includes insert.

BRUSH - same (JAP g.o.d. 71) E-/E(+) BID

Japanese hippie underground assemblage made one and only very creative album from private label. Mixture of proto prog, laidback soft rock, avant-garde intercalate, sitar presentation, and a couple of outstanding psych jam with crude fuzz blast. Transparent blue wax comes complete with booklet (rather wrinkled and has a large split at the middle of foldout on the front side). Cover has light wear, while record is very clean, and plays nicely all around!

tim BUCKLEY - same (US Elektra 66) E+/E+ 120

Immaculate Gold label Stereo orig, cover is still in shrink!

BULLDOG BREED - Made in England (UK deram nova 69) E/E 330

Nice Stereo orig with blue lined inner.

roger BUNN - Piece of mind (G ohr 71) CH E/E(+) 180

Hypnotic folk rock with some jazz psych elements. This is German orig housed in laminated gatefold cover. UK orig released from Major Minor, but in single cover.

BUTTERFIELD BLUES BAND - In my own dream (US Elektra 68) PSK E/E+ 85

Their fourth album with superb guitar playing by Elvin Bishop. Rare white label Promo in clean shape!