A.J. - Last song first side (US black walnut 73) E+/E+ 150 20%OFF

Dark monochronic guitar psych jammer.

A TRAIN - same (US southern star 79) ACb E/E+ 180 20%OFF

Funk fusion modern soul outfit from Deep South. Comes in much rarer night cover.

AARON - Music by Aaron (US eastern 74) E(+)/E 330 20%OFF

Local teen rock into hot Southern vibes with breezy vocals, tight strong rhythm sections and massive Hammond galore.

paul ABELL - Rivers of the heart (US arcana 81) SP E-/E+ 50 20%OFF

Organic hippie outdoorsy folk SSW with some New Age elements. Comes with inner.

ABRAXIS - same (BEL international bestseller company 77) SOLD

Belgian jazz prog fusion formed by ex-COS and Waterloo members. Fully laminated cover has light yellowing on the rear along the top and opening edge.

ACHE - De homine urbano (DEN philips 70) RW V+/V+ 250 20%OFF

Pioneering of Danish heavy acid organ rock. Gatefold cover is decent nick despite flimsy nature of material. Believe it or not, this is a lot better than average used copies. Record has a tiny mark on the beginning of side one that create a few crackles but other than that it plays NM throughout.

mario ACQUAVIVA - same (IT ariston 83) sSP E/E 300 20%OFF

Utterly rare Italo disco AOR 4 tracks 12" EP..

AFTERGLOW - same (US mta 68) DH,sSP E(+)/E+ SOLD

Stunning NM copy of melodic psych pop.

AFTERMATH - Dedicated to the peaceful freedom of all worlds (US private 84) M-/M- 35 20%OFF

Local private pressing DIY New Wave housed in old school style cardboard cover.

AG a.m. - Erinnerungen an eine positive phase (G musikverlag erich bachmann 77) E/E+ 500 20%OFF

Obscure German private pressing plays folk blues psych with weird arrangements. Lead guitarist previously joined another underground private pressing called AIR. Cover has slight yellowing, but overall nice and clean.

AGUATURBIA - same (CHILE arena 70) PML E-/E- SOLD

One of the best South American acid psych, and this is the best possible condition I’ve seen so far. Very flimsy cover has slightly water damaged on the backside of the front slick, so it seems a bit rippled, but nothing too obvious. Otherwise, it’s gorgeous without tears, writings, or other noticeable issues. Record barely used. There is a small scratch mark on the end of B-2 that create a few soft ticks, otherwise it plays amazingly great!

pekka AIRAKSINEN - One point music (FIN o 72) RW V+/E+ 900 20%OFF

Kingpin of Finnish underground experimental artist. This is his ultra rare solo effort after legendary Sperm "Shh!". Cover has light ring wear, but record is pristine! Featured in the inspiration list by Nurse With Wound of course!

AKTUALA - same (IT blabla 73) RWb V+/V+ 150 20%OFF

Ethno tribal psych prog.


Hippie communal folk with alternate male/female vocals, jungly guitars, primitive percussions goes into trance. Cover is beautiful in shrink! Record looks hardly been played! Come complete with lyric insert and bumper sticker!

ALTONA - same (G rca 75) sSP E/E(+) SOLD

Underrated jazz tended Krautrock prog in Missus Beastly, Thrice Mice realms.

AMERICAN BLUES - Is here (US karma 68) E/E+ BID

Legendary Texas psych in outstanding condition! Cover is great with some light creasing and mild rub on the bottom seam. Record is Top, hardly played!

AMERICAN SPRING - same (UK united artists 72) E(+)/E(+) 90 20%OFF

Lovely girls chorus duo charmer produced by Brian Wilson.

AMODEUS - Really here (US redtail 80) BOSP V+/E- 50 20%OFF

Obscure Xian folk psych soft rock out of Los Angeles. Some good moments here. Includes inner.

AMON DUUL - Paradieswarts duul (G ohr 71) E(+)/E 300 20%OFF

Original copy of their rarer 3rd in neat condition.

