AARDVARK - same (UK deram nova 70) sTCb E/E 550

Stereo orig with blue lined inner. Tiny tear on the rear hardly noticeable.

ABLUTION - same (SWE cbs 74) E(+)/E(+) 180

Great Swedish jazz funk fusion featuring Ola Brunkert, Jayson Lindh, Janne Schaffer!

AC/DC - Live from the Atlantic studios (US atlantic 78) E+/E 650

Ultra rare promo only recorded live at the Atlantic Recording Studios, December 7, 1977. 100% orig copy with matrices are LASS corrected into LAAS., not counterfeit turn around. Comes complete with a letter and return postcard from Atlantic Records. Cover is pristine, record hardly played with no sign of use. Though plays a bit crackle due to the pressing.

ACQUA FRAGILE - same (IT numero uno 73) E/E 270

Italian prog rarity housed in 4 fold out poster sleeve comes with inner.

AFFINITY - same (UK vertigo 70) sTCb E/E+ 800

Swirl orig in great nick! Cover has one small tear on the rear lower middle that not too obvious. Otherwise cover easy to gets Top grade! As well as record hardly played. Comes with swirl inner.

AFTER ALL - same (US Athena 69) DH E-/V+ 270

Heavy organ dominated psych and proto-prog moves with Doors-ish dark vocals.

AGAMENON - Todos rien de mi (SP explosion 75) E(+)/E- 800

Rarely turn up Spanish heavy psych ripper. West Coast influenced late 60's hippie flower-ish sounding with dreamy male/female harmony vox, drenched fuzz outburst, surprisingly use of mellotron!

AGITATION FREE - Last (F barclay 76) E/E 250

French only released their last studio live album.

AGNES STRANGE - Strange flavor (UK birdsnest 75) ML E/E(+) 450

Loud brutal hard rock power trio. Cover is in great shape except slightly color faded along the spine.

AGORA - Live in Montreux (ITatlantic 75) E+/M- 200

Technical Italian Jazz rock prog housed in gimmick cover comes complete with inner. Cover is still in shrink, record virtually unplayed!

ALAN BOWN - Outward bown (UK music factory 68) E/E 140

Scarce their debut in decent Stereo orig.

ALCATRAZ - Vampire state building (G philips 72) E-/E- 270

Scarce German jazz rock tended hard prog. Laminated cover has some light crease and edge wear.

ALL OF THUS - same (US century 66) E+/E BID

Legendary teen garage psych out of Upstate New York, and without doubt top rarest from this cult collectable label. Cover is Near Mint, still in shrink! Record has a few small marks that barely audible. Plays really great! I know Sealed copy sold $8000+ a few years ago. This is the best open copy for sell existence in the world now.

ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND - At Fillmore east (US capricorn 71) E/E(+):E+ 110

Pink label first pressing, double album housed in thick gatefold cover, and in quite decent nick.

johnny ALMOND MUSIC MACHINE - Hollywood blues (UK deram 69) sTCb E/E+ 120

Clean Stereo orig with blue lined inner. Tiny tear from a price tag removal on the rear top right that hardly noticeable. Record is Top!

ALPHA DU CENTAURE - Contact (F spirales 79) E(-)/M- 200

French underground jazz rock in Canterbury school sounding with fuzzy neuralgic guitar, booming double bass and solid drums. Cover is tidy except small amount of light discoloration on the front bottom. Record looks like brand-new!

ALZO & UDINE - C'mon and join us (US mercury 68) sSP,TCb V+/E+ 80

Breezy Northern soul, soft rock. Some tiny piece of paper flaking around the edge, but front and back cover are fine. Rare white label promo!

AMBOY DUKES - same (US mainstream 68) DH,sSP E/E+ 100

Their debut of killer wild garage psych out of Detroit. Nice Stereo orig!

AMBUSH - same (US private 81) sSD,SP V+/E 330

Still unknown and very small made of private AOR hardrock. Cover has light brownish spots and 3.5cm split on top seam from the opening.