AMOS KEY - First key (G spiegelei 74) sCN,BSP V+/E- 130 20%OFF

Key dominated Krautrock prog.

AMPHYRITE - same (F les disques le maintec bernard 75) SP,RW V+/V+ SOLD

Here is a real gem of hideously rare basement lo-fi hard psych instrumental album similar vibes to German Friedhof or US Black Orchids. Totally crude with furious drums and aroused fuzz leads all over the place! Do not expect Mintish copies for this one. Almost all copies are same or worse!

AMULET - same (US shadow 80) E/E+ 600 20%OFF

Top notch US indie hard rock the rank along with Totty, Truth & Janey, Full Moon, and Winterhawk! Totally loud and brutal!

ANANGA RANGA - Privado (PORTUGAL metro som 80) RWb E/E+ 90 20%OFF

Portuguese jazz rock prog fusion housed in beautiful gatefold cover.

ANCIENT GREASE - Women and children first (UK mercury 70) E/E+ 450 20%OFF

Great copy of wild blues hard prog featuring ex-member from Eyes Of Blue. Fully laminated cover has minimal rips and minor corner wear, but still retain nice shape overall.

ANDERSEN / LOWE - AL (US titicaca 84) E+/V+ 90 20%OFF

Ex- Booth, Davies, & Lowe, DIY AOR pop from Arizona with some prog leanings. There is a small mark between the end of A-4 and the beginning of A-5 that affects some clicks. Othewise it’s NM. Includes insert.

ANDROID A 21ST CENTURY BAND - In tune with tomorrow (US amp 82) E-/E(-) 180 20%OFF

From Los Angeles, obscure synth wave DIY electronic disco influenced by Kraftwerk or Gary Numan. Blue wax as issued comes with poster and inserts. Slight edge warp mostly does not affect play except minimal noise on the very beginning of each sides.

ANDROMEDA - same (UK rca 69) E(-)/E(+) SOLD

Cover has some lamination lifting along the spine and lower left-hand where a little bend. Some small creasing to the spine. Faintest ring wear on the back. Not for Mint freak, but strong keeper condition for normal people. Record barely played, retain high gloss with minimal paper scuffs. Plays nearly pristine!

APHRODITE'S CHILD - 666 (UK vertigo 72) E-/E-:E- 750 20%OFF

UK Swirl orig of legendary Greek heavy prog double album. Laminated gatefold cover includes two Swirl inners.

APOCALYPSE - Wunderland der liebe (G ariola 69) E/E SOLD

Aka Kannibal Komix, cult early Kraut psych OST with full of juicy fuzz, Hammond, and sitar. Has inner sleeve (taped bottom seam, stain from tape removal to sides). Cover has slight crack to center areas on all seams, but no splits.

APOSTROPHE - A celui qui (F trinite 7?) E(+)/E 420 20%OFF

Obscure French xian psych folk garage having real unique sounding with primitive rhythm sections, some fuzz, weird male/female vox and flipped-out songs. Another oddball of worldwide xian psych rarities along with Gospelfolk, New Creation, and Concrete Rubber Band!

APPETIZERS - Feasting with panthers (US private 78) RW V+/E- 120

Fairly unknown but interesting local rock AOR with a bit of David Bowie influences, housed in generic black cover with no info mentioned.

APPLETREE THEATRE - Playback (US verve 68) E-/E- 55 20%OFF

Decent orig of trippy psych pop rarity.

APRYL FOOL - same (JAP columbia 69) E+/E+ BID

Splendid condition of top-notch Japanese doped psych grail housed in awesome gatefold cover with inner page intact.

AQUILA - same (UK rca 70) RWb E/E(+) 350 20%OFF

Better looking than average condition for this collectible UK prog rarity. Only the faintest shelf wear or so called beginning of the ring. A few rubbing spots on seam and corners. Record is beautiful with high gloss.

ARCO IRIS - Inti-raymi (ARG music hall 73) OSP,sTCb E/E- 220 20%OFF

First pressing on pink label housed in gatefold cover includes inner (side and bottom seam split).