AMERICAN SPRING - same (UK united artists 72) E(+)/E(+) 90

Lovely girls chorus duo charmer produced by Brian Wilson.

AMON DUUL II - Yeti (G liberty 70) E+/E+:E 190

First pressing Liberty/UA rim label. Laminated gatefold cover is stunning Near Mint! There is a tiny faintest mark on the side one of disc two that affects minimal ticks but barely noticeable. Otherwise nearly pristine. And, disc one is simply flawless!

AMOS KEY - First key (G spiegelei 73) E(+)/E+ 200

Refined prog with lengthy tracks and dominated keys housed in laminated gatefold cover.

AMULET - same (US shadow 80) lSP,hRW V-/E 180

One of the best US private hard rock from late 70's to early 80's along with Totty, Truth & Janey, Full Moon, Winterhawk, and this one is the rarest for all of those releases. Cover has heavy storage wear, but the record is clean.

ANCIENT GREASE - Women and children first (UK mercury 70) sSKb E(+)/E 480

Great copy of UK underground hard psych blues rock. Fully laminated cover is clean with minor sign of long storage. Record has inaudible light marks from inners, plays Near Mint!

ANDWELLA'S DREAM - Love and poetry (UK cbs 69)SKb E-/E(+) BID

Always classic UK guitar psych monster! Cover has light to medium amount of lamination creases and streaks at top right and usual lamination lifting along the spine, but still nice keeper! Record is beautiful with a few faint marks that do not affect playback.

ANGEL & THE BRAINS / I BARRITTAS / THE BUMPERS - La messa dei giovani (IT rrc 7?) E(+)/E+ 35

Originally released in 1966, this is the second pressing of rare Italian beat psych pop album contains three obscure bands.

ANNEXUS QUAM - Osmose (G ohr 70) SA,OSP,sNTP E-/E(+) 300

Gimmick parts intact, but there are some minor issues on the cover. The worst point is top seam middle 5.5 cm split, but overall still acceptable for most. Record is clean and glossy!


Massive keys driving Canadian prog. Immaculate condition!

lou ANTONUCCI - Fantasies (US marjon 77) TP E-/E- 140

Pretty good private folk psych with slight acid leaking electric guitars, rhythmic percussions and his soft sensitive vocals.

AOI KAZE - First & last album (JAP teichiku 74) E(+)/V+ 360

Unknown Japanese folk rock with some West Coast vibes. Comes with insert (streak on the middle).

APHRODITE'S CHILD - 666 (UK vertigo 72) E-/E-:E 900

Swirl orig double album, one of the best conceptual prog from the label! Not for Mint freak, but overall great example for this beauty! Has Swirl inners.

AQSAK MABOUL - Un peu de L'ame des bandits (BEL atem crammed 80) E(+)/E 70

Belgian chamber avant-garde rock master-mind. Uncensored first pressing cover!

ARC - Maquette (F game 80) E-/E 280

Limited 500 pressed French underground prog in Ange or Mona Lisa vein.

ARCADIUM - Breathe awhile (UK middle earth 69) E/E- 1600

Underground doomy proto prog psych beast. Cover is quite decent with a few lamination crease and lifting. No seam split. Spine fully legible. Record looks nice with some pressing bubbles due to poor Middle Earth quality, plays through fine although a bit crackly in quite sections. But, almost all copies play never Mint as known by collectors and dealers.

ARCESIA - Reachin (US alpha 72) SP V+/E(+) BID

Most bizarre real people album ever made in America. Not for everybody, but must for anyone into lounge psych or outsider music on the edge. Cover is partly in shrink, so it's OK looking at the first glance, but there is 4cm split on top seam from the opening and light yellowing/discoloration on the front/back panel near the opening edge. Also, some dirt on the shrink wrap, not on the cover itself. Record is pretty nice with a few faintest marks only that do nothing. Plays superb all round!

ARCHIE WHITEWATER - same (US cadet concept 70) sTCb,EDH E/E(+) 250

Highly sought-after jazz funk psych in laid-back moods.