ARDO DOMBEC - same (G pilz 71) E(+)/E(+) SOLD

Underrated heavy prog Krautrock with twisted jazz tendency in the vein a bit reminds me of VDGG and Raw Material. Infamous cover art, but rarely seen such a nice nick!

ART OF LOVIN’ - same (US mainstream 68) S/S SOLD

Perfect Sealed original of semi-classic American psych along with Growing Concern, Bohemian Vendetta, Stone Circus.

ARTCANE - Odyssee (F philips 77) V(+)/E SOLD

Gatefold cover has quite a few stain spots, but cover itself is tight and solid.

ARTHUR - Dreams and images (US lhi 68) E+/E+ 200 20%OFF

Melancholic dreamy folk psych at its best. Rarer Stereo orig in beautiful nick in shrink. No cut out!

ARTI + MESTIERI - Giro di valzer per domani (IT cramps 75) SKb E(+)/E(+) 90 20%OFF

Their second effort housed in gatefold cover includes inner (side small split). Baby Records distribution first pressing.

erik ASCHAN - same (SWE private 73) E/E- 200 20%OFF

The earliest private pressing of Swedish cult acid folk SSW

ASH RA TEMPEL, MANUEL GOTTSCHING - Inventions for electric guitar (G kosmische music 75) CH E/V(+) 80 20%OFF

Record has no significant marks or scratches, but there are quite a few light marks and scuffs. Plays well, but has medium crackles on quieter sections.

ASHKAN - In from the cold (UK decca 69) E(+)/E(+) 580 20%OFF

Scarce Mono original on dark green label comes with red lined inner. All in all a nice collectible condition!

ASIA - Armed to the teeth (US private 80) sTCb E/M- 170 20%OFF

Their last, much-loved melodic prog hard rock in the highest echelon!

ASOKA - same (SWE sonnet 71) E+/E(+) SOLD

Nearly Top copy! Cover has minimal wear to corners that nothing major at all! Record has a little crackle on the very beginning of side two, other than that it's pristine!

ASSAGAI - Zimbabwe (UK philips 71) E-/E- 160 20%OFF

Fully laminated cover has minor crinkle to bottom corners. Also, a bit of staining. Record has a number of light marks and some surface scuffs. Most of them are not feelable nor audible.

ASTERIX - same (G decca 70) SWCb, PSL E/E+ 350 20%OFF

Pre-Lucifer's Friend, killer hard prog with massive organ galore. Cover has always lamination problems, but the copy offering here is in great nick, and lamination almost intact with a few lamination lifting on the rear along the opening edge. Small initials writing on the rear bottom left that barely noticeable.

ASTRAL PROJECTION - The astral scene (US metromedia 69) PHS,SP E/E+ 80 20%OFF

Conceptual dreamy psych pop with plenty of rich arrangements. Not easy to find a copy like this clean!

ASTRE - Foresight (US akustic 81) E+/E(+) 220 20%OFF

Underground private symphonic prog in Genesis influences. Record looks flawless, but pressing is kinda lo-fi.

ATLANTIDE - Francesco ti ricordi (G s 76) E+/E+ 380 20%OFF

Italian brothers released their one and only album in Germany only. Extended fuzz guitar jamming here! Pristine copy includes insert and special booklet for promo purpose.

ATOMIC ROOSTER - Nice'n'greasy (UK dawn 73) E(+)/E(+) SOLD

Clean UK original on translucent vinyl.

AUDIENCE - same (UK polydor 69) sSP E/E 300 20%OFF

Fragile textured cover is in decent nick. Record has a few inaudible faint marks, but plays almost NM.

AUGUSTWOLF - The boy who cried (US private 82) RW V(+)/E 25 20%OFF

West Coast funky AOR modern soul. Includes insert.

AVE ROCK - same (ARG promusica 74) SP,TP,sTC V(+)/V+ 250 20%OFF

Highly acclaimed Latin prog symphonic in Italo rock influences. There are repainting along top & bottom seams and spine edge. Small clear taped on a few areas, but nothing too obvious. Record has number of shallow scuffs and minor scratches. Plays throughout fine with some light crackles in places.

AXIS - same (F riviera 73) SL E(+)/E- 150 20%OFF

Their last and the most creative prog venture recorded at Paris, France. Cool gatefold cover is very tidy with a small stamp on the inside of the album pocket. Record plays mostly NM except a few light ticks on the last half of side two.

AYERS ROCK - Hot spell (AUS red rock 80) RW E/E(+) 90 20%OFF

Known as Aussie Jazz Rock Fusion minor classic in their mid 70's period, but this 3rd and final release changed to AOR Modern Soul in mellow resorts vibes. Includes insert.

BABA YAGA - Collage (G cycle 74) M-/M- 350 20%OFF

Completely different sounding than their first effort. This is more into experimental moves with psych oriental elements and lots of cold electronic in the feel not unlike 2nd Agitation Free or Peter Michael Hamel to my ears. Top archive copy!

BACAMARTE - Depois do fim (BRA som-arte 83) E(+)/E(+) 250 20%OFF

Highly acclaimed Brazilian symphonic prog recorded in 1979, but never appeared till 1983. A few soft pops on the beginning of B-2 caused by a tiny pressing bubble, otherwise it’s pristine, and hardly been played. Included elusive insert.

BACK DOOR - same (UK blakey 72) sTC E(-)/E(+) 100 20%OFF

Scarce independent release of their debut.

BAKERLOO - same (UK harvest 69) E/E 400 20%OFF

No EMI label, A2/B2 matrix first pressing housed in laminated gatefold cover. Small writing on the inside of album pocket where you don't see often.

BAKERY - Momento (AUS astor 72) RWb E-/V+ 380

Fantastic Aussie organ dominated psych meets proto prog. Record has some small marks and hairlines that create light crackles during quiet sections.

BANANA BROTHERS - Faces (US venus vinyl 84) sSD E-/E- 40 20%OFF

West Coast AOR melodic pop. Includes insert.

LA BANDA TRAPERA DEL RIO - same (SP belter 79) sTC E/E(+) 350 20%OFF

Pioneering of Spanish underground punk hard rock with full of killer distorted leads, violent vox and speed freak rhythm sections ala Rockcelona and Ramoncin Y W.C. Cover is decent nick with a small sticker on the inside of the album pocket. Record has minor edge warp that does not affect play.

BANTEN - same (H basf 72) sTC E/E(+) 330 20%OFF

Dutch jazz rock combo ranging from modal jazz to free experimental contains spacey lounge jazz with cool female vox. Listed in legendary NWW list!

BARTIMEUS - same (US sacred cellar 78) M-/E 40 20%OFF

Mix of Xian soft rock and lightweight prog.

david BATTEAU - Happy in Hollywood (US a&m 76) SL,SA,PSK,CH E-/E+ 30 20%OFF

White label Promo copy of AOR SSW helped by Jeff Porcaro. Includes inner.

BEACON STREET UNION - The clown died in Marvin Gardens (US mgm 68) WC V+/V+ 35 20%OFF

Scarce White Label Promo. Name on the front top left, but black on black, so nothing too conspicuous.

BEAVERS - Viva! Beavers (JAP king 68) E+/E+ 500 20%OFF

Near Mint original copy of Japanese garage psych milestone, featuring outstanding lead guitarist Hideki Ishima who later succeeded in Flower Travellin' Band.

BEGGARS OPERA - Pathfinder (UK vertigo 72) E/E(+) 330 20%OFF

Swirl label housed in 6 foldout poster sleeve. Poster has 4cm split between lower 2 parts, but other than that it's in immaculate condition with bright color unlike most of other copies turned up recently! Includes Siwrl inner (side split).

david BENOIT - Heavier than yesterday (US avi 77) E(+)/E+ 30 20%OFF

Smooth jazz funk AOR with touch of Brazilian fusion.

don BERKOSKI - My kind of music (US d.e.b. 73) E-/V+ 100 20%OFF

Never seen offered before, weird lounge pop out of Indiana. Pretty cool find for local private pressing buffs.