ARCHIMEDES BADKAR - Badrock for barn I alla aldrar (SWE mnw 75) sTC E/E(+) 200

Debut of avant-garde jazz rock psych with Embryo influenced ethno afro moves. Comes with 8 page booklet.

ARKTIS - Tapes (G bonn bonn 75) E(+)/E+ 540

Private German hard rock with raw crude fuzz and powerful female vox.

ARMAGEDDON - same (UK a&m 75) SK E+/E+ 100

Top copy of this classic UK hard rock. Comes complete with NM inner!

ARSENAL - same (US private 83) E/E+ 400

Not Metal, but more similar vein like late 70's to early 80's locally made hard rock. Out of Indiana, this is damn good and pretty hard to find now days! To my ears it's same league as Amulet, Crystal Haze, and Totty!

ART OF LOVIN' - same (US mainstream 68) E+/E(+) 270

Great psych with tasty fuzz and alternate male/female vocals. Near Mint copy, cover is still in shrink!

ARTCANE - Odyssee (F Philips 77) PSM E/E(+) 250

Highly acclaimed French complex prog in King Crimson influential. Promo stamp on the front top left corner and the inside. A small patch of lamination flaking on the rear opening middle.

ASGARD - In the realm of (UK threshold 72) E/E(+) 125

Soft dreamy prog housed in beautiful gatefold cover, first pressing purple lettering on white label.

ASH RA TEMPEL - Seven up (G kosmischen kuriere 73) E(-)/E(+) 150

With Timothy Leary. Comes in laminated gatefold cover with insert.

ASHBURY - Endless skies (US private 83) S/S 350

Wow! still Sealed copy of private hard rock from Arizona. Heavy riffs, smashing leads, some acoustic parts, and epic song writings. Highly in demand now!

ASHKAN - In from the cold (UK decca nova 69) E/V+ 300

Stereo orig with blue lined inner. One small scuff mark on the end of side two that causes minimal ticks barely noticeable.

ASIA - same (US private 79) M-/E(+) 250

Not that famous Asia, but this is pretty good local private prog hard rock from South Dakota. Cover is in shrink!

AUDIENCE - same (UK polydor 69) E(+)/E(+) 500

Debut of their rarest album in totally awesome condition! This might be the version exported to America without Polydor logo on the front bottom left corner. Matt black textured cover is tidy with minimal crease only, record hardly played!

AUDIO VISIONS - Images (US audovid 84) E(+)/S 220

Genesis influenced obscure local prog with Gabriel like vox, pompous synth, some symphonic moves.

brian AUGER, JULIE DRISCOLL AND THE TRINITY - Open (UK marmalade 67) E/E+ 120

Near Mint Mono orig. Laminated cover has light trace of small writings that barely visible by strong eyes.

AUTUMN BREEZE - Hostbris (SWE bj 79) E/E(+) 150

Underrated private prog with primitive rhythm breaks, distorted guitar leads, atomospheric flute, native female vox in lo-fi recordings. Limited 500 pressing.

AXEL - Acting like a fool (H icecross 76) E-/V+ 150

Axel Einarsson from Icecross, his one and only solo effort recorded in Iceland, mastered at Pye Studio in England, and pressed on Holland CBS.

AXELSSON - Barn (SWE g-produktion 71) sSKb E-/E- 140

Totally stoned out Swedish real people with bent lyrics and off center guitar leads.

AXIS - same (F riviera 71) E(+)/E+ 230

Rarer first release of French based Greek organ heavy prog. Great copy!

kevin AYERS - Whatevershebringswesing (UK harvest 72) E(+)/E+ 125

Gramophone rim label orig in great nick! Final upgrade for such a fragile textured gatefold cover!

brandon AYRE - Med school blues (US private 82) sSP E-/E 150

Obscure DIY real people psych rural rock includes one thick outstanding fuzz cut. Primitive stamped cover comes with insert.

BABA YAGA - same (G cycle 74) E(+)/E+ 425

Ex-My Solid Ground, key dominated prog in British sounding.

BABA YAGA - Collage (G cycle 74) M-/M- 660

Completely different sounding than their first effort. This is more into experimental moves with psych oriental elements and lots of cold electronic in the feel not unlike 2nd Agitation Free or Peter Michael Hamel to my ears. Top archive copy!