BERMUDA TRIANGLE - same (US winter solstice 77) sBSP,ACb E(+)/E+ SOLD

Mysterious male/femal vocal folk psych in neat condition.

BETWEEN - Dharana (G vertigo 74) E(+)/E+ 75 20%OFF

Their third album housed in laminated gatefold cover. Spaceship label orig.

BIG SLEEP - Bluebell wood (UK Pegasus 71) E(+)/E(+) 300 20%OFF

Pretty neat condition of scarce UK prog gem.

BIRDS OF A FEATHER - same (UK page one 70) E/E+ 250 20%OFF

Lovely female duo produced by Stuart Epps with Elton John helping. They later changed their name to Chanter Sisters. Black textured cover is tidy and crisp with minimal sign of ring wear. Record is gorgeous! Rarely seen a copy like this clean!

BIRTH CONTROL - same (G metronome 70) SA,SP E/M- 500 20%OFF

Original debut album housed in pillbox circular gatefold cover. Cover has a few faint glue residue from taped cover as usual. Also, split on right hand edge that barely noticeable. But, cover itself is in great nick, and overall nice example as it's so fragile. Record is pristine, looks like played only once or twice! Without doubt this is the best copy I've ever had!

BLAST FURNACE - same (DEN polydor 71) lBSP,NSP,SP V(+)/E- 1000 20%OFF

This is a very early pressing housed in flimsy textured cover. Not a slightly later pressing in laminated cover. Spine middle split, almost all of the bottom seam split, and some blemish on the rear, but the front exterior is fine without obvious imperfections. Comes with inner (again bottom seam fully split with a few stain spots).

BLODWYN PIG - Getting to this (UK chrysalis 70) E/E 75 20%OFF

First pressing in green labels with "i"logo on the top. Gatefold cover has minor waviness but the front and the back are clean.

BLONDE ON BLONDE - Reflections on a life (UK ember 71) E+/E(-) 180 20%OFF

Their conceptual last album. Has barely noticeable minimal ticks on A-3, otherwise looks & play NM!

BLUE MOTION - same (CH amos 80) E-/E(+) 250

Post-Circus, key driven Swiss refined prog. First pressing housed in hand numbered gatefold cover with two inserts (one pasted to the blank inside, and other unpasted).  

BLUES CREATION - Demon & eleven children (JAP denon 71) E(+)/E+ SOLD

No OBI, but brilliant copy of top notch Japanese hard psych. Gatefold cover is in super solid shape with minimal staining to the inside for its age. Record is beautiful. Played only a handful times or less. Includes insert (has a small tear on it). Very hard to find a copy like this clean now days, even here in Japan.

BOBAK, JONS, MALONE - Motherlight (UK morgan blue town 69) E(+)/E(+) BID

Textured flip-back cover has minimal rub to corners and faintest wear on the rear, if going to be picky. But, it’s one of the nicest example I've ever seen over the past two decades. Record is exceptionally clean, and it rarely played.

7" michael BOREN - Come sit with me (UK censor 81) RWb,SL E-/E+ 160 20%OFF

UK hippie psych folk rock 4 tracks EP.

BOXER - Bloodletting (UK virgin 76) E/E(+) 130 20%OFF

Withdrawn second album. Light discoloration along the opening edge, but still clean for this type cover.

BRACKEN - Prince of the northlands (UK look 79) E(+)/E(+) 240 20%OFF

super rare UK trade folk w/insert

BRAIN SOUND - An attempt to record coincidence (AUSTRIA private 72) E+/V+ 900

Bizarre cult experimental artifact that matching with weird laminated cover. Record appears unplayed, but has a pressing fault on the end of side two that affects light ticks for 19 rotations.

BRAINTICKET - Celestial ocean (IT rca 73) E(-)/E+ 250 20%OFF

Their third, Swiss tripped psych only released in Italy and Germany. Includes a poster which never stick to the wall before!

BRAVE NEW WORLD - Impressions on reading Aldous Huxley (G vertigo 72) E(+)/E(+) 700 20%OFF

Highly acclaimed Krautrock prog weirdness. Swirl vertigo label housed in laminated gatefold cover, and is in lovely nick with minor lamination lifting along the top edge as usual.

BREAD LOVE AND DREAMS - same (UK decca 69) sTCb E-/E+ 230 20%OFF

Debut of lovely UK folk male/female trio. Unboxed Decca label Stereo original comes with blue block inner.

vytas BRENNER - Vytas (VEN as international 83) E+/E(+) 90 20%OFF

Pristine copy of Latin soft prog symphonic rock.

anne BRIGGS - same (UK topic 71) E+/E+ 400 20%OFF

Impeccable copy of legendary female folk beauty!

anne BRIGGS - The time has come (UK cbs 71) E/E+ 380

Great cover with a hint of minor seam wear only. Spine fully readable. Record is Top!

BRIMSTONE - Paper winged dreams (US brimstone 73) E/E+ SOLD

Nice copy of dreamy psych and prog venture. Fragile cover has light wear from long storage, but nothing fear of. Record has two faintest lines that do not affect play.

david paul BRITTON - Trial run (US sterling song 83) ACb E(+)/E+ 75 20%OFF

obcure Xian AOR soft rock.

terry BROOKS & STRANGE - Translucent world (US outer galaxie 73) E+/E+ 100 20%OFF

Debut of heavily deformed Hendrixy fuzz mind blower. Small imperfection on the label of side two which isn't a big deal.

terry BROOKS & STRANGE - Raw power (US outer galaxie 76) sSP,AC E(+)/E(+) 100 20%OFF

Insane guitar psych fuzz mayhem. Autographed on the front bottom right where shrink has been torn off.

edgar BROUGHTON BAND - Sing brother sing (UK harvest 70) sBSP,WCi E/E(+) SOLD

No EMI label housed in laminated gatefold cover includes insert.

herman de BRUYCKER - same (BEL spijker 76) E/E 230 20%OFF

Unknown Belgian acid folk psych SSW with light rhythm sections, guitars, mellotron, and emotional vocals in Flemish. Should try this if you like Rainman or Armando Piazza.

BUFFALO - Volcanic rock (AUS vertigo 73) E/V+ SOLD

Tremendous Aussie hard rock housed in amazing gatefold cover with elusive insert! Of course this is the first pressing on swirl labels. Cover is better than average with a small rubbing on the bottom middle. Record has moderate amount of light scuffs and small marks that are barely audible. Plays really strong!

BULLDOG BREED - Made in England (UK deram nova 70) sTC E/E+ 600 20%OFF

Very rare Near Mint Mono copy comes with red lined inner. Cover has small rip on the front upper opening edge that nothing too major. Other than that it's pretty neat. Dark green label is nearly spotless with minimal spindle marks only.

BURNIN RED IVANHOE - M 144 (DEN sonet 69) SKb E(+)/E(+):E(+) 500 20%OFF

Here is a year later pressing on orange/red label as second variant. Housed in identical sleeve (wonderful pop-up gatefold) as first pressing and comes with a cardboard cutout knight. Been told this second pressing is way better sounding than first pressing. I've confirmed about it for myself, too (if my copy was not only VG). Musically it's unbeatable jazz tended psychedelic rock at the dawn of Danish prog scene.

kate BUSH - The kick inside (UK emi 79) E+/E+ 230 20%OFF

Limited edition picture disc, and this is the first variant housed in fully laminated cover with rim text says ”Manufactured in the UK by EMI records Ltd.”. No hype sticker though. But, it doesn’t matter, if you aim to a immaculate copy.

BYZANTIUM - Seasons changing (UK a&m 73) SL E/V+ 180 20%OFF

Pastoral rural folk prog housed in wonderful poster sleeve. Has minimal crackle on A-1, but mostly plays NM.