BADMOUTH / DOUBLE AXEL - same (US silver crest 73) E+/E- 180

Another very obscure release from New York's small independent label with their lineup Collective Tools, Floss, and Blues Prism, this is split album featuring Badmouth and Double Axel on each sides. Badmouth is typical local bar band sounding with Badfinger-ish melodic rock. Double Axel has surprisingly good production plays proto-prog moves with terrific guitars leads and Hammond galore.

kali BAHLU - Cosmic remembrance (US world pacific 67) E(+)/E+ 50

exotic sitar psych, no cut out copy!

BANCO DEL MUTUO SOCCORSO - Io sono nato libero (IT ricordi 73) E+/E+ 280

Their third housed in dome shaped booklet style cover. Top archive copy except shop stamp on the inside of album pocket.

BANDOLERO - same (US eclipse 70) sSP E(+)/E+ 250

Orig US copy of rare Puerto Rican psych with loud fuzz and gushing organ all over. Shrink largely torn, but the cover itself is very clean.

BANG - Music (US capitol 73) CH E(+)/E+ 45

Their third and the last album. Cover is still in shrink. Has inner.

BARBARIANS - same (US laurie 65) sTC,PHS E(+)/E(+) 190

Near Mint Mono orig!

robbie BASHO - The falconer's arm II (US Takoma 67) BTP,sSA E-/E- 80

Eastern tended mind blowing raga trip psych. Some light issues on the cover, but still acceptable.

BAUMSTAM - On tour (G bmf 72) E(+)/E+ 880

Vicious fuzz laden most crude hard psych beast! Top copy comes complete with insert!

BEACH BOYS - Pet sounds (JAP toshiba 66) E(+)/E BID

Japanese Orig first pressing comes complete with elusive OBI!!! One of the rarest Japanese Beach Boys album especially such a beautiful nick! Cover is very thin laminated flip-back style. Record is bloody red wax as issued, and it's glossy and clean with light surface marks mostly caused by paper inner sleeves, plays nearly pristine without any noticeable crackles. OBI is pretty tidy with small (1cm) starting split at top right. Includes lyric insert in nice nick as well.

mike BEDDOES - Souvenir of B.C. (CA red queen music 80) E(+)/E(+) 90

Quite unique Pacific Canadian bizarre outsider private pressing by multi track recording with several lead vocalists including male and female. Songs are pretty varied and weird, from twisted folk rock to eastern acid psych, and from slight newwave feeling to reggae moves. Mike also sing one track which is amazingly doped!

BEGGARS OPERA - Pathfinder (UK vertigo 72) E(-)/E+ 270

Certainly their rarest housed in 6 foldout poster sleeve which stapled once on the wall, so there are pin holes corners, but not too obviously. Otherwise really clean and intact! Record is fabulous. Has inner.

john BERBERIAN & THE MID EASTERN ENSEMBLE - Middle eastern rock (US verve forecast 69) E(+)/E(-) 100

East meets west, totally mind blowing exotic psych with tremendous fuzz trance by Joe Beck!

BERITS HALSBAND - same (SWE forsaljud 75) E/E 140

Bent complex jazz rock prog in Samla and Archimedes Badkar realms. Comes with inner.

BERMUDA TRIANGLE - same (US winter solstice 77) sSP,ACb E/E 220

Mysterious folk psych with dreamy male/female vox and beautiful autoharp.

BERNIE & JOE - Blue on the sky (US rainfall 77) E(+)/E+ 150

Nice rural private acoustic folk duo from Colorado. Cover is in shrink, record is Top!

jacques BERROCAL - Musiq music (F futura 73) E/E(+) 650

Iconic Free jazz experimental, his most sought-after debut on cult Futura label. Great copy!

jacques BERROCAL - Paralleles (F d'avantage 77) SKb E(+)/M- 250

His second more into avant-garde brain blower. Record virtually unplayed!

BIG BROTHER featuring ERNIE JOSEPH - Confusion (US all American 70) E+/E(+) 400

Genuine orig of hard splattering heavy blue psych from West Coast. Cover is still in shrink!

BIG SLEEP - Bluebell wood (UK pegasus 71) E(+)/E+ 300

Very nice copy, gatefold cover has light shelf wear on the bottom seam, but front/back panels have no ring wear and spine perfectly legible. Record is pristine, and labels are fresh with minimal spindle marks only.

BLAC DOG - Backwoods boogie (US crazy horse 78) E(+)/E+ 150

Sub title says "Louisiana's Answer To Punk Rock", but of course they don't play Punk, they are more dirty and wild long haired bad boys hard rock boogie in deep Southern swamp. Great copy, cover is still in shrink!

BLACK CAT BONES - Barbed wire sandwich (UK decca nova 70) E/E 600

Quite decent Stereo orig with blue lined inner. Cover lamination is glossy with light sign of use. Record has a few inaudible minor marks only, plays brilliant! Definitely better than average copies occasionally turned up on internet auctions.

BLACK MERDA - same (US chess 70) E-/E 225

Hendrix inspired black funk psych with tons of heavy fuzz outburst. Orig first pressing is getting rare by now!

BLACK SABBATH - Paranoid (UK vertigo 70) E-/E(+) 600

Large Swirl label comes in matt gatefold cover with "Big Bear" credited on the inside first pressing. Front cover is super clean without typical rubbing on the picture. As well as back has no ring wear, and the inside is Near Mint, although there are light to moderate mildew spots visible mostly on the rear. Spine and seams are solid and the opening edge is straight. Overall pretty clean cover indeed. Record looks like played only a few times, vinyl surface retain shiny and beautiful. Swirl inner includes but has some light brownish spots, too.

BLACK SABBATH - Master of reality (UK vertigo 71) E/E- 540

Embossed box cover comes complete with reverse Swirl inner and elusive poster. Box cover has usual laminate lifting around the embossed words, and some crease on the flap. Record has some surface scuffs but plays great all the way through. Poster is Near Mint unused condition!

BLACKFEATHER - At the mountains of madness (AUS infinity 71) M-/E+ 75

Smooth cover 2nd pressing. But, the condition is superb!

BLIND RAVAGE - same (CA crescent street 71) OSP,RWb E-/E 450

Rarely seen bluesy hard psych with guitar and organ battles from Quebec.

BLONDE ON BLONDE - Rebirth (UK ember 70) E-/E+ 160

Their second and more into acidy psych moves.

BLONDE ON BLONDE - Reflections on a life (UK ember 71) E+/E(-) 220

Their conceptual last album. Has barely noticeable minimal ticks on A-3, otherwise looks & play NM!

BLOODY MARY - same (US family productions 74) DH E(+)/E+ 150

So rare in this wonderful nick without ring wear or seam split! Try to find a better, next to impossible!

BLOPS - same (CHLE alba 74) V+/V+ 600

This is their third album and the last effort, and definitely their best in prog and psych directions than previous albums. Less folky but more rockin' and adventurous with electric guitar outburst, organ pumping, high soaring flute, powerful rhythm sections, and very complex and mysterious lengthy tracks. Flimsy cover is nice except light to moderate discoloration on the back which is typical for old South American record. Otherwise it's really decent with well protected by outer plastic sleeve (you can remove it off if necessary). Record is very clean with only one or two visible scuffs, but plays with some surface noise due to notorious low-tech pressing. Though you can't find true Mint or Near Mint for this. Still the best copy for sale exist.

BLOSSOM TOES - We are ever so clean (UK marmalade 67) E(+)/V+ 500

Much rarer Mono orig of UK posike silk. Cover is clean, and record too except one tiny mark on B-4 that affects some light ticks, otherwise very nice!

BLUE MORNING - same (IT tomorrow 73) RW,sWC V+/V+ 360

Italian answer for Elton Dean, Maurizio Giammarco controlled jazz rock fusion in Soft Machine influential. Fiar amount of light stain spottings on the cover, but it's typical for this cover. Record plays with minor crackles on some passages, but nothing too obvious.

BLUE THINGS - same (US rca victor 66) E(+)/E(+) 160

Cool folk garage is as the best. Beautiful Stereo orig!

BLUES ADDICTS - same (DEN spectator 70) WL E-/E- BID

Mega rare orig of killer Danish underground blues psych with raw, crude fuzz assaults. Flimsy cover has a small stain on the front that barely noticeable. Comes with always missing small booklet (wrinkle on it).

BLUES SECTION - same (FIN love 67) E-/E- 600

Pioneering of Finnish underground psych blues rock, and members are later involved in Wigwam and Tasavallan Presidentti. Orig big heart mark logo on the labels housed in laminated cover. Cover has some lamination bubbling and small crease to edge, but still decent example for such a flimsy material. Record shows minor sleeve pattern that do nothing.

bob BODEN & RICK HAMMANG - Home wrecker (US silver circle 78) E-/E(+) 200

Another favorite of mine, still unknown weird psych outsider out of Michigan featured surprisingly heavy fuzz wah actions, spooky proggy synth abruptly thrown in, off centered odd harmony vocals. They displayed all they want, ranging from Stooges alike garage punk rocker to rural folk stoner to outer space cosmic instro to Neil Young-ish West Coast psych. And, even more late night AOR boogie which I like a lot. Though it's not messy, totally unique DIY job at all. Not for folks who want something polished. But, it's real grower for me after a couple of spins.

BODY - The body album (UK recession 81) sWC,sTC E(-)/E(+) 175

Underground spacy prog in the same league as Protos and Third Qaudrant. Comes complete with booklet and fanclub sheet. Most copies have some scratches on the vinyl surface due to staples of booklet, but this copy was well avoided.

BOJOURA - Night flight night sight (H polydor 68) E(+)/E- 140

Loverly female psych pop charmer produced by George Kooymans from Golden Earring.

graham BOND - Holy magick (UK vertigo 70) E/E(+) 250

Decent copy of large Swirl label orig comes with inner (has writing).

BONNIWELL MUSIC MACHINE - same (US warner bros. 68) PH,sSP E(+)/M- 150

Gold label orig. Record virtually unplayed!

BOOGIE WOOGIE FLEW - Blues power (JAP private 8?) E(+)/E+ 500

Ultra rare privately released underground Japanese heavy rock with howling vox, thick guitar assaults, outlaw biker vibes and obvious 70's atmosphere. Great album cover shot of the band.

BOTH WORLDS - Don'tcha hide it (US tpi 77) E+/E+ 300

Salt & pepper rare groove jazz funk boogie from Baltimore. Cover is still in shrink!

BOW STREET RUNNERS - same (US B.T.puppy 70) M-/E+ BID

Immaculate copy of legendary psych tripper. Cover is in shrink, record hardly played.

patrick BOWLER - Bits of wit (US private 80) E+/E+ 240

Local private folk SSW from Midwest with full band backing in the vein similar to Eric Relph and Michael Styers in parts.

BOXER - Bloodletting (UK virgin 76) E/E(+) 150

Withdrawn second album. Light discoloration along the opening edge, but still clean for this type cover.

BRACKEN - Prince of the northlands (UK look 79) E(+)/E(+) 240

super rare UK trade folk w/insert

don BRADSHAW LEATHER - Distance between us (UK distance 72) RW V+/V+:V+ 700

Very weird mellotron avant-garde psych outsider with dark disquieting piano and ritualistic occult percussions. Double LP housed in unlaminated gatefold cover. Known as notorious bad pressing, so there are some background noise here and there, even brandnew copies play like this.

BRAINTICKET - Psychonaut (G bellaphon 72) E(+)/E 190

German orig first pressing housed in fully laminated gatefold cover and BLPS number on the cover and label.

BRAINTICKET - Celestial ocean (IT rca 73) E/E(+) 250

Italian orig housed in gatefold cover comes complete with poster (some discoloration on the black back). Rare white label promo!

BREAD, LOVE & DREAMS - The strange tale of captain Shannon` (UK decca 70) E-/V(+) 280

Seldom seen red label Mono issue. Sorry but red lined inner is missing.

paul BRETT - same (UK bradleys 73) E/E+ 60

With Mike Piggott, his first solo effort housed in gimmix cover with inner.

BRIDGE - Unto the lord (US private 73) E+/E- 125

Their third and the last, pretty good Xian folk rock psych with groovy upbeat, flowing flute, lite fuzz actions, alternate male/female vox, and hippie outdoor vibes.

BRIGG - same (US ssp 73) E+/E(+) 400

Pretty cool psych trio plays half fuzz/organ dominated hard psych and half melancholic dreamy folk psych with lost vibes. Great cover shot, too! Cover is in shrink, record plays Near Mint!

BRITISH NORTH AMERICAN ACT - In the beginning (CA now 69) E(+)/E BID

One of the best Canadian folk psych garage with dreamy twilight vibes. Cover is super clean example for it's age. Record is nice as well, but there is a few light pops on the beginning of side two caused by pressing flaw. Nothing serious at all. It's typical for small Canadian pressing. The rest plays nearly perfect!

BROSELMASCHINE - same (G pilz71) sWCb E/E 360

Dreamy German folk psych. Laminated gatefold cover is clean with barely noticeable writing on the rear upper left.

BROTH - same (UK mercury 70) E(+)/E+ 160

Rare UK orig underrated psych funk rock.

BROTHERHOOD - Stavia (US private 72) E-/E+ 630

Local Ohio hippie psych blues rock with mind flying flute, acidy organs and Santana-esq heavy grooves. Cover has light to medium discoloration mostly upper area. But, no splits, tears, or writings. Record is quite nice!

edgar BROUGHTON BAND - Wasa wasa (UK harvest 69) E/E 250

Debut of wild freakout underground hard psych. This is true first pressing that have No EMI logo labels with 'Sold In UK Subjectc' text on the top!

pete BROWN AND HIS BATTERED ORNAMENTS - A meal you can shake hands with in the dark (UK harvest 69) E(+)/E(+) 450

No EMI label with Sold In UK Subject on the label. Both cover and record are light use only. Quite nice all round!

pete BROWN AND PIBLOKTO! - Thousands on a raft (UK harvest 70) E(+)/E+ 480

Gatefold cover is stunning NM if there are no small blemish on the inside top edge. Otherwise is in really fantastic! Record is top without noticeable defects.

BROWNSMITH - same (CA private 75) E(+)/E(-) 60

Northern Westcoast AOR breezy folk rock by Don Brown and Garret Smith. Cover is still in shrink. Includes insert.

BUBBLE PUPPY - A gathering of promises (US international artists 69) S/S 220

Still Sealed orig with rare silver hype sticker intact!

tim BUCKLEY - same (US Elektra 66) E+/E+ 120

Immaculate Gold label Stereo orig, cover is still in shrink!

BUFFALO - Dead forever (AUS vertigo 72) AC,SA,sWCb E-/E 280

Debut of Aussie hard prog legend. Swirl label orig housed in awesome gatefold cover. Autographed by the guitar player on the front cover.

BUFFALO - Only want you for your body (AUS vertigo 74) RWb E-/E(+) 280

Their third in the most ugly cover art ever made of. Comes with insert.

sandy BULL - E pluribus unum (US vanguard 69) E-/E(+) 30

His third album totally mind blowing long trip freaky psych exploration with amazing electrified eastern instruments. Gold label stereo orig!

BULLDOG BREED - Made in England (UK deram nova 69) E/E 330

Nice Stereo orig with blue lined inner.

roger BUNN - Piece of mind (G ohr 71) CH E/E(+) 180

Hypnotic folk rock with some jazz psych elements. This is German orig housed in laminated gatefold cover. UK orig released from Major Minor, but in single cover.

BUTTERFIELD BLUES BAND - In my own dream (US Elektra 68) PSK E/E+ 85

Their fourth album with superb guitar playing by Elvin Bishop. Rare white label Promo in clean shape!